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'Table of contents', Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589 (1882), pp. V-LIV. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Nov. 13.—Guild and kirk officer deposed, and another admitted; licence to a burgess to remain temporarily in Leith; North Loch to be dammed in; measures renewed, and Tolbooth repaired [Council Record, Vol. V. fol. 3],1
Nov. 17.—Weight and price of bread [Ib.],2
Nov. 25.—Gift of impost for repairing bulwark and shore of Leith to be applied for; houses to be taken down for safety of the lieges, and clearing of common passage; John Hairt in Canogait accused of slandering judges and neighbours of Edinburgh; assistants to collectors of annuals for the ministry; repairs on North Loch, tolbooth, council-house, and tron; measures to be repaired; jogs in the Fishmarket [Ib. fol. 3, 4], .2
Dec. 2.—Possessors of town's acres to pay their duties and multure; Leith Links and West Links set [Ib. fol. 4],4
Dec. 11.—Claim for pension owing to College and convent of Corstorphin; act against cutting and curtailing skins of sheep and oxen [Ib. fol. 5],4
Dec. 16.—Claim by Lord Lindsay to two skins of the common mills; set of common mills; agreement with principal minister as to stipend and residence [Ib. fol. 7, 10],6
Dec. 25.—Weight and price of bread [Ib. fol. 12],8
Dec. 30.—Shops outwith forelands to be taken down [Ib.],8


Jan. 6.—Evidents of Kirk delivered to collector; collecting alms by rotation at kirk doors; back gate of town wall at the College to be built up, and causeway and passage mended; aquavita sellers in Leith discharged; burgess made at request of captain of the castle [Ib. fol. 13],9
Jan. 20.—Quarriers to win stones at Granton Graig [Ib.],10
Feb. 5.—No unfreemen to sell seeds except on privileged market days [Ib. fol. 14],10
Feb. 12.—Extents for ministers' and readers, fees[C. R., Vol. V. fol. 14],.10
Feb. 19.—Collectors for ministers' charge appointed; discharge to a farmer for loss during siege of castle [Ib. fol. 15],11
Feb. 26.—Statute as to measures; stenters to convene for setting minister's stipend [Ib.],11
Mar. 3.—Seynis acres set in tack [Ib.,12
Mar. 17.—Ships in Flanders troubled by Prince of Orange; weaponshawing to be proclaimed [Ib. fol. 16],12


Mar. 31.—Bringing stones from Granton to Leith [Ib.],12
Apr. 2.—Persons not to resort to streets and vennels in time of preaching [Ib.],12
Apr. 14.—Flesh not to be sold or eaten on Friday or Saturday [Ib.],13
Apr. 23.—A papist questioned and cautioned [Ib. fol. 17],13
Apr. 28.—Poor to convene, and order to be taken for their sustenance [Ib.],13
Apr. 30.—Action against unfreemen of Cannogait [Ib.],13
June 3.—Writings to Queen of England as to suppressing piracy; discharge of all paction and bond made at any time with craftsmen of Leith; doors of merchants or craftsmen in Leith to be closed; lieges to be served with victual; buildings outwith West Port to be removed [Ib. fol. 18, 19],14
June 4.—Holy Blood aisle to be floored; commissioners of burghs to be convened [Ib. fol. 19],15
June 9.—West bulwark, injured by a storm, and shore to be repaired [Ib.],15
June 11.—Payment for a new ensign [Ib.],15
June 16.—Act made in time of troubles, as to not removing from their houses those who served the King at Leith, annulled [Ib. fol. 20], .16
June 18.— Request of Regent for discharge of annual due by the heir of Pumpharstoun furth of Lethame [Ib.],16
June 25.—Discharge of a procurator in courts of Leith [Ib.],16
July 21.—Building and repairing manses and houses in St. Giles' kirkyard for ministers and readers; request by Regent for bullion to be sent to mint for settling King's debt; allowance for money advanced for building ministers' houses; overseers of work of ministers' lodging [Ib. fol. 22, 23],16
July 23.—Warship to be employed for stopping pirates [Ib. fol. 24],19
Aug. 3.—Supplication produced by ambassador of England against certain neighbours for despoiling an Englishman [Ib.],19
Aug. 4.—Letters for inbringing tax of northern towns delivered to a herald [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 25],20
Aug. 6.—Kirkyard to be closed, and walls and dikes repaired [Ib.], .20
Aug. 11.—Timber used in gabions for resisting artillery furth of castle; bullion to be brought home for satisfying King's debts [Ib.],20
Aug. 13.—Extent rolls of the crafts to be altered [Ib. fol. 26],21
Aug. 20.—Application for house for a French school; Logan of Coitfield to be inhibited from pasturing on Leith Links; wall and ground stones in town's passage in Leith to be raised; burgesses harried by English pirates [Ib. fol. 26, 27],21
Aug. 25.—Relief for money disbursed to soldiers during late troubles [Ib. fol. 27],22
Sept. 3.—French teacher appointed; both doors to be closed in time of preaching and prayer [Ib. fol. 28],23
Sept. 15.—Extent roll of the crafts altered; surety for an alleged burgess of Annan; complaint against extenters of partiality; price of bread; John Logane of Sheref Bray not entitled to exact certain custom on timber; seats and beneches in kirk [Ib. fol. 29, 30],23
Sept. 22.—Form of oath by provost, bailies, and other officers [Ib. fol. 31],26
Oct. 8.—Convening of the council; statute as to freighting ships; timber on Kirk of Field steeple to be used for ministers' lodging; agreement with Walter Mackanquell, minister, to remain in Burgh [Ib. fol. 32, 33],27
Oct. 15.—Precaution against importation of pest from London; addition to statute as to freighting of ships [Ib. fol. 34],28
Oct. 26.—Pest in Kirkcaldie and Leith; acts made for prevention of pest [Ib. fol. 34, 35],29
Oct. 27.—Vagabonds and idle persons to remove; sick to be placed in Senys if pest increases [Ib. fol. 35],30
Nov. 3.—John Abercrumblie admitted assessor to the town [Ib.],30
Nov. 15.—Cleanser appointed, and caldron and other necessaries to be furnished [Ib. fol. 36],30
Nov. 20.—Dissent from things done in convention; passages in Abbey kirkyard to be kept clear [Ib.],31
Nov. 26.—Meal to be distributed amongst poor and sick at Leith [Ib. fol. 37],31
Dec. 4.—Clipping house to be set up as evil money is increasing [Ib.],31
Dec. 11.—Regent to be agreed with as to exportation of salt [Ib.],32
Dec. 22.—Communications with Regent as to buillion [Ib.],32
Dec. 24.—Articles proposed by the deacons and craftsmen as to burgess-ship and guildry, election of council and officers, election of commissioners of burghs, and disposal of the common good; prices of wine [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 39, 40],32


Jan. 7.—Council object to confer with James Balfour in regard to the bullion; cleansed folk at Leith Links; a deacon accused for not passing to the Regent [Ib. fol. 40, 41],35
Jan. 21.—Act as to freighting ships to Flanders; consent to building of lands at Niddries Wynd heid; price of wine [Ib. fol. 41, 42],35
Feb. 18.—Pest ceased, cleansers and gear to be removed [Ib. fol. 42],36
Mar. 2.—Proceedings by deacon of fleshers against the council [Ib. fol. 43],36
Mar. 23.—Cran on kirk rigging bestowed on ministers' lodging [Ib. fol. 44],37


Mar. 30.—Payments for writing and sealing town's gift of Trinity College [Ib.],37
Apr. 1.—Act as to granting licences to unfree merchants trading to Flanders; Regent applied to for liberty to neighbours warded in Linlithgow [Ib.],37
Apr. 28.—Town's right to the Senys to be enforced [Ib. fol. 45],37
May. 18.—Delivery of certain of the town's writings; tower of old tolbooth to be removed [Ib. fol. 46],38
May 21.—House to be prepared for interpreters of the laws [Ib.],38
May 31.—Order for removal of beggars; house in St. Mary's Wynd to be fitted up for a prison; inhabitants to be taxed for support of the poor [Ib.],39
July 1.—Payment to an Englishman for a ship taken from him [Ib. fol. 48.],40
July 9.—Petition of the inhabitants imprisoned by the Regent [Ib. fol. 50],40
July 11.—Regent to be applied to in favour of Petitioners [Ib. fol. 51],41
Aug. 26.—Those not paying contribution to poor to be warded [Ib.],42
Sept. 7.—Repairs and furnishings for ministers' house; gate of flesh-house [Ib. fol. 52],42
Sept. 23.—Appointment of Session-clerk [Ib.],42
Oct. 4.—Election deferred at request of the Regent, under protest [Ib. fol. 53],42
Oct. 11.—Bailies of Leith elected; crafts not to be extented for ministry, [Ib. fol. 54],44
Nov. 25.—Lodging for Lord Lindesay, provest [Ib. fol. 56],44


Jan. 4.—Regent to be reasoned with concerning justice ayres and neighbours of the burgh [Ib. fol. 58],45
Jan. 14.—Augmentation of ministers' stipends; commissioners sent to Regent as to justice ayre [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 58, 59],45
Jan. 28.—Collection for ministers' stipends [Ib. fol. 59],46
Feb. 11.—Repair of ministers' lodging [Ib.],46
Feb. 17.—Commissioners sent to the Regent as to justice ayre [Ib. fol. 60],46
Feb. 24.—Conservator liable for custom as an unfreeman; request for continuation of justice ayres [Ib. fol. 61],46
Mar. 6.—Vacancies in Council filled up [Ib.],47
Mar. 23.—Selling fish in time of Lent; mending shore of Leith [Ib. fol. 61, 62],47


Mar. 28.—Two burgesses ordained to grind their corns at common mills [Ib. fol. 62],48
Mar. 30.—Banquet to commissioners of burghs; prices of wines [Ib.],48
Apr. 6.—Marks for those who beg within the town [Ib.],48
June. 7.—Entry in craft book not evidence of apprenticeship; banquet to visitors from Bohemia [Ib. fol. 63],49
June. 22.—Payment for banquet [Ib.],49
July 4.—An officer discharged for making proclamation without command of the provost and bailies [Ib.],49
July 13.—Order as to bearing of ensigns; protest by deacons thereanent [Ib. fol. 64],50
July 20.—Ratification of order as to bearing ensigns; refusal by a tailor to deliver ensign in his keeping [Ib.,50
July 26.—Refusal of crafts to subscribe accounts [Ib. fol. 65],51
July 27.—A tailor unlawed for not keeping order in rank; custody of yetlings[Ib.,51
Aug. 29.—Servants to bring testimonials with them [Ib.],51
Oct. 2.—Letter from Regent as to elections; provost elected; protest by deacons against assessors having votes and as to election of bailies; two craftsmen to be auditors of accounts [Ib. fol. 66, 67],52
Oct. 4.—Town wall to be mended [Ib. fol. 68],53
Oct. 13.—Seal of Leith to be produced [Ib. fol. 68],53
Oct. 19.—Dustyefute put in place of hangman [Ib.],53
Oct. 26.—Claim by deacons to have voice in choosing hangman; old hangman discharged, and Dustyefute appointed [Ib. fol. 69],54
Nov. 15.—Common seal of Lieth delivered [Ib.],54
Nov. 22.—Price of ale [Ib. fol. 70],54
Nov. 24.—Duty called "prime gilt" to be applied to kirk of Leith, hospital thereof, and the poor [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 70],54
Dec. 11.—Statute for order in the council house [Ib.],55
Dec. 14.—Price of wine 3s, the pint [Ib. fol. 71],55
Dec. 24.—Proposal to transport staple to Bruges [Ib.],55


Jan. 9.—Nightly watch to be kept; deacons asked to consent to new extent for ministers' stipend [Ib. fol. 73],55
Jan. 11.—Deacon of fleshers, who had been discharged by deacons of crafts, reponed [Ib .],56
Jan. 18.—Extent for ministers' stipend; decreit against inhabitants of Cannogait [Ib. fol. 74],56
Jan. 19.—Guard during convention of nobility with Earls of Athole and Argyle [Ib.],57
Feb. 15.—Dissent by crafts as to extent [Ib.],57
Feb. 27.—Ministers' extent to be collected [Ib. fol. 75],57
Mar. 6.—Applications to be made guild brethren refused [Ib.],57
Mar. 8.—Action concerning gildries depending before privy council [Ib.],85
Mar. 13.—Questions as to prime gilt to be decided before magistrates of Edinburgh [Ib. fol. 76],58
Apr. 16.—Ungree masons to complete certain work undertaken by them [Ib. fol. 77],58
July 10.—Unfree bonnet makers to have separate stand on market day [Ib. fol. 78],59
Aug. 14.—Complaint against fleshers causing dearth by pasturing their goods in park and common muir [Ib. fol. 79],59
Aug. 16.—Proprietors of High School required to repair same [Ib.],59
Aug. 30.—Order concerning army at Harlaw Wood [Ib. fol. 80],60
Sept. 13.—High School to be repaired [Ib. fol. 81,60
Oct. 8.—Extent raised for licence to abide from the army [Ib. fol. 82],.60
Oct. 23.—Beidmanships not to be gifted before they are vacant [Ib.],60
Nov. 1.—Pension to Sir Edward Hendersoun for taking up the psalms; collection of duty of the fair, and payment for provost's ox [Ib. fol. 83],60
Nov. 15.—Price of candles [Ib.],61
Dec. 12.—Letter from the King wishing town to give up to him the superiority of Leith with the Links and pertinents [Ib. fol. 84],61
Dec. 23.—Commissioners sent to King as to letter [Ib.],62
Dec. 29.— Answer from King as to Leith; price of wine; protest regarding escheat for slaughter within burgh [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 84, 85], .62


Jan. 6.—Answer to be given to deacons touching gildries [Ib. fol. 85],62
Jan. 15.—Town's evidents to be put in charter-house [Ib.],63
Jan. 29.—High School to be built in Blackfriars' kirkyard [Ib. fol. 86],63
Feb. 16.—Masters of hospital appointed; building of High School to be commenced and middings removed from site [Ib. fol. 87],63
Mar. 7.— Nightly watch to be set [Ib. fol. 88],64
Mar. 13.—King's writing shown to the Regent; ports to be closed [Ib. fol. 89],.64
Mar. 8–28. Soldiers discharged; letter from King desiring that no soldiers be raised without his authority; proclamation discharging the Earl of Morton's men; letters of thanks from the King [Ib. fol. 89, 90],64
Mar. 16.— Order of the watch, hostlers to inform bailies regarding strangers [Ib. fol. 90],.67
Mar. 19.—Orders to be taken for sturdy beggars and leper folks [Ib.],67


