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L. Margaret Midgley (editor)

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'Note on Staffs Record Society volumes used', A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 5: East Cuttlestone hundred (1959), pp. XXI-XXIII. URL: Date accessed: 17 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Vol.PagesSubject-matter or title of article
i1–144Pipe Rolls, 1130, 1155–89.
"145–240Liber Niger Scaccarii, 1166.
"241–88Register of Roger de Norbury, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 1322–58.
"289–384'History of Blymhill' (part I).
ii (1)1–177Pipe Rolls, 1189–1216.
"178–276Staffs. Deeds, 1072–c. 1237.
ii (2)3–22Knighthood Composition List, temp. Charles I.
"69–147'History of Blymhill' (part II).
iii (1)1–165Curia Regis (including Eyre) Rolls, 1194–1215.
"166–77Final Concords, 1196–1213.
"178–231Staffs. Deeds, c. 1120–c. 1272.
iii (2)1–155Heraldic Visitation, 1583.
iv (1)1–217Pleas coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices, 1219–72.
"218–63Final Concords, 1218–72.
iv (2)'History of Church Eaton.'
v (1)1–104Burton Abbey Cartulary.
"105–22Hundred Rolls, temp. Henry III, Edward I.
"123–80Pleas of the Forest, 1262–1300.
v (2)Heraldic Visitations, 1614, 1663, 1664.
vi (1)1–28Stone Priory Cartulary.
"29–36Pleas (coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices) from B.M. Add. MS. 12269 (abstract of pleas 4–24 Hen. III believed to have been compiled by Bracton).
"37–300Pleas coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices, 1271–94.
vi (2)5–104Catalogue of Muniments of the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield.
vii (1)1–192Pleas coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices, 1293–1307.
"193–255Subsidy Roll, 1327.
vii (2)'History of the Swynnerton family.'
viii (1)1–124'Military service of Staffs. tenants, 13th and 14th centuries.'
"125–201Cartulary of the Priory of St. Thomas the Martyr near Stafford.
viii (2)'History of Castle Church.'
ix (1)1–119Pleas coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices, 1307–27.
x (1)1–78Pleas coram rege, and before itinerant justices, 1307–26.
"79–132Subsidy Roll, 1332–3.
xi1–126Pleas de banco and before itinerant justices, 1327–41.
"127–294Final Concords, 1327–1547.
xii (1)1–173Pleas de banco and before itinerant justices, 1341–59.
"177–235Final Concords, mixed counties including Staffs., 1492–1558.
"235–9Final Concords, 1558–9.
"242–336Chetwynd Cartulary.
xii (2)'Supplement to the history of Blymhill.'
xiii1–204Pleas de banco and before itinerant justices, 1360–87.
"207–300Final Concords, 1559–73.
xiv (1)1–162Pleas coram rege and before itinerant justices, 1327–83.
"165–217Final Concords, 1573–80.
xiv (2)'History of Weston under Lizard' (part I).
xv1–126Pleas de banco and before itinerant justices, 1387–1412.
"129–98Final Concords, 1580–9.
xvi1–94Extracts from the Chester Plea Rolls, 1329–1411; pleas coram rege and before itinerant justices, 1385–1412, with Gaol Delivery Rolls, c. 1334–c. 1357, Indictments c. 1366, and Coroners' Roll 1–13 Hen. IV.
"95–226Final Concords, 1589–1603.
xvii1–153Pleas coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices, 1413–35, with Indictments, 1 Henry V, and Roll of Petitions to Parliament, 2 Henry V.
"157–205Poll Tax, 1379–81.
"208–36Final Concords, mixed counties including Staffs., 1558–88.
xviii (1)1–21Final Concords, mixed counties including Staffs., 1589–1602.
"28–70Final Concords, 1603–7.
New Series ii'History of Weston under Lizard' (part II).
New Series iii1–70Final Concords, 1607–12.
"121–229Pleas coram rege and de banco, 1423–57, and coram rege, 1392– 1401.
New Series iv1–28Final Concords, mixed counties including Staffs., 1603–25.
