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A.4701 - A.4800

Wilts. Heref.A. 4701. Undertaking by William de la Fenne, that he will warrant to Adam de Argoges, all the tenement in Strattone, which the said Adam holds of him; and that the said William and all others, who hereafter may hold William's land of 'la Fenne,' shall satisfy Adam for any damage through defect of warranty &c. London, Wednesday before St. Luke, 42 Henry III. Seal.
[Berks.]A. 4702. Grant by James Atleston of Offynton, with the consent of Matilda, his wife, to Adam de Argoges of Strattone, of a yearly rent. Witnesses:—William de Arkesden, William Avenel, Robert Barry and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4703. Confirmation by John son of Philip le Bret of Netherestrattone, of a grant by his father to Sir Adam de Strattone, of a messuage and land in the said town. London, Wednesday after St. Petronilla, 3 Edward I. Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4704. Release by William le Paumer, to Adam de Argojes, of a yearly rent in Stratton, due from Christina, William's daughter, for a messuage and land. Witnesses:—Philip le Bret, John Aylmer, William de Walecot, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Wilts, now Berks.]A. 4705. Grant by Robert Paterich, to Hugh le Despenser, of a yearly rent from land in Sheperugge, by the road leading to the ford (vadum) of Stanford. Witnesses:—Sir Gilbert le Blount, John Berd, Alan de Stanford, and others (named).
[Wilts.]A. 4706. Grant by Matilda, late the wife of Serle de Strattune, widow, with the consent of Richard her son, vicar of Salisbury, to Adam her son, of land in Strattun. Witnesses:—Ralph Dorguilles, Robert Werdebek, Brian de Sevenhamtun, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4707. Grant by John de Gardino, to Adam de Argoges, of a yearly rent in Strattone, from a tenement which Henry Edred held of the grantor. Witnesses:—Philip le Bret, Roger de Camera, William Avenel and others (named).
[Wilts.]A. 4708. Grant by Richard son of Henry Serle, to John son of Adam, of land with a messuage in Stratton. Witnesses:—Sir John de Gardino, Ralph Sprinham, John de Walecote, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Scripta de Johanne Serle.'
[Wilts.]A. 4709. Grant by John son of Philip le Bret, to Adam de Strattone, clerk, of a messuage and land in Netherestratton, part lying in 'la Breche,' part in 'le Brodeforlong,' part in the tillage called 'Noefacres,' part above Sturie, part at Horestone, part in Esturebreche, and pasture for two oxen in Grutemore; together with all the land which Isolda de la More holds as dower in the same town. Witnesses:—Sirs Robert de Lusteshull and Waleran de Bluntesdon, knights, John Aylmer, and others (named). Seal.
[ ]A. 4710. Grant by Walter le Nywehosebonde of Shenle, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of a yearly rent from a tenement called 'Haverlond,' in the said town (Shenley). February, 11 Edward I. Seal.
Barks.A. 4711. Bond by James Attestone, to Adam de Argoges of Strattone, for the payment of a yearly rent, granting that in case of non-payment the sheriff of Berkshire may distrain the goods of the said James. Witnesses: —Thomas Esperun, Henry de Wyk, William de Arkesden, clerks of the king's exchequer, Philip le Bret, Odo de Overton, and others (named).
[Wilts, now Berks.]A. 4712. Conveyance by Alyhiva Cheke and Robert Paterich, to Sir John le Despenser (dispensator'), of meadow land in the moor of Scheperugge, for ten years from Hokeday, 55 Henry III. Witnesses:—Gilbert le Blunt, Nicholas de Dideham, Alan de Stanford, and others (named). 55 Henry III.
[Wilts.]A. 4713. Release by Adam de Argoges, to Simon Robby, of part of a yearly rent paid by him for land in Strattone. Friday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 43 Henry III. Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4714. Grant by Christine, late the wife of Simon Roby, to Adam Stratton, clerk, of a meadow called 'la Meetcrofte,' in Stratton, with release of all the land which she held as dower in the said town. London, Thursday after St. Denis, 11 Edward I. Seal.
[Wilts, now Berks.]A. 4715. Release by William Berd of Scheperyg', to Sir John le Despenser (dispensar'), his lord, of land in the meadow of 'la More' of Scheperyg, with certain water; for which Sir John has given to William part of a meadow at Lethennardesyate, and a mark. Witnesses:—Gilbert le Blund, Walter le Fraunkeleyn, Thomas de Cheyne, and others (named).
[Wilts.]A. 4716. Grant by John de Gardino, to Adam de Argoges, of a yearly rent to be received from the persons named, for the tenement which they held of the grantor in Strattone. Witnesses:—Philip le Bret, Roger de Camera, William Avenel, and others (named).