Mar. 28.—Dingwall house to be prison for beggars; expense of bailies to Stirling; payment to soldiers who watched steeplel; freemen not to pay customs [Ib. fol. 91,67
Apr. 4.–Watch to be set at castle [Ib.,68
Apr. 11.— Proclamation as to sale of victuals and wine; proclamation against "troublance" [Ib. fol. 91, 92],.68
Apr. 12.—George Douglas, captain of the castle, discharged by secret council of his office of provost [Ib. fol. 92], .69
Apr. 14.—Archibald Stewart elected provost; protest against assessors voting [Ib. fol. 93, 94],.71
Apr. 16.–Night watch appointed; as to consent of deacons [Ib. fol. 94],72
Apr. 25.—Punishment of harlots; night and day watch; no armour to pass furth of town without licence of provost; promise to support present captain of castle; powder to be searched for [Ib. fol. 94, 95],.72
Apr. 30.—Order to platform steeple and blockhouses and repair town walls [Ib. fol. 95],.73
May 2.— Punishment for injuring English ambassador's wife [Ib.],73
May 7.— Furnishing King's house with wines [Ib.],73
May 8.—Price of wines [Ib. fol. 96],.73
May 10.— Payments to ministers from common good; extent for building High School; contract with a mason for building High School on site of Blackfriars' Kirk [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 96, 99],74
May 18.—Commissioners sent to King at Stirling; order for watch till provost's return [Ib. fol. 99],.76
May 23.— Writings from the King and Earl of Mar to be registered [Ib.],.76
May 30.— Nightly watch of thirty persons ordered [Ib.],.76
June 21.— Beginning of order in Trinity Hospital; bedrels appointed [Ib. fol. 101],77
June 25.— Mail of ministers' lodging and French school to be paid [Ib. fol. 102],77
July 2.— Kirk doors to be closed during preaching and prayer [Ib.,77
July 9.—Application for licence to take English pirates; supplication touching lords of nobility; windows of High School to be stanchelled [Ib.],77
July 10.— Men to be furnished to await on King during Parliament [Ib.],78
July 17.— Powder to be sent to young men of the town, being in Stirling [Ib. fol. 103],78
July 23.— Six men to attend provost to Stirling [Ib.],79
July 25.— Proposals by Earls of Atholl, Argyll, and Montrose as to delivering King from Stirling Castle [Ib.],79
July 26.— Answer to desire of above lords [Ib.],79
July 28.— Day and night watch ordered; supplication to King and Earl of Morton for security of town [Ib. fol. 104],80
July 30, 31.— Variance betwixt lords increasing, the King and his council petitioned for quietness; letter to provost, who is warded in Castle of Doun [Ib.],80
Aug. 2.— Gatherer of alms for poor of hospital; ports to be closed [Ib.],80
Aug. 6.— Agreement for roofing High School [Ib.],81
Aug. 7.— Gift of hospital delivered to clerk [Ib.],81
Aug. 8.— Application by Lord Lindsay and others for town's assistance [Ib.],81
Aug. 9.— Bedrel placed in hospital; answer to lords who desired town's assistance [Ib. fol. 105],81
Aug. 12.— Order for night watch [Ib.],82
Aug. 15.— Expenses of commissioners in Parliament [Ib.],82
Aug. 25.— Ten soldiers to be raised and put in steeple [Ib.],82
Aug. 26.— Proposal to raise 200 soldiers in the town [Ib. fol. 106],83
Sept. 4, 5.— Price of bread and ale [Ib.],83
Sept. 10.— Captain Strachone and his company ordained to remove [Ib.],83
Sept. 12.— Payment for soldiers of the steeple [Ib.],88
Sept. 20.— Letter to the King concerning election of magistrates; writing from King, in answer, desiring election of certain persons which was refused; magistrates elected [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 107],84
Sept. 30.— Dissent by crafts as to election [Ib. fol. 108],85
Oct. 1.— Expenses of commissioners to Stirling and other common affairs [Ib.],86
Oct. 3.— Wall to be built opposite entry to High School [Ib. fol. 109],86
Oct. 4.— Price of bread and ale [Ib.],86
Oct. 8.— Council to convene every Wednesday and Friday [Ib.,87
Oct. 11— Two of lord provost's servants made burgesses [G. R.,87
Oct. 12. — Complaint to secret council against the town [C. R. Vol. V. fol. 110],.87
Oct. 17.— Wall to be built at east end of the kirk [Ib.],87
Oct. 24.— Extents to be paid by sons-in-law to dean of gild; payment to men of the steeple [Ib. fol. 111, 112],90
Nov. 5.— Privileges of captains of castle when malt and other victuals came to common mills; common passages to Newhaven not to be encroached on; keepers of steeple discharged [Ib. fol. 113–15],87
Nov. 7.— Price of candles [Ib. fol. 115],88
Nov. 10.— Price of wine [Ib.],88
Nov. 11.— Payment for title to lands in bulwark at Leith called the Common Closets or Burs; lodging for Earl of Athole, lord chancellor; appointment with town of Campheir for placing staple there [Ib. fol. 116],.88
Nov. 14.— Sheriff gloves and duties of the fairs [Ib. fol. 117],90
Dec. 3.— Letter from King; commissioners to be sent to convention of estates; extent to be gathered for repressing disorder in the Borders [Ib. fol. 118, 119],90
Dec. 8.— Certain burghs desired to send commissioners to reason with secret council as to taxation [Ib. fol. 120],93
Dec. 11.— Collector of St. Paul's Work to make accounting with beidmen [Ib. fol. 121],93
Dec. 15.— Adjustment with merchants and mariners of price of wines [Ib.,93
Dec. 17.— Inhabitants of Leith to pay part of Border tax [Ib.,94
Dec. 18.— Payment to keepers of steeple; commissioners sent to King and secret council at Stirling; refusal by Lord Seytoun to take charge of a prisoner [Ib. fol. 122, 123,94
Dec. 19.— Expenses of a minister to Stirling [Ib. fol. 123],96
Dec. 24.— Privileges of captains of castle in grinding at town's mills [Ib. fol. 124],96
Dec. 26.— Act of secret council as to taxation for reducing Borders to obedience [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 124],.96


Jan. 7.— Letter from King postponing convention of estates [Ib. fol. 127],98
Jan. 9.— Collection for relief of Scotsmen, prisoners with the Turk; Table of the Lord to be celebrated in Trinity Hospital [Ib.],.98
Jan. 23— Lawyers to be asked for support to ministers' stipend; commission from Admiral of England for examination of witnesses [Ib. fol. 128],99
Jan. 30.— Collection of annuals now belonging to ministers and poor; aisles of kirk to be built up [Ib. fol. 129],.99
Jan. 31.— Nightly watch of 100 persons to be kept [Ib. fol. 130],101
Feb. 4.— In consequence of troubles yesterday ordained that kirk doors be closed except during preaching and prayers; negotiations with provost of Trinity College [Ib.],.101
Feb. 13.— Former High School to be given up as new one built [Ib. fol. 131],102
Feb. 16.— Letter from King reminding council of convention on 10th March [Ib.],.102
Feb. 18.— Robert Murehead accused of deceit by using false dice [Ib. fol. 132],102
Feb. 25.— Farther negotiations with Robert Pont, provost of Trinity College [Ib. fol. 133],103


Mar. 27.— Sasine to be given to ministers of manse, dwelling-houses, and yards [Ib. fol. 135],.103
Apr. 1.— Occupiers of Friars' lands adjoining High School to remove; all who have shops in Highgait, open vennels, or common passages to remove same [Ib. fol. 136],.103
Apr. 6.— Commissioners to secret council as to a case of ravishing [Ib. fol. 137],103
Apr. 10.— Agreement for upholding building of High School [Ib],104
Apr. 24.— Order to be taken for founding a University [Ib. fol. 140],105
Apr. 29.— Expenses of a bailie while in Stirling as captain; fees payable to master and doctors in High School; no schoolmaster to teach unless admitted by council [Ib. fol. 141],105
May 1.— Proclamation against plays of Robin Hood, etc. [Ib.],106
May. 5.— Letter from King desiring town to take part in siege of Hamilton; agreed that 200 hundred men should be sent for a month [Ib. fol. 142],106
May. 7.— Proclamation to pass forward to siege of Hamilton; deacons to furnish 150 men; expenses of Archibald Graham to Stirling [Ib.],107
May 9.— Extent for wages and furnishing of the men; captains chosen [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 143],108
May. 15— Payments for watching and for messengers to Hamilton and Stirling [Ib.],108
May 22.— Councillors appointed to keep their council days [Ib.],108
May 29.— Lawyers to be asked for support to ministry [Ib. fol. 144],109
June 11.— Master of High School put in possession of new school [Ib. fol. 145],109
June 24.— Letter from King desiring that deacons who remained in Edinburgh during troubles should be deposed [Ib. fol. 146],109
June 26.— Deacons elected in room of those deposed [Ib],110
June 27.— Councillor elected in room of one who is in France [Ib.],110
June 30.— Burial place to be made for Earl of Athole [Ib. fol. 147],110
July 13.— No craftsman to use freedom of a freeman till his admission as a burgess; supplication by common clerk to have his son appointed a depute [Ib.],110
July 15.— Payment for dressing and planting ministers' yard [Ib. fol. 149],111
July 21.— Lodging to be provided for strangers from Germany [Ib. fol. 150],111
July 22.— Acts as to Germans approved; answer to the King as to advance of money delayed [Ib.],112
July 24.— Warrant from King to liberate a prisoner; John Johnestoun appointed collector of kirk annuals and duties [Ib.],112
July 29.— Arrestment of horse and corns passing common mills and being carried to Cannomills [Ib. fol. 152],113
Aug. 20.— Cupboard to be presented to King on his coming to Edinburgh [Ib. fol. 156],113
Aug. 21.— English ambassador to be entertained [Ib. fol. 155],114
Aug. 26.— Preparation for King's triumph [Ib.,114
Aug. 27.— Extent of £4000 for making cupboard [Ib.],114
Sept. 4.— Tragedies to be made by children of High School on King's coming [Ib. fol. 157],114
Sept. 11.— Apparel of merchants on King's entry [Ib. fol. 158],115
Sept. 12.— Injunctions given to jailor [Ib. fol. 159],115
Sept. 14.— Loft to be made on east end of kirk; liveries for macer and officers; tolbooths and council house to be washed with chalk; preparations for triumphs [Ib. fol. 160],116
Sept. 18.— Liberation of prisoners; town's artillery to be brought in; town's swescher to have clothing [Ib. fol. 161],117
Sept. 20.— Charge by King for liberation of other prisoners [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 162],118
Sept. 23.— Letter from King as to prisoner charged with shooting with a pistol; new councillors elected; protests as to election of craftsmen [Ib. fol. 163–2],119
Sept. 30.— Inhabitants of Leith charged by town, as superiors, not to meet the King in armour [Ib. fol. 164],120
Oct. 2.— Commissioners to pass to King to the Abbey and give answer as to elections; order for decorating town on King's entry [Ib. fol. 165],121
Oct. 6.— Provost elected in terms of King's command [Ib.],121
Oct. 7.— Apparel for bearers of King's pall; chalk to be bought for tolbooths; swine, middings, tar barrels, and rubbish to be removed from High Street [Ib. fol. 166],122
Oct. 8.— Sweschers to be provided; councillors to have white staves; bearers of ensigns to be in their best apparel; cupboard to be gilt [Ib.fol. 167, 168,122
Oct. 9.— Men of Leith menaced by neighbours of Edinburgh and afraid to give their musters [Ib. fol. 168],123
Oct. 12.— Head court to be held at Leith [Ib. fol. 169],123
Oct. 14.— Council house to be prepared for convention of burghs; order that inhabitants hang their stairs with tapestry and arras work; against fireworks, and for removing rubbish [Ib.],123
Oct. 29.— Payments to musicians and keepers of the gait [Ib. fol. 171],124
Oct. 30.— Proclamation for inspecting marches; agreement with two surgeons for curing a broken leg [Ib.],124
Nov. 10.— Duty of the wine to be rouped [Ib. fol. 172],125
Nov. 13.— Sheep not to be put in kirkyard [Ib. fol. 173],125
Nov. 18— Alteration of days of preaching; time of council meeting; complaint against cordiners of Leith acting as if Leith was a free burgh; agreement to be made with Andrew Buchan for taking up psalms and teaching music [Ib. fol. 174, 175],125
Nov 20.— A chaplainry disponed to Walter Bakanquhall, minister; order for inserting acts in council book; conference anent erection of a college [Ib. fol. 175–77],126
Nov. 24.— Offices hereafter to be given during council's will only [Ib. fol. 178],127
Nov. 26.— Senys to be visited for ascertaining bounds belonging to town [Ib. fol. 179],128
Nov. 27.— Agreement with Andrew Buchan, music teacher [Ib. fol. 181],128
Dec. 4.— Jhonn Ellot imprisoned conform to King's warrant; renunciation of a burgess-ship and guildry [Ib. fol. 183],128
Dec. 5.— Charge for sealing with seal of cause; price of wine [C. R., Vol. V. fol. 184],129
Dec. 9.— Common seal of Leith delivered to provost [Ib. fol. 186],129
Dec. 10.— Remit as to placing son of common clerk in his father's office; act for preservation of council books; registers of the most necessary laws and ordinances and of the evidents of the burgh to be made [Ib. fol. 182],130
Dec. 11.— Proposal to erect College of Theology at St. Andrews; act anent wilful debtors refusing to answer as law will [Ib. fol. 187],131
Dec. 16.— Mail of French school and ministers' lodging to be paid; injunctions to be observed at freighting of ships; skins or hides to be bought in open market only; price of wine [Ib. fol. 188–90],133
Dec. 18.— Letters by King requiring that the Master of Forbes and others be received and detained prisoners [Ib. fol. 193, 194],135
Dec. 23.— Deacon and brethren of skinner craft to answer what is laid to their charge; as to erecting a College of Theology; Robert Ellot of Reidheuche warded in tolbooth and afterwards set at liberty [Ib. fol. 194, 195],136
Dec. 25.— Skinner craft to produce their foundation and right of an annual rent [Ib. fol. 196],137
Dec. 30.— Evidents of St. Paul's Work delivered to collector; rental of St. Paul's Work entered in council book [Ib. fol. 200–2],137


