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'List of illustrations', Survey of London: volume 22: Bankside (the parishes of St. Saviour and Christchurch Southwark) (1950), pp. XVI-XVIII. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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1.Roman hypocaust flue found west of Red Cross Street in 1806. From a drawing by George Gwilt in the Council's collection1
2.Roman pottery jug found on the site of Barclay Perkins' brewery in 1786. From a drawing by George Gwilt in the Council's collection1
3.Street post in the Clink Liberty. Sketch by F. A. Evans6
4.Tallis's View of the east side of Borough High Street from St. Thomas Street to Newcomen Street in four sections12
5.Strip elevation of the east side of Borough High Street in 1948 in four sections. Drawn by R. G. Absolon13
6.No. 33 Borough High Street. Staircase. Sketch by F. A. Evans14
7.The sign of the Hare. Sketch by M. H. Leefe16
8.The George Inn. Sections and ground and first-floor plans. Measured drawings by F. A. Evans17
9.The George Inn. Staircase and elevation. Measured drawings by F. A. Evans18
10.The George Inn. Panelling. Measured drawings by F. A. Evans19
11.Plan of the George Inn, 1874. From a deed in the possession of British Railways20
12.No. 83 Borough High Street. Staircase, 1948. Drawn by F. A. Evans21
13.No. 91 Borough High Street. Plans and elevations. Measured drawings by R. G. Absolon22
14.The Grapes public-house, Kentish Buildings, 1947. Sketch by R. G. Absolon25
15.Tallis's View of Nos. 237–246 (now 40–56) and the Town Hall on the west side of Borough High Street26
16.West side of Borough High Street, 1947. Sketch by F. A. Evans27
17.Backs of houses on the west side of Borough High Street, 1947. Sketch by F. A. Evans28
18.No. 52 Borough High Street. Detail of panelled room on second floor. Measured drawings by F. A. Evans29
19.Newcomen Street looking east, 1947. Sketch by F. A. Evans31
20.Plate fixed to houses belonging to Mrs. Newcomen's Charity33
21.Plan of the original block of Guy's Hospital. From a deed in the possession of the hospital36
22.Font in the chapel of Guy's Hospital. Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior39
23.Stone alcove from old London Bridge now in a courtyard of Guy's Hospital. Measured drawing by Evelyn Prior42
24.Reconstructed plan of Winchester Palace as it was in 1649. Line drawing50
25.Remains of Winchester Palace. Cross-sections and plan. Measured drawings by F. H. Healey53
26.Archway over Stoney Street, 1942. Sketched by F. H. Healey54
27.The Clink. From an inset drawing on a manuscript in the Bodlein Library56
28.Token of Anthony Craven, the Castle, Bank End60
29.Ferryman's seat, Bankside. Sketch by F. A. Evans60
30.Nos. 50–52 Bankside. Measured drawing by R. G. Absolon61
31.Cardinal Cap Alley, 1947. Sketch by F. A. Evans62
32.Token of Melchisedeck Fritter, the Cardinal's Hat, Bankside63
33.No. 50 Bankside. Details of doorway. Measured drawing by R. G. Absolon63
34.No. 74 Bankside. Plan and sections of staircase. Measured drawings by P. G. Vincent64
35.No. 74 Bankside. Detail of staircase65
36.Part of the "Agas" map view showing the bull and bear baiting rings68
37.Wall tablet on No. 7 Park Street83
38.Nos. 59 and 61 Union Street. Shop front. Measured drawings by R. G. Absolon85
39.Stone monument on the wall of Red Cross Gardens87
40.Anchor Terrace, Southwark Bridge Road. Fanlight88
41.Three plans of Christ Church. 1757, 1873, and 1890104
42.Christ Church. Plan. 1947. Measured drawing by F. A. Evans105
43.No. 26 Upper Ground. Details of doorway. Measured drawing by P. G. Vincent109
44.Staircase detail at Hopton's Almshouses113
45.No. 83 Blackfriars Road. Lamp standard117
46.No. 88 Blackfriars Road. Fireplace117
47.No. 81 Blackfriars Road, entrance hall. Section and ceiling plan. Measured drawing by R. G. Absolon118
48.No. 32 Stamford Street. Lamp standard122
49.Nos. 36–48 Stamford Street. Elevations. Drawn by R. G. Absolon123
50.No. 78 Colombo Street. Staircase detail125
51.Nos. 72–80 Colombo Street. Elevation and plans126
52.No. 5 Dolben Street. Shop front. Measured drawing by R. G. Absolon127
53.No. 20 Nelson Square. Fanlight28
54.Nelson Square. Plan based on Ordnance Survey129
55.No. 43 Nelson Square. Elevation showing ground floor and balcony above. Drawn by A. J. North130
56.Nos. 31–35 Nelson Square (east side). Elevation. Measured drawing by A. J. North130
57.Nos. 17 and 56 Nelson Square. Doors. Measured drawings by R. G. Absolon131
58.Old pump originally in Nelson Square. Sketch by F. A. Evans132


Allen (or Alleyn), EdwardArgent a chevron between three cinqfoils gules. (P. 69)
Angell WilliamOr, three fusils in fess azure, over all a bend gules. (P. 98)
Austin, WilliamArgent on a fess between two chevrons sable three crosses or. (p. 111)
Bermondsey AbbeyParty per pale gules and azure a lion passant gardant or supporting a pastoral staff of the last infilling a mitre or all within a border argent charged with 8 B's sable. (p. 4)
Browker, HughBarry of eight or and sable seven martlets, two, two, two and one, or. (p. 98)
Carey, Henry, Baron HundsonArgent, on a bend sable, three roses of the first, a crescent on a crescent for difference. (p. 97)
Chaucer, GeoffreyParty per pale argent and gules a bend counter charged. (p. 21)
Gardiner, Stephen, Bishop Of WinchesterAzure on a cross or between four griffins' heads erased argent a cinquefoil gules. (p. 47)
Guy's HospitalSable on a chevron or between three leopard's heads argent each crowned with an eastern crown or, three fleurs de lys azure. (p. 37)
Marshall, JohnArgent a chevron cotised sable between three stags' heads cabossed gules. (p. 101)
Rochester, See ofArgent on a saltier gules an escallop or. (p. 48)
St. Mary Overy PrioryArgent a cross of fusils in the dexter chief a cinquefoil gules. (p. 6)
Shakespearke, WilliamOr on a bend sable a spear of the first the point steeled proper. (p. 75)
Winchester, See OfGules two keys addorsed in bend the upper argent, the lower or, a sword in bend sinister argent interposed between them. (p. 45)
Wood, Sir Francis LindleyThree naked savages ambulant in fess proper, in the dexter hand of each a shield argent charged with a cross gules, in the sinister a club resting on the shoulder, also proper on a canton ermine three lozenges conjoined in fess sable. (p. 129)
Wykeham, William, OfArgent, two chevrons sable between three roses gules. (p. 46)

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