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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1487-8', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 127-143. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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[a.d. 1487–8]

(fn. 1) + Ihesus

Here begynneth the Rekenyng of vs, Iohn halhed and Robert Roucyby, ffor o yer, from Mighelmas ao ijo h. vij to Myghelmas ao iijo h. vij.

ffyrst, we charge vs with the monye resseyued of William prene and Ioh'n halhed, that they leffte Remaynnyng in the Box. Summa,lj sx d

Also, we charge vs with such detteres as was owyng to the chirch, as yt apperith' mor playnly in the ffoote of theyer accompte, Summa, iij l'i vj s viij d in diuers mennys handes, Of the which Resseyued by vs,

Of Robert Barcroffte,iij siiij dSumma resseyued by vs xiiij s x din parte of payment of xl s the which he oweth for housrente, that is to wit, in the tyme of harry vavesour o yer di. Summa, xxx s, and in the tyme of William prene & Ioh'n halhed, for half o yer x s. Summa as is aforesaide, xl s. Iohn a milton, Baker, Sewrete for the saide Richard to paye quarterly iiij s. The ffyrst quarter begon is at Mighelmas last past, & paide by Iohn Milton, Baker, the saide iiij s.
Of William Bryan, ffreuterer,v s
Of Iohn harrys, gardyner,xviij d
Of Iohn wolmonger,xij d
Of Richard Chelmysho,iiij s

Also we charge with the Rentall' afore rehersid that we haue resseyued within this yer belongyng as wele to the chirch' as to the chauntryes.

(fn. 2) The Chirch Rentes isxv l'ixj svj d
Nasynges ChauntryeSummaix l'iviij d
Roose Wrytell'"vj l'ixiij siiij d
Richard Gosslynis"viij l'ixvj s
Ioh'n Causton"xviij l'iiiij siiij d
Ioh'n Bedaham"xiij l'ivj sviij d
Maister William Caimbrige"x l'i
Summa, iiij.jxx li. xij s vj d.

(fn. 3) + Ihesus.

Item, we charge vs with the clarkes wages resseyued at iiij termes of þe yer, that is to wit,

at Cristmas,xxviij sx dSumma, v l'i xiiij s viij d
Item, at the ffeste of Annuncyacyon,xxviij sj d
Item, at the ffeste of S Ioh'n Baptist,xxviij svj d
Item, at the ffest of S Mychael,xxix siij d
Item, for the Beame lyte at þe saide termes, that is to wyt,
At Cristmas,vj sij dSumma, xxiij s v d
At owr lady day,v svij d
At Midsommer,v sx d
And at Mighelmas,v sx d
Item, we Resseyued at Ester ano xiiijc lxxxvije of the howslyng people ffor the pascall'. Summa,xj sv d
Item, we charge vs with the casueltees Resseyued within þe yer of þis accompte.
ffirst, resseyued of Ioh'n clark, salter, for þe Beryes of iij childern,vj s
Item, we Resseyued for the greate bell' rong for hymselfiij siiij d
Item, for his Beryall' in the newe werkevj sviij d
Item, we Resseyued of Ioh'n Milton, Baker, for þe greate bell'iij siiij d
Item, we Resseyued of Robert waldyng, for a man of caleyes buryed in the greate chirch yardiij s
Item, we Resseyued of henry vavesour, for a ffrenchman leyde in the new werkex s
Item, Resseyued of the saide harry for ij taperes brennyng at certen termentesviij d
Item, Resseyued of Ioh'n polyver, ffor the beryall' of a ong childeij s
Item, Resseyued of Ioh'n Ionson, for the buryall' of Ioane his wifij s
Item, Resseyued of the goodwif dewblyn, for þe buriall' of her husbondvj sviij d
Item, for owr parte of the greate bell'. Summaiij siiij d
Item, Resseyued of peter Andrew, cobler, for þe burial of a childeij s
Item, Resseyued of Margarete Bull' for þe buriall' of a straunge childeij s
Item, Resseyued of Alexaunder Worsley for þe buriall' of his sonnxx d

(fn. 4) + Ihesus

Item, Resseyued of Ioh'n Townnesend, for a speynerd þat was buryed in the grete chirchyard,iij siiij d
Summa Resseyued of Casueltees lvj s.
Item, we charge with xlij s j d ob. that we haue resseyued in Torches & werkmanschypp of the lyttes of Roger Medilton, wexchaundeler, the which he owed to the chirch in the tyme of w prene & I. halhed,Summa, xlij s j dob.
Summa totalis Resseyued, iiijxvxx
ij l'i vj s ix d ob.

