The Pitt Estate in Dean Street
No. 83 Dean Street


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F. H. W. Sheppard (General Editor)

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'The Pitt Estate in Dean Street: No. 83 Dean Street', Survey of London: volumes 33 and 34: St Anne Soho (1966), pp. 237-238. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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No. 83 Dean Street

For the building of this much altered house (Plate 113d) see the table on page 252. The front wall was rebuilt and an attic storey constructed in 1849. (ref. 206)

From 1784 to 1801 the ratepaying occupant was the painter, William Hamilton, R.A. In the early nineteenth century a number of painters who do not appear as ratepayers had their addresses here, perhaps as tenants of a studio: Samuel Lane, 1809–13; (ref. 204) G. H. Harlow, 1815–19; (ref. 207) E. D. Leahy, 1820; (ref. 204) Charles Smith, 1821, 1823; (ref. 204) Colvin Smith, 1824; (ref. 30) R. S. Lauder, 1827; (ref. 204) and James Ward, 1828– 1833, (ref. 208) for whom the first-floor front room was especially heightened. (ref. 27)

In 1833 No. 83 was bought, with No. 84, evidently on behalf of trustees of a Jewish synagogue. (ref. 209) There seems to be no evidence that a synagogue was established here in the period up to 1840, when the premises appear in directories in other occupation, although there was a synagogue somewhere in Dean Street in c. 1838– 1840. (ref. 210)

In 1848 No. 83 was briefly occupied by the Chartist Co-operative Land Society. (ref. 192)


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