Charter III
Grant of land on which to build a Booth Hall (1331)


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John Hobson Matthews (editor)

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'Charter III: Grant of land on which to build a Booth Hall (1331)', Cardiff Records: volume 1 (1898), pp. 17-18. URL: Date accessed: 22 September 2014.


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Charter not in the possession of the Corporation. Circa 1331

Sciant presentes et futuri quod nos Willelmus la Zousche dominus Glamorgannie et Morgannie et Alianora consors nostra dedimus concessimus et hac presenti carta nostra confirmauimus burgensibus nostris ville nostre de kaerdif unam placeam terre in alta strata de kaerdif continentem quadraginta et sex pedes in longitudine et viginti et sex pedes in latitudine. Que quidem placea terre iacet iuxta tenementum quondam Ade kyngot ex parte boriali sicut predictis burgensibus certis bondis liberatur ad edificandum unam domum super predictam placeam terre vocatam Bothhalle. Ita quod nos predicti Willelmus et Alianora consors nostra et heredes nostri deceteris in eadem domo habeamus unum locum aptum et sufficientem ad omnia placita per prepositos nostros ville predicte in eodem loco tenenda et placitanda, tam de Nundinis ibidem per annum quam de aliis placitis. Et eciam ad omnia tolneta cuiuscumque fuerit generis marchandisie in eodem loco recipienda. Et quod burgenses ville nostre predicte habeant omnimoda proficua de dicta domo proueniencia ad illam domum construendum et sustinendum. Habendum et tenendum predictam placeam cum dicta domo superedificata prefatis burgensibus ville nostre predicte de nobis et heredibus nostris imperpetuum. Saluo nobis et heredibus nostris loco predicto ad omnia facienda sicut predictum est. Reddendo inde nobis et heredibus nostris annuatim ad festum sancti Michelis unum par calcarium deauratorum. [Cetera desunt.]


Know all men present and to come, that We, William La Zousche, Lord of Glamorgan and Morgan, and Alianor Our Consort, have given, granted, and by this Our present Charter have confirmed unto Our Burgesses of Our Vill of Kaerdif, one plot of land in the High Street of Kaerdif, containing forty six feet in length and twenty six feet in width. Which plot of land lieth near the tenement formerly of Adam Kyngot on the north, as to the aforesaid Burgesses by certain bounds it is freed, for building a house upon the aforesaid plot of land, called the Bothhalle. So that We the aforesaid William and Alianor Our Consort, and Our heirs, may henceforth have in the same house one place apt and sufficient for holding and pleading in the same place by Our Prevosts of the aforesaid Vill all pleas, as well of the marts there throughout the year, as of other pleas. And also for receiving in the same place all tolls, of whatsoever kind of merchandise it shall be. And that the Burgesses of Our aforesaid Vill shall have all manner of profits arising from the said house, for building and sustaining that house. To have and to hold the aforesaid plot, with the said house thereon erected, unto the aforesaid Burgesses of Our Vill aforesaid, of Us and Our heirs for ever. Saving unto Us and Our heirs the aforesaid place for doing all things as is aforesaid. Rendering therefor unto Us and Our heirs, yearly at the feast of Saint Michael, one pair of gilded spurs. [c. 1331.]