House of Commons Journal Volume 1
14 March 1607 (2nd scribe)


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 14 March 1607 (2nd scribe)', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802). URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Saturni, 14o Die Martii, 1606

Leave of Absence.

Mr.....Gawdie, upon his own Motion, and his urgent Occasions of a great Trial at the Assises, wherein he feareth great Danger by his Absence, is licensed to depart for a Time.


1. Reading: - B. For Relief of poor Curriers inhabiting near the City of London, and Liberties thereof, and not free of the Company of Curriers of the City of London.

Tanners, &c.

The Bill for Explanation of One Statute, 1o Jacobi, touching Tanners and Curriers, &c. reported from the Committee by Mr. Brook; and the Amendments read.

Mr. Alford remembered a Proviso, tendered by Sir Tho. Beamount: But, upon the Question, to be ingrossed, and the Proviso to be tendered at the third Reading.

Inconvenience at Conferences.

Sir Geo. St. Poll, - touching the Standing at the Conferences.

Mr. Fuller reporteth the -

6 E. III. the House altogether: They came down to this House, to confer. -

In all Commissions, where they are unequal. Degree, yet equal in Commission, to sit, and be bare-headed. -

Great Hurt to their Bodies. - Sir Francis Bacon to move it to the Lords.


Tuesday, - the Marshalsea.


Tuesday, the Bill of Fens to be read.

Iron Mills, &c.

Sir Francis Fane reporteth the Bill, touching Iron Mills, and Preservation of Woods in special Places; with the Opinion of the Committee, to sleep. The Body of the Bill not fit to pass.


Bill, touching Subscription, &c. 13o Eliz. reported by Mr. Fuller: Upon the Question, to be ingrossed.

Tompson's Estate.

3. Reading: - B. Touching Tompson, a Lunatick, &c.

- Upon the Question, passed.

Waller's Estate.

Mr. Martin reporteth the Bill for the Sale of Waller's, Lands, &c. - Many Speeches. - Upon the Question, to be ingrossed.

Sir H. Poole much against it. Taxeth the Committees.

Inconvenience at Conferences.

Mr. Fuller proceedeth with the Motion, touching standing, and being bare-headed. -

Now long Conferences. Matter of Treaties, not of Bills ready framed, - That some may move it to the Lords.

Mr. Speaker urgeth, that Conferences, in all Parliaments, have been upon other Matters, than Bills.

Sir Rob. Johnson -

Moved, that a Message might be sent, in generality; That Conferences were long; standing painful; Committees made unable to undergo their Charge.

Q. Whether to be forborn for this Time: - Resolved. The Reason, because the Lords might hear, and would provide.


Clothing : - Monday Morning to meet again, to clear some Doubts.