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'The bedchamber: Gentlemen of the Bedchamber', Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 11 (revised): Court Officers, 1660-1837 (2006), pp. 14-19. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Gentlemen of the Bedchamber 1660–1702, 1714–1837

One gentleman of the Bedchamber provided close attendance on the Sovereign per week. His duties included assisting the King at his dressing, waiting on him when he ate in private, guarding access to him in his bedchamber and closet and providing noble companionship, generally. The offices of gentleman of the bedchamber were in the gift of the Crown. (fn. 1) From 1660 the office of first gentleman was invariably coupled with that of groom of the stole. Originally the gentlemen were sworn in pursuance of royal warrants directed to the lord chamberlain. (fn. 2) From 1685 to 1688 these warrants were directed to the groom of the stole who swore them. (fn. 3) During the reign of William III it became the practice for new appointments to be communicated by the groom of the stole to the lord chamberlain, who thereupon swore them, saving the right of the groom of the stole to admit them into waiting. (fn. 4) On average 12 other gentlemen served at any one time but the number fluctuated considerably. During the reign of James II the number was reduced to eight. Between 1672 and 1714 extra gentlemen were occasionally appointed. No gentlemen were appointed during the reign of Anne.

The salary attached to the office, payable at the Exchequer, was £1,000 except during the reign of James II when it was reduced to £600. (fn. 5) In addition, they received lodgings and diet when the court was on progress. (fn. 6)