[Wilts, now Berks.]A. 4717. Release by Walter, son of Nicholas the clerk (clerici) of Seperig', to Sir John le Despenser (dispensar'), knight, his lord, of all the meadow which he used to have in 'la More' [in Seperig]; for which Sir John has given to him 3s. and part of a croft in Seperig' in exchange. Witnesses:—Sir John de Sancto Johanne, William Berd, Thomas de Cheney, and others (named).
[Wilts.]A. 4718. Sale by Everard de Arguges, to the prior and canons of Bradenestok, of land at Stratton, part in Langefurlang, part in 'la Estlangefurlang,' and part in Burgfurlange. Witnesses:—Sir John,parson of Stratton, Elias de Stapelford, Simon de Stapelham, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4719. Grant by John son of John Serle, to Adam de Argoges, of a messuage, croft, and land in Strattone; with all that John held or might inherit in the said town as contained in his ancestors' charters of feoffment which he has delivererd to Adam before the king's justices at Westminster &c.; also letter of attorney authorising William de Wytth to deliver seisin of the premises. London, within three weeks of Michaelmas, 41 Henry III. Seal.
[Berks.]A. 4720. Release by Peter son of Elias Farman, to Geoffrey the prior, and to the convent of Poghele, of all actions. Sunday after St. Ambrose, 24 Edward III.
[Oxford?]A. 4721. Release by John de Molendino of Wydeford, to Sir Adam de Stratton, his lord, of all the mill, with lands &c. belonging thereto, which he held from him in the said town; for which Sir Adam has granted to William, John's son, to hold, in villenage, the messuage and land in the said town which John formerly held. Sunday, the vigil of St. Matthew, 4 Edward I. Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4722. Grant by Nicholas Walraund, chaplain, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of nine of his bondmen (named), in Overestrattone, with their lands and issue &c. with all that the grantor has in the said town, the said bondmen having been granted to Nicholas by his brother, Sir John Walraund, in exchange for land which the grantor's father Waleran gave to him in Puriton. Sunday before St. Gregory, 9 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4723. Grant by Thomas de Harehulle, chaplain, to Adam de Argojes, of land with a windmill in Stratton, which the grantor's father, John, had several times held from the prior and convent of Bradenstock. Witnesses:—John de Gardino, William Avenel, William de Stapelford, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4724. Grant by John de Gardino, to Adam de Argoges, of all the services which William Fraunkelayn and William de Stapelford owe to the grantor for lands in Strattone. Witnesses:—Philip le Bret, Roger de Camera, William Avenel, and others (named).
[Dorset.] [Wilts.]A. 4725. Certificate by Geoffrey de Weston, that on the authority of a letter of attorney (recited) received by him from Alesia late the wife of Thomas, earl of Lancaster, and daughter and heiress of Henry de Lacy, late earl of Lincoln, he has delivered to Sir Thomas de Sibethorp, clerk, attorney of Sir Hugh le Despenser, the younger, Alesia's kinsman, seisin of all the knight's fees, advowsons of churches and prebends &c. belonging to the manors of Troubrugge, Wynterburn, Ambr[esbury], Caneford, Elstrigge, and Cherlton. Est Kenett, 20 August, 16 Edward II. Portion of seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4726. Grant by Alice, daughter of Everard de Argoges, to Adam de Argoges, of a messuage with a garden, curtilage, croft, and land in Strattone, with all rents, pastures &c, which she has, or may inherit, in the said town. Witnesses:—John de Gardino, Roger de Camera, William Avenel, and others (named).
[Wilts.]A. 4727. Grant by Ralph, son of John de Gardino of Strattons, to Adam de Strattone, clerk, of rents from the tenants named, for lands in Overestrattone and Netherestrattone. May, 8 Edward I. Seal.
[Wilts, now Berks.]A. 4728. Release by Robert, son of Eadmund de Sceperig', to Sir John le Despenser (dispensar'), his lord, of all the land, with a messuage, which Robert held from John. Witnesses:—Sir William de Say, Adam de Sancto Maneveno, Nicholas de Didenham, and others (named).
[Wilts, now Berks.]A. 4729. Grant by Thomas le Blund, lord of Cheperigge, to John le Despenser (dispensar'), son and heir of Sir Geoffrey le Despenser, of land at Kingesbrige, adjoining the water coming from the monks of Stratfelde. Witnesses:—Sirs Henry de Herlee, William de Sey, John de Fredhorn', Robert de Lindesham, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Wilts.]A. 4730. Release by John Barlet, to Gilbert Basset, of the homage of William Pipard, for the fee which he holds of John, in Swindon, with reliefs, wards &c. Witnesses:—Sir John Luvel, William de Calne, Richard Pipard, and others (named). Seal.
