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'Table of acts: 1642', Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 (1911), pp. I-IV. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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5 March, 1642An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons in Parliament for the safety and defence of the Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales. [L.J., iv., 625.] Vol. i., p. 1.
29 March, 1642Ordinance for settling the Militia of London. [L.J., iv., 682.] Vol. i., p. 5.
23 May, 1642Ordinance for raising 1,000 volunteers to be employed in the reduction of Ireland. [C.J., ii., 583.]
28 May, 1642Ordinance for raising men for Ireland. [L.J., v., 91.] Vol. i., p. 6.
4 June, 1642An Ordinance for the securing the sum of £100,000 agreed to be lent the Parliament by several companies and citizens of London for the use of the Kingdom. [L.J., v., 105.]
9 June, 1642Ordinance for bringing in Plate, Money, and Horses. [L.J., v., 121; Husband, i., 339.] Vol. i., p. 6.
17 June, 1642The Ordinance for the Sea-Adventure to Ireland. [L.J., v., 144.] Vol. i., p. 9.
1 July, 1642Ordinance for the Earl of Warwick to remain in his command of the Fleet. [L.J., v., 174.] Vol. i., p. 12.
2 July, 1642Ordinance for appointing Lord Wharton to be Lord Lieutenant of Bucks. [L.J., v., 176; not entered.]
5 July, 1642Ordinance for raising 5,000 foot and 500 horse for Ireland. [L. J., v., 181.] Vol. i., p. 12.
6 July, 1642Ordinance for raising 2,000 men for relieving Hull. [L.J., v., 187.] Vol. i., p. 13.
15 July, 1642An Ordinance appointing the Earl of Essex to be Captain General. [Old Parl. Hist., xi., 297; L.J., v., 212.] Vol. i., p. 14.
1 August, 1642An Ordinance concerning the Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage. [L.J., v., 254; Husband, i., 792.] Vol. i., p. 16.
10 August, 1642Ordinance appointing Sir Gilbert Gerrard Treasurer of the Army. [L.J., v., 281.] Vol. i., p. 20.
10 August, 1642Ordinance for Henry Herbert to repair to Monmouthshire and publish the Declaration against the Commission of Array. [L.J., v., 280.]
24 August, 1642An Ordinance for the better observation of the monthly Fast. [L. J., v., 320; Husband i., 577.] Vol. i., p. 22.
26 August, 1642Ordinance for raising money in London. [L.J., v., 323.] Vol. i., p. 24.
26 August, 1642An Ordinance inhibiting the Importation of Currants. [L. J., v., 322; Husband i., 589.] Vol. i., p. 25.
2 September, 1642An Ordinance concerning Stage Plays. [L.J., v., 336; Husband, i., 593.] Vol. i., p. 26.
15 September, 1642To secure the repayment of money advanced by the inhabitants of London. [L.J., v., 353.]
15 September, 1642Ordinance appointing Commissioners of the Navy. [L.J., v., 355.] Vol. i., p. 27.
15 September, 1642Ordinance appointing Thomas Smith secretary of the Admiralty. [L.J., v., 357.] Vol. i., p. 29.
17 September, 1642Ordinance for putting the City of Worcester in a posture of defence. [L.J., v., 361.] Vol. i., p. 30.
5 October, 1642Ordinance for raising 2,000 foot for Ireland. [L.J., v., 387; see also v., 347.] Vol. i., p. 32.
6 October, 1642Ordinance for Commissioners for Ireland. [L.J., v., 388.] Vol. i., p. 32.
19 October, 1642Ordinance to give leave to any of His Majesty's subjects to set forth ships to take such ships as shall go to relieve the Rebels in Ireland. [L.J., v., 409; Husband, i., 643, under date October 20.] Vol. i., p. 33.
20 October, 1642Ordinance for the Earl of Warwick to appoint commanders in the Navy in the English and Irish Seas. [L.J., v., 413.]
22 October, 1642Ordinance appointing the Earl of Warwick to command a second army to be raised about London and the counties adjacent. [L.J., v., 417.]
24 October, 1642An Ordinance making provision for those that shall be maimed in this present war in the service of the Parliament and for the wives and children of those that shall be slain. [L.J., v., 421; Husband, i., 673.] Vol. i., p. 36.
24 October, 1642Ordinance for the security and safe conduct of the commissioners of the Realm of Scotland. [L.J., v., 420.]
21 October, 1642Ordinance for the security and safe conduct of such Divines as shall come from the Realm of Scotland to the Assembly of Divines in this Kingdom. [L.J., v., 420.]
1 November, 1642Ordinance concerning apprentices that list themselves as soldiers. [L.J., v., 428; Husband, i. 736.] Vol. i., p. 37.
9 November, 1642Ordinance for the disciplining of the Army. [L.J., v., 439.] Vol. i., p. 37.
15 November, 1642Order or ordinance empowering Maximilian Bard and other commissioners to seize horses in and about London. [L.J., v., 447.]
26 November, 1642An Ordinance for the assessing of all such as have not contributed upon the Propositions of both Houses of Parliament for the raising of money, plate, horse and horsemen, etc. [L.J., v., 462; Husband, i., 764.] Vol. i., p. 38.
29 November, 1642An explanation of the former ordinance for assessing such as have not contributed, etc. [L.J., v., 466; Husband, i. 766.] Vol. i., p. 40.
29 November, 1642An Ordinance for the better provision of Victuals and other Necessaries for the Army and for payment and satisfaction to be made for such provisions. [L.J., v., 466; Husband, i., 763] Vol. i., p. 41.
29 November, 1642An Ordinance to give power to divers persons to set forth ships for the taking of all ships that they shall take coming against the Kingdom. [L.J., v., 467; Husband, i., 785.] Vol. i., p. 42.
29 November, 1642An Ordinance for repaying money lent upon the Propositions. [L.J., v., 467.] Vol. i., p. 45.
29 November, 1642An Ordinance concerning John Pickering, Esq. [L.J., v., 469.] Vol. i., p. 45.
7 December, 1642An Order being an explanation to some things in the Ordinance for assessing of such persons as have not contributed, etc. [L.J., v., 477.] Vol. i., p. 46.
8 December, 1642An Ordinance for taxing several counties for the support of the Army. [L.J., v., 482.] Vol. i., p. 47.
14 December, 1642An Ordinance for the better and more speedy execution of the late Ordinance of the 29th of November, 1642. [L.J., v., 491; Husband, i., 775.] Vol. i., p. 48.
15 December, 1642Ordinance for the Association of the Counties of Leicester, Derby, Notts, etc. [L.J., v., 493; Husband, i., 891.] Vol. i., p. 49.
20 December, 1642An Ordinance for the Association of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge, etc. [L.J., v., 505; Husband, i., 807.] Vol. i., p. 51.
24 December, 1642Ordinance for reimbursing Monies for the Defence of Devonshire. [L.J., v., 514.] Vol. i., p. 52.
31 December, 1642Ordinance for the Association of the Counties of Warwick and Stafford, etc. [L.J., v., 520; Husband, i., 816; styled also "A Declaration," etc.] Vol. i., p. 53.