Jan. 1.— Precepts for disbursing sums of money to be hereafter inserted in council book; no bailie to give sasine except in his own quarter; action against occupiers of the Senys [Ib. fol. 202–5],138
Jan. 6.— Candlemakers who use no other trade to be stented with craftsmen and others with merchants; provosts to have either admission of two burgesses, or else £10, but not both; no burgesses to be made except at the four head courts; six lamps for kirk to be bought; no allowance to be made for stamping communion tickets [Ib. fol. 206],139
Jan. 8.— Round table and other necessaries to be provided for lord's over council house [Ib. fol. 207],141
Jan. 13.— Burgess freed from bygone extents, but in future to be subject to all portable charges; imprisonment for bygone extents [C. R., Vol. VI. fol. 1],141
Jan. 13.— An indweller liable for extent because his wife keeps open tavern [Ib.],547
Jan. 15.— Warrants from King to receive and keep two prisoners; assessors to be employed for advising the process of the annuals; payment to a goldsmith for cupboard presented to King; Thomas Ros to be extented with merchants and not with skinners; water spout on land opposite Salt Tron to be removed [C. R., Vol. VI. fol. 1–3],142
Jan. 20.— Alexander Aitchison of Gosfurde and Thomas Mariorebanks of Rathow to be extended only for raids; duty leviable by water bailie for a boat [Ib. fol. 3],144
Jan. 22.— Price of wines [Ib. fol. 4],145
Jan. 27.— Accounts and burgess book to be produced; owners of wines to be prosecuted for refusing to bear their share of charges [Ib. fol. 5,145
Jan. 27.— Chalk for whitewashing kirk; acts and decreets as to annuals to be obtained from town's books [Ib.],547
Jan. 29.— Act of Parliament imposing fine on those who lose their plea within burgh; fines to be collected and bestowed on the poor [Ib. fol. 6],548
Feb. 5.— Constable and deputes to be assisted in their offices [Ib. fol. 7], .549
Feb. 5.— Auditors of accounts to be convened; disposal of escheated goods [Ib. fol. 8],146
Feb. 9.— Money advanced from common good for ministers' stipends [Ib. fol. 9],146
Feb. 9.— Demission by Alexander Guthrie of office of common clerk [Ib. fol.10],549
Feb. 10.— Money to be distributed to poor in hospital of St. Paul's Work; measures to be made and given to farmers of petty customs in Leith; collection of fines for losing actions [Ib. fol. 11, 12],147
Feb. 10.— Mr. Alexander Guthrie elected common clerk; statutes for common clerk and his deputes [Ib. fol. 13–16],549
Feb. 11.— Master of Forbes and his servants having found caution to remain within burgh, act for keeping him in ward to be delete [Ib. fol. 18],.147
Feb. 17.— Expenses of banquet to King and lords of secret council [Ib.],149
Feb. 19.— Commissioners appointed to convention of burghs [Ib. fol. 19], .149
Feb. 24.— Composition for annuals of a land burnt by the English [Ib. fol. 20],552
Feb. 24.— Acts of Parliament to be bought; composition for annuals payable to Friars Preachers [Ib. fol. 21],150
Mar. 2.— Expenses of a boy sent to Stirling; coals furnished to lords of session, kirk, and town; a servant apprehended for wearing a dag [Ib. fol. 22],151
Mar. 4.— Repairs on schoolhouse; persons imprisoned for assault [Ib. fol. 23],151
Mar. 9.— Report by surgeons as to person assaulted [Ib. fol. 24],152
Mar. 11.— Prisoners set at liberty on certificate by surgeons that wounds are not dangerous to life [Ib. fol. 25, 26]152
Mar. 13.— Proclamation as to relief of poor [Ib. fol. 26]153
Mar. 16.— Farmers of mills ordained to make payment of their duty [C. R. Vol. vi. fol. 27],153
Mar. 18.— Councillor elected in absence of another [Ib.],154
Mar. 23.— Answer by crafts as to sustaining poor; act discharging women to keep taverns [Ib. fol. 28],154


Mar. 25.— Act as to selling lit or dye [Ib. fol. 29],155
Mar. 30.— Door of tolbooth and jailhouse; trial of suspected false lit; proposal to erect house at the mills [Ib. fol. 29, 30],156
Mar. 30.— Removal from lands formerly belonging to friars and chaplains [Ib. fol. 29],553
Apr. 2.— Writing to be sent to King as to tumults on days of law [Ib. fol. 30],157
Apr. 6.— Letter from King as to tumults; neighbours to be ready in armour on each day of law between great parties; new printed Bible presented; house to be built at a mill; bookseller to pay custom on books imported [Ib. fol. 31, 32],157
Apr. 6.— Expense of demolishing cruive on Water of Forth [Ib. fol. 31],553
Apr. 15.— Act against selling ale brewed without the town [Ib. fol. 35],158
Apr. 20.— Jailor to be put in irons; new made firlots and pecks [Ib. fol. 36],159
Apr. 20.— Negotiation as to Kirk of Field; gift of Hospital and Trinity College presented [Ib. fol. 36],553
Apr. 22.— Two unfreemen unlawed for making and selling malt [Ib. fol. 37],159
Apr. 29.— Combat between two soldiers; superstition and insolence in time of May to be suppressed; price of timber; officer appointed to uplift fines from those who lose their pleas [Ib. fol. 39, 40],160
April 29.— Purchasers of parts of common muir to make their lands worth £5 yearly to common mills [Ib. fol. 39],553
May 4.— Causeway between straw market and burial place to be repaired; Burgh Loch to be held in; ale not to be brewed with water from common wells, to avoid scarcity [Ib. fol. 40, 41],161
May. 6.— Cobbler granted a day to ask alms; rolls for sustaining poor to be finished [Ib. fol. 41, 42],162
May 11.— Prisoner set at liberty, a wound not being dangerous [Ib. fol.43],162
May 13.—Commissioner to convention as to harbour being built in Island of Eley; to treat as to benefice of Dumbarny [Ib. fol. 43],162
May 18.— Allowance to porter of Nether Bow, wounded in affairs of his office [Ib. fol. 44],162
May 25.— Payment to guild officer in lieu of a garment [Ib. fol.46],163
May 27.—Three persons to be apprehended for disobedience to minister and kirk-session of Leith; passages in Leith and leading to Newhaven to be reformed [C. R., Vol. VI. fol. 46, 47],163
June 1.—Answer by crafts as to sustaining the poor; obstructions on Braid Wynd, Leith, to be removed; curing port keeper of his wounds [Ib. fol. 48, 49],164
June 3.— Precepter of hospital of St. Paul's Work appointed [Ib. fol. 49],554
June 8.— payment to master of song school and for binding a Bible [Ib. fol. 50],165
June 10.—Watergate to be used in removal of rubbish; dykes about Queens College and new hospital to be repaired [Ib.],166
June 10.—Payment for breakfast furnished at King's entry [Ib.],554
June 15.—Search to be made for false lit; payments for curing an officer's wounds; licence to an Englishman to sell his beans [Ib. fol. 51, 52],166
June 24.—Repair of gait, town wall and causeway [Ib. fol. 53],167
July 1.—Act as to buying dry fish commissioners appointed to general assembly and convention of burghs; proclamation of weaponshawing [Ib. fol. 53, 54],167
July 5.—Expenses of commissioners [Ib. fol. 54],168
July 8.—Warrant by King to imprison Adam Fullertoun till he finds caution for accounting for sums received in satisfaction of despoilings by English pirates; acts as to selling victual brought in at Leith [Ib. fol. 55],168
July 8.—Payment of money borrowed for building ministers lodgings; rent of French school [Ib.],554
July 13.—Liberty to an inhabitant of Leith to remove salt from south to north side of bridge; forbidden goods apprehended [Ib. fol. 56],169
July 15.—Act against selling in Leith [Ib. fol. 57],170
July 16.—Weaponshawing proclaimed [Ib.],170
July 19.—Promise by two persons not to commit disturbance [Ib.171
July 22.—Blue "brissell" allowed to be sold on certain conditions; mealmen in Leith to find surety for keeping act as to victual [Ib. fol. 58, 59],171
July 27.—Loan of town's ensign [Ib. fol. 60],172
Aug 5.—Statute anent "dyvouris or lairmen" [Ib. fol. 63],172
Aug. 12.—Forfeit of a burgess-ship; surety for a customer that he shall not weigh goods within Leith [Ib. fol 64],173
Aug. 17.—Burgess declared to have forfeited his freedom [Ib.],174
Aug. 24.—Price of wine; Greyfriars Wynd to be cleansed [Ib. fol. 66],174
Aug. 26.—Books bequeathed to the town, and library formed [C.R., Vol. VI. fol. 66],175
Aug. 31.—Gift of escheated goods; no burgess to take wages as a soldier in private quarrels; goods of two deceased persons to be protected [Ib fol. 68],175
Sept. 7.—Taverners selling wine dearer than price fixed to be warded; marches between Leith Links and lands of Logan of Coatfield [Ib. fol. 71],176
Sept. 9.—Port keeper not to suffer horse boys to enter with sheaves from harvest fields [Ib.],177
Sept. 14.—Persons casting turf on muir to be apprehended [Ib.],177
Sept. 28.—An unfreeman not permitted to bind books [Ib. fol. 74],177
Sept. 30.—Maintenance of eleansers on St. Colme's Inch [Ib. fol. 75],178
Oct. 3.—Precautions against pest being introduced in foreign ships [Ib. fol.75, 76],178
Oct. 5.—Enclosed persons, suspected of pest, set at liberty [Ib. fol. 77],180
Oct. 7.—Lamps to serve kirks with lights [Ib. fol. 78],180
Oct. 14.—Against importation of pest from Flanders; persons found in the wrong at visitations in neighbourhood cases to be unlawed; legacy by William Littill of books and works of theology to the town and kirk; books received [Ib. fol. 80,' 81],180
Oct. 14.—Keeper of kirkyard appointed [Ib. fol. 81],554
Oct. 20.—Causeway at Burgh Loch to be visited [Ib. fol. 87],183
Oct. 25.—Complaints against officers to be given in; prices of certain articles fixed [Ib. fol. 88],184
Oct. 28.—A candlemaker in Leith discharged from melting tallow or selling wares there; householders to have Bibles in their houses; a spouse banished [Ib. fol. 90],184
Nov. 4.—Taverners to be discharged for deceiving lieges; none to have more than one tavern or booth [Ib. fol. 92],185
Nov. 4.—Sasine of Burgh Muir acres or Priors lands not to be given without council's consent; register book of infeftments to be kept [Ib.],555
Nov. 9.—House on town wall to be resumed by town; kist with goods delivered to owner on conditions for preventing pest; surety for two women not breaking act as to women taverners [Ib. fol. 94],186
Nov. 11.—Neighbours to be provided with bibles and psalm books; procla mation against filth on gait and at close heads [Ib. fol.95],187
Nov. 16.—Cross guards to be set; penalties for not having bibles to be uplifted to use of the poor [Ib. fol. 95, 96],187
Nov. 30.—Propine to be given to clerk of register [Ib. fol.98],188
Dec. 2.—Propine to clerk of register; nightly watch to be kept [C.R., Vol. VI. fol.101],188
Dec. 6.—Sons of Lord of Newbottell set at liberty by command of King [Ib. fol.102],189
Dec. 7.—No heirs to be entered by hesp and staple without a general service[Ib.],555
Dec. 7.—Burgesses set at liberty on finding caution that no infection come by them; treaty of peace between King of Spain and Mary Queen of Scots registered [Ib. fol. 103],189
Dec. 14.—Fee and school mail to master of sang school [Ib. fol. 109],190
Dec. 16.—Price of bread; allowance to farmers of mills [Ib. fol. 109, 110],190
Dec. 28.—Sureties for damage done by scholars in High School [Ib. fol. 110],190
Dec. 30.—Clerk of town of Leith appointed [Ib. fol. 111],556


Jan. 4.—Payment to a goldsmith for skaith sustained at making of King's silver cupboard; treasurers' accounts to be more particularly stated; disposal of burgh mails pertaining to King [Ib. fol. 111, 112],191
Jan. 4.—Court books of Leith delivered to clerk [Ib. fol. 112],556
Jan. 7.—Pavement of New Kirk [Ib.],191
Jan. 11.—Timber bought at King's entry to be used for new kirk [Ib. fol.113],191
Jan. 13.—Cleansers in St. Colm's Inch to be removed [Ib. fol. 113, 114],556
Jan. 18.—A hundred soldiers to convoy Lord Mortoun to Dumbarton and another hundred to attend on King at Holyrood [Ib. fol. 114],192
Jan. 20.—Lawyers to be asked for contributions towards ministers' stipends [Ib. fol. 116],193
Jan. 25.—Timber to be provided for new kirk; expenses of soldiers sent to Dumbarton [Ib. fol. 116, 117],194
Jan. 27.—Complaint by King's customer of evasion of customs [Ib. fol. 118],194
Feb. 1.—Measures of the burgh to be compared with those of Linlithgow [Ib.],195
Feb. 3.—A swindler banished; sustenance of criminals in jail [Ib.],195
Feb. 3.—Agreement as to provostry of the Kirk of Field [Ib. fol. 119],557
Feb. 8.—Expense of letters against unfreemen sailing and such as carry coal furth of country; expense of soldiers to Dumbarton [Ib.],195
Feb. 10.—Nightly watch for guarding King's person; money to be advanced from common good for ministers' stipends [Ib. fol. 120, 121],196
Feb. 17.—Town's measure to be stamped by Linlithgow; statute as to fleshers selling fish [Ib. fol. 122],197
Feb. 20.—Guard of three score men to await on King [C.R., Vol. VI. fol. 122],198
Feb. 21.—Answer sent to King who wished to borrow £20,000[Ib.],198
Feb. 28.—Payment to cooper of Linlithgow for measure [Ib. fol. 123],199
Mar. 10.—Commanders of each fifty men to be elected; payment of French school mail and for money advanced for ministers' lodgings [Ib. fol. 124],199
Mar. 15.—Extent to be raised; 10,000 merks to be lent to the King on security [Ib.],200
Mar. 20.—Nightly watch to be kept [Ib. fol. 126],557
Mar. 24.—Causeway leading to burial place to be repaired; neighbours to be warned to examinations each Tuesday; coopers to be agreed with for making new firlots [Ib. fol. 127],201