[Oxford ?]A. 4731. Grant by Peter Fultrel of Wydeford, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of rents, from the tenants named, in Wydeford. London, Monday the morrow of St. Edward the king, 8 Edward I. Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4732. Grant by Simon Robby, to Adam de Argoges, of a yearly rent in Stratton, from the tenement held by Odo del Overtone. London, 16 May, 43 Henry III. Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4733. Grant by Richard son of Henry son of Serle, to John son of Adam son of Serle, of land in Stratton. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas de Eton, Philip de Mandevil, Richard Ailmer, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4734. Grant by Laurence le Heyr of Sevenhampton, to Sir Adam de Stratton, of an acre of land in Sevenhampton, with the dyke adjoining, called 'Helleaker,' lying by Bullingesham, being the chief land of the tillage called 'Pryttyackres.' Witnesses:—Robert de Abendon, John Walerand, John Eylmer, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4735. Grant by Robert Chaneu, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of a yearly rent from the tenants (named), of certain lands in Overestratton, and of all services due from William de Walecote for land in the same town, and also all escheats from the said lands &c. Witnesses:—Sirs Waleran de Bluntesdon and Robert de Lusteshull, knights, Philip le Bret, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4736. Grant by Henry Godard and Alice his wife, to Sir Adam de Stratton, of a yearly rent in Netherestratton, due from Felicia de Stratton, for a cottage in the same. Witnesses:—Robert de Berton, John Eilmer, James de Grundewell, and others (named). Seal, defaced.
[Wilts.]A. 4737. Grant by Everard de Arguillis, to the church of St. Margaret, Strattune, of land in Strattune, lying in Wuersturiefurlang. Witnesses: —John, parson of Strattune, Adam de Mora, John de Gardino, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4738. Memorandum that on the day named, Henry Serigge of the city of New Sarum, fishmonger, and Agnes his wife, came before George Twynyho, esquire, clerk of the bishop of Salisbury's manors of Salisbury, Milford, and Wodford, and received from the said bishop a stall in 'le fisshmarket' of the said city, and also a void plot of ground adjoining, for their lives, while residents there. 17 November, 4 Henry VIII. Signed by Twynyho.
[Wilts.]A. 4739. Agreement between Adam de Stratton and Sir Fulk son of Warin (similar to A. 4610), with ratification by Constance, mother of Sir Fulk, widow. Westminster, 15 April, 16 Edward I. Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4740. Grant by Ralph de Argulles, to Everard, his brother, of land in Stratton, in the common of Harnhull. Witnesses:—Master Philip de Lodelawe, Henry Chanu, Brian de Sevehamton, and others (named). Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4741. Release by Philip de Molendino of Wotton Basset, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of a right of common in a certain piece of wood near Sir Hugh's old park of Fasterne, which Sir Hugh has enclosed by the king's licence; with grant by Philip that Sir Hugh may construct a paling or hedge upon Philip's ditch from the place called 'le Wodebrugge' to that called 'le Northcoumbe'; for which release &c. Sir Hugh has granted to Philip five quarters, yearly, of barley, and feeding for twenty pigs, free of pannage, in the said enclosure and old park &c. Feast of St. Edmund, king and martyr, 23 Edward I. Cancelled. Portion of seal.
[Wilts, now Berks.]A. 4742. Grant by Thomas le Bedel, to William de le Wifaude, of all his meadow in the moor of Siprugge, between the running water of the monks of Stratfeld and the meadow called 'Brodemed.' Witnesses:— William Berd, Alan de Stanford, John Alein, and others (named). [Henry III.] Much injured.
[Wilts.]A. 4743. Grant by William le Palmer, to Adam de Argoges, of land in Strattone, reserving a messuage and curtilage. Witnesses:—Philip le Bret, John de Gardino, William Avenel, and others (named).
[Wilts.]A. 4744. Grant in fee by Ralph de Gardino of Stratton, son and heir of John de Gardino, to Simon Robe of Medeburne and Christine his wife, of a plot called 'le Medcrofte' in Netherstratton. Witnesses:—Sirs Robert de Lusteshull and Waleran de Bluntesdon, knights, William de Wobourne, and others (named).
[Wilts.]A. 4745. Letters patent by John Barlet, to William Pippard, informing him that he has released to Gilbert Basset the homage due from Pippard from a fee in Swindon; to whom and to Fulk Basset, Gilbert's heir, he is to answer in future.