(fn. 5) Ihesus.

Thies ben the paymentes belongyng to þe chirch'.

In primis, vacacyon of Sir William Maltby, a chamber by o quarter. Summaij siij d
Item, that Sir Iohn lovyer paieth nothyng for his chamber. Summaviij s
Paide ffor the Obyte of Ioh'n Weston, kepte the xix daye of Aprell' in the yer of owre lorde god ml' cccclxxxvj, to prestes, Clarkes, for brede & ale and offeryng. Summaiij siiij d
Paide for the obyte of maister Ioh'n Bradmer, kepte the xix day of nouember in þe sayde yer, to prestes, clarkes & oþeriij s
Paide to sir Iohn plommer, for the kepyng of the morowe mass ffor this hole yer from Mighelmas to myghelmas. Summaxx s
Paide Alexaunder wursley, clarke, for a hole yeres wages at Mighelmas. Summaliij siiij d
Paide to Ioh'n Russell', for a yeres wages at Mighelmas. Summaliij siiij d
Paide to Michael harrys, warden of the chirch of S georges in puddyng lane, for o quyterent goyng oute of the tenementes of Ioh'n Weston ffor a hole er ffynyschid at Mighelmas last past. Summaxx s
Paide to the Abbot of Waltham for o quyterent goyng owte of the the tenementes of Ioh'n Weston for a hole yer at Mighelmas past. Summaxxxviij s
Paide to the priowr of Christ chirch' in london, for a quytrent goyng owte of the saide tenementes for a hole yer at Ester last past. Summaiij s
Summa, x l'i iiij s iij d.
(fn. 6) Paide to Westwode, smyth, for the makyng of v yryn boltes waying xvj lb., of your owne stuffe, and for tynnyng of the same boltes. Summaxvj d
Item, to William Stede, ffor viij yardes and o quarter blew bokeram, price the yerde vij d. Summa paideiiij sviij d
Item, for xj yardes of blue lyes for the saide Corteynes, priceiiij d
Item, for hemmyng and lyryng and settyng on of the Rynggesviij d
Item, for blue threde and iij dossen laten Rynges, priceviij dob.
Summa, vij s viij d ob.
Paide for holme and yve anenst Cristmas, i d.
Item, for naylles for þe schryvyng peawe, ob.
Item, for iij dossen and o halffe talugh'e candell' for the queer & morowmas, price the dossen xv d. Summa, iiij s iiij d ob.
Item, for scowryng of the laten candelstykkys, standardes, branches, and bolles vppon the beame, anenst Ester. Summa, xxiij d.
Item, for a quarter coles ayenst ester, price v d.
Item, for box, palme, fflowres and obleyes ocupied on palmesondayes, viij d.
Item, for wyne spente at the hyghe ffestes of the yer vppon the prestes and clarkes. Summa, iij s iiij d.
Item, to William paris for wachchyng of the sepulcre, for swepyng of the chirch' and for meatc and drynke, vij d.
Item, for makyng of a keueryng to the ffounte, iij d.
Item, for pynnes for the aulter, ob..
Item, to ijo childern, goyng on processyon on holye thursdaye, ij d.
Item, for ij dossen and o halffe Roose garlondes on seynte Barnabees daye, viij d ob.
Item, for iiije laten belles for the canapye on corpus christi daye, iij s iiij d.
Item, for a latyn bell' to go with the sacrament, xiiij d.
Item, for byrchen bowes a-yenst mydsomer, iij d.
Item, to w. paris for his labour for a basket to bear in duste, iiij d.
Item, for iij mattes and ij hassockes in Seynte Thomas chapell', price viij d.
Item, for xxxij Corteyn Rynges and hookes to henge the clothe for the newe tabernacle, price xiij d.
Item, for mendyng of the yryn Rodd, xvj d.
Item, for lyne and whippcorde to serve the same clothe, ij d.
Summa totalis, xx s xj d.
Summa, xxviij s vij d ob.
(fn. 7) Paide to Ioh'n Russell' for ix elles holond clothe to make a surpluse for (fn. 8) alisaunder and a Rochett for w. paris, price the ell', vij d.
Summa, v s iij d.
Item, for the makyng of the same, ij s.
Item, for mendyng of an olde surplus that Iohn Russell' wereth, iiij d.
Item, bowte ijo olde surplus, price x s.
Item, for mendyng of a aulbe belongyng to the highe aulter, j d.
Item, for mendyng of the iije white Coopes. And of a grene coope of bawdekyn, to Thomas tate, xvj d.
Item, for a dossen tuckyng gyrdilles, x d.
Summa, xix s x d.
Paide to Thomas fferour, clarke of Seynte Andrews, for mendyng of an olde antyphoner, to peace it, to wryte it and to note yt and also to newe bynde yt, vj s viij d.
Item, to Richard Ryder for mendyng of diuers pynnys & claspis of diuers bookes, iiij d.
Item, for makyng of vj smale tables and for the wrytyng of the names of the ffounnderes of your chauntryes, for perchmyn & for bordes, ix d.
Summa, vij s ix d.
Paide to Roger Midelton, wex chaundeler; first, for xxxv ll' wex that was owyng in the last yer, price the ll' vij d ob. Summa, xx s v d.
Item, paide for xxxviij ll' wex occupied & spent within this yer, price the ll' vij d ob. Summa, xxiij s ix d.
Item, we Resseyued of Stoor that was leffte in taperes endes and in Beamelyghte. Summa, iiijxx xviij ll'.
Summa of the new wex and olde occupied within this yer is vjxx xvj ll', paide for the makyng of euery ll', ob. Summa, v s viij d. Paide for the makyng of xxxj ll' pascall', at j d ll'. Summa, ij s vj d.
Item, for garnyschyng of iiij torches aenst corpus christi xvj d.
Item, paide for iiij torches waying lxx ll', at vj d ll'. Summa, xxxv s.
Item, for that that we haue paide to hym in monye. Summa, ij s iiij d. [nota ?]
Summa, iiij li xj s.
Summa, vj l'i viij s vij d.

