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'Deeds: C.3401 - C.3500', A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3 (1900), pp. 363-374. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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C.3401 - C.3500

[Devon.]C 3401. Demise by John Mulys of Barnstaple, merchant, to John Baynard of the same, of a stall (seldam) by the shore of Barnstaple, between the tenement called the Guildhall (gulda aula) on the west, the tenement of the long bridge on the east, and the sea shore (strandam maris) on the south. Witnesses:—William Redewyn, mayor of Barnstaple, and others (named). 10 October, 15 Henry VI.
[Notts.]C. 3402. Grant by Thomas de Strelley, son of Sampson de Strelley, knight, to Thomas Hunt of Lyndeby, and Nicholas Parker, parson of Strelley church, of the reversion of lands and tenements in Strelley and Newthorpp, which were of the inheritance of William son of Thomas de Strelley, and which revert to the grantor, for bis life, at the death of Emma, late the wife of Roger de Strelley. Saturday after Michaelmas, 6 Henry IV. Two seals.
[Chesh.]C. 3403. Grant by Philip of Eggerton, to John of Colchull of Chester, carpenter, Agnes his wife, and John and Richard their sons, for their lives, of a messuage with a curtilage in the Castle lane, Chester, paying 6s. yearly. Witnesses:—Richard of Capenhurst, mayor of Chester, Madocke of Capenhurst, and Bartho[lomew] of Nothdane, sheriffs, and others (named). Wednesday after St. Boniface the bishop, A.D. 1346. English. Paper. Probably translation of a Latin original.
[Suff.]C. 3404. Demise by John Bumpstede, to John Dade, gentleman, Nicholas Dade, John Lofte, William Keryche, and Robert Norton, of all lands &c. in Weybrede, which he with others (named), deceased, lately had by grant dated 20 September, 5 Edward IV of the demise of Thomas Gardener and others (named); and of two tofts and all the lands &c. in Weybrede which he, with John Hevenyngham, knight, and others named, deceased, lately had of the demise of Thomas Brews, knight, and William Launce; with letter of attorney authorising Robert Howard and William Leeman to deliver seisin. 6 February, 16 Henry VII.
[Devon.]C. 3405. Grant by Geoffrey de Taustok, for the souls of himself, Edith his wife, and Ellen his daughter, to the monks in the priory of St. Mary Magdalene, Barnstaple, of 6d. yearly rent from his tenement in the suburb of Barnstaple. Witnesses:—Simon de la Barre, mayor of Barnstaple, and others (named). Tuesday the feast of St. Agatha, A.D. 1302.
[Notts.]C. 3406. Grant by Robert son of Adam le Mouner of Cossale, to Sir Robert de Cossale, rector of Heygham church, of land in Cossale between land of Wolloton church on the east, and of Sir Richard de Wyllugby on the west, and abutting on laud belonging to Trowell church. Saturday the translation of St. Thomas of Canterbury, 21 Edward III.
[Glouc.]C. 3407. Demise by Edmund Hampden, knight, John Hampden of Hampden, Thomas Stonore, esquires, and Henry Dogett, to John Puffe, Margaret his wife, and Joan their daughter, of all the tenement with lands &c. which Thomas Rome lately held in the salt marsh, called 'Janynsplace,' for their lives, paying 8s. yearly, doing suit at their court at Hembury, and paying heriot. 20 May, 34 Henry VI. Two seals and portion of seal.
Chesh. York.C. 3408. Grant by William, bishop of Lincoln, and John Dalon, to Wilham Grevell and William Fairefax, Serjeants at law, Edward Derby, clerk, and Edmund Smyth of Chester, mercer, of all their manors and lands &c. in Wynyngton, Northwich, Castellnorthwich, Marthall Chester, Neuton by Chester, Twenbrok, and Claycroft, and elsewhere in the counties named, which they, with Laurence Dutton and Laurence Merbury (who have released their right therein to the said bishop and Dalon), lately had of the feoffment of Richard Wynyngton, esquire, to the use of the said Richard and Joan his wife in tail &c. this grant being to the same use; with letter of attorney authorising William Clayton and Nicholas Faryngton to deliver seisin. 1 September, 23 Henry VII. Signed. Two seals.
Endorsed: Memorandum of names of witnesses to livery of seisin, 16 September, 23 Henry VII.
[Notts.]C. 3409. Grant by Robert the miller, son of Adam the miller, of Cossale, to Sir Robert de Cossale, rector of Heygham church, of land in Cossale by land of the prior and convent of Newstead (de Novo Loco) in Schyrwod. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Willugby, knight, and others (named). Saturday after St. Peter in Cathedra, 22 Edward III.
Middx.C. 3410. Demise by John Lane, maltman, of Stratford atte Bowe, John Havelok, of the parish of West Hamme, Walter Sawell and John Posmore, of Stratford, to Thomas Gyppe of Stratford atte Bowe, brewer, and Agnes his wife, of land called 'Bernardesacre' in the meadow called 'Bernehommesmede' in Stebbenheth parish, between a meadow formerly belonging to Sir John de Pulteneye, knight, and now to the abbey of St. Mary de Graciis by the Tower of London, on the north, and water called 'la Leye' on the south. 17 June, 15 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bucks.]C. 3411. Demise by Lady Joan, relict of Sir William de Santerdone, to Richard le Wayte of Ewelme, and Joan, daughter of Walter Paulyn of Kyngeseye, for their lives, of a messuage with a croft in Kyngeseye, by the lane called 'Danins lane,' paying 12d. yearly. Tuesday the vigil of Michaelmas, 10 Edward II.