[Wilts.]A. 4746. Grant by Ralph de Gardino of Stratton, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of a messuage, croft, and rents in Stratton. Witnesses:— Sirs Robert de Lusteshulle and John Waleraund, knights, John Aylmer, and others (named). Seal.
[Dorset.]A. 4747. Receipt by Walter the prior of Wast (Winterburn Wast), to Sir Adam de Strathone, clerk, for 100s. for the rent (censa) of manors in England, and of the advowson of the church of Wiuteburne for A.D. 1285. Wednesday (feria quarta) after Whitsunday, A.D. 1286.
[Wilts.]A. 4748. Release by William de la More of Wamberge, to William le Paumer of Stratton, of a messuage and curtilage in Stratton. Witnesses: —Sirs Nicholas de Lustreshulle and Waleran de Bluntesdone, knights, Philip le Bret, and others (named). Seal.
[ ]A. 4749. Bond by William Bremrey, to John, bishop of Lincoln, for 20l. 7 August, 21 Edward IV.
[Worc.]A. 4750. Grant by Wygan Chirborye of Sende, to Geoffrey Bochard of Devises, of all his meadow, with other land, in the tillage of Perchore, by the water running to the bridge of Sumerham, and extending to the king's land belonging to the town of Rudes. Witnesses:—Roger Crase, Peter de Baldenham, William Self, and others (named).
Cumb.A. 4751. Letters patent by Henry, earl of Northumberland and lord of the honor of Cokermouthe, granting to Roland Kyrkeby, for life, after the decease of Henry Fenwick, knight, the office of master of the forest of Wasdale Hede. Morrow of Whitsunday, 26 Henry VI.
[Bedf.]A. 4752. Grant by Henry, duke of Exeter, earl of Huntyngdon, and Ivory (Ivry), admiral of [England, Ireland] and Aquitaine, lord of Le Sparre, and constable of the Tower of London, to Rowland Kirby, for life, of a yearly rent of 10l. out of the manor of Stevyngton. 10 August, 31 Henry VI. Signed.
[Wilts.]A. 4753. Letter of attorney by Sibyl the prioress, and the convent of Aumesbury, in the diocese of Salisbury, of the order of Fontevraud (Normandy), appointing Sir Walter Ousemond, chaplain, and Robert Boteler, to be their proctors. 12 March, A.D. 1399.
Kent.A. 4754. Letter of attorney by Thomas, cardinal archbishop of York, chancellor of England &c. authorising William Couper, clerk, William Bedell, Richard Rokeby, and William Elys, esquires, to receive seisin of the manor of Westgrenewyche, alias Sayescortt, granted to him by Charles duke of Suffolk and viscount Lisle. 12 March, 8 Henry VIII. Signed.
Endorsed: Memorandum of the receipt of the said seisin by the said Elys, with the attornment of the tenants of the said manor, on March 21 of the said year.
Kent.A. 4755. Demise by Charles, duke of Suffolk, viscount Lisle, to the cardinal archbishop of York, for his life, of the manor of Westgrenewiche, alias Sayescourt; with letter of attorney authorising Thomas Holme and John Johnson to deliver seisin of the same. 4 December, 8 Henry VIII. Seal of arms, broken.
Endorsed: Memorandum of delivery of seisin on March 21 of the said year.
Kent.A. 4756. Demise by John Ingilby the prior, and the convent of the house of Jesus of Betheleem, Shene, to Master John Gunthorp, dean of the chapel of the king's hostel, and dean of Wells, for ninety-nine years, of a piece of land in the east end of Estgrenewich, extending from a field called 'Custelotfeld' to the bank of the Thames, with a wharf &c. 6 March, 23 Edward IV. Portion of conventual seal.
[Kent.]A. 4757. Letter of attorney by John son and heir of Stephen de Sidulvesmere, authorising Sir Ranulph, vicar of Estgrenewich to receive all the rents arising from lands and tenements formerly belonging to John's father, in Leuesham and Lee. London, feast of the Purification 16 Edward [I].
Letters patent by the same, to his tenants of Leuesham and Lee, and specially to the heirs of William Kiempe, desiring them to be respondent to the said Ranulph. Estgrenewich, feast of St. Gregory, 16 Edward [I]. Fragments of seal.
Grant by the same, to the said Ranulph, of a yearly rent, from the heirs &c. of William Kiempe of Estgrenewich, for a piece of land in a field called 'Upfield' in Leuesham. Witnesses:—John de Halle, Giles de Stokwelle, Geoffrey de Clive, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
Grant by the said Ranulph to Sir John the abbot, and the convent of St. Peter's, Ghent, of the said rent from the said land adjoining the heath called 'la Blakehethe,' and abutting on the high road from London to Derteford. The Epiphany, 29 Edward [I]. Four pieces of parchment.