Mar. 29.—Town walls to be repaired; money to be raised for loan to King [Ib. fol. 128],202
Mar. 31.—Expense of repairing and dressing burial place [Ib. fol. 129],202
Apr. 5.—Smiths to band firlots with iron [Ib.],203
Apr. 7.—Gathering of alms for the poor; price of an ensign; price of a convention record [Ib. fol. 129, 130],203
Apr. 12.—Neighbours to repair causeways opposite their lands [Ib. fol. 130],204
Apr. 14.—Buying stones of abbey in St. Colme's Inch; mealmen not to hold market in Leith; neighbours not to come through Leith with pipes and ensigns [Ib. fol. 131],204
Apr. 19.—Proclamation against shearing grass or harrying nests at South Loch [Ib.],557
Apr. 22.—Setting of the run of the South Loch [Ib. fol. 131, 132],557
Apr. 26.—Act as to fines payable by those who lose their actions [Ib. fol. 132],205
Apr. 28.—Town wall to be repaired [Ib. fol. 133],205
May 3.—Impost on Scots cloth in France; repair of town wall; burning of bones prohibited [Ib. fol.],205
May 5.—Ground at Leith called the Burse to be cleared; town's ashlar stones to be put in order [Ib. fol. 134],558
May 10.—Complaint as to goods stayed at staple port; gift of escheat goods; expenses to St. Colme's Inch [Ib. fol. 134],206
May 10.—Grant by Justice-Clerk of quarry for serving town wall; flesh not to be prepared on Fridays or Saturdays [Ib. fol. 134],206
May 12.—Measures received by farmer [Ib. fol. 135],207
May 12.—Extent payable by Leith; baxters of Leith not to bake oat loaves [Ib.],559
May 17.—Repair of causeway at Grayfriar port; new measures to be made for serving wild adventures of Leith [C.R., Vol. VI. fol. 136],207
May 19.—Heather stacks not to be near a bigged land; roof of hospital in Trinity College to be repaired; payment to jailer for coals [Ib. fol. 137],207
May 24.—Against hoarding victual at Leith [Ib.],208
May 26.—Pudden and bear markets removed from causeway [Ib.],208
May 31.—Earl of Arran's servant allowed to exercise trade of guild brother [Ib.],209
June 2.—Earl of Morton having to be executed in afternoon, new garment to be got for lockman [Ib. fol. 138],209
June 7.—Repair of causeways at West Port [Ib.],209
June 9.—Order to be taken for completing tax for lent money [Ib.],209
June 13.—Anent rebuilding the old Tolbooth [Ib. fol. 139],210
June 14.—Two unfreemen discharged from using merchandice [Ib.],210
June 16.—Water Gate to be open for leading forth of manure [Ib. fol. 140],210
June 16.—A bookbinder discharged of trade of merchandice till made a burgess [Ib.],559
June 21.—Payment or infeftment to be given to neighbours who advanced money lent to King [Ib.],210
June 21.—Fees of privy seal for renunciation of the Kirk of Field [Ib.],559
June 23.—Payment of fees of privy seal [Ib.],560
June 23.—Hospital to be repaired; goods not to be weighed at Leith [Ib. fol. 141],211
June 28.—Cause between Forfar and Kynniemuir; King's master cook admitted burgess; anent multure payable by captain of castle [Ib.],560
June 30.—Supplication to King for relief of neighbours detained prisoners in Berwick; deacons do not consent to repair of old Tolbooth; tar barrels not to be placed on High Street or in vennels [Ib. fol. 141, 142],211
June 30.—Timber and ashlar stones procured [Ib. fol. 141],560
July 5.—Weights of wool to be tried; ashlar stones from St. Colme's Inch placed in over kirkyard; repairing causeways between burgh and Leith Ib. fol. 142],212
July 7.—South Loch to be visited; ashlar stones to be brought from Leith [Ib. fol. 142, 143],212
July 12.—Court books of town of Leith produced [Ib. fol. 145],561
July 14.—Renunciation of prebendary to the town [Ib. fol. 146],561
July 19.—Wynd in Leith not to be obstructed [Ib. fol. 147],213
July 21.—Unlaw for a merchant trading in Leith given for repair of causeways [C.R., Vol. VI. fol. 147],213
July 26.—Assignation of part of general extent for money lent to King [Ib. fol. 148],213
July 28.—Meeting of neighbours as to assignation [Ib.],213
Aug. 2.—Price of ale, repair of new hospital in Trinity College [Ib.],214
Aug. 4.—Town to be purged of harlots and other vicious persons; proclamation for keeping the Sabbath day; repairing causeways between Edinburgh and Leith; officers to be found at certain places [Ib. fol. 149],214
Aug. 16.—Weight of town's mace [Ib. fol. 151],215
Aug. 16.—A tailor in Leith accused of speaking evil of the King [Ib.],561
Aug. 22.—Tallow or other forbidden goods not to be bought to sell again [Ib.],216
Aug. 23.—Proclamation for uniformity of measures; licence to transport tallow renounced; building near nether kirkyard to be removed [Ib. fol. 151, 152],216
Aug. 24.—Meeting of those who advanced money lent to the King [Ib. fol. 152],218
Aug. 25.—Payment to jailer for coals [Ib. fol. 153],218
Aug. 30.—Fine for drawing young tree in burial yard; a prisoner set at liberty, wounds inflicted by him not being dangerous [Ib.],218
Sept. 8.—Confinement in Dingwall for fornication [Ib. fol. 154],219
Sept. 13.—Offer by fleshers for mails of flesh stocks [Ib. fol. 155],219
Sept. 18.—Anent the new custom of Scots cloth in France [Ib.],219
Sept. 19.—Bill sent to factors in Dieppe; new import on Scots cloth [Ib. fol. 156],220
Sept. 27.—Payment to clerks for writing missives to burghs [Ib. fol. 157],221
Sept. 29.—An indweller in Cannogait accused for packing plaiding in Leith [Ib.],221
Oct. 4.—Statute for convening council [Ib. fol. 159],221
Oct. 6.—Proclamation against filthy crime of fornication [Ib.],222
Oct. 11.—Gift of escheat [Ib. fol. 160],222
Oct. 13.—Expenses of repair of the hospital [Ib.],223
Oct. 20.—Names of lodgers to be given up to magistrates; commissioners sent to parliament [Ib. fol. 161],223
Oct. 21.—Allowance to a macer [Ib. fol. 162],223
Oct. 27.—Writs and letters belonging to town; disbursement in plea of the Greenside; application for minister to pass to the westland for settling differences [Ib. fol. 162, 163],224
Oct. 27.—Decreet against sisters of the Seynis [Ib. fol. 162],562
Nov. 3.—Act proclaimed anent fleshers and selling of skins and hides; repair of causeways to be paid for; town wall to be repaired [C.R., Vol. VI. fol. 163],225
Nov. 10.—Payment for furnishing candle at convention [Ib. fol. 164],226
Nov. 15.—Painting roof of inner tolbooth; West Links and Little Londoun to be set [Ib. fol. 165],226
Nov. 17.—Payments to an advocate [Ib.],562
Nov. 24.—Payments on town's affairs [Ib.],227
Dec. 13.—Removal of middings and rubbish from streets [Ib. fol. 168],227
Dec. 20.—Payment to jailer for coal and candle [Ib.],227
Dec. 22.—Payment for slates for repair of hospital [Ib. fol. 169],227
Dec. 29.—Duty payable to farmers of town's measures at Leith [Ib. fol. 170],228


Jan. 17.—Allowance to a skinner for rebuilding house at Burgh Loch maliciously destroyed [Ib. fol. 173],228
Jan. 24.—Wall at Castle bank and bulwark at Leith to be repaired; obligation for repayment of money lent King to be registered and put to execution; allowance to two Spaniards pillaged by pirates [Ib.],229
Jan. 26.—A school doctor not to make plays or similar vanities [Ib.],229
Feb. 2.—Alterations and furnishings to ministers' houses [Ib. fol. 175],229
Feb. 7.—Measures delivered to farmers [Ib.],229
Feb. 7.—Grant of a place in the new hospital [Ib.],562
Feb. 14.—Payment for ministers' stipend [Ib. fol. 176],230
Feb. 16.—Waste ground at Kirk of Field to be fenced in [Ib.],230
Feb. 28.—Act anent payment of 10,000 merks lent in 1565 on superiority of Leith [Ib. fol. 177],230
Mar. 2.—Payment to clerk of secret council; acts of parliament to be bought; town's protest against acts concerning customs and clothing; chimney head of minister's house to be repaired [Ib. fol. 178],232
Mar. 7.—Repairs on ministers' house [Ib. fol. 179],232
Mar. 9.—Dykes and gates of kirkyards [Ib.],232
Mar. 9.—Rights of Charles Guthrie in site of ministers' lodgings purchased [Ib.],562


Apr. 4.—Register of extent rolls to be made; on supplication of booksellers and binders of books an unfreeman forbidden to sell books in smalls Ib. fol. 182, 183],232
Apr. 18.—Letters sent to Perth as to various matters to be brought before convention of burghs [C.R., Vol. VI. fol. 183],234
Apr. 18.—Expenses of magistrates and others to King at Stirling [Ib.],563
May 2.—Letter from King commanding removal of a bailie from office; commissioners sent to Duke of Lennox thereanent; Burgh Loch to be dammed; treasurers to account for mails of Leith tolbooth [Ib. fol. 184],234
May 4.—Storing of Norway timber; maltmen and taverners to be unlawed for breaking of the statutes; measures at port of Leith to be renewed [Ib. fol. 184, 185],235
May 9.—Bailies to be diligent to execute statutes; offer by a bailie to obey King's letter as to his removal from office; livery given to a blind man [Ib. fol. 185],563
June 1.—Unlaws to be employed in repairing causeways of Pleasance [Ib. fol. 187],236
June 8.—Act of secret council as to town recovering money left by Bishop of Orkney for founding a college [Ib. fol. 188],564
June 9.—A symphion to be given to the blind man [Ib. fol. 189],564
June 13.—Commissioners sent to Stirling for homebringing of John Dury, minister [Ib.],564
June 13.—Expenses to Dalkeith as to banquet to Duke of Guise's servants Ib.],237
June 15.—Sundry disbursements in the town's affairs; prices of bread, malt, and ale [Ib. fol. 189, 190],237
June 15.—Master of St. Paul's Work appointed; rules and statutes of St. Paul's Work [Ib. fol. 190, 191],564
July 6.—Well in Castle bank to be repaired; commissioners to the King as to the kirk affairs and the justice ayre [Ib. fol. 194],237
July 27.—Commissioners to King as to Bishop of Glasgow [Ib. fol. 198],567
Aug. 1.—Commissioners to King as to homebringing of John Dury, minister, [Ib. fol. 201],568
Aug. 1.—Permission given to a captain to raise soldiers for foreign service; master of song school appointed [Ib. fol. 198, 199],238
Aug. 10.—Repair of rings and makefasts on shore of Leith [Ib. fol. 200],239
Aug. 24.—Guard in steeple and watch to be kept [Ib.],240
Aug. 25.—Demands of Duke of Lennox, and town's answer thereto [Ib. fol. 200, 201],240
Aug. 25.—Commissioners sent to the King [Ib. fol. 201],568
Aug. 27.—Proclamation for sure keeping of the town in this time of apparent trouble; letters from the King as to customs and as to keeping the town; faults in town wall to be repaired [C.R., Vol. VI. fol. 201, 202],241
Aug. 29.—Payment for two drinking silver pieces [Ib. fol. 202],244
Aug. 31.—Commissioner sent to the King; town's artillery to be brought up from Leith [Ib. fol. 202, 203],568
Sept. 3.—Letters from King and the lords, and proclamation as to his Majesty's liberty; answer to be sent declaring concurrence [Ib. fol. 203, 204],244
Sept. 4.—Commissioner sent to King with town's letters [Ib. fol. 204],245
Sept. 5.—Furnishings for tolbooth [Ib.],246
Sept. 7.—Proclamation against night walking; expenses in passing to Stirling; farther watching of steeple discharged [Ib. fol. 204, 205],246
Sept. 11.—Payment to messenger for making King's proclamation and for boy passing to Stirling; cutting tow of a Norway ship [Ib. fol. 205],247
Sept. 14.—Protest by the deacons as to compounding for arrears of kirk annuals [Ib.],568
Sept. 18.—Expenses of commissioners sent to King [Ib.],247
Sept. 26.—Sundry expenses in town's affairs; privilege of a burgess's bairns given to children of a clerk depute; letter from secret council as to election of magistrates and answer thereto [Ib. fol. 206, 207],247
Sept. 27.—Letter from King as to elections [Ib. fol. 207],248
Sept. 28.—Votes of lord provost for magistrates [Ib.],249
Oct. 2.—Leet for election of bailies; letter from King as to election of provost; assessors prevented, by a seditious multitude, from entering council-house; protest against assessors having vote; assessors elected to vote in place of those prevented by force from entering; council broken into by multitude; deacons declined to vote if assessors voted; provost, bailies, dean of guild, and treasurer elected; bailies prevented by force from holding head court [Ib. fol. 208–10],250
Oct. 13.—Act of secret council as to the disputes regarding the elections; vacancies in council filled up; merchants to be warned to elect twelve persons from whom arbiters are to be chosen; persons elected for compromise of differences between merchants and craftsmen [Ib. fol. 210–12],255
Oct. 16.—Guard and watch at the Abbey [Ib. fol. 212],258
Oct. 17.—Election of assessors; protest by the crafts [Ib.],569
Oct. 17.—Light at Nether Bow; days of council convening [Ib. fol. 213],259
Oct. 19.—Price of ale [Ib.],259
Oct. 19.—Protest by crafts as to magistrates [Ib.],569
Oct. 26.—Nightly watch to be kept during winter [Ib. fol. 214],259
Oct. 27.—Annual acts passed [Ib. fol. 214–18],259
Nov. 7.—Men to be supplied for raid to the borders [C. R., Vol. VI. fol. 219],260
Nov. 21.—Payment for wine and bread furnished to convention; livery for lockman; guard to be kept at the Abbey [Ib. fol. 221],260
Nov. 24.—Expense of banquet and welcome to Earl of Bothwell [Ib. fol. 222],261
Nov. 28.—Agreement with a prebendary of the Trinity College as to his right to a yard [Ib. fol. 221],570
Dec. 5.—Letter from King as to strangers in the town and keeping watch [Ib. fol. 222, 223],261
Dec. 12.—Refusal by deacons to consent to the setting of an extent for loan to King and buying a benefice of the Senys [Ib. fol. 223],570
Dec. 14.—Earl of Morton's head to be taken down from Tolbooth [Ib.],262
Dec. 19.—Council book to be made [Ib.],263


Jan. 30.—Shop at Nudreis Wynd ordered to be taken down [Ib. fol. 225],263
Feb. 6.—James Dowglas, sentenced to death for theft, set at liberty [Ib. fol. 226],263
Feb. 20.—Counterfeit seal of cause to be destroyed [Ib. fol. 227],263
Feb. 21.—Dispute between merchants and craftsmen referred to arbiters [Ib. fol. 228],264
Feb. 22.—Procurators to appear before King and arbiters [Ib. fol. 229],570
Mar. 6.—Payment to bellman for burial of the poor [Ib.],264


