Editorial note and VCH county committee


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L. Margaret Midgley (editor)

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'Editorial note and VCH county committee', A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 5: East Cuttlestone hundred (1959), pp. XV-XVII. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=53389 Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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This volume, the third in the Staffordshire series to appear, is, like its predecessor, Volume IV, the outcome of a partnership between the University of London and a group of Local Authorities in Staffordshire. For some explanation of the nature of that partnership and a description of the editorial arrangements the reader is referred to the Editorial Note prefixed to Volume IV. It only remains for the University of London to reiterate its gratitude to the Local Authorities for the continuation of their much valued financial assistance. Sincere thanks must also again be returned to those who have helped in the work of compilation, especially to Miss Marguerite Gollancz and Mr. F. B. Stitt (successively Librarians of the William Salt Library, Stafford, and County Archivists), the members of their staff, Mr. M. B. S. Exham (Lichfield Diocesan Registrar), and Mr. S. A. H. Burne.


as at 15 October 1958

Alderman G. C. W. Jones, ChairmanRepresenting the West Bromwich County Borough Council
Alderman H. Barks, o.b.e., Vice-ChairmanRepresenting the Stoke-on-Trent City Council
Sir Geoffrey Mander, Vice-ChairmanRepresenting the Staffordshire County Council
Alderman T. A. W. Giffard, m.b.e.
Alderman J. F. Amery
Councillor N. Bayliss
Councillor R. Clifford
Councillor F. A. Dale
Councillor F. J. Oxford
Alderman H. J. Hall
Mr. S. A. H. Burne
Major C. A. Crofton
Mr. H. V. Thompson
Mr. N. W. Tildesley
Alderman J. W. ClarkRepresenting the Burton-upon-Trent County Borough Council
Alderman F. W. PerryRepresenting the Smethwick County Borough Council
Mr. K. D. MillerRepresenting the Stoke-on-Trent City Council
Mr. A. MarshallRepresenting the Walsall County Borough Council
Mr. F. S. Price
Alderman H. E. LaneRepresenting the Wolverhampton County Borough Council
Alderman C. H. Davies
Mrs. M. Dale

Co-opted members

The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Harrowby, d. l. Professor J. W. Blake
The Rt. Hon. the Lord StaffordMr. F. B. Stitt
Mr. P. StylesMr. H. Wallace-Copland, Her Majesty's Lieutenant for Staffordshire
Professor M. J. Wise, m.c.
Mr. R. B. PughEditor, Victoria History of the Counties of England
Mr. T. H. Evans, c.b.e., d.l.Hon. Secretary
Mr. J. J. GreenHon. Treasurer

Editorial Sub-Committee

Alderman G. C. W. JonesMr. S. A. H. BurneProfessor M. J. Wise, m.c.
Professor S. E. FinerMajor C. A. CroftonSir Geoffrey Mander
Professor J. W. BlakeMr. F. B. StittAlderman H. Barks, o.b.e.
Mr. P. Styles
Mr. R. B. PughGeneral Editor
Mr. T. H. Evans, c.b.e., d.l.Hon. Secretary
Mr. J. J. GreenHon. Treasurer