(fn. 9) + Ihesus.


Paide to a dawber for stoppyng of an hole in Sir Ioh'n lovyers chamber, for lath', naylles and werkmanschipp, iij d.
Item, to William paris for mendyng of William halles entre & for bordes & nayle, j d ob.
Item, to christouer kechyn for a werkman o daye in Richard Alenson guttur, viij d.
Item, for a caunte peace for the guttur, iiij d.
Item, ijo long quarteres and a shorte, iij d.
Item, to a tyler and his laborer for a daye & di, xvj d.
Item, to Roger Mott for castyng of j c di. leede for Alenson guttur, xxj d.
Item, to Ioh'n Russell' for naylles, iiij d ob..
Item, for an henge and a hoke sett on the steyer dore where Geffreyes wyff dwellid, iiij d.
Item, for iij wycket keyes to þe entre dorr within the prestes Aleye, price iiij d ob..
Item, alowed to sir Iohn plommer for the mendyng of his kechen dorr, a wyket keye, price iiij d.
Item, for a keye for the wyket in the newe werke, iij d.
Summa, vj s iij d ob..
Paide to maistres Breteyn for ij lodes tymber, price x s.
Item, for the sawyng of iij c xv ffoote ffor quarteres, iij s
Item, paid for j c di vj Roffe tyles, iiij s j d.
Item, paide for vj c di planch' borde, price þe c ij s ij d and iiij d for the cariage. Summa, xiiij s iiij d.
Item, for iij c quarter borde at ij s iiij d c. Summa, vij s.
Item, for a lode hart lath, xij s.
Summa totalis, l s iiij d.
Paide to Ioh'n ducklyng in parte payment of such money as he had leyde out of his purs in the tyme of harry mersch' and he wer wardeyns togidder. Summa,xl s
Item, delyuerd to Alexaunder worsley, clarke, for to Ride to speke with Sir William Palmer ffor the Antiphoner that he hath to wryte. Summa,vj sviij d
Summa, xlvj s viij d.
Summa totalis of the Chirch' Costes xxiij l'i iiij s ix d.

