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'Deeds: D.901 - D.1000', A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3 (1900), pp. 511-523. URL: Date accessed: 26 October 2014.


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D.901 - D.1000

Surrey.D. 901. Demise by John the prior, and the convent, of the Charterhouse, London, to Walter Crall, butcher, of Kyngeston, and Margaret his wife, for sixty years, of a small void toft in Kyngeston, in 'le Estrete,' with a garden behind Hethenestrele, and land in 'le Litelfeld' of Norbeton abutting on Middelforlong, in the parish and town of Kyngeston. Morrow of All Saints, 3 Henry V. Two seals, one broken.
Hunt. [Kent ?]D. 902. Agreement between John Magdeleygne of London, and the prior of the Charterhouse, London, witnessing that if the said John obtains from the king, for the said prior, the right of advowson of the church of Great Stokton, so that he can have possession of the said church without paying a yearly pension, then the said prior grants to the said John their place in Plomstede, with all lands &c. belonging, for his life, without any payment; if the said John, at the same time, cause the patronage of a church of the clear value of 20l. to be amortised to the said prior and convent, then the said John shall have the said place in fee. French.
[Oxford.]D. 903. Confirmation by Robert Purcell, to the canons of Burcester, of the grant of the advowson of the church of Neuton, which his father, Ralph Purcell, made to them. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Amaria, Master Geoffrey Geboyn, Gilbert de Bracy, John de Weston, clerk, and others (named). [Henry III.]
[Norf.]D. 904. Demise by John Foxle, chaplain, Richard Gunton, Henry Goodman, and Thomas Lece, of Causton, to Thomas Julians of the same and Beatrice bis wife, of a pightle called 'Nokkeszerd,' with other land, in Causton, in the street of Overboywode, the said pightle adjoining the high road from Boywodegrene to Heydon. Monday after St. Faith the virgin, 5 Henry V. Three seals, injured.
[Staff.]D. 905. Letter of attorney by John Preston of Stafford, authorising Thomas Staunford, and Gregory Preston, his son and heir, to deliver seisin to Richard Ward of all John's lands &c. in the lordship of Tillington near Stafford. 5 July, 11 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
[Linc.]D. 906. Grant by Thomas son of John de Wrote of Westewode, to John Dade of the same, of land in Haxay, part lying on Pesselandes, and part on Stowkescroft. Feast of St. Andrew, 17 Richard II.
Essex.D. 907. Grant by John Neuport, clerk, to Sir John S . . . . . ., Robert Graunger, citizen and saddler of London, John Peyntour, and William Gylot, of Neuport, of all his lands and tenements with a mill &c. in Neuport, Great Wenden, Little Wenden, Walden, Lytlebury, . . . . . . 26 August, 11 Henry IV. Much injured. Portion of seal.
[Worc ?]D. 908. Grant by Margaret daughter of John de la Grene, of Mukeltone, to Richard de Penewortham, of all her tenements and rents in Benychworth (Bengworth) which she had of the grant of Cicely her mother. Lutlynton, Monday after the Invention of Holy Cross, 2 Edward I.
[Wilts.]D. 909. Conveyance by Richard Brice of Bradelegh, to John Smert and Joan his wife, for their lives, of land in Maydenebradelegh, lying in Richard's field at 'la Wodeghete,' with all kinds of cattle therein. Thursday after St. Katherine the virgin, 8 Edward II.
[Worc.]D. 910. Conveyance by the prior [and convent] of Mayd[ene-] bradelegh, to John Say of Oldynton, son of Nicholas Say, Agnes his wife, and their eldest son, for their lives, of a messuage with houses and land in Oldynton. . . January, 6 Henry IV. Much mutilated.
[Kent.]D. 911. Grant by Thomas . . . . . . . ., to John Waterman, John Mellior, and Geoffrey . . . . . . ., of [all] the lands and rents &c. which he has in the parish of Maydeston. 11 February, . . [Henry] VI. Mutilated fragment.
[Durham.]D. 912. Grant by Ralph [earl of Westmoreland], marshal of England, John Allewent, and Richard de Pykeryng, clerks, to John de Blakwell and Cicely his wife, for their lives, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Blakwell which the grantors [had of the grant] of the said John and Cicely. Witnesses:—Thomas de Braffirton, and others (named). 8 January, . . Henry IV. Injured. See Ancient Deeds, B. 493.
Wilts.D. 913. Agreement between John Loveles of Stokwell, co. Surrey, gentleman, and William Hayne of Hurst, husbandman, viz. the said John grants that Sir John Gaynesford, who, with others, is seized of certain lands and tenements in Hurst, to the use of the said John and his heirs, shall henceforth be seized thereof to the use of the said William in tail; also the said William grants that, before Michaelmas next all deeds and evidences concerning the premises made by him to any other person other than the said John, before the present date, shall be delivered to Thomas Englisfild, ono of the justices of the Common Bench; the said William also grants that he will not sell the premises except to the said John and his heirs, and that one Pether is to hold the tenement and lands which he now occupies, for seven years; if the said William performs the said covenants his bond for 20l. ia to be void. 17 June, 21 Henry VIII. English. Draft on paper.
