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'Authorities cited', Final Concords of the County of Lincoln: 1244-1272 (1920), pp. VII-VIII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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(1) Printed Authorities

Rec. Com. = Record Commission.

BlackstoneSee Commentaries.
Bracton, De LegibusBracton, Tractatus de Legibus et Consuedinibus Angliœ (Rolls Series).
CommentariesBlackstone Commentaries on the Laws of England, 12th ed.
Danelaw ChartersDanelaw Charters, ed. F. M. Stenton (shortly to be issued for the British Academy).
Eng. Hist. Rev.The English Historical Review.
EquityMaitland, F. W., Equity and Forms of Action at Common Law.
F.C., i.Abstracts of Final Concords (Lincolnshire Records), vol. i.
F.N.B.Fitz-Herbert, The New Natura Brevium, ed. 1755.
FormularyFormulary, pages lxxii-lxxxi of the present volume.
GlanvillGlanvill, Tractatus de Legibus.
Hist. Eng. Law.Pollock and Maitland, The History of English Law, 2nd ed.
HunterFines, Sive Pedes Finium, 1195–1215, ed. Hunter. (Rec. Com.)
Liber AntiquusLiber Antiquus Hugonis Wells, ed. A. Gibbons.
L.R.S.Publications of the Lincoln Record Society.
Origines JuridicialesDugdale, Origines Juridiciales.
R.O.B.Registrum Omnium Brevium, ed. 1553.
Rolls of K.C.Three Rolls of the King's Court (Pipe Roll Society, vol. xiv).
Rot. Cur. Reg.Rotuli Curiœ Regis (Rec. Com.)
Rot. de Oblat. et Fin.Rotuli de Oblatis et Finibus (Rec. Com.)
Select Civil PleasSelect Civil Pleas (Selden Society, vol. iii).
Sixle ChartersTranscripts of Charters relating to Gilbertine Houses, ed. F. M. Stenton (shortly to be issued for the Lincoln Record Society).
StatutesStatutes of the Realm (Rec. Com.).
TurnerA Calendar of the Feet of Fines relating to the County of Huntingdon, ed. G. J. Turner (Cambridge Antiquarian Society, no. xxxvii).

(2) Manuscript Authorities

Assize Roll, no. 478In the P.R.O.—A.D. 1204 (now being edited by Miss D. M. Parsons for the Lincoln Record Society).
Registrum AntiquissimumThe cartulary so named in the muniment room of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln (A/1/5).
Charters of the Dean and ChapterCharters in the same muniment room (D. iv).
Kirkstead CartularyThe Cartulary of Kirkstead Abbey in the British Museum (Cotton MS., Vespasian E xviii).
Notes, i.Notes of Fines, temp. Edward I. and Edward II., in the P.R.O. (C.P. 26 (1) 2/7).
Notes, ii.The same temp. Edward III.
TerriersTerriers of glebe-lands, temp. Elizabeth, etc., in the Lincoln Episcopal Registry.