Montg.C. 3412. Grant by Jevan ap David ap Mathey of Dolvor, yeoman, to Mathew ap John ap Mathey of the same, of all his lands and tenements in Treddolvor in the lordship of Powys. 1 July, 5 Edward VI.
Underwritten: 'Per me James Liche, on[e] of the justice[s] of the peace of the countie of Mountgomery, ar [migerum].'
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment in the Rolls of the peace for the said county on the 12th November in the said year &c.
[Suff.]C. 3413. Grant by Letia, daughter of Andrew de Wottone of Stradebrok, to John du Lay, chaplain, of the same, of land in Stradebrok. Sunday after St. Leonard, 13 Edward III.
[Middx.]C. 3414. Indenture witnessing that whereas Thomas Gloucestre, esquire, and William Cantlowe are seised in fee simple of a tenement called 'le Crowne' in Westchepe in the parish of St. Mary Colchirche, London, and whereas Thomas Charleton, knight, and Elizabeth his wife and others (named) have lately demised to the said Gloucestre and John Souman, citizen and leatherseller of London, a toft or void plot between a lane callkd 'Iremongerlane' and 'le Crowne,' adjoining a tenement called 'Le Balle'; the said Gloucestre and Cantlowe grant that if the rent for the said toft be unpaid the said Thomas and Elizabeth may distrain for the same upon the tenement called 'le Crowne' until such time as the toft is built over and affords sufficient distress. 28 May, 22 Henry VI. Seal.
Notts.C. 3415. Conveyance by Thomas Kempe, archdeacon of Richemond, William Crowton, John Latham and John Suthwell, clerks, to Robert Strelley, esquire, and Isabella his wife, in tail male, of Oxton manor and of all the lands and tenements in Chilwell, Adenburgh and Hempsell, which they had by grant of the said Robert, dated 7 February, 21 Henry VI. with remainders in tail male successively, to the said Robert, to John Strelley, his brother, and to John Strelley of Lyndeby, his kinsman, with remainder to Robert's right heirs. 10 February, 21 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Bedf.]C. 3416. Grant by Ralph de Brune of Thurnekote, to Roger Ivel of the same, of land in Bastone lying upon 'le Northlonge,' abutting upon land of Sir Giles de Trumpitone, and upon the road from Dalhoweye 'usque ad duellum.' Northgevele, Sunday after St. Peter, 28 Edward [I].
N'hamp.C. 3417. Demise by Sir Walter Dalderby, knight, lord of Lodyngton, to John Pyel, citizen and merchant of London, for his life, and to his executors for two years after his death, of the land which Sir Simon de Cranesle, parson of Oxendon church, lately held in Craneslee, with all Sir Walter's other lands &c. there, paying 20s. yearly. Monday after St. Martin in winter, 28 Edward III.
[Bedf.]C. 3418. Grant by William Wodhul of Gekyewelle, to William Ivel of Bestoun, of all lands and tenements &c. which he has of the gift of the latter in Bestoun. Feast of the Ascension, 37 Edward III. Seal.
Surrey.C. 3419. Sale by William Danvers, one of the king's justices 'of his Comen Place' at Westminster, to John Merston, citizen and fishmonger of London, for 80l. of his garden called 'Banasters Gardeyn' containing three acres, four cottages, a gate house and seventeen ponds, with walls, wharf &c. lying at the Stewes side in St. Margaret's parish, Suthwerk; except the cottage which John Freman holds. 9 May, 14 Henry VII. English.
Herts.C. 3420. Grant by Richard atte Water of Ware, to John Hotoft, esquire, Thomas Braghyng, William Castell, William Hert, Richard Huchon, John Wodeleef, and Richard Greteham, of all his lands and temements &c. in Ware, Alcewyk, Leyston, Hornmede Magna, and elsewhere in the same county. 3 May, 2 Henry VI. Seal.
[Merion.]C. 3421. Grant by Thomas Salbury of Leweny, esquire, and Robert Hilton, chaplain, to Tudor Holand of Bala, for his life, of all the lands &c. which they lately had of the gift of the said Tudor, with remainder in fee to John Holand his son. Bala, 23 June, 36 Henry VI. Portions of seal.
Merion.C. 3422. Grant by Tudor Holand, to Thomas Salbury of Leweny, esquire, and Robert Hilton, chaplain, of all his lands &c. in Bala or within the county named. 20 June, 36 Henry VI. Seal.
[Staff.]C. 3423. Grant by William son of William Cotin of Madeley, to his said father, for life, of all the lands and tenements with which his father had previously enfeoffed him in the fee of Madeley. Witnesses:—Sirs William de Mere, Robert de Dutton, knights, and others (named). Saturday the vigil of Whit Sunday, 6 Edward [I].