(fn. 10) The Costis of Nasynges Chauntrye.

ffirst, the vacacyon of the house that Ioh'n harryson occupied o quarterij svj d
Item, vacacyon of the house that William dyckson dwellit in half o quarterv s
Paide to the abbot of waltham for quyterent goyng owte of the tenementes of nasynges ffor a hole yer at the ffeste of Seynt mychaell' last past. Summaxxij s
Paide to Sir William Maltbye, prest, syngyng ffor nasynges the space of a hole yere frome the ffest of Seynte Michael vnto the saide ffeste. Summa,vj l'ixiij siiij d
Item, paide vnto hym for his salarye of vije wekes affter mighelmas, rebatyng hym for his housrent xxij d; paide clerlye to hymxvj sij d
Summa, vij l'i ix s vj d.
Paide to William paris for mendyng of a wyndowe in the chambre wher Ioh'n a Bristowe and Nycholas thornley dwellidij d
Summa totalis of Nasynges viij l'i xix s ij d.

The Costes of Iohn Causton Chauntrye.

ffirst, vacacyon of the house that Crapeles now occupieth, the space of iij quarteres of o yere at xx s by yer. Summaxv s
Item, a garden at tourhill' of ij s viij d by yer, voyde a hole yerij sviij d
Summa, xvij s viij d.
(fn. 11) Paide to the priour of christchirch' in london ffor o quytrent goyng out of the gardens and tenementes sett at tourhill' beside þe Meneris for a hole yer at the ffeste of Ester last past. Summav s
Paide to the Bretherhed of owr ladye salue [regina,] withyn the chirch' of Seynte Magnus, ffor o quyterent goyng owte of the house that Iohn ffische, grocer, now occupieth', for a hole yer at Midsomer last past. Summavj s
Paide ffor kepyng of the Obyte of Ioh'n Causton, the ffirst and second daye of august, to prestes, clarkes & childern, for brede, ale & offeryng. Summaiij six d
Paid to Sir Ioh'n Belamye ffor his ffirst quarter at Cristmasxxxvj sviij d
Item, to Sir Ioh'n Belamye for the seconnd quarter at Esterxxxvjsviij d
And alowed to hym for his chambre in this quarterxx d
Item, to Sir Ioh'n Belamye for half o quarter bytwene Ester & mydsomerxviij siiij d
Item, to Sir Iohn Belamye for o quarter, fro seynt peteres day to Michell'mas daye, in howsrent and monye. Summaxxxv sx d
Summa to the preste, vj l'i ix s ij d.
Kello. Paide to harry kello for that that he leyde oute for brekyng of the pavement before his dorr, iiij d.
Item, for a hoke to sett on his dorr, j d.
Item, to Christouer, carpenter, for a man werkyng in harry kelloes schopp in mendyng and makyng new wyndowes the space of iiij dayes, euery daye, viij d. Summa, ij s viij d.
Item, for a pewe peace for the stall', ij s.
Item, for iiij ledges di. for the wyndowes, viij d.
Item, for xj ffoote di. Elmyn borde, iij d.
Item, to Ioh'n Russell' for iij c di. iiij peny naylc, xiiij d.
Item, j c v peny nayle, v d.
Item, to westwode, smyth', for ij dossen staples, haspes, henges and boltes, ij s viij d.
Summa, x s iij d.
(fn. 12) Paide to Thomas tate ffor mendyng of ijo Cheasibles with the prowres belongyng to Ioh'n causton chauntrye, iij s iiij d.
Item, for j ell' di. holond cloth for ijo Amys, price xv d.
Item, for dying and kalendryng of the iije olde corteyns that henge befor in the queer, which' serueth for lynyng of þe saide cheasibles, xx d.
Summa totalis, vj s iij d.
Paide for a lock and a keye, & for mendyng of ij lockes & ij keyes to the tenementes at tourhill'. Item, for mendyng of ij olde lockes with the keyes for stor, and for settyng on of a locke with a newe staple on the chambre dorr within the ijo for makyng of ijo new keyes, for the olde wer broken.
Summa for all', xx d.
Summa of I. causton Chauntrye, viij li xix s ix d.

