Corrigenda in volume 2


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H. C. Maxwell Lyte (editor)

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'Corrigenda in volume 2', A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 2 (1894), pp. IX. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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A. 1827. For [Richard 1.] read [Stephen].

A. 1924. For [Middlesex] read [Suffolk].

A. 2011. For Beng' read Berenger.

A. 2280. For William read William.

A. 2330. For Mazelmer read Mazeliner.

A. 2349. For [Middx.] read [Herts].

A. 2409. For Fardon read Farndon.

A. 2595. For [Middx.] read [Norf.]

A. 2871. For an Augustine monk read Augustine the monk.

A. 2978. For Herne read Herve.

A. 3032. For Bonseriont read Bonserjont.

A. 3066. For Bandeswell read Baudeswell.

A. 3161. For Daunay read Aunay.

A. 3199. For [Oxford] read [Bucks].

A. 3228. For [Hants] read [Wilts].

A. 3270. For [Suff.] read [Wilts].

A. 3367. For Ostone read Oftone.

A. 3370. Dele [Suff.].

A. 3464. For Leuveis read Lenveis.

A. 3466. For [Suff?] read [Essex].

A. 3554. For nmed read named.

A. 3594. Dele [Suff.].

A. 3699. For Feversam read Teversam.

A. 3718. For [Suff.] read [Hants].

A. 3738. For Manger read Mauger.

A. 3760. For Sprontone read Sproutone.

A. 3799. For Hankedone read Haukedone.

A. 3802. For [Suff.] read [Wilts].

A. 3824. For [Suff.] read [Essex].

B. 1900. For [Warw.] read [Essex].

B. 1910. " " "

B. 1975. For Hicthen read Hicchen.

B. 1982. For de Balauncer read le Balauncer.

B. 2132. For Chelchehuche read Chelchehuthe.

B. 2263. For Ednesoner read Ednesouer.

B. 2314. For Leveyn read Loveyn.

B. 2383. For Foot of fine read Indenture of fine.

B. 2491. For [Warw.] read [Staff.].

B. 2492. " " "

" " For Penlesdon read Peulesdon.

B. 2517. Dele [Warw.]

B. 2543. For [Oxford] read [Hants].

B. 2619. For Rotherath read Rotherach.

" " For Seynion read Seynjon.

B. 2645. For Mapendre read Mapeudre.

B. 2662. For Leuedisone read Levedisone.

B. 2786. For Haukeford read Hankeford.

B. 2867. For Bottingha read Boccingha.

B. 2887. For [York?] read [Derby, Notts.].

B. 2908. For Asith read Osith.

B. 3062. For Jornarth read Jornarth.

B. 3495. For 'ken' read 'keu.'

B. 3607. For [Bucks ?] read [Glouc ].

B. 3852. For [Wilts] read [Devon].

" " For Wantort read Wautort.

C. 1785. For Bermund read Beumund.

C. 1890. For [Herts] read [Wilts].

C. 2048. For Woderone read Woderone.

C. 2398. For Hopebondelers read Hopeboudelers.

C. 2450. For Halfkuict read Halfkniet.

C. 2542. For Northenell read Northevell.

C. 2769. For Alech read Aleth.

C. 2892. For Tregenran read Tregeuran.