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M W Greenslade (Editor), A P Baggs, G C Baugh, D A Johnston

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'List of illustrations, maps and plans', A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 17: Offlow hundred (part) (1976), pp. X-XIII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following for permission to use material: Aerofilms Ltd.; the Birmingham Evening Mail; the British Broadcasting Corporation; Sir Hugh Chance; Dorothy Parkes's Charity; Archibald Kenrick & Sons Ltd.; the National Portrait Gallery; the Borough Librarian, Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell; the Staffordshire Record Office; the Director of Walsall Libraries and Museum Services; the Trustees of the William Salt Library, Stafford; and the Curator of Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Unattributed photographs dated 1972 and 1975 are by A. P. Baggs.

Smethwick Old Church. Drawing by T. P. Wood, 1836, in Staffordshire Views, iv. 272, at the William Salt Library, Staffordfrontispiece
West Bromwich: Oak House. Drawing by W. Talbot Brown, 1876, reproduced in Building News, 12 October 1877facing page16
West Bromwich: Sandwell Hall. Engraving by J. Storer (for Beauties of England and Wales), published 1811"16
West Bromwich manor-house:
View from the north-west. Photograph by S. Darby & Son Ltd., West Bromwich, 1975"17
Interior of the hall during restoration. Photograph by the British Broadcasting Corporation; copy at Sandwell Central Library"17
West Bromwich: advertisement of Wood and Ivery. From Post Office Directory of Staffordshire (1872)"32
West Bromwich: advertisement of William Bullock & Co. From W. Hawkes Smith, Birmingham and its Vicinity, as a Manufacturing & Commercial District (1836)"32
Smethwick: Regent Street Baptist Chapel. Photograph, 1975"33
West Bromwich: cemetery chapels. Photograph, 1975"33
West Bromwich: Tame Bridge. Plan and elevation by J. Bough in Staffordshire Record Office, Q/SB A. 1781"33
West Bromwich: Great Bridge. Photograph, 1975"33
West Bromwich: the borough armspage46
West Bromwich: printing and publishing offices of the Free Press Co. Engraving in Building News, 13 February 1885"73
West Bromwich, All Saints' Church:
View from the south-west. Unsigned drawing by T. P. Wood c. 1840, in Staffordshire Views, xii. 16, at the William Salt Library, Staffordfacing page80
Interior. Photograph, 1972"80
Walsall Wood: St. John's Church. Unsigned drawing by T. P. Wood c. 1840, in Staffordshire Views, xi. 126, at the William Salt Library, Stafford"81
Walsall: Bloxwich Church. Drawing by J. Buckler, 1845, in Staffordshire Views, ii. 92, at the William Salt Library, Stafford"81
West Bromwich: Christ Church. Drawing by T. P. Wood, 1841, in Staffordshire Views, xii. 14, at the William Salt Library, Stafford"81
West Bromwich: the junction of the M5 and the M6. Photograph by Aerofilms Ltd., 1971"96
Smethwick from the west. Photograph by Aerofilms Ltd., 1962"96
Walsall: the county court and the Council House. Photograph by S. Amphlet c. 1930 at Walsall Central Library"97
Smethwick: the former town hall and library. Photograph by J. E. Goodwin, 1926, at Smethwick District Library"97
West Bromwich: the town hall. Photograph, 1975"97
Smethwick: Chance's glass-works. Engraving of 1851 in the possession of Sir Hugh Chance"112
West Bromwich: the works of Archibald Kenrick & Sons Ltd. Engraving of 1887 in the possession of the firm"112
Smethwick: Mitchells & Butlers' Cape Hill Brewery. Photograph c. 1955 at Smethwick District Libraryfacing page113
Smethwick: Lones, Vernon & Holden's Sandwell Works. Photograph c. 1930 by Aerofilms Ltd."113
Smethwick: the borough armspage120
Smethwick: Smethwick Grove. Engraving by T. Radclyffe from a drawing by F. Calvert, in F. Calvert, Picturesque Views . . . in Staffordshire & Shropshire, i (Birmingham, 1830), plate facing p. 128facing page128
Smethwick: the Bear at Bearwood. Drawing by Elizabeth Reynolds c. 1825 at Smethwick District Library"128
Dorothy Parkes, 1644–1728. Painting at the Old Church Vicarage, Smethwick"129
William Legge, 1st earl of Dartmouth (d. 1750). Photograph at the National Portrait Gallery of a painting by T. Gibson (sold at Sothebys in 1969 to the Caelt Gallery, London, and resold to an unknown purchaser)"129
Smethwick: the opening of the Sikh temple. Photograph of 30 July 1961 in Birmingham Evening Mail"129
Walsall: design for the Arboretum. Lithograph published by the Walsall Arboretum and Lake Co. Ltd. c. 1872; copy in Walsall Museum and Art Gallery"160
Walsall: the town from the north-west. Engraving by T. C. Donaldson from a drawing by S. Shaw, in S. Shaw, History and Antiquities of Staffordshire, ii (1801), plate facing p. 73"160
Walsall: the Paddock from St. Matthew's churchyard. Photograph, 1975"161
Walsall: Bradford Street. Photograph, 1975"161
Walsall: the Terrace. Lithograph c. 1835; copy in Walsall Museum and Art Gallery"176
Walsall: Bescot Hall. Engraving by Ravenhill from a drawing by T. Donaldson, in S. Shaw, History and Antiquities of Staffordshire, ii (1801), plate facing p. 82"176
Walsall: the theatre opened in Park Street in 1890. From Building News, 17 November 1893"177
Walsall: the White Hart, Caldmore. Drawing by J. Buckler, 1845, in Staffordshire Views, xi. 131, at the William Salt Library, Stafford"177
Walsall: the Guildhall. From Illustrated London News, 23 February 1867"177
Walsall: the mayor and corporation walking the fair at the Bridge. Painting by A. Mudge, 1859, in Walsall Museum and Art Gallery on loan from Wolverhampton Art Gallery"224
Walsall High Street. Drawing by J. Buckler, 1845, in Staffordshire Views, xi. 123, at the William Salt Library, Stafford"224
West Bromwich: former Ryland Memorial School of Art. Photograph, 1975"225
Walsall: Sister Dora at the Green Lanes Furnaces after the 1875 explosion. Bas-relief by F. Williamson on the pedestal of the Sister Dora statue, Walsall"225
Walsall: the canal junction south of Wolverhampton Street. Photograph, 1975"240
Walsall: Lower Rushall Street, showing houses adapted as workshops. Photograph, 1975"240
Walsall: Mollesley's Alms-houses. Drawing by J. Buckler, 1845, in Staffordshire Views, xi. 130, at the William Salt Library, Stafford"241
Walsall: St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church. Photograph, 1975"241
West Bromwich: Carter's Green Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Lithograph issued with West Bromwich Weekly News, 20 May 1876; copy at Sandwell Central Library"241
West Bromwich: Bratt Street School. Drawing for the front elevation by the architect, J. Wilson, in Staffordshire Record Office, D. 812"241

