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Brook's Wharf

On the south side of Upper Thames Street, at No. 48 (P.O. Directory). In Queenhithe Ward, between Broken Wharf and Queenhithe Wharf, near Bread Street Hill.

First mention : A messuage, two cottages and a wharf called "Broke Wharffe alias Bockyng Wharffe" in parish of St. Michael at Queenhithe, 23 H. VIII. 1531 (L. and P. VIII. V. 286).

Later records : In the next year the wharf by the name of "Brookes Warfe" alias "Dockynges Wharfe" was granted to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem (24 H. VIII. and P. V. 581). "D" probably an error for "B."

After the dissolution of the monasteries it was granted to Thomas Broke, 36 H. VIII. 1544, described as a great messuage in the parish of St. Michael Queenhithe extending from Poddyng Lane West to the tenement of St. Mary Graces Abbey east and from Tymberhithe streate to the Thames, with the structures therein known as Marolowes Key, Dockinges Key and Brokes Key (L. and P. H. VIII. XIX. (2), p. 69).

"Brook's Wharf," 1678 (L. and P. Chas. II. XIX. p. 627). In Strype called "Brookers Wharf."

There can be little doubt that these names commemorate the various owners, who held the wharf or wharves from time to time, as it was the common practice for these wharves to be designated by the names of their respective owners.

Brook's Wharf Lane

South out of Upper Thames Street at No. 48, leading to Brook's Wharf (L.C.C. List, 1901). In Queenhithe Ward.

First mention : Strype, ed. 1755.

Brook's Yard

North out of George Street, Tower Hill (Lockie, 1816).

Not named in the maps.

Broven's Court, Philpot Lane

See Brabant Court.

Brown Bear Alley or Court

North out of Upper East Smithfield, at No. 1, in the parish of St. Botolph, Aldgate (L.C.C. List, 1912).

Earliest mention : London Guide, 1758.

"Brown Bear Court" in Lockie, 1816.


Close and meadows called Brownesclose on the west of the gardens called "le More," or "le Moore mede," 31 H. VIII. 1539 (L. and P. H. VIII. XIV. Pt. I. p. 591).

No later reference.

Brown's Alley

See Peacock Place or Court.

Browns Buildings

West out of Princes Street, Rosemary Lane. In East Smithfield (Horwood, 1799, to Elmes, 1831).

Cleared away for the construction of the London and Blackwall Railway and the Goods Depot of the Great Northern Railway.

Brown's Buildings

In Upper East Smithfield at No. 116, nearly opposite Nightingale Lane (Lockie, 1810-Elmes, 1831).

Not named in the maps.

Brown's Buildings

East out of St. Mary Axe, at No. 10 (P.O. Directory). In Aldgate Ward.

Earliest mention (Rocque, 1746) : "Brownes Buildings."

Brown's Court

In Crutched Friars (Dodsley, 1761).

Not named in the maps.

Brown's Court

West out of Shoe Lane in Farringdon Ward Without, near the middle of the Lane (O. and M. 1677-Boyle, 1799).

Site now covered by offices and business houses.

Brown's Court

East of Gracechurch Street, a passage to Philpot Lane (Hatton, 1708-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in maps.

Brown's Court

West out of Little Old Bailey, communicating south with Dean's Court, in Farringdon Ward Without (O. and M. 1677-Elmes, 1831).

Site now covered by offices and business houses.

Brown's Court

East out of the Minories, north of Goodman's Yard (Boyle, 1799).

Earliest mention : Rocque, 1746.

The site seems to be now occupied by Swan Street.

See Peacock Place or Court.

Brown's Court

In Billiter Lane (P.C. 1732-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in maps.

Brown's Court

South out of Angel Alley. In Bishopsgate Ward Without (Rocque 1746-Elmes, 1831).

Other name : "Brown's Yard" (Strype, ed. 1720, I. ii. 108).

The site is now occupied by the North London Railway.

Brown's Wharf

At Whitefriars Dock (Strype, ed. 1755-Dodsley, 1761).

Not named in maps.

Brown's Wharf

At the south end of Pillory Lane on the Thames (Survey of St. Katherine's, 1686, Sloane MS. 3254, A. 1-Rocque, 1746).

Removed for the construction of St. Katherine's Docks, 1827, and site occupied by St. Katherine's Dock Entrance.

Brown's Yard

In Woodroffe Lane (Strype, ed. 1755-Boyle, 1799).

Not named in maps.