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'List of illustrations', Survey of London: volume 23: Lambeth: South Bank and Vauxhall (1951), pp. XIX-XXI. URL: Date accessed: 25 October 2014.


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1.Part of plan of Prince's Meadows, 163613
2.No. 86 Waterloo Road. Detail of railings28
3.No. 86 Waterloo Road. Detail of doors on first floor. Measured drawings29
4.No. 86 Waterloo Road. Doorway to Boyce Street. Measured drawing by A. R.
5.Nos. 96–100 Waterloo Road. First floor iron balustrade. Measured drawing by
B. Shawcroft
6.No. 86 Waterloo Road from St. John's Church. Sketch by F. A. Evans, 194933
7.St. John's, Waterloo Road. Doorway to crypt35
8.Ground floor plan of the General Lying-in Hospital, York Road, 195043
9.No. 59 Belvedere Road. Lead rainwater head48
1O.No. 59 Belvedere Road. Entrance gates, 1948. Measured drawing48
11.No. 59 Belvedere Road. Ground plan, 1948. Measured drawing49
12.No. 59 Belvedere Road. Fireplace. Measured drawing49
13.Plan of the Lion Brewery51
14.Lion Brewery. South-west elevation to entrance courtyard. Measured drawing52
15.Lion Brewery. North-west elevation to entrance courtyard. Measured drawingS3
16.Delft Plate56
17.India Stores, Belvedere Road, in course of demolition, 1949. Sketch by F. A.
18.Plan of Jesus College property (the Hopes) in 1804. From a deed belonging
to Jesus College, Oxford
19.Inscription on lion's paw, Lion Brewery, Lambeth. Pen and ink drawing by
F. A. Evans
20.Plan of Coade & Sealy's Works, Belvedere Road, 1837. From a deed in the
possession of Jesus College, Oxford
21.Boundary stone of Pedlar's Acre63
22.Lambeth Palace. Corbel with monk's head. Sketch by Blore81
23.Lambeth Palace. Entrance to Morton's Tower. Sketch by R. G. Absolon82
24.Lambeth Palace. Staircase to Morton's Tower. Sketch by R. G. Absolon83
25.Lambeth Palace. Morton's Tower. Linenfold panelling. Measured drawing84
26.Lambeth Palace. South-east door to Great Hall. Measured drawing87
27.Lambeth Palace. Lollards’ Tower stairs, 1950. Sketch by R. G. Absolon89
28.Lambeth Palace. Laud's Tower. Detail of staircase. Measured drawing92
29.Lambeth Palace Chapel. Details of pew ends93
30.Lambeth Palace. Crypt, 1950. Sketch by R. G. Absolon94
31.Lambeth Palace. Door to Chapel. Measured drawing95
32.Lambeth Palace. Cranmer's Tower. Landing at top of stairs. Sketch by R. G. Absolon96
33.Lambeth Palace. Corbel with griffin. Sketch by Blore98
34.Lambeth Palace. Corbel with king's head. Sketch by Blore99
35.St. Mary's Church. Pedlar's window104
36.St. Mary's Church. Plan, 1851. From the drawing by P. C. Hardwick111
37.St. Mary's Church. Doorway to vestry. Measured drawing112
38.St. Mary's Church. Tablet to Sir Peter Rich115
39.Nos. 214–204 Lambeth Road. Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior123
40.No. 135 Kennington Road, 1950. Sketch by R. G. Absolon128
41.No. 121 Kennington Road. Staircase detail. Measured drawing129
41.No. 125 Kennington Road. Fireplace. Measured drawing129
43.No. 139 Kennington Road. Detail of fireplace in first floor front room.
Measured drawing
44.No. 125 Kennington Road. Folding doors on ground floor. Measured drawing131
45.Rear of Nos. 186–208 Kennington Road, 1950. Sketch by F. A. Evans132
46.Rear of No. 127 Kennington Road, 1950. Sketch by F. A. Evans133
47.No. 8 Old Paradise Street, panelled room on first floor (front). Measured
48.Elevation of Nos. 14–2 Old Paradise Street. Measured drawing140
49Nos. 4–12 Pratt Walk, elevation. Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior141
50.Plan of Ragged Schools in Newport Street143
51.No. 1 Doris Street, door knocker. Ink drawing144
52.Nos. 38–28 Vauxhall Walk, 1950. Measured drawing by A. R. Hansen145
53.No. 85 Albert Embankment, fireplace. Measured drawing149


ASHMOLE, ELIASQuarterly, sable and or, in the first quarter a fleur-de-lys of the second, (p. 114)
CANTERBURY, SEE OFAzure, an archiepiscopal staff in pale argent ensigned with a cross-patée or, surmounted of a pall of the second, edged and fringed of the third, charged with four crosses formée-fitchée sable. (p.3)
CHICHELE, HENRYOr, a chevron between three cinquefoils pierced gules. (p. 89)
CITY OF LONDONArgent, a cross gules, in the first quarter a sword of the second in pale point upwards. (p. 72)
CORNWALL, DUCHY OFSable, fifteen bezants, (p. 9)
DOULTON, HENRYAzure, on a pale invected or between two goats' heads erased of the last a lion rampant sable between two escallops gules, (p. 142)
EDWARD, PRINCE OF WALES, ‘THE BLACK PRINCE’ (Shield for Peace)Sable, three ostrich feathers quilled and passing through scrolls argent bearing the words ‘ Ich Diene’. (p. 5)
JESUS COLLEGE, OXFORDVert, three stags trippant argent attired, or. (p. 25)
JUXON, WILLIAMOr, a cross gules between four blackamoors' heads and shoulders affronté in their proper colours with wreaths, or. (p. 85)
MORTON, JOHNQuarterly, one and four gules, a goat's head erased armed or, two and three ermine, (p. 82)
ROCHESTER, SEE OFArgent, on a saltire gules an escallop, or. (p. 75)
ST. THOMAS' HOSPITALArgent, on a cross between, in the first quarter a sword erect gules, and in the second quarter a chough proper a roach haurient of the first; on a chief azure a rose of the field barbed and seeded proper between two fleur de lys, or. (p. 79)
TUNSTALL, CUTHBERTSable, three wool combs argent, (p. 113)

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