The Costis of Gooslynn Chauntrye.

ffirst, vacacyons of the house vppon the steyer iij quarter of o yer, x s.
Item, vacacyon of the house that Alis loueden dwelt in a yer, xiij s iiij d.
Item, vacacyon of the house that mychael gloucetter occupied [o ?] quarter, iiij s.
Summa, xxvij s iiij d.
Paide to th priores of Kilborn for quytrent of o yer, goyng oute of the tenementes of gosslyn in ffauster lane, at myglemas,vj d
Paide the last day of nouember, and the fyrst day of december, for the Obyte of Mr Richard Gosslynn, to the prestes and clarkes for brede, ale & offeryng. Summa, iij s iiij d.
Paide to Sir Thomas Marklew from Midsomer to Mighelmas, o quarter, xxxiij s iiij d.
Paide for mendyng of a vestmente of worstede Motleye, xij d. xxxvij s viij d.

(fn. 13) + Ihesus.

Reparacyons of Gosslynn Chauntrye.

ffirst, paide for makyng clene of ijo howses, one that Alis loffden dwelt in, the tother the house vppon the steyer, to ijo laborers for o daye, x d.
Item, for carying of lomber, lathis, bordes, endes and blockes-endes, a lode, iiij d.
Item, for a clyket keye to the Aleye dorr wher the preste dwelt, iij d.
Item, for cariage of iij lodes Rubrysch', vij d.
Item, paide to Mouce for that that he paide for the Brekyng vp of the pament, iiij d.
Item, to William paris for amendyng of the ffloores in the house vppon the steyer, and for beryng vp of ijo sackes sonde, iij d.
Item, to Thomas wade, mason, for a emperell' of ffreestone, quarter vj ffoote di., to a chympney within the house vppon the steyer, price xx d.
Item, to a mason and a laborer for di. o dey and mor, viij d.
Item, to Iames dawber and his laborer for o deye, xiij d.
Item, for a lode lombe, iiij d.
vj s iiij d.
Paide to Rowlond tyler for ijo men workyng on Exmo house frome the ffirst daye of october vnto vj dayes folowyng, euery day, xvj d. Summaviij s
Item, to ijo laborers for vj dayes in the same weke, euery day x d. Summav s
Item, to a laborer for ij dayes mor in the samex d
Item, to Rowlond for a man workyng in the seconde weke, v dayesiij siiij d
Item, for ijo tylers in the same weke for iiij dayes, euery day xvj d. Summav siiij d
Item, to iiij laborers on the monday in the same weke, xx d.
Item, on tusday ijo laborers, x d.
Item, on Wedynsdaye iij laborers, xv d; on thursday iij laborers, xv d.
Item, on ffrydaye iij laborers, xv d. Summa to þe laborers this wekevj siiij d
Item, to Rowlond for ij men werkyng v dayes in the third wekevj sviij d
Item, for a tyler werkyng iiij dayes in the same wekeij sviij d
Item, to iij laborers for v dayes, euery day xv d. Summavj siij d
Item, to a laborer for ij dayes more in the same wekex d
Item, to Rowlond for ijo werkman o daye & di., euery day xvj d. Summaij s
Item, to ijo laborers for iij dayes in servyng the tylers, and makyng clene of the houssis, beryng owte & castyng oute the Rubryscheij svj d
Summa totalis to the tylers, xxviij s.
Summa totalis to the laborers, xxi s viij d.

(fn. 14) Ihesus.