Gentlemen 1660–1837

16605 JuneGranville, Sir J.
16607 JuneGerard, 1st Lord
166025 JuneWentworth, Lord
16603 JulyLauderdale, 2nd Earl of
166021 Sept.Newcastle, 1st Marquess of
166026 Sept.Crofts, 1st Lord
166023 Nov.Albemarle, 1st Duke of
166023 Nov.Ormond, 1st Marquess of
166130 Jan.Newport, 1st Earl of
16619 JulyBuckingham, 2nd Duke of
16619 JulyRichmond, 3rd Duke of
166221 MayMansfield, Viscount
16654 Mar.Suffolk, 3rd Earl of
166613 Feb.Mandeville, Viscount
166611 Apr.Ossory, Earl of
16676 Mar.Rochester, 2nd Earl of
166723 Sept.Buckingham, 2nd Duke of
166923 Dec.Buckhurst, Lord
167319 Jan.Mulgrave, 3rd Earl of
167319 Jan.Albemarle, 2nd Duke of
167318 Oct.Middlesex, 3rd Earl of
16742 Mar.Lindsey, 3rd Earl of
1674Oct.Sunderland, 2nd Earl of
1677Sept.Oxford, 20th Earl of
16791 JuneRanelagh, 1st Earl of
168029 JulyLatimer, Viscount
16801 Aug.Sussex, 1st Earl of
168211 Nov.Arran, Earl of
16833 Apr.Lichfield, 1st Earl of
168523 Jan.Bruce, Lord
168522 Apr.Churchill, 1st Lord
168516 MaySomerset, 6th Duke of
168516 MayBeaufort, 1st Duke of
168516 MayOssory, Earl of
168516 MayMulgrave, 3rd Earl of
168516 MayFeversham, 2nd Earl of
168523 Oct.Ailesbury, 2nd Earl of
16879 JulyDunbarton, 1st Earl of
168828 Nov.Northumberland, 1st Duke of
168829 Nov.Salisbury, 4th Earl of
16891 Mar.Ormond, 2nd Duke of
16891 Mar.Mordaunt, 2nd Viscount
16891 Mar.Oxford, 20th Earl of
16891 Mar.Churchill, 1st Lord
16891 Mar.Lumley, 2nd Viscount
16891 Mar.Sydney, Hon. H.
168916 Mar.Clare, 4th Earl of
16896 Aug.Drumlanrig, Earl of
16896 Aug.Selkirk, 2nd Earl of
1691Sept.Essex, 3rd Earl of
1693Mar.Lexinton, 2nd Lord
16972 Apr.Clifford of Lanesborough, Lord
16997 Feb.Arran, 1st Earl of
170024 JuneCarlisle, 3rd Earl of
170122 MayBedford, 2nd Duke of
170114 JuneAlbemarle, 1st Earl of
17028 Mar.Offices vacant (see Ladies of the Bedchamber)
171418 Sept.Berkeley, 3rd Earl of
171418 Sept.Dorset, 7th Earl of
171416 Oct.Richmond, 1st Duke of
171416 Oct.Grafton, 2nd Duke of
171416 Oct.Kent, 1st Duke of
171416 Oct.Lincoln, 7th Earl of
171416 Oct.Manchester, 4th Earl of
171416 Oct.Stair, 2nd Earl of
171416 Oct.Selkirk, 2nd Earl of
171416 Oct.Carteret, 2nd Lord
171416 Oct.Orrery, 4th Earl of
17166 JulyOrkney, 1st Earl of
171712 Feb.Leicester, 6th Earl of
171716 JulyPortland, 1st Duke of
171719 JulyLonsdale, 3rd Viscount
17199 MayBridgwater, 4th Earl of
17199 MayWarwick, 7th Earl of
17199 MayHoldernesse, 3rd Earl of
17199 MayLindsey, Marquess of
172013 JuneQueensberry, 3rd Duke of
172013 JuneHarold, Earl of
172110 Aug.Bute, 2nd Earl of
172131 Aug.Rutland, 3rd Duke of
172231 Jan.Manchester, 2nd Duke of
17221 Feb.Sussex, 1st Earl of
17232 Feb.Teynham, 8th Lord
172325 MayLynne, Lord
17231 JuneWaldegrave, 2nd Lord
17253 JuneDelawarr, 7th Lord
17266 Oct.Richmond, 2nd Duke of
17271 JuneHamilton, 5th Duke of
172724 JulyChesterfield, 4th Earl of
172724 JulyDelorain, 1st Earl of
172724 JulyEssex, 3rd Earl of
172724 JulyAlbemarle, 2nd Earl of
172724 JulyHerbert, Lord
172724 JulyPaget, Lord
172724 JulyManners, Lord W.
172724 JulyClinton, 14th Lord
173031 Oct.Waldegrave, 1st Earl
173116 JulyDunmore, 2nd Earl of
17339 Feb.Hinton, Viscount
173313 Apr.Cowper, 2nd Earl
17359 MayHarcourt, 2nd Earl
173723 JuneTankerville, 2nd Earl of
173811 Aug.Marlborough, 3rd Duke of
173811 Aug.Rochford, 4th Earl of
173811 Aug.St. Albans, 2nd Duke of
173811 Aug.Fauconberg, 4th Viscount
17397 Dec.Manchester, 3rd Duke of
174117 Apr.Holdernesse, 4th Earl of
174117 Apr.Kingston, 2nd Duke of
174321 Jan.Lincoln, 9th Earl of
174317 Dec.Waldegrave, 2nd Earl
174818 Mar.Ashburnham, 2nd Earl of
175118 MayHertford, 1st Earl of
175124 JuneFitzwilliam, 3rd Earl
175118 JulyRockingham, 2nd Marquess of
175222 Nov.Coventry, 6th Earl of
175222 Nov.Hyndford, 3rd Earl of
17533 Jan.Northumberland, 2nd Earl of
175517 Mar.Ancaster, 3rd Duke of