April 5.—Redemption price of an annual rent employed on College; payments for breakfasts and dinner, and commissioners of burghs and arbiters [Ib. fol. 231],571
Apr. 17.—Neighbours not to repair to Sunday markets at Tranent, Musselburgh, or Dalkeith [Ib. fol. 232],265
Apr. 19.—Proclamation for observance of the Sabbath [Ib.],265
Apr. 22.—Decreet-arbitral settling differences between the merchants and craftsmen [Vol. VII. fol. 37–42],265
Apr. 26.—Appointment of masters of work for building of College [Ib. Vol. VI. fol. 232],571
May 10.—Decreet-arbitral intimated to deacons of crafts [Ib. fol. 234],571
May 14.—Deacons of crafts elected to be of the council; council boards to be enlarged with forms and cloth effeiring thereto [Ib.],275
May 25.—Collectors of casualties mentioned in decreet-arbitral appointed; procurators appointed to consent to registration of decreet-arbitral [Ib. Vol. VII. fol. 1],276
May 29.—Commissioners sent to King at Linlithgow as to banished craftsmen and affairs with Abbot of Kinloss [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 1],276
May 31.—Payment to ministers for completing their stipends [Ib. fol. 2],277
June 4.—Order set down for better obedience of the decree-arbitral [Ib. fol. 3],277
June. 7.—Unlaws for absence at day of law between the laird of Appilgirth and Alexander Baillie of Littilgill [Ib. fol. 4],279
June 14.—King's lacquey made burgess gratis; money employed on erection of College [Ib. fol. 5],280
June 26.—Collector of kirk rents appointed [Ib. fol. 6],280
June 28.—Register of unlaws to be kept; deacons to give up names of freemen admitted; extent for payment of King's debts and other affairs; composition accepted for a kirk annual; commissioners to King in St. Andrews as to a contract anent the setting of mines [Ib. fol. 6, 7],280
July 3.—Renuciation of a prebendary in favour of the town [Ib. fol. 7, 8],282
July 4.—Payment to collector of custom at Leith Port; payment to gild officer for warning deacons to council meeting [Ib. fol. 8],283
July 10.—Jhon Peblis not to buy skins except from freemen [Ib. fol. 9],283
July 15.—Wine to be delivered to King [Ib.],283
July 17.—Expenses in passing to King at St. Andrews [Ib.],284
July 19.—Table of customs to be made; payment to macers in cause of Dumberny; statute anent burgesses' daughters who are not virgins [Ib.],284
July 23.—Commissioners to convention of burghs appointed [Ib. fol. 284],284
July 26.—Shore of Leith and house in town wall to be repaired [Ib. fol. 10],285
July 27.—Surplus of an extent to be applied to College [Ib.],285
July 31.—Sending skins to Flanders stayed for a season; two persons guilty of assault set at liberty [Ib. fol. 10, 11],285
Aug. 2.—Share of extent payable by Leith, Kinghorn, and Innerkeithing [Ib. fol. 11],286
Aug. 9.—Certain burghs to send commissioners to a meeting at Edinburgh; swescher appointed; gift of a beidmanship in St. Paul's Work; certificate by surgeons as to a wound [Ib. fol. 11, 12],286
Aug. 10.—Licence to a smith to set up a place for shoeing horses [Ib. fol. 12],287
Aug. 14.—Payment for mending steeple head [Ib.],287
Aug. 16.—Commissioners to convention appointed; price of bread [Ib. fol. 13],287
Aug. 30.—Entertainment to English Ambassador; exemption from custom of horses brought from Sweden [Ib. fol. 14],287
Sept. 4.—Proposal to bring in South Loch to the Cowgaitt [Ib.],288
Sept. 6.—Eel ark at North Loch set [Ib. fol. 15],288
Sept. 13.—Proclamation against bickerers and Sabbath breakers [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 15],288
Sept. 17.—Deacons warned to appear before council to-morrow to receive leet for ensuing year; payment to master and regent of College [Ib.],288
Sept. 18.—Leet for deacons named [Ib. fol. 16],289
Sept. 20.—Deacons elected; six of them elected councillors [Ib. fol. 16, 17],289
Sept. 25.—Meeting for election of council; in consequence of letter from King election postponed [Ib. fol. 18],289
Sept. 27.—Letter from King as to elections; new councillors elected [Ib. fol. 18, 19],291
Oct. 1.—Election of provost, bailies, dean of guild, and treasurer [Ib. fol. 19, 20],292
Oct. 2.—Act of election to stand as if persons nominated by King had been chosen in terms of decree-arbitral; vacancy in council filled up; order for the council convening [Ib. fol. 21],293
Oct. 4.—Prayers in St. Paul's Hospital; payment to privy seal for erection of College and provostry of Kirk of Field; bailies of Leith, assessors and collectors elected; convening of deacons who are not of the council [Ib. fol. 21, 22],294
Oct. 7.—Nightly watch of thirty persons to be kept; statute anent injuries, trublance, striking, invading, using weapons and drawing blood [Ib. fol. 22, 23],295
Oct. 9.—Apprehending persons in private houses; proclamation as to middings, swine, and privies; commissioners sent to the King in the town's affairs [Ib. fol. 23, 24],297
Oct. 11.—Students intending to enter College to give in names; reformation of burial place; statutes of the town to be renewed; bailies to have power to set prices each market day [Ib. fol. 24, 25],298
Oct. 12.—Letter from the King anent keeping good order in the town [Ib. fol. 25, 26],298
Oct. 16.—Quarrying of stones; faults in Cowgait Port and decayed places in town wall to be reported upon; keeping beggars off gait; exposing infants in streets and at doors; order of teaching and discipline in College to be set down; annual statutes passed [Ib. fol. 26–32],300
Oct. 18.—Town wall at Blackfriar kirkyard and Cowgait Port [Ib. fol. 32],301
Oct. 21.—Assistance to be given to Haddington who are charged in regard to their election [Ib.],301
Oct. 23.—Table of customs of Leith to be set down [Ib.],301
Oct. 25.—Allowance to master of College; skellet bell to be furnished to College [Ib. fol. 33],301
Oct. 30.—Eleven burghs to send commissioners as to Lord Seytoun passing to France and affairs of the customs; mails to be charged for chambers in College occupied by students [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 33, 34],301
Nov. 2.—Court held at shore of Leith; injunctions and prices set to stingmen, polkmen, and metters [Ib. fol. 34, 35],302
Nov. 6.—Martinmas falling on Sunday, common good to be rouped on Saturday [Ib. fol. 35],304
Nov. 8.—Booths to be shut in time of preaching, and none to leave kirk till end of last prayer; extracts of decree-arbitral produced; burgesses to pay freemen's custom of goods at Leith; allowance to second master of College; payment to assessor in connection with Dingwallis house and the Senys; students to remain in their chambers nightly, and wear gowns by day; collectors of unlaws to pay for council's refreshments [Ib. fol. 36–43],304
Nov. 9.—Regulations for grinding at mills; decreet-arbitral ratified and approved; apprentices to burgesses to pay £10 on admission as guild brethren [Ib. fol. 44, 45],305
Nov. 13.—Drum or swesch to be bought and put up with trumpet [Ib. fol. 45],307
Nov. 15.—Merchants allowed to send skins to Flanders [Ib. fol. 46],307
Nov. 19.—Proclamation against harbouring strangers; ship to be fitted out for taking Lord Seytoun to and from France [Ib. fol. 46, 47],307
Nov. 20.—Letter from King as to Lord Seytoun and matter of the customs; person to be sent to France for downgetting of new customs [Ib. fol. 47],307
Nov. 21.—Agreement for taking Lord Seytoun to and from France [Ib. fol. 47, 48],308
Nov. 22.—Statute anent duties and customs of Allhallow and Trinity Fairs; provost's ox; thirlage to common mills; goods pasturing on Leith Links to be poinded; table of customs to be put on boards; kirkyard dykes to be repaired; price of bread [Ib. fol. 48, 49],309
Nov. 26.—Guards sent to Abbey to attend on the King [Ib. fol. 49],310
Dec. 4.—Payment to two bellmen who attend nightly in steeple; marches to be yearly visited; foundation of College and gift of kirk annuals produced [Ib. fol. 50, 51],310
Dec. 6.—Negotiation with archdean of Lothian anent his benefice; students' beds to be set up, and skellet bell bought; timber for College; price of wines; house on town wall to be feued; gift of beidmanship in St. Paul's Work; payment for ship for carrying Lord Seyton [Ib. fol. 51–53],311
Dec. 11.—Candlemakers ordained to dwell within town; dyke at High School to be closed, and bell hung up [Ib. fol. 53],312
Dec. 12.—Commissioners sent to the King as to incalling certain coins [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 53],313
Dec. 13.—Loft in High Kirk appointed for students and their masters [Ib. fol. 54],313
Dec. 18.—Dissent against proposed new coinage [Ib.],313
Dec. 25.—King to be consulted as to providing a minister [Ib. fol. 55],314
Dec. 27.—Foundation of hospital in St. Mary's Wynd to be searched for; gift of a place in the hospital; granting days through the town [Ib. fol. 57, 58],314


Jan. 1.—Act for establishing good order between baxters and millers; common muir to be feued; commissioner to France as to customs; keeper of burial place to be found; answer to fleshers as to power of making statutes; house on town wall feued [Ib. fol. 58, 59],314
Jan. 3.—Keeper of burial place appointed; possessors of shops injuring kirk walls; extent to be raised for work of College [Ib. fol. 60],317
Jan. 6.—King asked to approve of person proposed to be sent to France [Ib. fol. 62],318
Jan. 8.—Banquet to French ambassador; answer by King as to person proposed to be sent to France; payments in common affairs [Ib. fol. 62, 63],319
Jan. 14.—Lord Seyton having objected to any agent for burghs going with him, instructions given to his lordship to act for burghs [Ib. fol. 63],319
Jan. 15.—Order for service to be done by millers to baxters [Ib. fol. 64],320
Jan. 17.—Negotiations for acquiring benefice of archdeanery of Lothian and parsonage of Currie [Ib. fol. 65],321
Jan. 22.—Payments and proclamation concerning bikkerings [Ib. fol. 66],321
Jan. 24.—"Testanes" to be collected for redemption of a ground annual [Ib. fol. 67],322
Jan. 29.—Head and limbs of murderers to be hung up [Ib. fol. 68],322
Feb. 5.—Payments as to Dumberny, archdeanery of Lothian, and for refreshments [Ib. fol. 69],322
Feb. 7.—Agreement for obtaining archdeanery of Lothian and parsonage and vicarage of Currie; masters of hospital appointed [Ib.],322
Feb. 10.—Anent the custom of victual and forbidden goods [Ib. fol. 70],323
Feb. 12.—Agreement between good town and archdean of Lothian [Ib. fol. 70, 71],324
Feb. 14.—Against bringing in wheat ground at out mills [Ib. fol. 71],324
Feb. 21.—Town destitute of third minister; allowance to John Durie, minister; act as to extenting of burgesses sons; allowance to two Flemings; collection of revenue of archdeanery of Lothian and parsonage and vicarage of Currie [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 71, 72],324
Feb. 28.—Apprehending stuff ground at out mills; statute as to levying weekly pennies [Ib. fol. 73],326
Mar. 4.—No person to "slokkyn" lime on common streets; gibbet to be set up [Ib. fol. 74],327
Mar. 6.—Disposal of unlaws [Ib.],327
Mar. 11.—Repair of windows above Trinity Hospital; causewaymakers to be employed; writs concerning 10,000 merks lent to King; doors and windows adjoining Nether Kirkyard to be closed [Ib. fol. 76],328
Mar. 13.—Run of South Loch to be closed; ticket to be taken from a burgess admitted under false pretext; causeway of Over Bow to be repaired, [Ib. fol. 77],328
Mar. 18.—Waste ground at Merchiston sold; King to be waited upon as to coinage [Ib. fol. 77, 78],329
Mar. 24.—Watch at Holyrood Palace [Ib. fol. 78],329