Paide to Thomas Mondes, yrmonger, for xe lath' at v d ob. c. Summa, iiij s vij d.
Item, for v bushell'es tyle prynnes, price the busch', vj d. Summa, ij s vj d.
Item, to Ioh'n Russell' for Sprig ix ml quarter at vj d ml. Summa, iiij s vij d ob.
Item, for Roffe naylles, ix ml di. at x d ml. Summa, vij s xj d.
Item, to harry knyte of knyghttes hill' for viij ml Tyle at v s vj d ml. Summa, xliiij s.
Item, to Stevynson, Burcher, for v lodes Sannde, price ij s j d.
Item, to clarkes wyffe for x lodes & iiij sackes lyme, viij s.
And Beside this Ther is spente of your stoor, in lathes, xxiij c.
Summa, iij l'i xiij s viij d ob.
Paide to Christouer, carpenter, for a man werkyng iiij dayes di. in Exmo howse in Reysyng & makyng of gutturs & settyng vp of Raffters, euery day viij d. Summa, iij s.
Item, for v quarteres for traunsones, x d.
Item, vj quarters di., xiij d.
Item, a pece to bear the Raffters, ij d.
Item, a caunte peace for a ffyllet guttur, vj d.
Item, a caunt peace for a ffillet guttur ouer Alis loueden house, x d.
Item, for xxv yardes lyre borde and eves borde for the guttures & for furris, ij s j d.
Summa, viij s vj d.
Item, to Christouer, carpenter, for a man werkyng v dayes di. in Exmo house, & in makyng of the long guttur & settyng vp of Raffters ffeate, and of new Raffters, euery day viij d. Summa, iij s viij d.
Item, for vij ffoote tymber in iij peces for Raffters, xiiij d.
Item, v long quarters, x d.
Item, ij long peces, viij d.
Item, iij quarteres, vj d.
Item, vj quarteres, xij d.
Item, for a caunte pece at the greate guttures ende, x d.
Item, for v quarters, x d.
Item, for ijo plankes, v d.
Item, for ij eves bordes, ij d.
Item, for vj quarteres, xij d.
Item, for ijo quarters, v d.
Item, for iiij quarteres, viij d.
Summa, xij s ij d.
Item, to Christouer for a man werkyng iiij dayes in Mr lewes house and Maistres Browne, in takyng vp of a guttur ther and mendyng of diuers Raffteres, euery day viij d. Summa, ij s viij d.
Item, for j c di. lyre borde, price iij s iiij d.
Item, for portage & caryage of Raffters, quarteres & borde at diuers tymes, xij d.
Summa, vij s.
Item, to Christouer for a man werkyng iij dayes & di. in the house that olde Mouce hath' taken, in translatyng of the steyer and in mendyng of wyndowes and other robbis within the saide house, euery daye viij d.
Summa, ij s iiij d.
Item, for plankes for standardis of the steyer, ix d.
Item, for xlviij ffoote Elmyn borde, xiij d.
Item, for xiij ffoote quarter borde, iiij d ob.
Item, ij long ledges for mendyng of the wyndowes, iiij d.
Summa, ij s vj d ob.

(fn. 15) + Ihesus.


Paide to Iohn Russell' for vj c v peny nayle, price ij s vj d.
Item, for iiij c iiij penye nayle, xvj d.
Item, for ij c di. iij penye nayle, vij d ob.
Item, for viij c vj penye nayle at vj d c. Summa, iiij s.
Summa totalis, viij s v d ob.
Item, Allowed to Maistres Browne for Reparacions done by her in carpentrye in makyng of her celer dorr, in mendyng of her steyer and makyng of a Rynnyng dorr bytwene Exmoes well' and her. Summa, xx d.
Paide to Iames dawber ffor werkyng in olde Mowces house and in Mastres Brownes house in wallyng, ffloryng and beame ffillyng. Summa, v dayes at viij d. Summa, iij s iiij d.
Item, to his laborer for v dayes werke, euery day v d. Summa, ij s j d.
Item, to Iames dawber for v dayes werk in Exmoes house in beameffillyng after the tylers had been there, cuery daye viij d. Summa, iij s iiij d.
Item, to his laborer for v dayes, euerye daye v d. Summa, ij s j d.
Item, to Stevynson, bucher, for vj lodes lombe, price ij s.
Item, to hym for cariage of xxij lodes Rubrische owte of ffauster lane, iij s viij d.
Summa, xvj s vj d.
Paide to Westwode, smyth', for dressyng and mendyng of iije olde lookes in mowces house, vj d.
Item, a peyer barr hokes with staples to them, waying iiij ll', vj d.
Item, for a peyer henges & hokes to a wyndowe, iiij d.
Item, ijo peyer smale hookes to hang on a wyndowe, ij d.
Item, a peyer garnettes with a lytell' bolte in ong Mowces howces, vj d.
Item, for a newe keye, iij d.
Summa, ij s iij d.
Paide to William Mott, plommer, for the castyng of vij greate guttur quarteres, xxviij c di. ix ll' leede, paying of euery c castyng xiiij d. Summa, xxxiij s ij d.
Item, for the cariage of all the leede in and owte, xij d.
Summa totalis of Mr Gosslynn Chauntrye,
xiiij l'i x s ix d ob.

