Plea Rolls for Staffordshire
7 Edward II


Institute of Historical Research



Major-General Hon. G. Wrottesley (editor)

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'Plea Rolls for Staffordshire: 7 Edward II', Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 10, part 1 (1889), pp. 13-15. URL: Date accessed: 20 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Coram Rege. Mich., 7 E. II.

Staff. Alice daughter of Thomas de la Bache appeared against John son of William de Mere, and Robert son of Roger de Mulneton in a plea of trespass. The defendants did not appear and the Sheriff was ordered to distrain John who had found sureties, and to arrest the said Robert and produce them both at the Quindene of Hillary. m. 27.

A mandate was sent by the King to be enrolled, addressed to Roger le Brabanzon and his Fellow Justices, stating that no one was to be molested, for the capture, detention or death of Piers de Gavaston. Dated at Westminster, 16 October, 7 E. II.

Staff. Robert de Bures appeared against Hugh de Salt and Gilbert his brother in a plea of trespass. The defendants did not appear and the Sheriff was ordered to distrain and produce them at the Quindene of Hillary. m. 45, dorso.

Coram Rege. Hillary, 7 E. II.

Staff. A writ of fieri facias to raise fifty marks from the goods and chattels of John Hastang, the arrears of a debt of £150 owing to John Doyly, Knight, according to a recognizance made in Court by the said John Hastang in 6 E. II. m. 5.

Staff. John de Herunville and Juliana his wife were attached to answer the plea of Richard son of Nicholas Justiceman of Birmyngeham that they had illegally seized his cattle, viz.: two horses worth 40s. on the high road at Wodnesbury and impounded them. John and Juliana appeared in person and denied the trespass, and appealed to a jury, which is to be summoned for three weeks from Easter. m. 19.

Staff. Roger de Morteyn appeared in Court and acknowledged his deed in these words, viz.:—Pateat universis per presentes me Rogerum de Morteyn relaxasse, etc., Willelmo Hillary heredibus et assignatis suis omnimoda servitia et consuetudines que idem Willelmus michi facere solebat de omnibus terris et tenementis suis que de me tenet in manerio de Walsale, salvo michi et heredibus meis annuatim uno flore rose ad Festum Sancti Johannis Baptiste, etc., Hiis testibus, Ricardo de Aberbury, Rogero de Edresleye, Simone de Norton et aliis, Datum in parochiâ, Sancti Clementis Dacorum extra barram Novi Templi Londoniarum (sic), 2 E. II.

Coram Rege. Easter, 7 E. II.

Warw. The Sheriff had been ordered to raise twenty marks from the lands and chattels of William de Burmingham, lord of Burmingham, and bring them into Court in order to pay 60s. to Thomas de Thorp and his companions the Clerks of the King, the assignees of Richard atte Wyghalle and other tenants of the King of the Manor of Bremesgrave and Norton, which is of the ancient demesne of the Crown of England, the residue of the twenty marks which were the damages which had been sustained by the said men on account of a toll illegally taken from them in the vill of Burmingham. And the Sheriff returned that there were no goods or chattels from which any money could be raised, and that all the lands of the said William lay uncultivated. He was therefore ordered as before, and to pay the money into Court at the Octaves of Trinity. m. 7.

Staff. Thomas de Stretton, Chaplain, and William his brother, and Roger son of Amice Fychet, were attached at the suit of Robert Champyoun for taking his fish at Stretton on the Tuesday after the Feast of St. Michael, 6 E. II., and for a month afterwards, and for which he claimed £40 as damages. The defendants appeared by attorney and denied the trespass, and appealed to a jury which is to be summoned for a day in Trinity Term. m. 25.

Staff. Hugh de Druton was attached at the suit of Roger de Bisshebury, for illegally breaking into his pound at Esynton on the Sunday after the Feast of St. Matthew and rescuing eight oxen and seven steers belonging to Robert de Esynton which he had impounded according to the law and custom of the realm, and for which he claimed £20 as damages. Hugh denied the trespass and appealed to a jury, which is to be summoned for the Quindene of Trinity.

He also sued Robert de Esynton, Richard son of Osbert de Esynton, Thomas le Couper, Richard Broun, and Robert Knott of Esynton in a plea of trespass, and they did not appear. The Sheriff was ordered to distrain and produce them at the same date. m. 57.