Mar. 25.—Tofall to be built at ministers' house; payment to master of works at College [Ib.],329
Mar. 27.—Proposal that master of High School renounce office [Ib. fol. 79],330
Apr. 3.—Retiring pension to master of High School [Ib. fol. 79, 80],330
Apr. 8.—Town's measure same as that of Stirling [Ib. fol. 80],330
Apr. 10.—Price of wine; share of tax payable by Kinghorn and Innerkeithing; title to benefice of Kirk of Field [Ib. fol. 80, 81],331
Apr. 15.—Allowances to the poor; persons to remove from Blackfriar yard; by ancient custom water bailie entitled to certain duties [Ib. fol. 81, 82],331
Apr. 17.—Officer at West Port to be more attentive, and apprehend those laying muck on street; dykes at High School to be built; payment for torches used at banquet; concealment of pregnancy [Ib. fol. 82],332
Apr. 21.—Anent 500 neighbours sent to Stirling to assist in repressing rebellion; £1000 to be advanced for expenses; ammunition to be forwarded to Stirling; extent of £5000 to be set [Ib. fol. 83–5],332
Apr. 25.—King's jewels delivered to town in pledge for advance of £4000; bailies chosen in room of those absent on his Majesty's service [Ib. fol. 85],336
Apr. 28.—Statute anent convening neighbours in armour; town wall to be repaired [Ib. fol. 85, 86],336
April 29.—Possessors of lands near well in St. Mary's Wynd to prevent passage of any person [Ib. fol. 86],337
May 9.—Charges of neighbours who passed to Stirling [Ib.],337
May 13.—Payment to shipbroken Englishmen; commissioner to parliament; convoying provost to and from Tolbooth and Abbey [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 88],338
May 20.—Retiring pension to clerk of kirk and new clerk appointed [Ib. fol. 89],339
May. 29.—Abbacy of Paisley to be disponed to town; expenses from Dundee of new master of Grammer School; protest against acts concerning coinage; grinding at common mills [Ib. fol. 90],340
June 3.—Commissioners sent to the King [Ib.],340
June 5.—Letter from King desiring that soldiers may be belted on town [Ib. fol. 91],341
June 10.—Provost to collect his own customs at Trinity fair; neighbours to visit marches [Ib.],341
June 11.—Letters from the King as to ministers; commissioners sent to King [Ib. fol. 91, 92],341
June 17.—Under factor for uplifting rents of benefice of Paisley [Ib. fol. 93],342
June 24.—Pension to William Robertson, late master of the High School [Ib. fol. 94],342
June 26.—Wells to be repaired; windows of High School and dyke to be repaired and bell hung [Ib.],342
July 1.—Two barrels powder come back from Stirling [Ib. fol. 95],342
July 10.—Election of visitors and jadgers of fish [Ib. fol. 96],343
July 15.—King to be asked for permission to visit John Howesoun, minister, in ward [Ib.],343
July 17.—A blasphemer to be put in jogs; lock for Cross door [Ib. fol. 97],343
July 22.—Pest in Wester Wemyss; commissioners to King as to abbacy of Paisley, and obtaining liberty of John Howesoun, minister; night watch appointed at request of the King [Ib.],344
July. 24.—Goods not to be brought from Flanders to prevent pest [Ib. fol. 98],344
Aug. 5.—The "mayden" lent to Lord Borthwick; weaponshawing to be held [Ib. fol. 100],345
Aug. 7.—Additional sitting of council [Ib. fol. 101],345
Aug. 12.—Men to be placed on steeple for watching; no person to be found on street after ringing of bell at ten nightly; wall in Leith Wynd to be built [Ib.],345
Aug. 14.—Collection for those sick of pest in Wemyss; acts for repairing and ordering of the High School [Ib. fol. 102],346
Aug. 26.—Acts for prevention of pest; liberty of John Howesoun, minister, craved [Ib. fol. 103, 104],347
Sept. 4.—Consent to burial of Provost Stewart in High Kirk; eel ark to be visited [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 104, 105],348
Sept. 7.—Commissioners to King as to supplying minister [Ib. fol. 105],348
Sept. 11.—John Leyis accused of blaspheming magistrates; vacancies of council supplied [Ib. fol. 105, 106],348
Sept. 16.—Leet for election of deacons; committee appointed to receive keys of ministers' lodging and library and inventory contents; punishment of John Leyis who blasphemed magistrates; report of committee as to ministers' lodging and library; article to be given to parliament against craftsmen who remain in suburbs [Ib. fol. 107, 108],349
Sept. 18.—Deacons chosen out of leets; keys of ministers' lodging delivered; library to be set up in College; councillors to be chosen from deacons [Ib. fol. 109],350
Sept. 19.—Proclamation against repairing to places suspected of pest; payment to poor English timber men [Ib.],351
Sept. 23.—Order to be kept at shore of Leith; new council elected [Ib. fol. 110],351
Sept. 24.—Precautions against importing pest from Fife; King to be asked to appoint two ministers out of a leet [Ib.],351
Sept. 25.—Leets for magistrates, dean of guild and treasurer [Ib. fol. 111],352
Sept. 30.—Schoolmaster to read prayers in absence of minister; inquiry as to foundation of leper house beside Dingwall [Ib. fol. 112],352
Oct. 3.—Coffers of a Frenchman, arrested as supposed to contain papist books, delivered to owner [Ib.],352
Oct. 6.—Election of provost, bailies, dean of guild, and treasurer [Ib. fol. 112, 113],352
Oct. 7.—Vacancies in council filled up [Ib. fol. 114],354
Oct. 9.—Allowance to reader for a gown; bailies of Leith, assessors and collectors elected; proposal to divide town in four parishes; sustenance of a leper [Ib. fol. 114, 115],354
Oct. 14.—Bailies to be moderator time about; town to be divided into four parishes, and each parish to have a kirk; proposal to agree with Michael Cranstoun as a reader or minister [Ib. fol. 116],354
Oct. 16.—Trial of ministers; for disobedience, a tailor to furnish coals to hospital; gift of beidmanship in St. Paul's Work; elders and deacons of kirk to be elected by council with consent of ministers [Ib. fol. 116, 117],356
Oct. 21.—Allowance to Janet Merchell, poor and needy and vexed in spirit; chimney in over council house; deception practised by turnkeys; allowance to a poor and naked lunatic; injunctions to officers and seriands of the burgh [C.R., Vol. VII. fol. 117, 118],356
Oct. 23.—Box in clerk's chamber to be opened and money given to poor; inhabitants to be divided in thirties, according to their quarters, and commanders appointed; relief to inhabitants of Dysart infected with pest [Ib. fol. 119],358
Oct. 24.—Election of elders and deacons of the kirk; gallows to be renewed; masters of hospital appointed; statutes of the town [Ib. fol. 120, 121],359
Oct. 26.—Meal, butter, and soap sent to inhabitants of Dysart [Ib. fol. 121],360
Oct. 28.—Unlaws for bloodwyt at shore of Leith belong to town; seal of cause and common seal of Leith delivered to provost; elders and deacons to appear and accept [Ib. fol. 122],360
Oct. 30.—Patrick Kenlwy to be offered place of minister; master of college to be asked to take up house and table therein; proclamation as to defence and safe guard of the King [Ib. fol. 123, 124],361
Nov. 4.—Certain members of council to convene and concur with ministers, elders, and deacons in their conventions [Ib. fol. 125],362
Nov. 6.—Order of division of the town in thirties approved by King and secret council; breaking of staple; statute that merchants frequent no other port in Low Countries except Campheir, the staple port; ferry boats at Queensferry; expenses of a minister [Ib. fol. 125–27],362
Nov. 9.—Two ministers asked to give proof of their doctrine [Ib. fol. 127],365
Nov. 11.—Agreement with ministers; deciding on controversies of neighbourheads; seal of cause of the tailors [Ib. fol. 128–30],365
Nov. 13.—Proposal to obtain services of John Craig and John Cairns, ministers; millstones from quarries in common muir; statute as to probation of crimes [Ib. fol. 130, 131],369
Nov. 18.—Convening of council; dam of South Loch to be closed up; committee appointed to revise statutes; minister to be asked to remain for eight days; provostship of Trinity College [Ib. fol. 131, 132],371
Nov. 20.—James Hamilton offered place of minister; town wall to be repaired; Nether Bow to be built [Ib. fol. 133],371
Nov. 24.—Occupiers of shops to repair walls of kirk [Ib. fol. 135],372
Nov. 25.—Schoolhouse bell to be hung at outer gate [Ib.],372
Nov. 27.—King's "sumleiris" to be supplied with wine for his Majesty; commissioners to confer with Robert Pont for provostry of Trinity College; stipend of reader in the High Kirk; two new mills be built and damhead made; custom of girnell goods from Aberdeen; act in favour of websters and walkers; agreement with James Hammiltoun, minister [Ib. fol. 136–38],372
Dec. 2.—Homage to be made for lands in France [C.R., Vol. VII. fol. 139],377
Dec. 4.—Payment to a poor woman with a broken leg; reward for service in quenching fire [Ib.],377
Dec. 7.—Heather stacks and other combustibles to be removed to Grayfriar port, Blackfriars yards, or North Loch [Ib. fol. 139, 140],377
Dec. 9.—Payment to lockman [Ib. fol. 140],378
Dec. 11.—Limbs of David Home, lately executed, to be sent to Stirling; collectors of unlaws to pay for services in quenching fire and certain sums in charity; no passages to be at the ferries except Leith and Prettiecur; writs to be got back from Lord Seytoun [Ib. fol. 140, 141],378
Dec. 16.—Premises of venters of wine, not guild brethren, to be closed; tenants of Paisley abbacy not to be repledged [Ib. fol. 141, 142],378
Dec. 18.—Keys and furnishings in house of John Cairns, minister, delivered to a reader; persons appointed to visit and report on poor in their quarters; extent of £720; John Prestoun, elder, exempted from watching, warding, &c. [Ib. fol. 142–44],379
Dec. 23.—Thomas Gordon, uncle of Lord Huntlie, to be buried within kirk; statutes as to taverners; collection for help and support to Perth; payment for two torches [Ib. fol. 144, 145],380
Dec. 25.—Allowance for holding beggars furth of High Street [Ib. fol. 145],381
Dec. 30.—Inhabitants of Leith to be repledged; propine to the provost [Ib. fol. 146],382


Jan. 1.—Run of Burgh Loch; books in library not to be lent [Ib. fol. 146,147],382
Jan. 4.—John Edmiston to be asked to be one of the ministers [Ib. fol. 147],382
Jan. 6.—Those at tumult in Leith to be apprehended; collection for St. Johnston; maltmen called before the justices: agreement with John Edmistoun, minister; terms of admission of guild brethren [Ib. fol. 147,148],382
Jan. 8.—Kirkyard dykes to be repaired; dean of guild's council elected [Ib. fol. 149],384
Jan. 13.—Advising as to abbacy of Paisley; supplication to secret council as to exemption from extents; against loading and unloading at Burntisland; John Hog not to vent wines in Birsto; works to be got from Lord Seytoun [Ib. fol. 150, 151],384
Jan. 15.—Arrival of strangers to be reported; Thomas Hammilton of Preistisfield not to be extented with inhabitants; money bequeathed to hospital; glass windows of hospital to be repaired [Ib. fol. 151],385
Jan. 20.—Head court of Leith [Ib. fol. 152],386
Jan. 22.—Speaking in council; search for decreets against unfreemen or those of Burntisland and Leith [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 153],386
Jan. 27.—Commissioners sent to King as to abbacy of Paisley and boats passing at Queensferry; pension to a bellringer furth of a beadmanship of St. Paul's Work [Ib. fol. 153, 154],387
Feb. 3.—Form of oath to be taken by burgesses [Ib. fol. 155],387
Feb. 5.—All persons to repair to preachings on Wednesday and Friday; damsel in despair; occupiers of houses at entries to High School for causing nuisances; new customs raised without warrant; procuratorfiscal appointed; a councillor fined for speaking against the council; pensions to aged officers [Ib. fol. 155, 156],388
Feb. 10.—Neighbours unlawed for not appearing in armour [Ib. fol. 157],389
Feb. 12.—Letter from Dundee as to extent of wines; maltmen, mealmen, and baxters of Leith to pay custom as formerly; payment to a taverner for his puncheons used as scaffolding [Ib. fol. 157, 158],389
Feb. 17.—Wines to be supplied for King's use and price allowed out of custom duty; kirk roof to be examined; conditions for setting the muck collected in the streets [Ib. fol. 158],390
Feb. 19.—Minister requested to remain eight days; licence purchased by an unfree person to transport herring unjadged [Ib. fol. 159],392
Feb. 24.—Agreement to be made with James Hamiltoun, younger, minister; teinds of Burgh Muir; wells to be sunk deeper; donation to a sick man and family [Ib. fol. 160],392
Feb. 26.—Partment of a robe royal delivered to a bailie for keeping; allowance to Alexander Quhyte for service in the kirk; order to be taken with enormities in hospital [Ib. fol. 161],393
Mar. 3.—Expenses of a minister; archdean of Lothian to observe his part of contract; repair of kirk roof; order taken for keeping wells; articles concerning the dean of guild and his council; escheat of William Fairlie, executed for theft [Ib. fol. 161–64],394
Mar. 5.—Expenses of ministers [Ib. fol. 164],399
Mar. 10.—Conservator to weigh lead ore with tron weights of Leith; repair of roof of kirk; terms of admitting old servants as burgesses and freemen [Ib. fol. 165],399
Mar. 12.—Iron yetling and ammunition to be delivered up; statute for attendance in the parish kirks; transgressors of fishmarket to be punished; bells in High School to be placed in College [Ib. fol. 165, 166],399
Mar. 13.—Agreement to be made with William Watsoun, minister [Ib. fol. 167],401
Mar. 17.—Act as to selling fish; disbursements for bells and study in High School; building of new mills; committee to visit St. Paul's Work and find place for leper house; order for repairing kirk roof; acts as to admission of burgesses and guild brethren, house setting, and weights and measures [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 167, 168],401
Mar. 19.—New clock to be placed in steeple and old one set in bell house at High School; court to be held in Leith; St. Paul's Work to be visited to find room for leper house; agreement to be made with two visitors; order to be taken with teind fish of Leith; duties payable to water bailie for boats coming to Leith; dean of guild to compound with websters and walkers at West Port for admission as burgesses [Ib. fol. 169, 170],403
Mar. 24.—Leper house to be built in St. Paul's Work; farms and victual of Paisley abbacy to be sold; James Hamiltoun proposed as minister [Ib. fol. 170],404