Essex.D. 914. Demise by John Charthesey, to John Clerk and Thomas Clerk, for three years, of the fields called 'Brodefeld,' 'Stonycroft,' and 'Groveld,' with land in Estfeld, in the parish of Waltham, reserving the woods therein to the grantor &c. Brokysbourne, 4 Henry IV.
[Oxford.]D. 915. Grant by Robert Robesthur of Schypplake, to Roger de Engelfelde, of an acre of arable land. Sunday before All Saints, 24 Edward I.
[Cornw.]D. 916. Grant, in tail, by William Baron, clerk, Walter Trethewy, clerk, and Thomas Talkarn, to Thomas Coryngton, and Blanche his wife, of all their messuages, lands, and tenements, in Trenewith and Penesquynan, which they lately had, together with all the said Thomas's messuages, lands, and tenements, in Lamelyn, of the grant of the said Thomas. Hey, Midsummer Eve. 8 Henry VII.
[Warw.]D. 917. Grant by John Geffrey of Bishop's Tachebroke, to William Brokden, Edward Welshe of Warwick, and Richard Palmer, to the said William's use, of a messuage and land in Tachebroke; with letter of attorney authorising Thomas Torre to deliver seisin. 14 May, 3 Henry VIII, Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to delivery of seisin.
Berks.D. 918. Grant by Robert Lenham, esquire, kinsman and heir of Thomas Rothewell, esquire, lately deceased, to Alexander Holowey, John Clerk, John Blithe, John Peytowe, and John Wyldar, of the manor of Thedernersh with the advowson of the parish church of the same; with further grant of all his other lands and tenements &c. in Thedemersh, Pangbourn, Sulham, Tilehurste, and Ufton Robarte. Witnesses:—Thomas Langford, Richard More, Edward Cheyne, esquires, and others (named). Copy on paper. [circa Henry VII.]
Oxford.D. 919. Demise by Water Wilcokkes of Wobourne next the Tamys, co. Bucks, gentleman, to Thomas Crokford of Schiplake, husbandman, for thirty years, of a messuage, barn, and all his houses and lands &c. in Schiplake, which the said Water lately purchased from Michell Dormer, alderman of London. 17 September, 22 Henry VIII. Copy on paper.
[Warw.] Kent.D. 920. Grant by Laurence de Hastynges, earl of Pembroke, to Sir William de Clynton, earl of Huntyngdon, of land in Aston Cauntelowe, with the advowson of the church there, in exchange for rents of money, hens, eggs, beer-barley &c. in [Wa]tryngbury, Pecham, Nettelstede, and Preston by Wyngham. London, in the parish of St. Laurence, 4 May, 19 Edw[ard III].
Warw.Also: Grant in frank almoin by William de Clynton, earl of Huntyngdon, to the prior and convent of Maxstoke, of land in Aston Cauntelou, and the advowson of the church there, with further grant of the advowson of the church of Fylongley, which land and advowsons he lately acquired from Sir Henry de Hastyngges, earl of Pembroke. Maxstoke, 12 June, 19 Edward III. Copies on one skin. Injured.
[Wilts.]D. 921. Grant by brother Thomas the prior, and the convent, of Maydenebradelegh, to John Smert of Maydenebradelegh, for his life, of food and drink in their priory, with a robe, every year, such as the servants of the prior have, also a chamber within the priory gates, and a candle in winter, with ale each night when present, also a white loaf with a flagon of ale, daily, when absent through sickness &c. in return for which the said John binds himself to aid the said prior and convent with his counsel and assistance in all their business &c. so long as he lives. The feast of St. John and St. Paul, 29 Edward III. Fragments of seal.
[Linc.]D. 922. Grant by Ralph de Brunham, of Overbrunham, to Alice Grave, sister of Robert Jakes of Westwod, of rent issuing from a tenement of the said Alice at Nethyrbrunham, adjoining Nethyrbrunham Becke; the grantor invokes a curse on his heirs or those who may possess his lands and tenements in the isle of Haxiholme, after his death, if they molest the said Alice in the enjoyment of the said rent, and binds himself in 40l. not to claim the said rent from her, with liberty to the said Alice to enter upon all the grantor's tenements in Nethyrbrunham if she is distrained upon by his heirs. 5 January, 12 Henry IV.
[Kent.]D. 923. Demise by brother John the abbot, and the convent, of Boxeley, to Thomas ate Lee, and Robert and John ate Lee, his brothers, of the parish of H[a]lgysto in Hoo, for ten years, of all their marsh called 'Horsmedde' at 'la Lee' in the said parish, with a house built thereon, and forty sheep for stocking the said marsh, with two pieces of land. Exaltation of Holy Cross, 3 Richard II. Injured.
[Worc.]D. 924. Grant by Thomas Walkare the elder, of Ev[esha]m, to Thomas Walkare the younger, and Joan Webbe, relict of William Webbe of Bengeworth, for their lives, of a tenement with a curtilage adjoining, in . . . . ., with remainder in tail to Alienor, daughter of the said Thomas Walkar the younger, and, in default of issue, with reversion to the other heirs of the body of the said Thomas, the younger, and remainder in tail to John, the grantor's son, and in fee, to the grantor. . . . . after St. Faith the virgin, 11 Henry IV. Much injured.