[Staff.]C. 3424. Grant by William Cotyn of Madeley-under-Lyme, to Willam Cotyn, his eldest son, and Margery, daughter of William' de Munworth, in tail, of all the land which he had of the gift of his said son in the fee of Madeley, with remainder to the said Margery for her life Thursday the feast of St. Agatha the virgin, A.D. 1315.
[Norf.]C. 3425. Demise by John Londe of Dylham, son and heir of William Londe late of Smalbergh, to John Boorne and Richard Damme of Smalbergh, of a piece of turbary in Smalbergh, abutting westward on the common watercourse coming from Mortell medowe, and eastward on the common heath of the town. 8 November, 18 Edward IV.
[Middx.]C. 3426. Demise by Thomas Perle, citizen of London, and Idonia his wife, late the wife of William de Wengrave, to Richard de Totington and Joan his wife, for Idonia's life, of the third part of the tenement which the said William lately held in the parish of St. Augustine by the gate of St. Paul's, London, which third part the grantors hold as Idonia's dower from the said William; paying 13s. 4d. yearly. Wednesday after St. Lucy the virgin, 15 Edward III. French.
[Merion.]C. 3427. Mortgage by Vivian Palgous, to Llewellyn ap Jevan ap Thomlyn, of a plot with a garden annexed where the latter now dwells in Bala, for 4l. for a year from All Saints day last; if Vivian fails to pay the 4l. at the end of that term, the premises are to remain in Llewellyn's hands for another year, and so on until he be paid the 4l. in full &c. Witnesses:—Sir John Doygrayk, rector of Llanvaur church, and others (named). 10 February, 31 Henry VI.
Endorsed: Memorandum that Vivian [grants to] Llewellyn that he shall have the premises till the feast of the apostles Philip [and James] after the payment of the said loan (pridam).
Memorandum that on Sunday after the Assumption, A.D. 1461, the said Llewellyn paid the said Vivian 20s. in loan (in prida) upon the premises beyond the 4l. within named.
[Merion.]C. 3428. Duplicate of C. 3427.
[Worc.]C. 3429. Grant by Thomas son of Richard le Portes of Wych, to Richard Potel and Cristina his wife of the same, for their lives, of all his tenements and lands &c. in Wych, Wytton St. Mary and Wytton St. Peter, in the manors of Feckenham and Salwarp, and in Holbarwe, the grantees finding the said Thomas and his wife good and honourable board and a robe worth 10s. yearly. If Thomas die without lawful issue the premises are to revert to Richard and Cristina &c. Thursday after Michaelmas, 5 Edward III. Seal.
[Leic.]C. 3430. Demise by John Grym of Bildeston, to Geoffrey son of Roger de Sutton of the same, and Rose his wife, of a messuage and land in Bildeston for their lives, paying 10s. yearly and doing the ancient customs of the town, viz. two ploughings with his own plough, in winter and Lent, a man reaping in antumn for one day, a man working at the mill one day when it is re-built, paying 1½d. towards each pair of new millstones bought, and reserving to the grantor a heriot (the next best after the church) at the death of Geoffrey and of Rose &c. with a special warranty against the lords of Neubold Verdon and against Walter Schaynel. Vigil of St. George the martyr, 17 Edward II.
[Leic.]C. 3431. Demise by Amice, late the wife of John le Receyvour, of Leicester, to Robert Noreys of Twycros, and Rose his wife, of a messuage and land in Bildeston, which William-in-the-Lane, of Bildeston, formerly held, for their lives, paying 10s. yearly. Leicester, Friday after the Commemoration of Souls, 35 Edward III.
[Dorset.]C. 3432. Release by William Corvyser, to Robert Budde, of all his right in a tenement in the east street of Brideport. Witnesses:—William Hichecok, Richard Lauerence, bailiffs of Brideport, and others (named). Tuesday after the Resurrection, 26 Edward III.
[Worc.]C. 3433. Grant by Thomas son of Richard le Portis of Wych, to Richard Potel and Cristina his wife, for their lives, of all his lands and tenements in Wych, Wytton St. Mary and Wytton St. Peter, in Salewarpe and Fekeham manors, and in Holebarue. Sunday after St. Matthias the apostle, 5 Edward III.
Similar grant to C. 3429, with slight variations.
[Salop.]C. 3434. Demise by John, the prior, and the brethren, of Holy Trinity hospital, Brugg' (Bridgnorth), to Nicholas le Walker of the same, and Agnes his wife, of a tenement in Brugg' in the street called 'le Mullestret,' for their lives, and until the end of a year after the death of the survivor, paying 14s. yearly. Witnesses:—John atte Yate, Nicholas le Palmere, bailiffs of Brugg', and others (named). Thursday after St. Hilary, 40 Edward III.
