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'Hospitals: Newport Pagnel', A History of the County of Buckingham: Volume 1 (1905), pp. 393. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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There were certainly two hospitals, at Newport Pagnel, even if we identify the 'New Hospital' of 1240 with that of St. John Baptist. (fn. 1) If the identification should prove to be a mistake there would be three, but it seems most probable that it is correct. The 'New Hospital' is first mentioned in a will of 1240 (fn. 2) : an inquisition of 1245 alludes to the master of the hospital of St. John Baptist among the tenants of Roger de Somery. (fn. 3) According to a foundation charter quoted in Bull's History of Newport Pagnel the hospital of St. John Baptist was said to have been founded by John de Somery (fn. 4) ; a commission appointed at the new foundation under James I. reported that it was first built in the reign of Henry III. or earlier, and until 1275 had a master, brethren and sisters. (fn. 5) Letters of protection were granted in that year to a master and brethren only, (fn. 6) but in 1329 again to a master, brethren and sisters (fn. 7) ; Indulgences were granted to those who would contribute to the maintenance of the house in 1301 (fn. 8) and 1336 (fn. 9) ; in 1332 the brethren received a licence from the king to collect alms once a year. (fn. 10) In 1336 it was stated that the master and brethren had become quite dependent on charity. (fn. 11) By 1387 there is no more allusion to the hospital: masters were instituted from that time forward to the 'free chapel or hospital' of St. John Baptist and St. John Evangelist. At the Suppression of the Chantries and Hospitals the commissioners stated that the original intent of the foundation was unknown: the house was down, the chapel sore in decay, and no hospitality had been kept for sixteen years. The incumbent was 'of honest understanding,' but nonresident. The clear revenue of the house was £6 10s. 6d. (fn. 12)

It seems probable that as there was another hospital founded at Newport, this one may have been originally intended for the poor. It was refounded for this purpose, under the name of Queen Anne's Hospital, in the reign of James I. (fn. 13)

Masters of the Hospital

Adam Russell, (fn. 14) resigned 1291

Gilbert de Luda, (fn. 15) elected 1291, died 1303

Richard of Willen, (fn. 16) elected 1303

John Drayton, (fn. 17) elected 1340

William Draper, (fn. 18) elected 1345, resigned 1355

Thomas Atte More, (fn. 19) elected 1355, died 1360

Henry de Hauksherd, (fn. 20) instituted 1360, died 1369

Ralf Heyward, (fn. 21) instituted 1369, resigned 1374

John Dene, (fn. 22) instituted 1374, resigned 1381

John Carter, (fn. 23) instituted 1381, died 1386

Thomas Mody, (fn. 24) instituted 1386

Henry Smith, (fn. 25) died 1483

William Baynton, (fn. 26) S.T.P., instituted 1483, died 1496

Thomas Wimeston, (fn. 27) instituted 1496, died 1501

Thomas Smytheson, (fn. 28) instituted 1501, died 1506

Thomas Copland, (fn. 29) S.T.P., instituted 1506, resigned 1510

Edward Champion, (fn. 30) instituted 1510, died 1528

Thomas Thornham, (fn. 31) instituted 1528, died 1548

John Saunderson, (fn. 32) instituted 1548


This hospital is only mentioned once in a will dated 1240. (fn. 33) Its date of foundation, its purpose, and the time when it finally disappeared are alike unknown.


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