Glouc.D. 925. Grant by Walter Snappe, to Walter the abbot, and the convent, of St. Mary's, Bruerne, of a messuage with tofts adjacent, and land in Overrynde[combe]. 7 October, 1 Henry [V ?] Injured. Portion of seal.
Somers.D. 926. Conveyance by Robert Hulle, lord of Posterygge, and Isabella his wife, to Richard Rakysworthy and Agnes his wife, for their lives, of a close of land and pasture with a moor called 'Hullond' in Posterygge, with liberty for the grantors to distrain, in case of non-payment of the rent named, in the premises, and in all the lands &c. of the grantees in Rakysworthy, and elsewhere in the county named. Spaxton, Monday the feast of St. Thomas the apostle, 7 Henry IV. Injured.
[Norf.]D. 927. Demise by Robert Thweytt of Neketon, Simon Bolour of Watton, and John Boy . . . on of Kerbrook, to Richard Geggh of Saham, Thomas G . . ns, John Ryfelde of Great Cressyngham, and William Harre of . . . xston, of their messuage, built over, in a street in Saham called 'Thweyt,' and land there and in Hale. Friday after the conversion St. Paul, 7 Henry VI. Much faded.
[Worc.]D. 928. Grant by Henry Blockeleye, chaplain, and Richard Fortheye, of Pershore, to John Lye, fuller, of Pershore, and Margery his wife, of a messuage, with a garden adjacent, and a croft called . . . . . . Pershore, 18 [June], 2 Henry IV. Mutilated. Counterpart of D. 932. Portions of two seals.
[N'hamp.]D. 929. Grant by John Loveth of Boclewyk, to John Baberham of Blatherwyk, of land in Bolewyk, part abutting on Swynbryggesyke, and part lying beyond Laxstonpath. Feast of St. . . . ., 8 Henry IV. Injured.
[Worc.]D. 930. Conveyance by Robert, the prior, and the convent, of Maydonebradelegh, to Richard Bykerstath of Kydermynstre, son of Hugh Bykerstath of the same, to Agnes his wife, and John their son, for their lives, of part of a tenement in Kydermynstre, in the street leading towards Woluardley. Feast of the apostles Peter and Paul, 10 Henry IV. Injured.
[Wilts.]D. 931. Release by Thomas Kybbyll of Abyndon, co. Berks, yeoman, son and heir of Walter Kybbyll, to John W[i]lkyns, of all his right in a close &c. called 'Lambert Heye,' in Estroppe. January, 9 Henry VIII. Much injured.
Endorsed: 'Wilkyns.'
[Worc.]D. 932. Counterpart of D. 928. Injured. Portions of two seals.
[Worc.]D. 933. Grant in tail by Henry Wybbe, to John Couper of Strecchesbenteley, and Agnes his wife, of a messuage with a curtilage adjoining, and two crofts called 'Hentlovescroftes,' one adjoining Lukesfeld and the common road called 'Lukeslone'; also grant of a meadow lying between the field called 'Colborne' and a close called 'Poersheye.' 7 October, 1 Henry IV.
Endorsed: 'Indenture facta Johanni Couper per H. W. de terris in Benteley.'
[Heref.]D. 934. Grant by Philip Hall, clerk, to David Meiler, of a tenement in Rosmarket. Feast of St. Barnabas, 6 Henry IV. Injured. Seal.
[Worc.]D. 935. Grant by John Lye, 'draper,' of Pershore, to Richard Forthey and John Bolloke, of a tenement with a garden adjoining, and a croft called 'Overpatlake,' in Pershore and Wyke, the croft lying next the high road to Evesham. 8 January, [circa Henry IV.] Mutilated. Seal.
[N'hamp.]D. 936. Grant by William Hyncle of Bolewyk, to William Kylpsham, of the same, and Emma his wife, of land at Redwell. Feast of the translation of St. Thomas the martyr, 7 Henry IV.
[Middx.]D. 937. Grant by John Spenser, esquire, son and heir of Richard Spenser, formerly citizen of London, to Richard Baynard of Messyng, and Joan his wife, for their lives, of a tenement with a cellar, shop, houses, and soller, formerly his said father's, in Graschirchestrete, in the parish of St. Bennet's, Graschirche, London; with remainder in fee to John Hende Walter Gawtron, and others, named, citizens of London, and John Elmele, clerk. Sealed in the mayoralty of Drugo Barantyn, William Norton and Thomas Duke being sheriffs, and William Askham, alderman of the ward. 22 February, 10 Henry IV. Portion of seal of arms.
Leic.D. 938. Grant by William, lord of Clynton and Say, to Geoffrey . . . . . . ley, Thomas Lucas, vicar of Aston Cantlow, John Wylmuston vicar of Maxstoke, and John Haywart, vicar of Fylongley, of rents in Dunton Basset which his great grandfather Sir John de Clynton, and Dame Ida his wife, formerly held. Feast of St. . . . . . . the confessor, 10 Henry IV. Much injured.