[N. Wales.]C. 3435. Grant by Sir William, rector of the church of Corwen, and John Colyer, burgess of Bala, to Gruffuth, Llewellyn, Gilbert, Howell, David, Mally and Gwenllyan, sons and daughters of Jevan ap Thomlyn ap Ph', burgess of Bala, of all burgages and lands &c. in Bala and elsewhere in North Wales which the grantors had of the gift of John son of Thomas de Broghton, burgess of Bala. Witnesses:—Thomas Sondeway, farmer of the town of Bala, and others (named). Tuesday after the Annunciation, 1 Henry V. Two seals.
[Notts.]C. 3436. Demise by Sanche, late the wife of John Strelley, esquire, to Simon Digby, esquire, of the manor of Trowell and all lands therein during the nonage of John Strelley, son and heir to her said husband, 'the remainder thereof after the full age of the said John the son to the same John Strelley the son for term of forty years'; which manor was assigned to her as parcel of her dower by Sir Henry Willughby, Sir Gervas Clyfton, knights, and other co-feoffees of her husband according to the award of Sir Thomas Lovell. 4 May, 18 Henry VII. English.
[Notts.]C. 3437. Grant by Lambert son of William de Averham le Eremongger of Neuwerk, to William Perkyn of the same, the younger, of a plot of land viz. a burgage in Neuwerk lying in Appeltongate. Tuesday before Michaelmas, 16 Edward III.
[Bedf.]C. 3438. Grant by William Ivel of Beston, to Master Nicholas de Markele, rector of the church of Northgevel, of a messuage with all his lands &c. in Beston. Monday after Easter, 35 Edward III.
[Suff.]C. 3439. Release by Juliana, late the wife of Alan Godknape of Weybrede, to Sir William de le Ker, vicar of the church of Weybrede and John le Calwere of the same, of all her right in all the lands and tenements which the said Sir William and John lately acquired from William Godknape, her son, in Weybrede. Sunday after the Beheading of St John the Baptist, 43 Edward III.
Surrey.C. 3440. Release by John Michell, citizen and grocer of London to William Fissher, esquire, and Margaret his wife, of all his right in all the lands &c. lately belonging to John Founteyns, esquire, and Walter Moyle, late one of the king's justices of the Common Bench, in the town and parish of Clapham. 10 January, 1 Richard III. Seal.
[Denbigh.]C. 3441. Grant by Gruffin son of Jenaf ap Adaf of Trevaur (Trevor), to Madoc ap Adaf Gogh, of all his lands and tenements in the gavel of Brounydinas in Mochnant Israyadyr, to hold in such manner as the grantor's lord, Sir Richard, earl of Arundel, by his letters patent gave him licence to enfeoff the said Madoc. Langetwin, 10 December, 29 Edward III. Seal.
[Wilts.]C. 3442. Release by William Rolf of Taterigge, to John Chalkhull of the same, of all his right in the little grove called 'le Berches,' and in a plot of land in a field called 'Rolvescroft,' in Taterigge. 20 June 31 Edward III.
[Notts.]C. 3443. Grant by Richard de Draycot, chaplain, rector of Draycot church, to Robert Mangot of Newerk, son of John Mangot, late of Newerk, of land in Northgate by Newerk, part lying upon Redelandys and abutting upon Gretewang of the bishop of Lincoln, part between Uvergate and Nethergate which lead from Newerk into Cotyngton, part abutting east upon Brashousti and west upon Lincolngate, part abutting west upon Brashousti and east upon Brashougate, part abutting west on Brashougate and east on Brashoudyk, and part abutting on Barnebygate at one end and on Cotyngtongate at the other. Day before the Conception, A.D. 1368. Seal.
[Notts?]C. 3444. Release by John Culgayht, son and heir of William Culgayht of Newercke, to Sir Robert de Bampton, of all his right in a messuage which the latter bought of him in Newerk. Chert by Sutton Valence, the Epiphany, 32 Edward III. Seal, imperfect.
Berks.C. 3445. Demise by William York the elder, and Robert Repon, to William York the younger, brother of the said William, of the manor of Wantynge Bryan, and messuages, lands, and rent &c. in Wantynge, which the grantors, with John Repon, deceased, had of the gift of the said William York the younger, Katherine his late wife, and of Margery Langrygge, widow; with letter of attorney authorising Robert Collys and John Mykenyll to deliver seisin. 5 January, 15 Edward IV.
[Middx.]C. 3446. Grant by Stephen atte Crouche of Iseldon, to Richard Helton, John Dunmowe, and Richard Edryche, of a croft called 'le Lyghtlond,' adjoining land of the bishop of Exeter on the west and south, and a croft called 'Hobbescroft' on the north. Feast of St. Mark the evangelist, 8 Henry V. Seal.
[Staff.]C. 3447. Grant by Richard Burton and Richard Roundell, both of Tutt'ebury, to Robert Watton, of a burgage built over in Tuttebury, in the monks' street. Witnesses:—Henry Sadeler, bailiff, and others (named). Sunday after St. Chad, 2 Henry IV. Two seals, imperfect.
[Wilts.]C. 3448. Release by Adam son and heir of Robert Stormy of Segre, to Thomas de la Gotere of Malmesbury, for 10 marks, of all his right in all the lands &c. within and without Brokeneberwe with which his said father enfeoffed the said Thomas. Saturday before the Annunciation, 5 Edward II. Seal.
