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'Abbreviations used', Survey of London: volume 42: Kensington Square to Earl's Court (1986), pp. 414. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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B.The Builder
B.A.Building Act case. Greater London Council
B.L.British Library, Reference Division
B.N.The Building News
B.R.Building Regulations case, Greater London Council
C.C.Archives of the Church Commissioners
C.E.O.Archives of the Crown Estate Commissioners
ColvinHoward Calvin, A Biographical Dictionary of British Architects 1600–1840, 1978
D.N.B.Dictionary of National Biography
D.S.R.District Surveyors’ Returns for South Kensington in Greater London Record Office. The year and number of each return are given
E.C.R.Court Rolls of the Manor of Earl's Court in Kensington Central Public Library
FaulknerThomas Faulkner, History and Antiquities of Kensinton, 1820
G.E.C.The Complete Peerage, ed. G.E.C., 1910–59
G.L.C.Greater London Council
G.L.R.O.Greater London Record Office
H.L.R.O.House of Lords Record Office
I.L.N.Illustrated London News
K.P.L.Kensington Central Public Library
L.C.C.London County Council
M.B.O.Archives of Metropolitan Buildings Office in Greater London Record Office
M.B.W.Archives of Metropolitan Board of Works in Greater London Record Office
M.C.S.Archives of Metropolitan Commissioners of Sewers in Greater London Record Office
M.D.R.Middlesex Deeds Registry in Greater London Record Office
N.M.R.National Monuments Record
O.S.Ordnance Survey maps of London, I: 1056
PepperellRev. William Pepperell, The Church Index: A Book of Metropolitan Churches and Church Enterprise. Part I. Kensington, [1872]
P.O.D.Post Office Directories
PonsonbyLord Ponsonby of Shulbrede, ‘Records of Kensington Square’, [1936] (typescript history, copy in possession of Survey of London)
P.P.Parliamentary Papers
P.P.R.Principal Probate Registry
P.R.O.Public Record Office
R.B.Ratebooks (from 1760) and early assessments books in Kensington Central Public Library
R.I.B.A.Royal Institute of British Architects
T.P.Town Planning case, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
V.C.H.Victoria History of the Counties of England
W.C.L.Westminster City Library, Victoria branch
W.C.S.Archives of the Westminster Commissioners of Sewers in Greater London Record Office