Assize Rolls for Buckinghamshire


Institute of Historical Research



Major-General Hon. George Wrottesley (editor)

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'Assize Rolls for Buckinghamshire: 1232', Staffordshire Historical Collections, vol. 4 (1883), pp. 89. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Assize Roll of Bucks (of uncertain date).

"Essoins taken at Newport on Wednesday on the Octaves of Michaelmas." Supposed to be of 16 and 17 H. III. [6th October, 1232.] (fn. 1)

Staff. William de Audedelegh was attached to answer the complaint of the Abbot of Crokesden that he had deforced him of forty acres of land in Musden, which he had conceded to the Abbot after an assize of novel disseisin had been summoned between them before the Justices Itinerant at Stafford, inasmuch as William had carried away the turf from the land, and heaped it up, and then burnt it, and by which he had been damaged to the amount of 100s.

William defended his right to take the turf, because he had common of pasture in the land. The case is adjourned to Westminster on the point of law on the morrow of St. Martin's. (fn. 2) m. 16.


1 The above date is suggested for these reasons:—The dominical letter of the year must have been C, in order to bring the octave of Michaelmas upon a Wednesday. C was the dominical letter A.D. 1227, A.D. 1232, and A.D. 1238, and the Final Concord which concluded this suit respecting forty acres in Musden Grange is dated Westminster, 21st May, 1234.
2 See Fine No. 28, dated 21st May, 1234 (Calendar of Fines in this volume).