Kent.A. 4758. Grant by John Joburn, the prior, and the convent of the house of Jesus of Bethelem, Shene, to the king, of the manors of Lewesham and Estegrenewiche, with the advowson and patronage of the churches there; reserving three tenements in Estgrenewich, and a messuage and certain lands called 'Jngolffs,' and four closes called 'Croksted' and 'Estdon' in Lewesham. 1 November, 23 Henry VIII. Conventual seal.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll, in December of the year within written.
[Kent.]A. 4759. Grant by Walter le Hoppere, to Robert Skeet and Emma his wife, of two-and-a-quarter dayworks (daywercas) of land in the street called 'Lafhullestret,' adjoining the road leading to the water called 'Cranford' [in Dartford]. 2 Edward II.
Endorsed: 'Dertford.'
[Kent.]A. 4760. Demise and release by Odo son of Richard the shepherd (pastoris), and John son of Giles the weaver (tixtoris), to Sir Sigor, the prior of Leueseham, of a rent of 3¾d. Witnesses:—Sir John, vicar of Leueseham, Adam and Robert de Cateford, and others (named). Morrow of St. Augustine, 41 Henry III.
[Kent.]A. 4761. Grant in frank almoin by John Paris, to the abbot and convent of St. Peter's, Ghent, and their proctors at Leueseham, of yearly rents, part from the persons named, and part from 'Waldgavele' in Leuesham and Gren[ewych]. Monday (feria secunda) after St. Luke, A.D. 1270.
[Kent.]A. 4762. Grant by Thomas de Rumberghe, to the abbot and convent of Ghent, of a yearly rent from Thomas's messuage in Leueseham, which he holds of the said abbot at Rumberghe. Witnesses:—William de Piro, John Martin, John le Waleis, clerk, and others (named).
[Kent.]A. 4763. Grant by William le Plummer of Leueseham, to John called 'Ferdebin,' of all his land in the field called 'Suthfeld' [in Leueseham], adjoining land of the prior of Leueseham. Witnesses:— Alan ate Stoniheld, Theodrich de Westwode, Henry Boidin and others (named).
[Kent.]A. 4764. Grant by Henry de Rumberghe, to the abbot and convent of Ghent, of a yearly rent from all his messuage and land at Rumberghe, in Leuesham, Sunday before Midsummer day, 54 Henry III.
York.A. 4765. Bond by William Marsshall, John Thomson Robynson, and William Thomson Robertson, of Cotyngham, husbandmen, to John Castell, clerk, for 200 marks. 20 April, 14 Henry VI. Fragments of two seals.
Endorsed:—Condition of the above bond, viz. that if the said William Marshall shall observe the agreements contained in certain indentures of lease of the rectory of Cotyngham and chapel of Skytby, made between himself and the said John Castell, clerk, the said bond shall be void.
[N'th'land.]A. 4766. Grant in tail by John Comyn, to John Comyn his son, and Joan his son's wife, daughter of Sir William de Valence, of the manors of Walwyk, Thorneton and Ethensalch, and of the lauds and tenements of Hanedene and Hurtlaund, except the forest and lakes of Ethensalch; if the said manors &c. are not worth 400 marks yearly, the grantor will supplement them from his lands of Tyndale. Witnesses:—Sirs John, earl of Warenne, John de Hastings, Brian son of Alan, Patrick de Graham, and William de Moravia, knights, and others. [c. A.D. 1300.]
N'th'land.A. 4767. Letters patent by John de Stutevyle, son and heir of Sir Robert de Stutevyle, to his free tenants and others of Mithford, Mulston, and Felton, desiring them to attorn to Sir Aymar de Valence, earl of Pembroke, to whom the said John has granted the castle and manor of Mithford. 20 February, 8 Edward [I]. French. Seal of arms.
[Kent.]A. 4768. Bond by William son and heir of William de Septvauz, knight, to the king, for 3,000l. to be paid in London, at Michaelmas next. Canterbury, 21 May, 41 Edward III.
[N'th'land.]A. 4769. Grant by Roger Bertram, lord of Mitford, for 1,000 marks, to Sir William de Valence, lord of Pembroch, of the towns of Merdeffen, Calverdon and Little Eland, with bondmen and their issue, rents, homages &c. Witnesses:—Sirs Guy de Rocheford, Roger de Clifford, Roger de Leiburne, and others (named), knights, and others (named). [Edward I.] Triangular seal.