[Merion.]C. 3449. Mortgage by Elen vergh Jevan ap Eign' ap Gruff, late the wife of Richard ap Mad[oc] ap Ll[ewellyn], Robert ap Richard ap Mad[oc] ap Ll[ewellyn], and John ap Richard ap Mad[oc] ap Ll[ewellyn], to Meredith Vaughan ap Jer' ap Meredith, a free tenant of the king ot the town of Maentorok, of three tenements called 'Nant Budur,' 'Taill Gruff, and 'Cay Hoell' in Trawsvynyth, lately belonging to Jevan ap Eign ap Gruff', for 6l. 13s. 4d. lent to them (de prida), for four years from Michaelmas, 25 Henry VI; and if at the end of that term they fail to repay that sum, then for four years more, and so on, until he is satisfied for the same &c. Tuesday after the apostles Philip and James, 25 Henry VI. Two seals, broken.
[Salop.]C. 3450. Demise by Hugh Grene, chaplain, to Roger Fynche of Bruggenorth, of a garden in Lesteleystrete [Bruggenorth], for twenty years, paying 16d. yearly. Witnesses:—Richard Hord, John Phippes, bailiffs of Bruggenorth, and others. The morrow of the Purification, 24 Henry VI.
[Salop.]C. 3451. Demise by Robert FitzJohn, the abbot, and the convent, of St. Mary's, Lyllushill, to John More, of a tenement with a garden in Bruggenorth, in the street called 'Lytilbrugge,' opposite 'le Houngreygate,' between lands of the chantry of St. Thomas the martyr, on either side; for forty years from the Annunciation next, paying 20d. yearly. Witnesses:—Rowland Gravenour and John Prene, bailiffs of Bruggenorth, and others (named). 22 March, 10 Henry VII. A.D. 1494.
[Salop.]C. 3452. Grant by Richard de Brugge, to Sibyl BonelFof Bruggenorth, of a tenement in the street called 'Mulnestret,' Bruggenorth, adjoining a tenement of the prior of Holy Trinity, for her life, with remainder in fee to William de Bekkebury and Sibyl his wife. Witnesses:— Nicholas Palmere and Richard Selymon, bailiffs of Bruggenorth, and others (named). Monday the morrow of the apostles Philip and James, 13 Richard II. Portion of seal.
[Salop.]C. 3453. Demise by Hugh Cardemaker, the master, and the brethren and sisters, of the hospital of Holy Trinity, Bruggenorth, to Roger Flemyng and Agnes his wife, of a tenement in the street called 'Myllestrett,' Bruggenorth, by the little gate leading to the hospital, for niuety-nine years, paying 2s. yearly. Witnesses:—John Dawes and John Underwode, bailiffs of Bruggenorth, and others (named). Morrow of Michaelmas, 37 Henry VI. A.D. 1458.
[Salop.]C. 3454. Demise by Robert Fitzjohn, the abbot, and the convent, of St. Mary's, Lilleshull, to Thomas Lymell of Brugenorth, 'wever,' of a tenement called 'Grenes place' in Brugenorth in the street called 'Undurhill,' and extending to the Severn, for seventy-nine years, paying 2s. yearly. Tuesday before St. Andrew, 13 Henry VII. A.D. 1497.
[Salop.]C. 3455. Demise by John Arundel, the master or warden, and the brethren, of the hospital of Holy Trinity or St. John the Baptist, Bruggenorth, to Richard Thomkyns of Bruggenorth, of a tenement in Luttelebrugge, adjoining a tenement of the fraternity of the burgesses of Bruggenorth, extending from the high road to the field called 'le Hokefeld,' for ninetynine years from the Annunciation next, paying 20d. yearly. 11 February, 4 Henry V.
[Oxford.]C. 3456. Grant by Hugh son of Hugh the goldsmith of Chynnore, to Peter de la Pole of Sydenham, and Emma his wife, of land in Chynnore lying in 'la Sterte.' Michaelmas, 14 Edward I.
[Salop.]C. 3457. Demise by Robert Fizthgion, the abbot, and the convent, of St. Mary's, Lilleshill, to Sir Thomas Heth, chaplain, and priest of the chantry of St. Mary's, Quatte, of a tenement with a garden in the street called 'le Spytulstrete,' for ninety-nine years from Michaelmas next, paying 12d. yearly. Chapterhouse of Lilleshill, Michaelmas-eve, 2 Henry VII.
[Salop.]C. 3458. Demise by Robert Greene, esquire, to Thomas Ferre of Morfelde, and Joan his wife, of a barn with a garden annexed in the street called 'Lystlestrete,' Bruggenorthe, for their lives, paying 3s. 4d. yearly. Witnesses:—Richard Kyngeslowe and John Dawes, bailiffs of Bruggenorthe, and others (named). St. Leonard the abbot's day in summer, 4 Edward IV.
[Salop.]C. 3459. Demise by Henry, the prior, and the brethren, of the hospital of Holy Trinity, Bruggenorth, to John de Isenham of Bruggenorth, of a tenement in the same, by St. Leonard's churchyard, adjoining a tenement of the chantry of the fraternity of that town, for sixty years paying 20d. yearly. Witnesses:—Henry le Goldsmyth, William de More, bailiffs of Bruggenorth, and others (named). Monday, Michaelmas day, 28 Edward III.