(fn. 16) + Ihesus.

The Costis of Maister W. Caumbriges chauntrye.

Paide to the abbot of Barmondsey for o quyterent goyng owte of the tenementes at the stockes for a hole yer at Mighelmas last past. Summa, vj s.
Paide for the Obite of Maister William Caumbrige, kepte the xix day of August, to vj prestes and to Ioh'n Russell', ij s iiij d.
Item, to Saund, clarke, for the dirige & the belles, xij d.
Item, to Milton for spicid Bunnes, xiiij d.
Item, in white Bunnys, xij d.
Item, for a kilderkyn Ale, ij s.
Item, for pearys, ij d.
Item, in wyne, ij d.
Item, to xiij poor men, xiij d.
Item, to Maister herry Colet, mayer, vj s viij d.
Item, to Mr hugh' Clopton and to maister percyvale, schryves, vj s viij d.
Item, to the swerdberer, xx d. Summa, xxiij s xj d.
Paide to Sir Iohn philip for o yer wages, ffrome the ffest of Seynte Michaell' the archangell' vnto the saide ffeste. Summa, vj l'i xiij s iiij d.
Item, for mendyng of a cheasible of grene bawdekyn browdyrd with ragged staves of golde, vj d.
Item, to Richard Rider for ij claspes sett vppon the massbooke, xvj d.
Summa, vj l'i xv s ij d.
Paide to Roydon, tyler, for ij deyes werke in mendyng the gable ende, and to his laborer at Cryckes house at the stockes, euerye daye xiij d—ij s ij d.
Item, ij sackes lyme and ij buschelles Sannde, iiij d.
Item, to Rowlond, tyler, for a dayes labour & di. & his laborer, xix d ob.
Item, alowed to Richard Cricke ffor a byll' of Reparacions that he had done in the lytell' tenemente, the valu of xij s xj d ob. Summa paide, vj s viij d.
Summa, x s ix d ob.
Summa totalis of Mr W. Caumbriges Chauntrye, viij l'i xv s x d ob..

(fn. 17) + Ihesus.

The Costis of Ioh'n Bedham Chauntrye.

Paide ffor the Obyt of Ioh'n Bedaham & Beautrice his wif, kepte the xix day of Maye, to prestes, clarkes and to pore ffolkes. Summa, iiij s iij d.
Item, to the chirchwardens for the yer beyng, of Mr bedahams bequest, vj s viij d.
Paide to Sir Ioh'n Plommer for his salarye of a hole er ffrome Mighelmas to Myghelmas. Summa, vj l'i xiij s iiij d.
Paide to William prene for iiij galons oyle, iiij s.
Item, to Ioh'n amassham for iiij galons oyle, iiij s.
Item, to halhed for iiij galons mete oyle, at xvj d o galon, v s iiij d.
Summa totalis in oyle, xij galons. Summa in monye, xiij s iiij d.
Item, to iije poore men, that is to wyt, hugh' Iackson, William paris and to William Wylcockes, on euery sonday throwe þe yer, xij d. Summa by a hole yer, lij Sondeyes. Summa in money, lij s.
Item, alowed to Gabryell' de vrs of the Rente of the grete tenement of Bedaham, toward the reparacions that Gabryell' hath' done, euery quarter xiij s iiij d. Summa by a hole yer, liij s iiij d.
Summa to Mr Bedahams Chauntrye, xiij l'i ij s xj d.

(fn. 18) + Ihesus.

The Costis of Roose Wrytel Chauntrye.

