Appendix A
List of ships for Tenerife, 1649


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'Appendix A: List of ships for Tenerife, 1649', The letters of John Paige, London merchant, 1648-58: London Record Society 21 (1984), pp. 151-152. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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(A) John Paige's list of Ships Bound for Tenerife for the vintage of 1649

128. [Enclosure in letter of 1 Sept. 1649 to William Clerke (9).] A list of ships bound for Tenerife to load wines, with their burden and to whom they go consigned ts

Mr Gilbert Crane to Mr Kilvert and yourself190
Mr Barber to yourself and Mr Paynter100
Mr Murwill to Mr Casby and Mr Turner200
Mr William Chalk to Mr Paynter120
Mr Henry Toope to Mr Bradick etc.230
Mr Crampe to Mr John Turner210
Mr James Blake to Mr John Casby210
Mr Young to Mr Bonfoy160
Mr Crispe to Mr Lambell and others etc.250
Mr Joy to Mr Fowler and Mr Lambell150
Mr Starling to Mr Throckmorton and Proud190
Mr Jenkins to Mr Phillip Ward150
Mr Sheere to Mr Campion and Lee150
Mr Humphrey Holcomb's ship to Mr Body150
Mr Hedgethorn to Mr Bonfoy240
A Fleming to Don Alonso de Lugo200
Mr Button from Naples with hoops250
Mr Brookes from New England140
Mr Pyle for Mr Lambell250
Mr Smith from Nantes to Mr Benjamin Barron160
Mr Izaack's ship from Topsham to Mr Body100
Mr Robert Rinett from Lynn140
Mr William Hayes to Mr Cowling110
Mr Read from Colchester to Mr Paynter most part120
A Bristol man as I hear to go90
Mr Thomas Warren's ship80
Mr Bennett from Barbary to Mr Fowler as I am told200
Mr Bulkley's ship from Newfoundland100
Mr Fowler's ship from Newfoundland80
Mr Colquist from Newfoundland to Mr Paynter100
A Fleming from Bilbao to Mr Body220
Mr Jop from Bilbao to Mr Body120
A New England man from Bilbao to Mr Body160
Mr Hussy from Bilbao to Mr Turner160
Mr Fishman to Mr Pearson and Webber150
Mr Webber from Galicia with pilchards70
Mr Sidrake Blake, I make account, must load220
Mr Steward for Mr John Turner200
Mr Humphrey Isham for Mr Wild and others250
A collier now freighted for several men120
In all 40 ships6,490 ts

Of all these ships I am confident there will not fail 2, God sending them in safety. Rather, I doubt there may be some I know not of, besides Hollanders which I make no question but will be some. I thought this a very necessary thing to send you, whereby to govern yourself accordingly. …