[Herts.]C. 3460. Grant by John Geffrey of Croftone, to Agnes, late the wife of Geoffrey Este of Bettelowe, and Richard their son, of a toft with a garden &c. in Naldewyk, and land there upon the tillage called 'Bechamastlong.' Sunday the feast of St. Laurence the martyr, 6 Richard II.
[Merion.]C. 3461. Certificate by Thomas Salghall and Henry Gartside, the king's escheators in co. Merioneth, that in accordance with the king's writ (recited), dated at Caern[arvon], 13 May, 8 Henry VI, they have delivered to Jevan ap Cotte certain messuages and lands &c. in Garne, Tailtalgarth and Penmaen, with a moiety of a twentieth part of the mill of Game, for which the said Jevan has paid to the king a fine of 8l. 4d. 15 May, 8 Henry VI. Portion of seal.
[Merion.]C. 3462. Grant by John, son and heir of Thomas de Broghton, burgess of Bala, to Sir William, rector of the church of Corwen, and John Colier, burgess of Bala, of all his burgages and lands &c. in Bala and elsewhere in Wales. Witnesses:—Thomas Sondeway, farmer of Bala, and others (named). The Annunciation, 1 Henry V. Seal.
Merion.C. 3463. Grant by Maurice Broghton, burgess of Bala, to David Holond, son of John Holond, of two burgages in the high street of Bala. Wednesday before St. Edward the king, 18.Henry VII. Seal.
[Linc.]C. 3464. Grant by John de Ganysburght of Wyflyngham, to Sir Thomas Bayly, vicar of the church of Wyflyngham, and John Rowlande of Tenelby, of a toft built over in Wyflyngham. 2 February, 6 Henry VI.
[Warw.]C. 3465. Demise by John Lovote of Solihull, to Margery, daughter of William Power of the same, for her life, of 20s. yearly rent issuing from John's tenement within the burgages of Solihull. Thursday in Whitsun week, 17 Edward II.
Essex.C. 3466. Release by Thomas Wyllot and John Howe of Haveryng atte Boure, to Katherine, late the wife of John Crips, baker, of Pelstrets in Haveryng aforesaid, of all their right in all the lands and tenements, goods and chattels &c. in Haveryng which they, jointly with the said Katherine, lately had of the gift of the said John Crips. 4 August, 11 Henry VI.
[Sussex.]C. 3467. Grant by Cristina, late the wife of John Wylsham of Assheburnehame, widow, to John Wylsham her son, of land in Wylsham. Assheburnehame in Wylsham, 5 February, 15 Richard II. Portion of seal.
[Cumbld.]C. 3468. Grant by Robert de Skelton, merchant, of Carlisle, to John de Skelton, of two tenements in Carlisle, one in Richards street, abutting on St. Aiban's church. Witnesses:—Robert de Carlell, mayor of Carlisle, John Cardoill and John Hirneby, bailiffs, and others (named). 10 April, 2 Henry IV. Seal.
[Sussex.]C. 3469. Grant by Simon ate Halle of Werthing parish, to Robert do Wilsham and, in tail, to Robert his son, for 14s. of land, part between the said Robert's and his own, with reversion in succession to Richard, the said Robert's brother, and to Isabella, Richard's sister. Borham, Monday before the Purification, 14 Edward II.
[Sussex.]C. 3470. Grant by Ralph atte Bevere and Richard Redyngg, to Robert son of John de Wylsham, of land in Asshebournehame parish. Vigil of the apostles Peter and Paul, 49 Edward III. Injured. Portions of two seals.
[Norf.]C. 3471. Grant by Bartholomew Prymrose of Southreppes, to John Kydelomb of the same, of a messuage with a close in Southreppes, and two pieces of land in Thorpmarkett, one at Lose and the other in Losefeld. 7 February, 14 Henry IV. Seal.
[Merion.]C. 3472. Grant by Mally, daughter and one of the heirs of William, son of Atkyn Bagh, burgess of Bala, to William de Stopport and Juliana his wife, in tail, of the third part of two burgages and land in Bala which formerly belonged to John her brother. Witnesses:—Walter Elysmere, mayor of Bala, Thomas Wrichte and John Says, bailiffs, and others (named) Sunday before the Purification, 9 Henry V.
[Merion.]C. 3473. Grant by John Bola, burgess of Bala, to John Salghall, burgess of Hardelagh, of three burgage tenements in Bala. Witnesses:— John Broghton, mayor of Bala, Thomas Abard, John Codyngton, bailiffs, and others (named). 20 October, 8 Henry V. Portion of seal.
[Staff.]C. 3474. Grant by William son of Gregory de Bettyleye, and Richard de Ochul, to Matilda, late the wife of Nicholas Cotyn, deceased, for her life, of two parts of a messuage of the said Nicholas in Madeleye manor, which they had, after his decease, in right of Poneya and Margery, their wives, paying 3s. 4d. yearly. Saturday before St. Peter's Chair, 3 Edward II.