175517 Mar.Essex, 4th Earl of
175517 Mar.Orford, 3rd Earl of
175615 Nov.Buckinghamshire, 2nd Earl of
176027 Nov.Carnarvon, Marquess of
176027 Nov.Richmond, 3rd Duke of
176027 Nov.Eglintoun, 10th Earl of
176027 Nov.March, 3rd Earl of
176027 Nov.Weymouth, 3rd Viscount
176011 Dec.Lichfield, 3rd Earl of
176011 Dec.Oxford, 4th Earl of
176011 Dec.Bruce, 2nd Lord
176113 Jan.Pembroke, 10th Earl of
176117 Mar.Bertie, Lord R.
176121 Mar.Pulteney, Viscount
17613 Nov.Bolingbroke, 2nd Viscount
176227 Mar.Masham, 2nd Lord
17622 Aug.Pomfret, 2nd Earl of
17622 Dec.Manchester, 4th Duke of
17631 Jan.Willoughby de Broke, 14th Lord
17639 Apr.Denbigh, 6th Earl of
17676 Nov.Botetourt, 4th Lord
176710 Dec.Roxburghe, 3rd Duke of
17682 Jan.Bolingbroke, 2nd Viscount
17698 Sept.Pembroke, 10th Earl of
176920 Sept.Jersey, 4th Earl of
17765 JuneCarmarthen, Marquess of
177727 Feb.Fauconberg, 2nd Earl
177719 Dec.Winchilsea, 9th Earl of
177719 Dec.Aylesford, 4th Earl of
178015 Sept.Onslow, 4th Lord
178015 Sept.Boston, 2nd Lord
178211 Apr.Rivers, 1st Lord
178223 MayEssex, 4th Earl of
17841 Jan.Galloway, 7th Earl of
178911 Mar.Delawarr, 4th Earl
179021 Oct.Wentworth, 2nd Viscount
179519 Nov.Poulett, 4th Earl
179727 Apr.Macclesfield, 4th Earl of
17995 Mar.Somerville, 14th Lord
180020 JulySydney, 2nd Viscount
180227 Apr.Amherst, 2nd Lord
180419 MayRivers, 2nd Lord
180424 MayArden, 2nd Lord
180428 JuneSt. Helens, 1st Lord
180615 Nov.Spencer, Lord C.
181210 Mar.Headfort, 1st Marquess of
181210 Mar.Murray, Lord J.
181210 Mar.Ormond, 18th Earl of
181210 Mar.Melbourne, 1st Viscount
181210 Mar.Petersham, Viscount
181210 Mar.Heathfield, 2nd Lord
18135 Feb.Whitworth, 1st Lord
181313 Mar.Lake, 2nd Viscount
181313 JulyDelawarr, 5th Earl
181313 JulyGraves, 2nd Lord
181425 JuneStewart, 1st Lord
181518 Apr.Amherst, 2nd Lord
181915 Jan.Fife, 4th Earl
182016 JuneSt. Helens, 1st Lord
182123 Mar.Lovaine, Lord
182312 Mar.Erroll, 18th Earl of
182627 MayStrathavon, Lord
182722 Aug.Clinton, 18th Lord
182727 Aug.Fife, 4th Earl
18286 Mar.Brooke and Warwick, 3rd Earl
18286 Mar.Roden, 3rd Earl of
182823 JulyChesterfield, 6th Earl of
182920 Nov.Amherst, 1st Earl
182920 Nov.Howe, 1st Earl
183017 JulyO'Brien, Lord J.
183017 JulyHastings, 2nd Marquess of
18304 Aug.Denbigh, 7th Earl of
183030 Nov.Waldegrave, 6th Earl
183030 Nov.Napier, 9th Lord
183014 Dec.Byron, 7th Lord
183023 Dec.Falkland, 10th Viscount
183111 Mar.Gosford, 2nd Earl of
183122 Aug.Queensberry, 6th Marquess of
18315 Oct.Lilford, 3rd Lord
183223 MayAshbrook, 4th Viscount
18328 Oct.Elphinstone, 13th Lord
18335 Jan.FitzClarence, Lord A.
183410 Jan.Torrington, 7th Viscount
18347 Nov.Gardner, 3rd Lord
183430 Dec.Tullamore, Lord
183430 Dec.Brudenell Bruce, Lord E.
183430 Dec.Sheffield, 2nd Earl of
183510 Jan.Verulam, 1st Earl of
183510 Lisle and Dudley, 1st Lord
183510 Jan.Sydney, 3rd Viscount
183510 Jan.Morton, 17th Earl of
183510 Aug.Fife, 4th Earl
183511 Aug.Falkland, 10th Viscount
183511 Aug.Elphinstone, 13th Lord
183511 Aug.Gardner, 3rd Lord
183511 Aug.Torrington, 7th Viscount
183511 Aug.Headfort, 2nd Marquess of
183511 Aug.Queensberry, 6th Marquess of
183511 Aug.Templemore, 1st Lord
183629 JuneLilford, 3rd Lord
183626 Oct.Gordon, Lord J.F.

Gentlemen in Extraordinary 1672–1716

167223 Dec.Mulgrave, 3rd Earl of
167319 Oct.Sunderland, 2nd Earl of
16743 MayOxford, 20th Earl of
167431 Oct.Latimer, Viscount
167722 Sept.Sussex, 1st Earl of
167914 Jan.Arran, Earl of
168031 JulyLichfield, 1st Earl of
16807 Aug.Hyde, Hon. L.
168227 Aug.Middleton, 2nd Earl of
16828 Nov.Feversham, 2nd Earl of
16833 Apr.Shrewsbury, 12th Earl of
16833 Apr.Lansdowne, Viscount
16924 Nov.Montpouillon, Marquess of
1697Apr.St. Albans, 1st Duke of
170122 MayBedford, 2nd Duke of
171425 Oct.Orkney, 1st Earl of


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