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'Manuscript sources', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: volume 8: Bristol, Gloucester, Oxford and Peterborough dioceses (1996), pp. 73-74. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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Christ Church Archives (C.C.A.), Oxford

Dean and Chapter Act Books:

i.b.l 1547-1619
i.b.2 1549-1646
i.b.3 1648-88
i.b.4 1689-1713
i.b.5 1713-54
i.b.6 1754-80
i.b.7 1776-99
i.b.8 1799-1818
i.b.9 1819-37
i.b.10 1838-57
i.b.11 1858-9

Dean and Chapter, ix.b.l: Burial register, 1633-1864

C.C.A., x( 1 ).c. 1-185: Weekly battels books, 1547-1875 (with gaps)

C.C.A., x.c.l-444: Daily battels books, 1575-1879 (with gaps)

C.C.A., xii.b: Disbursement books, from 1548 (with gaps)

Oxfordshire Archives

MS. Oxford Diocesan Papers:

b.21 Bishops' registers, 1737-1802
b.22 Bishops' registers, 1802-45
b.23 Bishop's register, 1846-68
b.24 Bishops' registers, 1836-65
b.25 Bishop's register, 1869-78
c.264 Bishops' registers, 1604-23
c.265 Bishops' registers, 1579-1638
c.266 Bishops' registers, 1699-1736
d.105 Bishops' registers, 1544-1602
d.106 Bishops' registers, 1660-1702
d.108 Institution act book, 1812-30
d.109 Institution act book, 1830-57
e.9 Subscription book, 1605-35
e.12 Subscription book, 1604-24
e.13 Subscription book, 1628-46
e.29 Institution act book, 1777-1811

PR Deposited parish registers of Oxfordshire

Lambeth Palace Library

Registers of the archbishops of Canterbury

Public Record Office

C 66 Patent rolls
C 209 Bishops' patent rolls
E 331 Cant. Exchequer, first-fruits and tenths, archbishops' certificates of institutions to benefices in Oxford diocese sede vacante
E 331 Oxf. Exchequer, first-fruits and tenths, bishops' certificates of institutions to benefices in Oxford diocese
E 334 Exchequer, first-fruits and tenths, composition books
IND 1/16816 Index to bishops' patent rolls, 24 Geo. III - 38 Vic.
PROB 11 Prerogative court of Canterbury, registers of wills