Notts.D. 939. Indenture between Richard Stanopp, knight, late sheriff of Nottingham, and . . . . . . Bottall, the king's alnager in the said county, witnessing that certain woollen cloth of blue colour, certain cloth called 'Kendaleclothe,' and other cloth, had been seized at Southwell on Friday after St. Stephen, in the under-mentioned year, as being exposed for sale before they were sealed by the said alnager &c. 12 August, 6 Henry IV. Much injured.
[Leic.]D. 940. Demise by Robert, the abbot, and the convent, of Osolveston, to William Butteler of Kyrkeby on Wrethek, for eighty years, of a toft lying in 'le Medilthorpe' of Kirkeby. Invention of Holy Cross, 13 Henry IV.
[Middx.]D. 941. Demise by John Hilton and John Sele, to Alice, late the wife of John Greylond, deceased, for her life, of a tenement, house (managium), and shops, with gardens adjoining, in Est Smethefeld, in the parish of St. Botolph without Algate, London, which they lately had of the grant of the said John Greylond, except one shop, together with all utensils &c. in the said tenement. The suburb of London without Algate, 29 January, 14 Henry IV.
I. of Wight.D. 942. Confirmation by William de Vernun, earl of Devon, son of earl Baldwin, of his father's grant to Sir Gervase, or Geoffrey, the abbot, and the brethren, of Savigny (Savign'), of land to build a monastery viz. the manor of Areton, the land of Sieta in Boecumbe, and the mills of Cristesch[irch]e and Holeherst &c. Also grant by the said William, to the monks of Quarr, of the land which Tosti de Holeherst held, and the land of Tidelingeham, with confirmation of the gift of Hugh de Mandevilla of the land of Louecumb, and of the grant of the land of Eschaldeflet, and of the grant by his said father, with the consent of earl Richard, William's brother, of the chapel of St. Nicholas in Karesbrok Castle, also of the grant of the tithe of all the salt of the salt pits of Liment[on], and of land in Sueia granted to the said monks in exchange for the land of Witefeld; confirmation also of the grant of a salt pit in Hordell, of land in the manor of Comton and in Sorewelle, of the land of Forewode, of two dwellings in Karesbrok, of land in Pidelet[on] and in Wrokeshal, pasture and wood of Lauda, land in the manor of Floeta and in Melneford; also grant of certain liberty to the men dwelling in the land given in frank almoin to the said abbey, and grant of the same liberty to the land of Haseleie, also of liberty to the said monks to buy and sell in all the grantor's land free of toll. Witnesses:—William abbot of Montebourg (Montis Burgi), Peter, prior of Christ Church, and others (named). [A.D. 1198–1216.] Copy, temp. Edward I.
Endorsed: 'Termino Sancte Trinit[atis] anno xxiij.'
[Wilts.]D. 943. Grant in tail by Richard de Lewes, and Cristina his wife, to John Panter and Margaret his wife, of Monken Farlegh, of land and pasture, part lying on Micheleshull and part in 'le Netherfeld, with remainder in fee to Elexander Iford. Monken Farlegh, Wednesday, the feast of the Purification, 2 Henry IV. Seal of arms and seal.
[Pembr.]D. 944. Indenture of fine made in a court of William de Bello Campo, lord of Pembroke and Bergavenny, held at Pembroke, before Thomas Rede, steward of Pembroke, David Howell, sheriff, John Joce, knight, and others, named, between Stephen Perrot, plaintiff, and Philip Gundy and Susanna his wife, deforciants, concerning certain land in Pembroke granted to the said Stephen. Tuesday the morrow of St. Luke, 2 Henry IV. Injured.
[Kent.]D. 945. Grant by Thomas Gambon of Shyngelewelle, to Richard atte Noke, of the parish of Denton, of land in Denton, part in a place called 'Crystenefeld,' and part in a place called 'Colorry[felde].' 24 (?) February, 4 Henry IV. Injured. Portion of seal, defaced.
[Carmar.]D. 946. Demise by Thomas Sturmyn of Haroldyston, and Ellen Caprygh, to William ap Gruff[ith], for twenty-four years, of a burgage and a half in Tallagharn, with land at Dewysway, the grantee to build a suitable house at his own expense &c. Michaelmas, 12 Henry IV.
Endorsed: 'Tallagharn—Dewyslond.'
[Pembr.]D. 947. Bond by John Row of Redehill, to William Perrot of Haroldiston, esquire, for 100l. to be paid on the feast of St. George the martyr next. 11 April, 10 Henry VII. Seal.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing that the said John is to pay 3s. 4d. yearly to the said William.
[Pembr.]D. 948. Demise by Owen Perrot, esquire, of Haroldston, to Philip Wylyng, clerk, for ninety-nine years from Michaelmas next, of a toft with a garden in Pentrekyryll, adjoining a road extending to Porthglays, together with certain land near a windmill. 1 April, 24 Henry VII.