"29–91Final Concords, Staffs., 1613–16.
"92–212Pleas coram rege and de banco, 1456–74.
New Series v1–232'History of the Giffard family.'
New Series vi (1)1–60Final Concords, 1616–18.
"89–162Pleas coram rege and de banco, 1474–85.
New Series vi (2)'History of the Wrottesley family.'
New Series vii191–236Final Concords, 1619–21.
"240–93Chancery Proceedings, Richard II to Henry VII.
New Series viiiSecond Register of Bishop Robert de Stretton, 1360–85.
New Series ix1–241Chancery Proceedings, 1558–79 (A-D)—arranged alphabetically under names of petitioners.
"270–89'Burton Abbey Surveys.'
New Series x (1)11–70Final Concords, 1622–5.
"71–188Star Chamber Proceedings, temp. Henry VII-VIII.
"189–243'Forest tenures of Staffs.'
New Series x (2)Lichfield Episcopal Register, sede vacante and Bishop Robert de Stretton, 1358–85.
New Series xi1–224'History of the Bagot family.'
"225–30'On the identification of the Domesday Monetvile.'
New Series xiiChetwynd's History of Pirehill hundred (part I).
19101–85Star Chamber Proceedings, 1516–49.
"141–204'History of the Lane family.'
"207–94'Notes on Staffs. families.'
191127–111Final Concords, 1273–1326.
"112–376Inquisitions post mortem, and ad quod damnum, 1223–1326.
"415–48Staffs. Deeds, 1200–1327.
19121–207Star Chamber Proceedings, 1498–1553, with a few temp. Elizabeth I.
19131–178Inquisitions post mortem, ad quod damnum, &c., 1327–66.
19141–184Chetwynd's History of Pirehill hundred (part II).
1915Staffs. Incumbents and Parochial Records, 1530–1680.
19161–66Will of Wulfric Spot.
"67–137Staffs. pre-Conquest charters.
"138–208'Early Staffs. history' (Roman conquest to 1291).
"209–300Burton Abbey 12th-century Surveys.
1917–18Staffs. Parliamentary history (part I).
1919191–289Gregory King's Notebook, 1679–80.
1920 and 1922Staffs. Parliamentary history (part II).
19211–40Calendar of Salt MSS.
192323–46'Some unidentified Domesday vills.'
"293–302'Forest Pleas in Staffs. Pipe Roll, 1166–7.'
1924The Great Register of Lichfield Cathedral, known as Magnum Registrum Album.
192659–150Chancery Proceedings, 1558–79 (D-H).
19271–79Hearth Tax, 1666, Cuttlestone hundred.
"207–12'Stafford Coinage of Henry II, 1158–9.'
1928135–71Early charters of Lord Hatherton (part I).
1929Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1581–9.
1930" " " 1590–3.
193161–99'Inclosure of Open Fields and Commons in Staffs.
"121–231Chancery Proceedings, 1558–79 (H-P).
"235–64Early charters of Lord Hatherton (part II).
1932Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1594–7.
1934 (1)1–157'Geographical aspects of the development of transport in North Staffs., 18th century.'
1934 (2)95–122'Notes on Walter Landor, Sheriff of Staffs., 1698–9, and on other Landors.'
1935Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1598–1602.
1937Muniments of the Marquess of Anglesey (part I: Burton Abbey).
19383–201Chancery Proceedings, 1558–79 (D-Y).
"265–93'Roman villa at Engleton near Brewood.'
193971–158Muniments of the Marquess of Anglesey (part II).
"177–220Records of Priory of Black Ladies near Brewood.
"221–30'Medieval timber houses in Sedgley, Brewood, Walsall and Willenhall.'
1940Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1603–6.
19411–20Inclosure Acts and Awards.
1942–3Staffs. Views in William Salt Library.
19471–46'Mr. Justice Talfourd and the Cannock Chase Mining Cause, 1842.'
1948–9Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1608–9.
1950–11–52'Early history of Penkridge Church.'
"109–35'William Baker of Audlem, architect.'
"229–42'1801 Crop returns for Staffs.'
4th Series, iOrder Book of County Committee, 1643–5.