Mar. 25.—Commission to agree with Robert Pont as to provostry of Trinity College; action against beadmen for production of evidents renounced [Ib. fol. 171, 172],404
Mar. 26.—Proceedings as to Trinity College to be reported to provost; customs of new haven of Prestoun; burials in High Kirk [Ib. fol. 172],405
Mar. 31.—Pension payable furth of Paisley abbacy; duty payable to Blackfriars out of the burgh mails [Ib. fol. 173],406
Apr. 2.—Monopoly of slates brought from Dundee sought to be discharged [Ib.],406
Apr. 7.—Roof of bellhouse at High School; master of song school appointed; act as to selling skins [Ib. fol. 174, 175],406
Apr. 9.—Stipend of master of song school; commissioners to assembly appointed; a proprietor of land held of chaplain of St. Katherine's altar found not liable to appear in court of Leith; interdiction from alienation of lands [Ib. fol. 175],408
Apr. 14.—Communications with assembly as to a minister [Ib. fol. 176, 177],409
Apr. 16.—Letter from clerk of assembly as to a minister [Ib. fol. 177],410
Apr. 21.—Administration of Paisley abbacy; recovering possession of land in Seynis; price of a clock [Ib.],411
Apr. 23.—Two bells in College to be made into one; College to be enclosed; quarry at Greyfriar port to be filled up; inauguration of William Watsoun, minister; four new mills to be built; clock to be repaired and set up [Ib. fol. 178],411
Apr. 28.—Commissioners sent to secret council as to raid to West Borders; answer to articles given by dean of guild and his council as to admission of burgesses [C. R., Vol. VIII. fol. 179, 180],412
Apr. 30.—Suspicion of pestilence; statute as to swine, privies, middings, vagabonds, and strangers [Ib. fol. 180, 181],413
May 1.—Soldiers to be furnished; signature of Paisley abbacy to be applied for [Ib. fol. 181],414
May 4.—Money advanced for raid to the Borders [Ib.],415
May 5.—For eschewing infection, strangers not to enter town; liberties of town in Leith to be observed; duty payable to common metster [Ib. fol. 182],415
May 9.—Persons in infected house to be cleansed [Ib. fol. 182, 183],416
May 10.—Cleansers to be procured, gibbet set up, and ports kept [Ib. fol. 183],416
May 12.—Grass of muir to be set; clothing to be got for what is burnt; houses in muir for those cleansed [Ib.],416
May 14.—Crane at shore to be set up at North Loch [Ib.],416
May 18.—Lodges to be built in muir for the sick; cleansers instructed; swine, dogs, and cats to be slain [Ib. fol. 184],417
May 19.—Pest; three persons of every quarter to assist bailies; council to convene every day; sustenance of poor and needy [Ib.],417
May 20.—Necessaries for cleansing; Greyfriar port to serve as passage to foul folks [Ib. fol. 185],418
May 21.—Irons with shackles taken to muir; concealers of pest to be executed; executioner appointed [Ib.],418
May 22.—Collection from lords of session, advocates, writers, and others for St. Jhonestoun; dress of four cleansers [Ib. fol. 185, 186],418
May 24.—Necessaries furnished to those shut up at Water of Leith; keeping ports; mode of subscribing testimonials [Ib. fol. 186],419
May 26.—Gibbet to be set up in muir; cleansers appointed; watchers at the muir and ports; poor young ones to be put in St. Mary's Chapel; surgeon appointed [Ib. fol. 186, 187],419
May 28.—College closed during time of pest; distribution of sustenance to sick folk in the muir; clerk of kirk asked to remain during pest; poor children to be put in chapel in St. Mary's Wynd; acts of parliament concerning beggars [Ib. fol. 188],421
June. 1.—Supplies and furnishings for the sick on the muir; man to be hanged for theft [Ib. fol. 188, 189],422
June 2.—Proposals as to abbacy of Paisley [Ib. fol. 189],422
June 4.—Raising false reports as to pest; persons nominated that one may receive gift of Paisley in town's name [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 189],422
June 8.—Place for keeping foul gear; wheat to be furnished for muir [Ib.],423
June 9.—Disbursements by treasurer as to ministers; light to haven of Leith, etc. [Ib. fol. 190],423
June 12.—Tenants of land of Innerleith infected with pest; neighbours pillaged by those of Flushing [Ib. fol. 190, 191],423
June 14.—Spices and wine given to Danish ambassadors [Ib. fol. 191],424
June 16.—Agreement with Robert Pont anent the Trinity College; proclamation for preventing spread of pest; disposal of beggars; distribution of meat and drink on the muir; agreement with John Craig, minister [Ib. fol. 191, 192],425
June 19.—Markets in Leith to be stopped; complaint against closing passage to Castle bank; proclamation charging inhabitants to reveal any trade had with Perth [Ib. fol. 192],426
June 21.—Commissioners to King as to English pirates, the plague, and the Queen's College [Ib. fol. 192, 193],427
June 22.—Rigging out ships against the pirates [Ib. fol. 193],428
June 23.—Setting up clock; complaint against Haddington; showing evidents of lands in Leith; port at Bridgend to be taken down; allowance to Blind Jamie [Ib.],428
June 25.—Letter from King as to piracie of England; gift of provostry of Queen's College; extent to be raised for the poor and sick; day and night watch appointed as town is left desolate [Ib. fol. 194],429
June 30.—Fish, coals, herbs, and other vivers to be sold only at the markets; burials, lodges, and cleansing [Ib. fol. 194, 195],429
July 2.—Staying of markets in Leith [Ib. fol. 195],430
July 8.—Separating clean and foul folk on the muir; drink to be brewn thinner [Ib. fol. 197],430
July 9.—Master of work of College appointed [Ib. fol. 198],431
July 14.—Entertainment to ambassadors of Denmark [Ib.],431
July 16.—Proclamation against selling goods and merchandise in town of Leith [Ib. fol. 199],431
July 21.—Mode of burial in muir [Ib. fol. 200],432
July 23.—The foul hangman punished for his offences; staff for cleansers [Ib.],432
July 28.—Dimission of provostry of Trinity College [Ib. fol. 201],433
Aug. 4.—Persons returning from muir to houses [Ib. fol. 202],433
Aug. 10.—Proclamation against gatherings on the streets [Ib.],433
Aug. 18.—Repair of Trinity College; two fleshers punished for selling suspected flesh and misusing a woman [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 203],433
Aug. 25.—Substitutes for sick officers; John Craig, minister, to be asked to teach twice a week [Ib.],434
Aug. 27.—Passing to clean houses; council and deacons to be called in against time of election [Ib.],434
Sept. 3.—Money in box of clerk's chamber to be distributed to poor [Ib.],434
Sept. 10.—Burial transported to nether yard of High Kirk [Ib. fol. 204],434
Sept. 17.—Leet of deacons named by those members of the council remaining in town; Flemish cleansers taken on trial [Ib. fol. 204, 205],435
Sept. 22.—Houses called Little Egypt lent for brewing drink; surgeon, for services during pest, exempted from taxation [Ib. fol. 205, 206],436
Sept. 24.—Depute of common clerk appointed [Ib. fol. 206],437
Oct. 5.—Provost, bailies, dean of guild, and treasurer elected; letter from the King thereanent; commissioners to agree for dimission of town's right of Paisley; overseers appointed in absence of magistrates [Ib. fol. 206, 207],437
Oct. 15.—Request that town be discharged of raid against Lord Maxwell [Ib. fol. 211],439
Oct. 20.—Acts as to pest and cleansing vennels and streets [Ib. fol. 208],439
Oct. 22.—Houses, goods, and gear to be cleansed; application for a minister or reader [Ib. fol. 209],439
Oct. 27.—Town to be prepared against rebels [Ib.],440
Nov. 3.—Forty soldiers appointed to guard and watch town [Ib. fol. 210],440
Nov. 5.—Clean persons commanded to keep their houses [Ib.],440
Nov. 17.—Burial translated to Greyfriar kirkyard; William Watsoun recommended as minister [Ib. fol. 211, 212],441
Nov. 24.—Commissioners to King and secret council as to election of provost and a bailie, and as to affairs of Paisley; sentence of hanging and one to be put in jogs; agreement with burial men [Ib. fol. 212, 213],441
Nov. 26.—Order as to goods in uninhabited houses which are to be cleansed; wynds and streets to be cleansed [Ib. fol. 213],442
Dec. 1.—Earl of Arran deposed as provost, and William Littill elected in his place [Ib. fol. 213, 214],442
Dec. 15.—Names of persons proposed as elders and deacons to be made up [Ib. fol. 215],443
Dec. 17.—Donation by Robert Hay of Kirkcaldie for support of poor; a bailie elected; watch reduced to twenty-four; number of infected persons having diminished, remainder enclosed in Whitehouse; members of council named in place of those deceased or absent [Ib. fol. 216],444
Dec. 22.—Infected goods to be exposed to frost, and other precautions against pest [C. R., Vol. VII. fol. 217],444
Dec. 31.—Proclamation as to house setting; a painter and an old servant of the burgh admitted burgesses without payment [Ib. fol. 218, 219],445


Jan. 7.—Masters of hospital elected; order against blaspheming and banning [Ib. fol. 219],446
Jan. 12.—A bailie, for services in time of pest, exempted from taxation during his lifetime [Ib. fol. 221],447
Jan. 19.—Foul cleanser to be cleansed; seals delivered to provost; proclamation of roup of common good; masters of College to resume their doctrine on 3d February; swine not to be at large; fruit, etc., not to be sold on streets [Ib. fol. 222],447
Jan. 21.—Gift of Trinity College delivered to collector [Ib.],448
Jan. 28.—Augmentation of stipend of Walter Balcanquell, minister [Ib. fol. 223],448
Feb. 9.—Evidents of Trinity College to be inventoried; Robert Pollok made principal master in College; collector of rent of provostry [Ib. fol. 226],449
Feb. 11.—Statute for better observance of Sabbath day [Ib.],449
Feb. 16.—Evidents of Trinity College received from Robert Pont [Ib. fol. 228],450
Feb. 25.—Licence to Gilbert Henrysoun to teach a school; master of principal song school appointed; against harbouring excommunicated persons [Ib. fol. 230, 231],450
Mar. 4.—Allowance to the relict and children of James Lowsoun, minister; timber of lodges in muir to be brought in; small annuals to be sold [Ib. fol. 231–33],451
Mar. 9.—Payment to John Cairns, minister; slaughter of bestial in tenement near Grammar School to be stopped [C. R., Vol. VIII. fol. 1],453
Mar. 11.—No schools to be set up without licence of the kirk-session and the council [Ib. fol. 2],453
Mar. 18.—Proclamation for good order in time of public fast [Ib. fol. 3],453
Mar. 23.—Punishment for harlotry; watchmen discharged as sickness is past and town replenished with inhabitants [Ib.],454


Mar. 25.—Agreement as to teinds of common muir; on application of Walter Balcanquell, minister, stipend allowed him during absence [Ib. fol. 4],454
Apr. 6.—Lands of both muirs to be laid out for feuing; escheit of a murderer's goods; filth not be emptied at close heads; payments for paper books and repairs of tolbooth [C. R., Vol. VIII. fol. 5, 6],456
Apr. 13.—Advice of assembly desired in finding a minister [Ib. fol. 6],456
Apr. 15.—Lord Hamiltoun's alleged title to College [Ib. fol. 7],457
Apr. 20.—Reader in East Kirk elected; unlaws to be uplifted by water bailie [Ib. fol. 7, 8],457
Apr. 22.—Council to convene on Wednesdays and Fridays; town's representative to convene with prebendaries and chapter of Trinity College at their conventions [Ib. fol. 8],457
Apr. 27.—Shops to be set, the tenants repairing kirk wall [Ib. fol. 9],458
Apr. 29.—Person appointed to keep beggars off the Hiegait [Ib.],458
May 6.—Payment for refreshments at measuring the muir, to the porter of the castle, and the trumpeter for making proclamation against Jesuits; expenses of ambassador to Denmark [Ib. fol. 10, 11],458
May 11.—Payment to seven pillaged Englishmen; anent the French kirk which has come to the burgh; third court to be held yearly for creating burgesses and gild brethren; supplication to general assembly to appoint a minister [Ib. fol. 12, 13],458
May 12.—Supplication to assembly as to a minister amended [Ib. fol. 13],460
May 13.—Furnishings of the lords' inner council house [Ib. fol. 14],460
May 18.—Town's gift of College with decreit thereon and letters anent St. Paul's Work produced; painting walls of lords inner council house [Ib.],460
May 20.—Donation for repair of Trinity College Kirk; benevolence of neighbour wanted for that work and for College [Ib. fol. 15],461
May 24.—Allowance to John Dury, minister [Ib. fol. 16, 17],461
May 25.—Complaint to King against transporting victuals; holding beggars off the gait [Ib. fol. 17],461
June 8.—For benevolence to Inverkeithing, part of extent discharged; at request of King two persons allowed to use privilege of a burgess and guild brother [Ib. fol. 20],462
June 10.—Precautions against pest being brought from Potterrow; offenders against Sabbath statutes to be watched and punished; proclamation for observance of Sabbath and against banning and blaspheming [Ib.],462
June 17.—Artillery given in loan [Ib. fol. 22],463
June 22.—Provisions sent to poor people of Nudrie, where pest has arisen; none of Nudrie to come to burgh; papers given to Lord Seytoun returned; payments to ministers [Ib. fol. 22, 23],463
June 29.—Licence to bailies of Leith to repair dykes thereof [Ib. fol. 24],464
July 8.—Outrageous and intolerable speeches against the town; price of bread [C. R., Vol. VIII. fol. 25],464
July 15.—Proclamation against regraiting flesh; augmentation of stipend of John Cairnis, minister [Ib. fol. 26, 27],465
July 19.—Complaint to King as to Scots ships apprhended on their voyage to Dippe [Ib. fol. 27],466
July 20.—Lord Hamiltoun's alleged right to College; conditions of setting of the muir [Ib. fol. 27, 28],466
July 23.—Letter from King as to publication of an act at Flushing prejudicial to trade of burghs in France [Ib. fol. 29],467
July 29.—Fishmongers selling westlands herring; commissioners of certain burghs to convene as to staying Scots ships passing to Dieppe [Ib. fol. 31],468
Aug. 2.—Parts of wester muir feued [Ib. fol. 31, 32],469
Aug. 3.—Waste lands of easter muir to be feued [Ib. fol. 33],469
Aug. 5.—Expenses of commissioner sent by the royal burghs to England and Flanders [Ib.,469
Aug. 9.—Waste parts of easter muir feued [Ib. fol. 34, 35],470
Aug. 17.—In feuing muir, passage to be left from Merchistoun; tack of teinds set to feuars [Ib. fol. 35, 37],471
Aug. 24.—Allowance to minister of Wemyss; new gallows to be set up [Ib. fol. 38],471
Aug. 31.—Students of College to have a month's vacancy [Ib. fol. 41],472
Sept. 9.—Place in nether kirkyard for hide market [Ib. fol. 42],472
Sept. 21.—Thanks given to King for letter permitting election of magistrates [Ib. fol. 45],472
Sept. 23.—Tack of customs craved to be renewed [Ib.],472
Oct. 4.—Provost elected, with promise not to burden him with the office hereafter [Ib. fol. 47],473
Oct. 5.—Crames to be removed from High Street; burgesses to be received each council day; council to convene on Wednesdays and Fridays after sermon [Ib. fol. 48],473
Oct. 7.—Against fraud in selling coals; candle furnished to kirk [Ib. fol. 49],473
Oct. 12.—Extent for Border raid and King's wines; a refugee from Dieppe exempted from extent [Ib. fol. 49, 50],474
Oct. 17.—Two regents of College appointed after competition [Ib. fol. 50, 51],474
Oct. 21.—Proclamation against deceit in measures of wine and ale [Ib. fol. 51],475
Oct. 28.—Stipend of regents of College [Ib. fol. 53],475
Nov. 2.—Candle to burn at Nether Bow nightly; taverners and others to have premises lighted from five till nine nightly; no drink to be sold after nine [C. R., Vol. VIII. fol. 53, 54],475
Nov. 4.—Act against night walkers; George Hereott, goldsmith, elected deacon of his craft and of the council [Ib. fol. 54],476
Nov. 9.—Scholars' loft in High Kirk to be enlarged, and stocks of great bells repaired; John Cowper asked to accept ministry [Ib. fol. 55],476
Nov. 16.—Ports and town wall to be repaired; watch of twenty-four persons appointed [Ib. fol. 57],476
Nov. 18.—Call to ministers; two men and their parties discharged the burgh till married [Ib.],477
Nov. 23.—John Cowper elected minister [Ib. fol. 57, 58],477
Nov. 30.—Money advanced to King for expenses of ambassadors to England "to preserve his Maiesties mother" [Ib. fol. 60],477
Dec. 2.—Houses to be set only to such as are of good life and conversation [Ib.],478
Dec. 7.—Lord Hamiltoun's claim to lodging in Kirk of Field; schoolmasters called in and admonished [Ib. fol. 60, 61],478
Dec. 23.—Roof of hospital in Trinity College to be removed and placed in loft of town's hospital [Ib. fol. 63],479
Dec. 30.—Annuals of our Lady Hospital in St. Mary Wynd to be collected; orders for setting taxations of wines and customs [Ib. fol. 64],479


Jan. 4.—Place of old gallows to be cleared [Ib. fol. 65],480
Jan. 11.—Part of duty owing for grass of burial place discharged in respect of time of pestilence [Ib. fol. 66],480
Feb. 1.—Seal of the cause of the cordiners [Ib. fol. 70, 71],480
Feb. 3.—Price of wines; payment for clearing ground at old gallows [Ib. fol. 72],484
Feb. 8.—Payments for an imprisoned priest [Ib.],485
Feb. 11.—Putting up new gallows; compromise of action with an inhabitant of the Cannogait as to skins and webs; John Johnstoun appointed collector of annuals [Ib. fol. 73, 74],485
Feb. 17.—Jogs to be fitted up at St. Michael's Well; ship pillaged on voyage from London [Ib. fol. 74],486
Mar. 3.—Feed watch discharged [Ib. fol. 76],487
Mar. 8.—False coins sent to town; act as to fish and fleshers proclaimed of new; Grammar School to be repaired [Ib.],487
Mar. 10.—Imposition to be craved for repair of haven of Leith [Ib. fol. 77],487
Mar. 17.—Rental book of Blackfriars delivered; causeway to be made; Seynis to be laboured for town's use [C. R., Vol. VIII. fol. 78],488
Mar. 24.—Proclamation for observance of Sabbath [Ib. fol. 79],488


