Soho Square Area: Portland Estate
No. 29 Soho Square


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F. H. W. Sheppard (General Editor)

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'Soho Square Area: Portland Estate: No. 29 Soho Square', Survey of London: volumes 33 and 34: St Anne Soho (1966), pp. 114. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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No. 29 Soho Square


The erection of this house has been described above on page 113. Tallis's elevation (fig. 6) shows that this house was similar to No. 28. Occupants have included Charles Kemble, actor, 1822–5, and Samuel Beazley, architect and playwright, 1826–51. (ref. 33)

In October 1865 the freehold of No. 29 was purchased from the Crown by the Hospital tor Women, which already occupied No. 30. (ref. 282) Two years later the house was demolished to make way for extensions to the hospital, built to the design of E. L. Bracebridge. (ref. 283) A plan of the house in 1865 is reproduced on fig. 28.

Figure 28: No. 29 Soho Square, ground-floor plan


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