[Norf.]D. 949. Demise by Richard Hykson, of Walsokyn, son and heir of John Hykson, who was son and heir of Richard Watson, late of Walsokyn, to Thomas Arle, John Ravene, clerk, rector of the parish church of Shittelyngton, Gerard Foster, and John Wynde, of land in Walsokyn in the field called 'Newfeld,' part abutting on Smethediche, and part on the common road called 'le Fendychedrove.' 20 February, 3 Henry VII. Seal.
[Norf.]D. 950. Grant by Robert Payne of Aysshyll, Robert Codlynge, Thomas Baldwyne, of the same, and Thomas Nobys of Hale, to Thomas Coo of Aysshyll, Arthur Coo, bachelor of laws, and William Coo, their brother, of land adjoining the land of Uphall, and abutting on Neldys Weye. 1 October, 17 Henry VII. Seal, and portions of two seals.
[Norf.]D. 951. Grant by Henry Clerke of Thetforde, to Humphrey Adam, John Adam, and Nicholas Markaunt the elder, of Saham, of land in Asshill, part lying on Brakysmedwefurlong by land of the manor of Uphall, part abutting on Burywey, part lying at Gonell mere, by the land of Colarda, abutting on land of the manors of Saham and Uphall, part lying in Caldewell felde by laud of the manor of Panneworth, part abutting on Caldewell medewe, and part lying by Calkepyte. 20 May, 3 Henry VII. Seal.
Carmar.D. 952. Grant by Philip Wogan, alias Philip ap David ap Gruffith Gwyn, son and heir of the same David, to Lewis ap Res ap Aron, clerk, of all his lands, tenements and burgages &c. in Doleverwith and 'le Goruyt,' or elsewhere within the lordship of Tallagharn, and in Whitland. 21 January, 7 Henry VII.
[Oxford.]D. 953. Bond by Thomas the prior, and the convent, of Burcestre, to Edward Wodward, for 7l. 6s. 6d. to be paid at Midsummer A.D. 1491. 6 June, 4 Henry VII.
Kent.D. 954. Release by William Fissher, John Fissher the elder, son of the said William, Richard Frensshe and John Lucas, of Maydeston, to Alexander Sharp of the same, of all their right in land in Boxle, on the hill, at the place called 'Aysshsted,' by the lane called 'Asshsted' leading to Walyslad. 4 October, 20 Henry VII. Seal, defaced.
Endorsed: 'Of Aysted above Downe.'
[Oxford.] Wilts.D. 955. Receipt by Thomas Banbury, the prior, and the convent, of Bureestre, for 8l. 18s. received from Edward Wodward, alderman of Oxford, for servants' clothing, by way of loan, to be repaid at the dates named, on the security of the profits received from the church of Cumptune co. Wilts, and the possessions and rents of the priory in Stodeley-in-Cadnam. 17 November, 8 Henry VII.
[Pembr.]D. 956. Bond by Lewis ap Ho[well] ap Ph[ilip], within the commote of Wilfre, 'gentilman,' to Geoffrey Ponten, clerk, for 100s. to be paid at Michaelmas next. 20 September, 21 Henry VII.
[ ]D. 957. Instrument by Sir Henry Clyfford, 'lord Clyfford, Westmorland and Vescy,' knight, cancelling a conditional grant made to him by Sir Thomas Darcy, knight, of 600 marks, contained in a deed dated 4 April in the undermentioned year. 5 April, 10 Henry VII. Signed. English.
Cornw.D. 958. Demise by John Brusey, and John Grenowe, to Simon Avery and Joan his wife, of all their messuages and lands &c. in Mylton in the parish of Whitston; with letter of attorney authorising John Pitte and John Rowse to deliver seisin. 10 February, 23 Henry VII.
Linc.D. 959. Demise by Gilbert Becansaw, perpetual vicar of the church of Thurlby, to Thomas Templer, priest of the said church, for three years, of the vicarage of the said church. Last day but one of September, A.D. 1500. Signed. Seal.
Kent.D. 960. Grant by Stephen Tebold and John Martyn of Westchalk, 'husbondmen,' to John Sedley, one of the auditors of the Exchequer, Robert Rede, Serjeant at law, John Grove of Greneheth, gentleman, and Richard Alen of Chalke, 'yoman,' of land called 'Bartelottes,' with a barn built thereon, in Chalke. 26 September, 9 Henry VII.
[Pembr.]D. 961. Grant by Richard Davy, son and heir of Joan William, late the wife of William David, late of Haverford, 'wever,' to William Perrot of Haroldiston, esquire, of a moiety of a burgage in 'le Marketstrete,' Haverford. 5 February, 16 Henry VII. Seal.
Pembr.D. 962. Grant by Isabella Pynt, relict of Richard Walter of 'le Dale,' to Thomas William and Margaret his wife, of the same, of a moiety of a burgage in 'le Dale,' adjoining the tenement of Henry Wogan, late of Clebeche, knight; with further release of all her right therein. 7 March, 19 Henry VII.
[Derby.]D. 963. Grant by John Marchaunt and Marragdus Shorthose, to the prior and convent of Burcestre, of all their estate in lands and tenements in Wyrkesworth. Vigil of St. Matthias the apostle, 6 Henry IV. Seal.