Apr. 1.—Soldiers sent to Dumfries for suppressing thieves and Lord Maxwell [Ib. fol. 80],488
Apr. 7.—Implements to be made for French causewaymakers [Ib. fol. 81],488
Apr. 12.—Mussel scalp in Leith haven; proclamation for observance of Sabbath; action pursued by craft of surgeons against an apothecary [Ib. fol. 81, 82],488
Apr. 14.—Act of parliament against fornicators to be rigorously executed [Ib. fol. 83],490
Apr. 19.—Papists and vicious livers to be removed from houses; staying of victual from passing furth of country [Ib. fol. 83, 84],490
Apr. 21.—Border of robe royal to be presented to the King; ambassadors to be sent by King to Denmark for entreating of marriage [Ib. fol. 84],490
Apr. 22.—Town agree to pay charges of shipping ambassadors [Ib.],491
Apr. 28.—Commissioner sent to King as to his ambassadors to Denmark [Ib. fol. 85],491
May 1.—£2000 to be advanced for ambassadors [Ib. fol. 85, 86],492
May 12.—All persons to resort to the preachings [Ib. fol. 88],492
May 17.—Expenses of soldiers sent to raid of Dumfries [Ib.],492
May 24.—Expenses of banquet to the King's Grace and nobility [Ib. fol. 89],492
May 26.—Housing for the causewaymakers [Ib. fol. 90],492
June 2.—Submission of an abuser of the sacraments and of marriage [Ib.],493
June 7.—Games not to be on gait except on fairs and market days; proclamation renewed for removal of evil persons [Ib. fol. 91, 92],493
June 9.—Commissioners to consult with kirk-session for finding out a minister in room of James Lowsoun, deceased; names of fornicators to be got [Ib. fol. 92],493
June 16.—Bellman admonished; bounds of Senys to be enclosed; roof to be put on Grammar School, and bell hung [Ib.],493
June 30.—Stipend to minister of Weymess; proposal to elect Robert Bruce minister [Ib. fol. 94],494
July 4.—English pirate lying in Firth; propine to be given to my lord secretary [Ib. fol. 94, 95],494
July 7.—Inhabitants to be ready to appear in armour; commissioners to parliament elected [Ib. fol. 95],495
July 15.—Proclamation of weaponschawing [C. R., Vol. VIII. fol. 96],495
July 19.—Lord Bothwell, sheriff, having proclaimed the county weaponshawing to be held on burgh muir, propine to be given for his good will [Ib. fol. 96, 97],495
July 21.—Repair of ministers' lodging; houses and places beside St. Paul's Work set [Ib. fol. 97, 98],496
July 26.—Door to be struck in East Kirk [Ib. fol. 98],496
July 28.—Burgesses oath augmented; kitchen to be added to ministers' lodging [Ib.],496
Aug. 2.—Price of ale; repair of bulwark and shore of Leith [Ib. fol. 99],497
Aug. 4.—Seat in Easter Kirk to lord chancellor's wife [Ib. fol. 100],497
Aug. 8.—Proposal to erect a meal market [Ib.],497
Aug. 9.—French causewaymakers to begin at Cowgait [Ib.],498
Aug. 16.—Ship from northland passing to Culross; allowance to John Cowper, minister [Ib. fol. 101],498
Aug. 22.—Markets to be built in nether kirkyard [Ib. fol. 102],498
Aug. 27.—Principal of College to teach theology [Ib. fol. 104],499
Aug. 29.—Price of bread and ale [Ib.],499
Sept. 1.—Insurrection amongst scholars of the Grammar School [Ib. fol. 104, 105],499
Sept. 6.—Money lent to King for advancing his honourable affairs; expenses of outrigging boat to pass against pirates [Ib. fol. 105],500
Sept. 8.—Conference with prebendaries of Trinity College; laird of Knockdoleane's bowels taken up [Ib. fol. 106],501
Sept. 12.—Proclamation against beggars [Ib.],501
Sept. 13.—A tailor imprisoned for troubling the watch [Ib. fol. 107],501
Sept. 22.—Exemptions from extents renounced; proclamation as to behaviour of apprentices and servants of the crafts [Ib. fol. 108],501
Sept. 27.—Contribution for support of French kirk in England [Ib. fol. 109],502
Oct. 11.—Price of candle and bread [Ib. fol. 113],502
Oct. 13.—King to be spoken to for maintenance of privileges [Ib.],503
Oct. 25.—Council to be clad with gowns and not cloaks; price of bread [Ib. fol. 114],503
Oct. 26.—Furnishing men for raid to the Borders [Ib.],503
Oct. 27.—Men to be raised for raid [Ib.],503
Nov. 1.—Proclamation as to pest in Leith; as to ship coming from Treport with Jesuits [Ib. fol. 115],504
Nov. 2.—Contribution for expenses of an ambassador to Denmark [C. R., Vol. VIII. fol. 116],504
Nov. 3.—Cats, dogs, or swine not to be at large; public fast to be kept; infected persons to be taken to Seynis; allowance to three scholars who gave proofs for place of new regent [Ib.],505
Nov. 6.—Proclamation as to pest; commission to seven members of Council for taking order with pest; burials not to be proclaimed without advice of magistrates [Ib. fol. 117],506
Nov. 8.—Regent of College elected; grass of Greyfriar and Trinity College yards to be rouped [Ib.],506
Nov. 10.—Duty of St. Paul's Work given to widow of a beadman; taxation on Leith for licence to abide from Border raid. [Ib. fol. 118],507
Nov. 14.—Door to be struck through town wall for entry to Trinity College and hospital [Ib. fol. 118, 119],507
Nov. 17.—Watch for keeping out Leith people; ministrels, vagabonds and masterless persons to leave burgh; a slanderous person banished for singing filthy songs [Ib.],507
Nov. 22.—Masters of hospital elected [Ib.],508
Nov. 24.—Stipend of principal of College [Ib. fol. 120],508
Dec. 1.—Proclamation for keeping order and defending town [Ib. fol. 121],508
Dec. 13.—Act of Parliament as to prices of wine and timber; pricers appointed [Ib. fol. 123],509
Dec. 20.—Vacant cordiner shops to be employed for receiving young beggars [Ib. fol. 125],510
Dec. 29.—An officer's wife put in jogs; acts and statutes of the burgh [Ib. fol. 126–32],510


Jan. 3.—Bellman punished for negligence [Ib. fol. 132],511
Jan. 5.—College and Grammer School to open on Monday next [Ib. fol. 133],511
Jan. 12.—Intention of John Cowper to leave after next general assembly [Ib.],511
Jan. 24.—Consent to minister leaving for Glasgow; proclamation for keeping ports; fosse to be cast outwith town wall at Cowgait Port and gate at Trinity College to be built up [Ib. fol. 136],512
Jan. 31.—Day and night watch [Ib. fol. 138],513
Feb. 7.—Letter from Lord Hamiltoun denying certain rumours against him [Ib. fol. 139],513
Feb. 9.—Allowances to ministers; six men to be engaged for keeping steeple [Ib.],514
Mar.1.—No markets to be held in time of sermons, and all persons to repair to sermons; rental book of the Blackfriars produced; obligation by a skinner to observe laws concerning guild brethren [C. R., Vol. VIII. fol. 142],514
Mar. 6.—Pair of tree boots to be made; payment of school wages [Ib. fol. 143],515
Mar. 22.—Donation for repair of Trinity College Church [Ib. fol. 145],515


Apr. 3.—Fishmarket in Canongate to be stopped; pennies found under a cellar in Leith [Ib. fol. 146, 147],515
Apr. 5.—Act as to persons to whom houses are to be set [Ib.fol.147],516
Apr. 17.—Stipend of master of High School augmented [Ib. fol. 149, 150],517
Apr.24.—Shelves to be set up for town's library [Ib. fol. 151],518
May. 8.— Two Fleming websters to remove unless they agree with kirk [Ib.]518
May 11.—Town to be more efficiently watched; names of lodgers to be given up [Ib. fol. 152],519
May 22.— Inhabitants of Leith not to make musters on Sundays [Ib. fol. 153],519
May 24.—Men to be furnished for raid of Dumfries [Ib.],520
May 29.—Swescher punished for attending May plays in Kirkliston [Ib. fol. 154],520
May 31.—Insurrection by the crafts, servants and others; act for prevent ing recurrence of disorder [Ib. fol. 154, 155],520
June. 5.—Payment for powder sent to siege of Lochmaben[Ib. fol. 156.],523
June. 7.—Keeping Bell's Wynd clean; Bishop of Dunkeld's tenement [Ib. fol. 157],523
June 11.—Powder and bullet sent to siege of Lochmaben [Ib.],523
June 12.—Letter from Bishop of Glasgow; insurgents to give in their supplications to the kirk and council [Ib. fol. 158],523
June 28.—Entertainment to two sisters of the Duke of Lennox [Ib. fol. 160],524
July 3.—Allowance to a bellringer; entertainment to Duke of Lennox's sisters; order and manner of the visitors in each quarter [Ib. fol. 161–64],524
July 5.—Hatmakers not to associate with the unfree hatmakers of the Canongate [Ib. fol. 164],525
July 19.—Countess of Argyle to be buried in tomb of the Regent Murray [Ib. fol. 166],525
July 24.—Contributions to be collected for the poor [Ib.],526
July 31.—Men to be placed in steeple; decease of person who kept poor off the gait[Ib. fol. 167],526
Aug. 2.—Entertainment to ambassador for King of Denmark [C. R., Vol. VIII.fol. 167],526
Aug. 9.—Coals to be got to load in ship which brought home the Flemish websters; preparations for resisting Spanish Armada; Robert Bruce proposed as a minister [Ib. fol. 168, 169],526
Aug. 11.—Overtures to general assembly as to appointment of a minister [Ib. fol. 169],527
Aug. 14.—Appointment of captains [Ib.],528
Aug. 16.—Expenses of neighbours transporting Lord Maxwell [Ib. fol. 170],528
Sept. 11.—Complaint to King anent the lord admiral; entertainment of King of Navarre's ambassador [Ib. fol. 172],528
Sept.13.—Bread not to be baked in fashion of Dysart bread [Ib. fol. 173],529
Sept.20.—Election of person to hold poor off the gait[Ib. fol. 174],529
Sept. 25.—Soldier slain in the town's quarrel; persons setting houses to needy persons to be liable for their maintenance[Ib. fol. 174, 175],529
Sept. 27.—Complaint to admiral as to exactions on ships at Leith; expenses of Flemish websters and others[Ib. fol. 175],530
Oct. 2.—Proposal to appoint a minister; declinature to lend money to Lord Bothwell[Ib. fol. 176],530
Oct. 4.—Complaint to King as to oppression of Lord Bothwell [Ib. fol. 177],530
Oct. 11.—Contribution for shipwrecked Spaniards; annual acts and statutes [Ib. fol. 177–83],531
Oct. 23.—Ships for transporting shipwrecked Spaniards [Ib. fol. 184, 185],531
Oct. 30.—Relief to Spaniards [Ib.fol. 185],532
Nov. 1.—New collection for Spaniards; Greenside playfield not to be tilled [Ib.],532
Nov. 6.—Armour to be possessed by burgesses [Ib. fol. 185, 186],532
Nov. 22.—Proclamation as to putting Flemings to work[Ib. fol. 187, 188],532
Dec. 4.—Beggars not to beg in streets on the Sundays; proposal to alter ministers' stipends [Ib. fol. 188, 189],533
Dec. 6.—Augmentation of ministers' stipends [Ib. fol. 189, 190],533
Dec. 11.—Gift of escheat goods [Ib. fol.190],533
Dec. 27.—Set of lands and houses at Newhaven to a Fleming [Ib. fol.192],534


Jan. 3.—Names of prentices to be entered in Prentice Book [Ib. fol. 192, 193],534
Jan. 15.—Compromise proposed between town and Lord Hamilton as to College [Ib. fol. 195],534
Jan. 17.—Extent raised for the King's marriage; appointment of Regent in the College; proposal to found teacher of laws in the College; payment to surgeon for curing the poor [C.R., Vol. VIII. fol. 195],535
Jan. 22.—Taxation levied from merchants and inhabitants [Ib. fol. 196],536
Feb. 5.—Cautioners for money advanced to Fleming websters; licence to regent of College to go to London for curing his eye [Ib. fol. 198],536
Feb. 14.—Punishment for assault and slander [Ib. fol. 199],536
Feb. 21.—Money owing by Fleming websters given for repair of Trinity College Kirk [Ib. fol. 200],536
Feb. 26.—George Haisty to desist from teaching grammer in respect of privilege granted to master of Grammer School [Ib.],537
Feb. 28.—All persons to be ready in armour and watch to be kept [Ib. fol. 201],537
Mar. 7.—Unlaws of fornicators given for repair of Trinity College Kirk; Wester Links of Leith set [Ib. fol. 202],537
Mar. 12.—Accusations against the provost to be brought before secret council [Ib. fol. 203],538
Mar. 14.—Torches furnished when Lord Huntly was warded [Ib. fol. 204],539
Mar. 21.—Proclamation against disturbances in the Kirk [Ib. fol. 204, 205],539


Mar. 26.—Stones given from St. Paul's Work for repair of Trinity College Kirk; town wall to be repaired [Ib. fol. 205, 206],539
Mar. 28.—Commissioners sent to assembly as to minister [Ib. fol. 206],539
Apr. 2.—Appraisement and roup of household goods [Ib. fol. 206-208],540
Apr. 7.—In consequence of warlike proceedings of Earl of Huntly and Lord Bothwell preparations made for defence of town [Ib. fol. 208, 209],541
Apr. 12.—Soldiers to be sent to northern raid [Ib. fol. 209],541
Apr. 16.—Payments to officers and for chains for vagabonds and repairing dykes of Seynis yards [Ib.],542
Apr. 18.—Sustentation of shipwrecked Spainiards[Ib. fol. 211],542
Apr. 20.—Town to be guarded for defence against Lord Bothwell[Ib.],542
May 2.—Sureties for poles cramers not contravening acts anent passing furth of realm[Ib. fol. 213],543
May 9.—Imposition at port of Leith for repair of shore[Ib],543
May 14.—Duties of a beidman of Trinity College discharged[Ib. fol. 214],543
May 28.—Payment to watchmen who kept the Earl of Huntly [Ib. fol. 215],543
May 29.—Embassy to Denmark anent the King's marriage; commissioners to accompany ambassador for attending to affairs of burghs; banquet to be made to ambassadors from Holland [C.R., Vol. VIII. fol. 215, 216],543
June 10.—Banquet to English ambassadors [Ib. fol. 217],544
June 20.—Proposal to bestow abbacy of Haddington on town's College; commission as to loss of goods on England through shipwreck [Ib. fol. 218],544
June 21.—Robert Bruce to be a minister till next general assembly[Ib],545
June 25.—James Balfour proposed as a minister; bonnetmakers to keep within their booths and work houses[Ib. fol. 218, 219],545
June 27.—Expenses of two banquests and mending a Spaniard's head [Ib. fol. 219],546
July 2.—Millstones to be given to Lord Morton and captain of the castle [Ib. fol. 220],546
July 18.—Commissioners sent to James Bruce, minister as to his home-coming [Ib. fol. 221],546
July 25.—Augmentation of a minister's stipend[Ib. fol.222],546


List of Provosts, Bailies, Councillors, and other Office Bearers of the City of Edinburgh, from A.D. 1573 to A.D. 1589573