[Bedf.]C. 3475. Grant by Alice daughter of William de Rockesdono, to Alice, daughter of Nicholas le Fader of Thornecote, for 16s. of a messuage with the buildings thereon in Thornechote, paying 7d. yearly. Sunday after St. Augustine, 56 Henry III.
[Derby.]C. 3476. Grant by John de Fereby of Covyntre, 'Deyster,' to John Colle of Burton-upon-Trent, of land in Stapenhull upon 'le Mulnehurste,' which he had of the gift of William Colle, father of the said John. Thursday after the Exaltation of Holy Cross, 17 Richard II.
[Bedf.]C. 3477. Grant by Reginald Cornewayl of Shonmulne, to Roger Ivel of Thernecote, of land in the meadow called 'Wydefan,' for his life, with remainder in tail to Robert, Roger's son, and to the right heirs of Roger. Thornecote, Sunday after the translation of St. Thomas the martyr, 19 Edward III. Seal.
Kent.C. 3478. Grant by Richard Walsch of Saynte Mary Craye, to Simon Bery of Orpyntone, of all the lands &c. in Chellesfeld and Strode, or elsewhere in the county named, which he inherited after the death of Simon Walsch, his father; with letter of attorney authorising Robert Gardiner of Saynte Mary Craye to deliver seisin. 25 March, 5 Edward IV. Seal.
Merion.C. 3479. Grant by Thomas Holand, burgess of Hardelegh, to John son of John Holand, of all his messuages, lands, mills &c. in Hardelegh or elsewhere in the county named. 27 May, 22 Edward IV Seal.
[Merion.]C. 3480. Grant by Reginald ap Jevan ap Thomlyn, to Llewellyn ap Jevan ap Thomlyn his brother, and Gwenllian his wife, of two and a half burgages and gardens in Bala. Witnesses:—Sir Robert ap Evyr, rector of the church of Llanykill, and others (named). 6 April, A.D. 1464. Seal.
[Merion.]C. 3481. Grant by Thomas Smythe, chaplain, and Robert Meyvot, to John son of Tudor Holand, for his life, of all the lands, tenements, rents &c. [in Bala] which they lately had of John's gift, with remainders, in tail, in succession, to John and Thomas, sons of the said John Holand, and to the right heirs of John Holand. Bala, 3 September, 9 Edward IV. Seal and portion of seal.
Middx.C. 3482. Letter of attorney by John Croucher, citizen and vintner of London, and Richard Sutton, citizen and clothier of London, authorising Thomas Mysne of Doncaster, co. York, to deliver seisin of lands &c. in Stebenhethe parish to Robert Darcy, of the county of Essex, esquire, William Rotse, Roger Brome, and Robert de Frampton, Westminster, last day of May, 5 Henry VI.
Merion.C. 3483. Grant by Richard Elsmere, burgess of Bala, to Hugh Lloid, esquire, of a burgage and a half in Bala, by a great ditch (fovea) on the north, near Taraweryn, with all his right in Bala. 21 March, 17 Edward IV. Seal.
Merion.C. 3484. Grant by John son of Tudor Holand, to Thomas Smythe, chaplain, and Robert Meyvote, of all his lands &c. in Bala or [elsewhere] in the county named. Last day of August, 9 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[Merion.]C. 3485. Grant by John Holand and Gwenrvyll his wife, to John Holand, their son, and his children by Elizabeth, daughter of Gruffydd ap Jevan ap Geone, his wife, with reversion in fee to the said Gwenrvyll, of all lands &c. in Bala which they inherited in right of the said Gwenrvyll. Witnesses:—Day Gwyn, Tudor ap David ap Thomas, bailiffs of Bala, and others. Tuesday before St. Katherine the virgin, 14 Edward IV. Seal.
Merion.C. 3486. Grant by Gwenllean vergh Angharat vergh Mally, daughter and heir of John Holond, and daughter and heir of Llenq' vergh Jacke, wife of the said John Holond, alias Gwenllean vergh Hoell ap Gruffydd ap Hoell Coitmore, free tenant of the Prince of Wales in the commotes of Penllyn and Ardudoy, to John Holond, son and heir of Tudor Holond, of all her lands &c. in the commotes aforesaid. Last day of August, 12 Edward IV. Seal.
[Merion.]C. 3487. Grant by Vivian Palgous, burgess of Bala, to Llewellyn ap Jevan ap Thomlyn, burgess of the same, of a plot of land with a garden in Bala, in the hands of the said Llewellyn at farm (sub prida), to hold in fee from Michaelmas last past. Witnesses:—Sir Robert ap Giyr, vector of the church of Llanykylle, and others (named). Saturday the feast of the apostles Peter and Paul, 4 Edward IV. Seal.
[Linc.]C. 3488. Grant by John son and heir of Henry de Hole, to William le Moigne of Stalingburgh, of land in Ormelethemare and Suthhowemare in Clee, lying upon Ormelethe, and the reversion, after the death of Elena his mother, of land adjoining which she holds as dower; paying yearly at the end of eleven years from the Purification, A.D. 1316, 10 Edward II. 40s. at Easter. Witnesses:—Sir Robert, vicar of Clee, and others (named). [10 Edward II.] Seal.