N'th'land.A. 4770. Grant by Roger Bertram, lord of Mitford, to Sir William de Valence, of the manor of Great Eland, to hold from the king in chief, reserving the homages of certain persons (named) which Roger formerly gave to Sir Hugh de Eure, and to Sir Walter de Camhou, and which belonged to Roger's castle of Mitford; and excepting the advowson of the church of the said manor, and his manors of Mitford, Felton, Neuton, Molston, Haunthweit, Boulton and Addewic. Witnesses:—Sirs Adam de Gesemuth, William de Huntrecumbe, Thomas de Fenwik, William de Kirketon, and others (named), knights, and others (named).
N'th'land.A. 4771. Duplicate of A. 4770. Equestrian seal, and counter seal of arms.
[N'th'land.]A. 4772. Grant by Roger Bertram, lord of Mitford, to Sir William de Valence, lord of Pembroch, of a mill with pond and fishing therein, in Great Eland, with all suits of the multure of corn of freemen and bondmen of Eland &c. London, feast of St. Lucy the virgin. A.D. 1262, 47 Henry III. Fragments of seal.
Endorsed:—Memorandum of enrolment in the Exchequer on Thursday the morrow of St. Lucy the virgin, A.D. 1262.
[N'th'land.]A. 4773. Grant by Roger Bertram, lord of Middeford, to Sir William de Valence, that if any of the suits &c. belonging to the mill and pond in Great Eland, which Roger has granted to Sir William, shall be found to be alienated, Roger will restore what is wanting, or give the value out of his lands of Eland manor, or elsewhere. London, feast of St. Katherine, 47 Henry III. Seal.
[N'hamp.]A. 4774. Acknowledgment by William Watts of Esthaddon, that he holds a messuage and land in Esthaddon, from William Catesby, by military service, suit of Catesby's court of Great Creton, and payment of 6d. at Michaelmas, yearly, and two hens at Christmas, for which payment he binds himself in 100s. 1 April, 21 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
N'hamp.A. 4775. Sale by Richard Catysbye of Legarsasheby, esquire, to Richard Buller of Hellyden, yeoman, of all his messuages, lands and tenements &c. in Hellyden, with all writings &c. concerning the same. 14 September, 30 Henry VIII. Signed by Buller. English. Seal.
N'hamp. Kent.A. 4776. Grant by Thomas Peyton, grandson of Thomas Peyton late of Esilham and of Margaret his wife, daughter and heiress of Ellen, daughter and heiress of John Malorre and Joan his wife, to William Catesby, esquire of the king's body, and John Catesby, esquire, of Olthorp, of the manor of Welton, and of all the lands &c. in Welton which belonged to the said Thomas Peyton late of Esilham, and Margaret his wife, in exchange for the manors of Denton and Tapton, co. Kent, and for lands in Denton late John Yerde's, and lands called 'Thryles' alias 'Dryles' co. Kent, which the grantor had of the bishop of Worcester; with warranty against Thomas, abbot of Westminster; also letter of attorney authorising William Lytelhay and William Staverton to deliver seisin. 14 February, 2 Richard II Seal.
N'hamp.A. 4777. Sale by Humfrey Catesby, knight, to the king, of land in Powkesley. 6 November, 17 Henry VII. English. Seal.
Endorsed:—Memorandum of enrolment in the Common Pleas on the De Banco Roll, Mich. 17 Henry VII.
N'hamp.A. 4778. Sale by John Brudenell of Wodcrofte, gentleman, son and heir of John Brudenell, deceased, and Sibyl Ruddill, widow, of Wodcroft aforesaid, daughter and heiress of John Bukstede, deceased, cousins and heirs of Wynmer Preston, to Richard Fermour of London, merchant of the Staple of Calais, of the manor of Wodcroft, and all their messuages and lands &c. in Etton, Helpston, Marham, Etton, Poykyrke, Paston, Ufford, Norberewe, and Weryngton, with all deeds &c. concerning the same, for 800 marks, part to be paid to the vendors and part to Alen Percy, clerk, for a debt due to him from the said vendors; with clause cancelling two bonds by the vendors, if they duly execute the present deed. Signed by the vendee. 20 June, 17 Henry VIII. English. Fragment of seal.
N'hamp. Rutl.A. 4779. Copy of the condition of the bond for 9,000l. for the performance by the vendor of the covenants in the sale by Sir William Catesbye, knight, of Ashebie Legiers, to Sir Christopher Hatton, knight, of the manor and lordship of Gretton. 26 May, 23 Elizabeth, A.D. 1581. English.