The maps of 1775 are from W. Yates, A Map of the County of Stafford (1775). The other maps were drawn by K. J. Wass of the Department of Geography, University College, London, from drafts prepared by M. W. Greenslade and D. A. Johnson; they are based on the Ordnance Survey with the sanction of the Controller of H.M. Stationery Office, Crown Copyright reserved, with the exception of the map of central Walsall in 1876 which is based on Robinson's Map of Walsall published with the Walsall Red Book, 1876. The plan of Walsall in 1679 is reproduced from the Isham (Lamport) MSS. in Northamptonshire Record Office (I.L. 3192). The other plans were drawn by A. P. Baggs. The plan of West Bromwich manor-house is based partly on drawings by J. A. Roberts, R.I.B.A. The plan of Sandwell Hall is based on a printed plan by T. Lightoler in Staffordshire Views, viii. 149, in the William Salt Library, Stafford. The plan of St. Matthew's Church, Walsall, is based partly on plans in the Lichfield Joint Record Office (B/C/5/1821, Walsall, and B/C/5/1877, Walsall). Thanks for permission to reproduce material are rendered to Sir Gyles Isham, Bt., Mr. Roberts, the Trustees of the William Salt Library, and the Diocesan Registrar.

West Bromwich c. 1970facing page1
The West Bromwich and Smethwick area c. 1775page2
West Bromwich manor-house"17
West Bromwich, Sandwell Hall: ground-floor plan c. 1770"19
West Bromwich, Sandwell Park Farm: plan and elevation"20
West Bromwich, Hill House: ground-floor plan"23
West Bromwich, Oak House: ground-floor plan"25
Smethwick c. 1971"90
Smethwick, Lightwoods House: reconstructed elevation and plan"102
Smethwick Old Church: plan of the 18th-century building"124
The Walsall area c. 1775"144
Walsall, 1679"146
Central Walsall, 1876"148
Walsall, southern part, 1974"150
Walsall, northern part, 1974"162
Walsall, St. Matthew's Church in 1819: plan"231
Walsall Wood c. 1974"276

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