[Sussex.]C. 3489. Release by Thomas de Ocle, to James de Weyville, of all his right in a yearly rent of 6s. 8d. which the latter is bound to pay to Isabella de Ocle, his mother, during her life, out of tenements in Kymere, and which after her death ought to descend to Thomas or his heirs. Friday after St. Nicholas, 13 Edward II.
[Sussex.]C. 3490. Release by Isabella, late the wife of Walter de Ocle, to James de Weyville, of all her right in the yearly rent of 6s. 8d. which he is bound to pay her for life from tenements in Kymere of the inheritance of Thomas de Ocle, her son. Lewes, Monday after St. Martin, 13 Edward II.
[Essex.]C. 3491. Grant by Thomas de Thurrok, son of John de Thurrok, to Avelina his sister, for her life, of all the lands and tenements in Clavering and Langeleye, which he had of his said father's grant. Thursday before St. Margaret the virgin, 19 Edward II. Seal.
Surrey.C. 3492. Demise by Richard Lee, John Crosby, knights and aldermen, and John Michell, citizens and grocers of London, to John Parker, scribe, citizen of London, and Rouland Chambre of London, 'sergeant,' of Clopham manor, and of all the lands &c. in the town, fields, and parish of Clopham which they had of the grant of Richard Gower, esquire, and others, named; with letter of attorney authorising John Est and John Irland to deliver seisin. 7 March, 12 Edward IV. Three seals.
Herts.C. 3493. Attornment by Robert Knolles, esquire, son and heir of Thomas Knolles, late citizen and grocer of London, deceased, to Richard Knolles his brother, whom he has put in peaceable possession, by the payment of 1d. of a yearly rent of 100 marks issuing from the manor of North Mymmes. Nicholas Wotton, citizen and clothier of London, Richard Hardy, and Thomas Selowe, granted the said rent to John Fray, chief baron of the king's exchequer, and Gilbert Worthyngton, clerk, on 26 March, 24 Henry VI. and on 27 March of the same year, demised the said manor to the said Robert in tail male, with remainder to his brother, Richard Knolles, in tail male; and the said John and Gilbert on 28 March of the same year, granted the said rent to the said Richard Knolles, in tail male. 29 March, 24 Henry VI.
[Heref.]C. 3494. Grant by Thomas Walleweyn, eon of John Walleweyn, of Stoke Edyth, deceased, to George Breynton, John Upcote, chaplain, and John Grene, citizen of Hereford, of a messuage with a garden in the street called 'le Oldescolestrete,' Hereford. Witnesses:—John Moy, mayor of Hereford, John Trovey, and the said John Grene, the king's bailiffs there, and others (named). Friday after the Conception, 5 Henry V.
[Norf.]C. 3495. Demise by Adam Clerke of South Reppes, and John Wende of the same, to Andrew Marsham of the same, of all their lands and tenements in South Reppes, Thorpmarkette, Antyngham, and Gunton, which they lately had, with others, named, of the grant, dated 6 May, 24 Henry VI. of John Kedelham the elder, of South Reppes; Andrew paying 8 marks yearly, and 9 marks in the last year, to Thomas Kedelham, Joan his wife, and Richard Bertilmew, clerk, till 70l. has been paid. Thursday after St. John the Baptist, 1 Edward IV. Seal.
[ ]C. 3496. Release by John atte Crosse, son and heir of Richard atte Crosse, to Gecian Duck and Clarice his wife, of all his right in a tenement adjoining the said Gecian's on the west. Pylton, Thursday after St. Luke the evangelist, 18 Richard II.
[Camb.]C. 3497. Demise by Thomas Howyk, chaplain, and John Brasyer of Thripplowe, the elder, to John Pryme the elder, son of John Pryme the elder, Thomas Godfrey, John Pippill and Thomas Goodwyn, of all lands &c. in Thripplow lately belonging to Thomas Caly, chaplain, and which the grantors lately had of the demise of Thomas Lane, clerk, and others (named). 28 December, 16 Edward IV. Seal.
[Worc.]C. 3498. Duplicate of C. 3429. Seal.
[Herts.]C. 3499. Grant in tail by Philip de Aylesbury, to Henry Gonne of Aldebury, and Joan his wife, of land in Aldebury, part lying in Mukelfeld and part 'onder ze Downe,' paying 15d. yearly. Tuesday after the translation of St. Bennet, 8 Edward III.
Middx.C. 3500. Demise by Robert Took and Robert Byfeld, citizens and 'iremongers' of London, William Overey, 'stokfysshmonger,' and William Rotheley, goldsmith, citizens of London, to Thomas Frowyk, esquire, Henry Spylman, Thomas Edward, Thomas Luyte, James Bradman, John Wyrall, John Godeyere, John Rympyngden, gentlemen, and John Baker, mercer, of Toppesfeld manor in Harengey, with all their lands and tenements in Harengey. Witnesses:— Richard Bamford, rector of Harengey, and others (named). 12 November, 7 Edward IV. Signed. Four seals.