N'hamp.A. 4780. Bond by Sir Christopher Hatton, knight, captain of the yeomen of the Guard, vice-chamberlain, and one of the Privy Council, to Sir William Catesby, knight, for 600l. 10 June, 23 Elizabeth. Signed. Names of witnesses. Seal of arms.
Endorsed:—Condition of above bond viz. that if Sir Christopher Hatton shall indemnify the said Sir William for any breach of the condition of a bond given by Sir William to Laurence Madewell of Gretton, yeoman, for 600l. for the observance by Sir William of the covenants contained in a pair of indentures made between him and the said Laurence, that then the above bond shall be void. English.
[N'hamp.]A. 4781. Conveyance by Sir Hugh de Tywe, knight, and LadyMargery his wife, Thomas de Weolton and Agnes his wife, and Ralph de Hynton, to Richard le Mouner of Coloworye (Colworth), for his life, of their mill of Hynton, reserving to the grantors free grinding at the said mill. Witnesses:—William de Bray of Hynton, Hugh Turgis of Byfeld, Robert de Pyry, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
N'hamp.A. 4782. Demise by William Catysbye of Ashby Leagers, to Laurence Maidwell of Gretton, yeoman, for twenty-one years, of three closes of pasture in Gretton, called respectively 'the hall yarde,' 'the Stebyns' near a place called 'Rockingham Shier' and 'Piehill Closse' next Cotton meadow; in return for a demise made by the said Laurence, at the request of the said William, to Sir Humfrey Stafford, knight, for thirty years, of glebe lands &c. in Kirby in the parish of Gretton aforesaid. 1 October, 11 Elizabeth. Signed by the said Laurence. English. Seal.
Endorsed:—Name of witness: also memorandum that the said Laurence is to have six loads of thorns during the said term for fencing the said closes.
[N'hamp.]A. 4783. Agreement between William Catisby, esquire, and his tenants of Grettone. Last day of March, 11 Elizabeth. English. Paper.
Endorsed:—'The composition of the tenauntes of Gretton.'
N'hamp.A. 4784. Sale by Sir Thomas Lucy, knight, and Dame Elizabeth his wife, to John Maie of Rokkynggham, of the woods growing on land called 'Broderode' in Gretton Woods, within the bounds of Rockynggham forest, as much wood as is contained within the bounds of the 'olde stake and hedge of the last wode sale,' also various covenants, for the observance of which the said Maie binds himself in 40l. 14 March, 10 Henry VIII. Signed by the said John. English. Seal.
N'hamp.A. 4785. Letter of attorney by Anne late the wife of Edward le Despenser, son of Hugh le Despenser, authorising John de Gretford and Stephen de Lymbury to deliver to the king, seisin of the manor of Yerdelegh Gobyon and of all her lands and tenements in Potterespyrye, Yerdelegh Gobyon and Morende. 30 September, 37 Edward [III]. Seal of arms.
N'hamp.A. 4786. Demise by John, lord Le Scrop, knight, and Dame Elizabeth his wife, for her life, to William Catesby, esquire of the king's body, of the manors of Berughley, Oneley and Gretton, with lands and tenements in Hanyngworth: also letter of attorney authorising Thomas Aynesworth and William Lytylhay to deliver seisin of the premises. 16 February, 1 Richard III. English. Two seals.
[N'hamp.]A. 4787. Grant by William Revel, to Robert Revel his son, in tail, of his manor of Bukkeby, with all his lands &c. in Bukkeby, with remainder to John Revel, Robert's brother, and reversion to the grantor. Fenni Neubold, Monday, feast of St. Andrew, Edward II. Copy in later hand, about fifteenth century.
[N'hamp.]A. 4788. Grant by William de Castelford, to lady Anne la Despenser, of the manor of Jerdelegh by Potterespyrie, which he had of the grant of Sir Edward le Despenser, his late lord, Bokeland, 20 March, 21 Edward III. Seal, broken.
N'hamp.A. 4789. Demise by Alexander prior of the monastery of St. Austen in Daventre, to Sir Thomas Lucy, knight, for twenty one years, the lease to be renewed every three years, of the rectory and parsonage of Welton with the tithes &c. 10 February, 16 Henry VIII. English. Seal.