[Norf.]D. 964. Release Peter Deye, son of Adam Deye, of Asshele, to John Ungot and Petronilla his wife, of the same, of all his right in land lying between lands belonging to Richard Wryghte of Saham. 6 March 2 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Glouc.]D. 965. Grant in tail by Geoffrey Wekewane of Aston Somerville, to John . . . . . ., of a messuage and land in Aston aforesaid, and land in Eyford, also of rents, part from a messuage and land in Wykewa[ne], with the reversion of certain premises; with remainders to Sir Walter, John's brother, and to Matilda, their sister, and [reversion] in fee to the grantor. Copy on paper. Much injured.
[Camb.]D. 966. Inquisition taken at 'la Newmarket,' before Henry Hethe, the king's eacheator, as to the goods and chattels of Thomas Eyre of Waddon, 'husbondman,' outlawed at the suit of the warden of Wyndesor college on a plea of debt; also as to the goods of John Cok son of Thomas Cok of Kertelong, 'husbondman,' who slew Ralph son of Walter Coupere, on Tuesday after Michaelmas, 6 Henry V. at Kertelyng, with a dagger. Monday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 6 Henry V. Defaced.
Herts.D. 967. Demise by Sir William Say, knight, in his own name, and that of his co-feoffees, to Henry Freysshwater of Saybrisford, 'husbondman,' for twelve years, of all his plot called 'Wykehamhall' and other lands there called 'Bryans,' 'Bledeweys,' and 'Thornes,' with lands, pastures and rents &c. belonging thereto in Storteford and Farnham, reserving the woods growing thereon; the grantee to have 'cartebote, ploughbote, herwebote, heggebote, and fyrebote' &c. 10 January, 7 Henry VII.
[Norf.]D. 968. Grant by John Thaxster of Asshill, the elder, to Humphrey Adam, John Adam, and Nicholas Markaunt of Saham Tony, the elder, of land lying in Chyrchefeld in Asshill, adjoining land of the manor of Uphall. 15 July, 14 Henry VII.
Endorsed: 'Carta de iij acr[is] t[er]re jac[entibus] p[ro]pe Petradys' &c.
Kent.D. 969. Release by Richard Lawrence of Milton next Gravesende, yeoman, to Richard Alen of Chalk, of all actions; also of an obligation for 32s. due to John a Wodde late of Northflet, and of a bill for 34s. more or less, now in the hands of one, late the wife of William Harmand of London. 25 January, 23 Henry VII. English.
[Bucks.]D. 970. Certificate by . . . . . . . Bayly of the borough of Newport Paynell, John Galkek of the same, and others, named, with many more 'off odere neyborys' of Newport Mersch and Gykford, that whereas they have heard that by the 'sotyll procuryng' &c. of one John Freman of Wybuston and Thomas Long of Eton, one Thomas Fraunces of Wybuston, sometime servant and apprentice with Thomas Botelere, has been accused of the unlawful possession of two steers and a heifer (hekfford), they testify that the said Fraunces bought the said animals from Richard Harman their neighbour &c. English. Injured.
[Oxford.]D. 971. Defeasance of a grant by Thomas Draper of Dadyngton, to John Samwell of Stoke de Lyle, of a messuage with a curtilage adjoining, in the new street of Dadyngton, except land lying on Over Beresy, and of land, part lying at Hascumbe, and part by Gardynereshegge; witnessing that if the said Thomas shall pay 10 marks to the said John by the date named, it shall be lawful for him to re-enter upon the premises &c. Feast of St. Tiburcius and St. Valerian, 10 Henry IV.
[Oxford.]D. 972. Grant by . . . . . . . ., to John Willi . . . . . . . . and Brice . . . . . . . . . . . Skyres, of two messuages and curtilages with meadow land [and the reversion] of a tenement in [Dadyngton?]. Witnesses:—William Draper and others (named). Dadyngton, 4 Henry IV. Much mutilated.
[Middx.]D. 973. Acquittance by John Hermesthorp, master of the hospital of St. Katherine by the Tower, for 20l. received from Robert Claydon, keeper of the Hanaper, for the two years last past, in payment of a yearly sum of 10l. granted to the said John by the late king Edward, and confirmed to him and his successors, masters of the said hospital, by the present king, for providing a chaplain to celebrate divine service daily in the chantry founded by the late queen Philippa within the said hospital. 12 November, 5 Henry IV.
Endorsed: Memorandum of allowance to be made to the said Claydon from the last day of September 4 Henry IV. to the same date next following.
[Kent.]D. 974. Grant by Richard Clerk, of the parish of Chalk, to William Martyn, of the same, of land in Chalk, at Readys . . . . . 10 May 10 Henry IV. Injured. Portion of seal.
[ ]D. 975. Appointment by Richard Bryd, chaplain, of Walter . . . . . [of ?] Hoton, as his bailiff, to place Richard Latchgrave in possession of certain messuages and a water mill &c. granted to him by the said Bryd. Sunday after . . . . . ., 1 Henry IV. Much mutilated.
[Pembr.]D. 976. Grant by Joan Typpe, daughter and heiress of John Typpe, to Sir Robert Salmon, chaplain, of all her lands and tenements in Pembroke. Witnesses:—Geoffrey Matthew, mayor of Pembroke, and others (named). Octave of the Assumption, 1 Henry IV. Portion of seal.
