House of Commons Journal Volume 11
24 April 1694


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 11: 24 April 1694', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 11: 1693-1697 (1803), pp. 170. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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Martis, 24 die Aprilis;

6° Gulielmi et Mariæ.


Tonage Duties, &c. [Bank of England incorporated.]

A MESSAGE from the Lords, by Mr. Holford and Mr. Pitt:

Mr. Speaker,

The Lords have agreed to the Bill, intituled, An Act for granting to their Majesties several Rates and Duties upon Tonage of Ships and Vessels, and upon Beer, Ale, and other Liquors, for securing certain Recompences and Advantages, in the said Act mentioned, to such Persons as shall voluntarily advance the sum of Fifteen hunred thousand Pounds, towards carrying on the War against France, without any Amendment: Also,

Building Ships.

The Lords have agreed to the Amendments, made by this House, to the Amendments made, by the Lords, to the Bill, intituled, An Act for building good and desensible Ships.

And then the Messengers withdrew.

And then the House adjourned till To-morrow Morning, Nine a Clock.