The Common Paper
Order, April 1615, regarding Assistants


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Francis W. Steer (editor)

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'The Common Paper: Order, April 1615, regarding Assistants', Scriveners' company common paper 1357-1628: With a continuation to 1678 (1968), pp. 64. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Order, April 1615, regarding Assistants

Forasmuch as divers Brethren of this Company being Assistantes of the same are dwelling in the cuntrie, and some others, either for want of abilitie or for some other their private endes give not such their attendance in furthering the affaires of the said Company, as is fitting, It is therefore [word deleted] ordered at a Court held the daie and yeare abovewritten in the p[rese]nce of such of the saide Company, as were then present, and have hereunto subscribed their names That the persons undernamed, being Brethren of this Societie, in regarde of their reputed abilitie, and expected deligence, and care for the generall good and creditt of the said Societie, shalbee, and were admitted to bee of the bodie of Assistantes of the same Company. That is to saie

1. Leonard Walwoorth pd
2. Humfrey Pye pd
3. John May pd
4. Rowland Squier pd
5. Franncis Mosse pd
6. Thomas Hill pd
7. George Smith pd
8. Thomas Preene theis thre undernamed were at the same time chosen to bee Assistants pd
9. Robert Woodforde 9 [deleted and] John Milton [written above] pd
10. Jeoffrie Bower 10 pd
11. Robert Woodford

And for avoiding of question wch hereafter maie arise, and for ye continuance of brotherlie love and kindnes, it was then further ordered. That none of the Assistantes of this company shall receave place of office within the same, but onlie and according to such time and times as they have been admitted or shalbee admitted to bee of the Assistantes of the same: [Signed) Henry Best; Ro: Hill; George Samwell; Tho. Fitche; John Partridge; Peter Blower; Francis Kemp; Rob: Griffith; Edward White; William Hickes; Godfrey Reyner; William Childe; John Waren.

decimo quarto Die Augusti 1615