[Oxford.]D. 977. Attornment by Philip la Vache, knight, and Elizabeth his wife, to John Skrevan and John Kynwoldmerrsh, by the payment of 12d. for the manor of Hogenorton which they hold for life, the reversion of which has been granted by Thomas Clanevowe, knight, and Richard Wyot, to Edward Hamden, Thomas Ybury, clerk, John Buktofte, clerk, John Broghton, and Walter Gayton, together with the said John Skrevan and John Kynwoldmerssh. Chalfhunt St. Giles's, 6 March, 6 Henry IV. Seal.
Oxford.D. 978. Grant by William atte Halle of Swarford, and late of Shortehampton, to Richard Halle, William Grevyle, gentleman, John Morys, William Robyns, John Major, Thomas Cockys, and John Tanner, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Shortehampton and Walcote; with letter of attorney authorising William Boteler to deliver seisin. 12 July, 9 Henry VII. Seal.
[Kent.]D. 979. Grant by John Potkyn, to Robert Bolte, of land in Chalke, lying in the field called 'Chalkepette,' adjoining the lane called 'Banslane'; with further demise of land in Chalke in a place called 'Bradham.' Witnesses:—Sir William Boswell, vicar there [Chalke], and others (named). 7 April, 2 Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
Carmar.D. 980. Letter of attorney by Philip Wogan alias Philip ap David ap Gruffith Gwyn, son and heir of the same David, authorising Thomas ap David ap Ll[ewell]in ap Ho[well], and Philip ap David Ychan, to deliver seisin to Lewis ap Res ap Aron, clerk, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Doleverwith and 'le Goruit,' or else where within the lordship of Tallagharn, and within the town of Whitlond. 21 January, 7 Henry VII, Seal. See D. 952.
[Oxford.]D. 981. Release by Richard Dadyngton, vicar [of Dadyngton ?], to . . . . . . . . ., of all his right in lands and tenements &c. in Dadyngton. Feast of St. Katherine the virgin, . . . . . . . . . Fragment.
[Kent.]D. 982. Bond by John Payn of Suthhamton, 'hosyer,' to Thomas Shymmyng,' for 201. to be paid at Michaelmas next. 10 May, 1 Henry VII.
Endorsed; Condition of above bond witnessing that if the within written Thomas, and Robert Crofte, John William, and John Bilton may quietly enjoy a tenement lying at Hayes in the parish of Fryndesbury, with all the lands, tenements, and woods &c. belonging thereto, granted to them, without being disturbed by the said John Payn and Agnes his wife, or by one Matilda Abbotte of London, widow, or any others, then the above bond shall be void.
Kent.D. 983. Bond by John Weston of the parish of Cheriton, 'gentilman,' to Robert Exbregge, for 20l. to be paid at Easter next. 24 February, 23 Henry VII. Seal defaced.
Pembr.D. 984. Grant by John Rowe, son and heir of Thomas Rowe, of Roscrothour, to Walter Rowe his son, and John Froman of Brometrikk, of all his messuages and lands &c. in Roscrothour and Fourde by Carewe, and elsewhere within the county named, for the grantor's life, with remainder in tail to the said Walter, and in default of issue to the right heirs of the grantor. 6 March, 13 Henry VII.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses present at the sealing of above grant.
Bucks.D. 985. Agreement between Thomas Pymme, gentleman, Richard Byrche, Nicholas Devon, George Petyfer, John Brasebryg, and Thomas Baven, wardens and rulers of the new works belonging to the church of Wycombe, of the one part, and William Chapman of Chersey, co. Surrey, freemason, of the other part, witnessing that the said William agrees to take down, before the feast of St. Lawrence the martyr next, all the stone &c. of an old steeple between the choir and the body of the church of Wycombe, and also the stones of two cross arches with their 'respondes' &c. and 'to corbcll, tabyll, crest, and purpoynt assheler' certain parts of the said church, with other works there; the said wardens to pay the said William 33l. and a horse in the manner specified, and to supply stone, lime, sand &c. 26 January, 24 Henry VII. Signed. English.
[Somers.]D. 986. Grant by Sir Thomas Fichet, knight, lord of Spaxston, to Richard Lyf, lord of Corypol, at the request of Sir Thomas de Audelegh, knight, son of Sir James de Audelegh, lord of Red Castle and Helegh, of his watercourse of Fordemulle, for Richard's mill of Cherdelynchemulle until Fulk Corbet of London shall next return to Stoweye, before Midsummer next. Saturday the feast of St. George the martyr 2 Richard II.
[Somers.]D. 987. Grant by Thomas Harlyng, parson of the church of Yevele (Yeovil), and lord of the town there, to Joan, wife of William, son of Henry Martyn of Yevele and of Joan Henry's wife, and to Cristina daughter of the said William and Joan, for their lives, of the reversion of a messuage and curtilage adjoining, in the street called 'Forstrete' in Yevele, which premises Nicholas Slake, late parson of the same church had demised to the said Henry, Joan his wife, and William their son for their lives. Witnesses:—William Lumbard, provost of the said town, and others (named). 9 October, 5 Henry V. Seal.
