St Olave Bread Street


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'Parishes: St Olave Bread Street', The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate: London Record Society 7 (1971), pp. 114-115. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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[f. 110] In the parish of St. Olave Bredstret

574. Note: Benet abbot of Stratford and convent granted to Peter prior and convent 5s. p.a. quit rent from certain land which Walter Pappekertel 'le Tailiator' held of them as appears by Charter Fourteen (fn. 1) of several parishes.

575. [List of those paying quit rent]: Walter Puppekertel; Richard Puppekertel; Robert Furmage; Walter Blund; Roger de Overe; Henry de Walde grave who granted the tenement to John de Norhamtone who paid 5s. as appears by their charter (fn. 2) enrolled 13 Ed. I; Peter de Newcastle (de novo castro), 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Roger Payable, 6 Ed. III; Thomas Kendale, 30 Ed. III and the tenement is situated on the west side of Bredstrete.

576. Note: Time out of mind the priory has had 1 lb. of cumin at Michaelmas from a tenement once of Henry Kyngisson in the parish of St. Olave as appears in a rental with the letter 'G' and after Henry; Laurence de Hereford; John de Norhamtone, 1 Ed. II; William de Norhamtone, 19 Ed. II. [20 lines blank].

577. Total of this parish 5s. and it is tithed at this in the king's exemplification.


1 1015.
2 H.R. 15 (38).