N'hamp.A. 4790. Indenture whereby Francis, viscount Lovell, desires that his undermentioned feoffees shall convey to Anne Lovell, his wife, in fee, the manor of Halse and Brakley, which he had together with the manors of Thorp-Watrefeld, Duston, and Tysshemershe, formerly granted to them, viz. to Thomas, lord Scrope, of Upsale, Richard Ratclyf, William Catysby and Thomas Malyverer, knights, George Fitzhugh, clerk, Geoffrey and Edward Franke, Thomas Metcalf and James Walton, in trust for his said wife, if she should survive him, for her life; for which the said Anne is to find two fit priests to celebrate for the soul of the said Francis &c. in the University of Oxford or of Cambridge, for thirty years &c. Woborn, 10 June, 2 Richard III.
[Camb.] [N'hamp.]A. 4791. Grant by Sir William de Gomecestre, the abbot, and the convent of Ramsey, to Sir Berengar le Moyn, knight, of the county of Northampton, for his life, of the manor of Chateris, with the wood called 'Hounie' and the meadow called 'Hollode' and Crowlede and Parkhale, with all that they have in Popelholt, in exchange for the manors of Bernewell and Hemieton. Witnesses:—Sirs William le Moyn, knight, of the county of Huntingdon, John Russel of the same, John de Offord, Baldewyn de Drayton, Walter de Vernun, and others (named).
N'hamp.A. 4792. Grant by Anne late the wife of Edward le Despenser, son of Hugh le Despenser, to the king, of the manor of Yerdelegh Gobyon, and of all her lands &c. in Potterespirye, Yerdelegh Gobyon, and Morende, in exchange for a moiety of the manor of Burghle &c. given to her by the king. 30 September, 37 Edward [III]. Seal of arms.
[N'hamp.]A. 4793. Demise by Sir William de Valence, lord of Penebr[ok], to Walter de Aylesbiry, of the manor of Bernack, held by him as guardian of John, son and heir of Richard de Selley, the said Walter providing the sureties named. Witnesses:—Sirs Geoffrey de Neubaud, Robert de Morle, Peter de Tholnetham, and others (named).
Endorsed:—Memorandum that the said Sir William has granted to the said Walter a yearly rent from a tenement in Middilton.
[N'hamp.]A. 4794. Grant by Henry Smyth of Newenham to Nicholas Cowley, gentleman, of all right to the manor of Yelvertoft; the said Henry to appear in the king's courts, if necessary, to defend all actions as to the said manor at the costs, 'in his ridyng and abydyng', of the said Nicholas 'in horsmete and mannys mete' &c. If Henry shall observe the covenants specified, his bond for 40l. to Nicholas shall be void. 5 November, 16 Edward IV. English. Seal.
N'hamp.A. 4795. Grant by lady Anne late the wife of Sir Edward le Despenser, and Sir Thomas, her son, to the king, of the castle of Morende and the manors of Plumpton Pine, and Yerdelegh Gobioun, and of all lands &c. which the said Anne holds in Yerdelegh Gobioun, Morende and Potterespirie, formerly the said Sir Edward's; for which the king is to obtain for her a release from Sir Gerard del Isle of all right in the manor of Burlegh, or else shall give her and her son other lands &c. of the same value &c. Drayton by Lufwyk, 30 June, 37 Edward III. French. Seal of arms.
[Wilts.]A. 4796. Acknowledgment by Alice, relict of Richard le Taylour of Comptone Basset, that Sir Hugh le Despenser, who had bought from the said Richard his tenements in the said place, has satisfied her claim of dower therefrom. Witnesses:—Sirs John de Holt and Simon de Torny, knights, and others (named). Fasterne, Monday after St. Mark the evangelist, 26 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4797. Release by Agnes daughter of Ingeleys, to Gilbert Basset, of all her right in land in Compton, of Gilbert's fee. Witnesses:—William de Horton, Simon de Berewic, William de Bringewurth, and others (named).
[Wilts.]A. 4798. Grant by Mabel daughter of Walter, to Gilbert Basset, of land in Compton, part in Bradelande, part in Hiwefurlange, part upon Clive, part upon Wydihulle, part in Burne, part at Wetinghulle, and part upon Claverhulle. Witnesses:—Hugh de Cumbrewelle, Roger de Bromham, Richard de Wich and others (named).
[Wilts.]A. 4799. Grant by Richard le Taylour of Cumpton Basset, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of a messuage with a curtilage and land in Cumpton Basset, which Richard's mother, Agnes la Porter, formerly held. Saturday after All Saints, 23 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Wilts.]A. 4800. Grant by William, the abbot, and the convent of Malmesbury, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of a plot of their waste, called 'Calewehul,' near Sir Hugh's park of Fasterne, adjoining a plot called 'Tuchinghoggescroft.' Witnesses:—Sirs Robert son of Payn, Walter de Paveli, Robert de Caynes, John de Holt, and William de Cotes, knights, and others (named).