[Linc.]D. 988. Grant by William Robert of Belton, to Roger Welles of Ouston, William Hichecoke of Kynnardffery, John Jakeson of Esteffery and John Grome of Eppeworthe, of a plot of land by Mossewode, abutting on Belton marsh and on the common lane leading from Wodhousse to Mossewod; with letter of attorney authorising Robert Waytenyng, 'yoman' Edmund Robert, and Richard Chapman, to deliver seisin. 1 April A.D. 1461.
[Pembr.]D. 989. Release by David Mortymer, chaplain, to Richard Mortymer, his brother, of all his right in a tenement in Hylstreto, in the parish of St. Thomas, in West Haverford, which descended to the said Richard after the death of Philip their brother. 16 December, 1 Henry VI.
[Bedf.]D. 990. Demise by Joan, relict of Richard de Kersi of Hougthon, to Brian the shepherd (bercar[io]), for his life, of a tenement & Hougthone. Sunday before the Annunciation, 6 Edward II.
Kent.D. 991. Grant by Peter Cattere of Shorne, to Stephen Potkyn of Chalke, of land in Chalke, lying in the field called 'Westfeld,' which land he, with Peter Davy, deceased, lately had, with other lands and tenements, of the grant of Clement Marchall. Last day of October, 21 Henry VI.
Kent.D. 992. Demise by William Wrenue of Southflete and Thomas Bodem . . . of Horton by Derentte, to John Sherewode of Southflete, of certain parcels of lands and woods lying in Southflete, viz. land in a croft called '. . llyngges' adjoining a lane leading to 'le Marie,' land in a field called 'Davyes,' a wood called 'Pendhaugh,' land in Alotehaugh, adjoining the said wood and lying by a lane leading from Westwodc to Saretrowe, and abutting on the high road from Westwode to Godlescrouche; with further demise of land in Southflete and Stone, in a place called 'Kyngaleyneshaugh,' adioining a lane at Moltedene leading to Southland. 27 September, 7 Henry V.
[Cornw.]D. 993. Grant by John Moyn and Roger Moyn, to Walter Poma and Matilda his wife, of all their croft lying in the sanctuary of Liskirr' (Liskeard), adjoining the croft of the lepers of St. Mary Magdalene; paying 1d. yearly, in the name of the grantors, to the chief lords, for the first thirty years, and 20s. afterwards, yearly, to the grantors. Sunday after St. Martin, 2 Richard [II].
[Warw.]D. 994. Release by Henry . . . . . ., John Honyburn, and John Lote of Coventre, 'wever,' to [the abbot] and convent of Stonley, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Flecchamsted, or elsewhere within the manor of Stonley, which [they had] of the grant of John Anable, late of Coventre, 'whittawere,' except a croft called 'Kyngeswode' within [the manor of] Stonley. 24 March, 32 Henry VI. Much mutilated. Seal and portions of seal.
[Warw.]D. 995. Demise by Thomas Temple of Lemynton Priors, to Walter Warmynton of the same, and Agnes his wife, for their lives, of a messuage called 'Austynsplace,' and land called 'Godes,' in Lemynton. Coventry, 22 March, 3 Henry V.
[Suff.]D. 996. Grant by William Sorel of Haghele, to Sir William de Newehawe of Bnketon, chaplain, for his life, of all the grantor's share of a piece of meadow in Haghele, abutting on the water flowing from Wetherdene to Dagworth, with the reversion to the grantee, for his life, of another moiety of the said piece of meadow, which the grantor's mother, Cicely Sorel, holds for her life. Tuesday after St. Theodore the martyr, 6 Edward III.
[Herts ?]D. 997. Grant by Margery Draper, to John Quenild, for the grantor's life, of land in Codrech, lying in Spedeleye. 6 October, 50 Edward III. Copy.
Endorsed: Memoranda of various sums to be received from certain persons, named, for lands &c.
[Cornw.]D. 998. Grant, in exchange, by Walter Gybbe and Agnes his wife, to Roger Boskayre and Margaret his wife, in tail, of all their messuages, lands, and tenements, in Penkynek in the parish of St Gennys, with reversion in fee, in default of issue, to the grantors. Thursday after Michaelmas, 11 Henry VI.
[Carmar.]D. 999. Grant in tail by Robert Toker the elder, to Sarah Toker, daughter of John Toker the younger, of half a burgage, with a garden and croft adjoining, and land in the lordship of Lanstephan; part of the land lying at a place called 'Wyttyryswyll,' and part by the high road to Tallagharn, with reversion to Ellen, Sarah's sister, 'and so from one sister to another.' Monday after SS. Nereus and his companions, 10 Richard II.
[Herts.]D. 1000. Grant by John Bornik the elder, and Richard Algore of Sabrychesworth, to William Parker of Pyssopark, John Gorge of Netelleswell, and Thomas Smyth of Northwelde, of a tenement with houses and curtilages &c. in Sabrychesworth, abutting on the garden of the lord of Say. Monday after the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 4 Henry VI.