Paide to Sir Iohn lovyer, syngyng from Mighelmas to Midsomer, that is to wit iij quarter of o yer, euery quarter xxxiij s iiij d. Summa, v li.
Item, allowed to hym his chambre for a hole yer at Myghelmas, viij s.
Item, paide to Mr Robert halhed, syngyng for Roose wrytell' the space of vije wekes while Sir Iohn lovyer was awaye. Summa, vj s viij d.
Summa of Roose Wrytelles, v l'i xiiij s viij d.
Item, we aske alowaunce of potacions monye geven to your tenauntes in Resseyuyng of the Rentes and charges aforesaide, also in drynkkyng siluer on your werkmen in makyng Reparacions. Summa, x s.
Item, for engrosyng and makyng vp of this accompte, vj s viij d.
Summa, xvj s viij d.
Summa totalis paide, iiijxx iiij li. iiij s. vij d.

Rest to the chirch, xiij l'i ij s ij d ob.. Whereof ther ys in detters handes as yt apperith' hereafter.

(fn. 19) + Harry vavesour, for Richard Chelmyshov s
+ Herry Mersshe, for this yer xxx s. Resseyued in Rekennyngxxx s.
Nycholas Thornley, watermaniiij s
Ioh'n harrys, watermanxx d
h + Richard Alenson, tayllourv l'i plegges
William Miln, yrmongeriij l'ivj sviij d
Resseyuedxl s
Ioh'n Byrlyng, goldsmyth'xxvj sviij d
Resseyued xxvj sviij d
William dye, pastyllervj sviij d
Richard wodemonger, wyfix d
Ioh'n harrys, gardynerxviij d
Summa, xij l'i ij s xj d.
And ther is in monye. Summa, xix s iij d ob..
(fn. 20) Rerages. +Robert Barcrofftex d pardon
herry Mersshexxvj sviij d pardon (fn. 20)
Richard Chelmyshovj s
Ioh'n harrys, watermaniij siiij d
Richard Alensonvj sviij dRessseyued
vj s [rest torn off]
(fn. 20) Iohn ducklyngviij siiij d (fn. 20)
CasuelteesMr Robert Ryvelxiij siiij dResseyuedxiij s (fn. 21)
Thomas hunteiiij sResseyuediij siiij d
Thomas Seymourvj sResseyuediiij s by I. deram
Ioh'n derahamiiij sResseyuediiij s by I. derah
Richard Cloceiiij sResseyuediiij s by I. deraham
Mr I. Smertexvj sviij dResseyuedxvj svij d by

(fn. 22) A Remembraunce that this yer, in march' ano 1487, the ffundacyon of the newe yle on the north side of Seynt mary hill' chirch' was begon, Ioh'n halhed and Robert Roucyby chirchwardens.

Also Maister William wilde, parson of þe said chirch', yeve an Antiphoner.

Also, Maistres Agnes Breten did do gilte & paynte the tabernacle of owr lady with in þe queer the which' cost xxvij l'i.

Summa of the Remayne in monye, xix s iij d ob..

Resseyued of the detteres:

ffirst, of W. Milniij l'ivj sviij d
Resseyued of Richard Alensonv l'i
Resseyued of Ioh'n Birlyng, goldsmyth,xxvj sviij d
Summa, x l'i xij s vij d ob.
Resseyued of Mr Iohn Smarte for a casuelte, xvj s viij d.toward reparacions
Resseyued of Richard Alenson, taylour, for his promys vj s viij d.
Summa totalis that Iohn halhed haue Resseyued of this Rekenyngxj l'ixv sxj dob.
Paide to Thomas Colyns in Reparacions of the new werke, xxxiij s iiij d.
Item, to Th. Colynn for a mason for a hole weke, iiij s iij d
Item, to Thomas Colyn for iij lodes Reyegate stone, xvj s
Summa paide, liij s vij d
Rest cler to pey in mony, ix l'i ij s iiij d ob.

Paide the xj day of Ianyver, the iiije yer of kyng herry vje, by vs, Ioh'n halhed & Robert Roucibye, ix l'i ij s iiij d. In the prese[n]s of Maister William Remyngton, alderman, Robert Rivel, Ioh'n Smerte, William prene, Harry Mersch' and harry vavesour.

(fn. 23) h Rharry mersch xxx s: pardonSumma,xlix svij d
harry vavesour v s
Nicholas thornley iiij s xij d Resseyued
Ioh'n harris, waterman xx d
William dye, pastiller vj s viij d
Richard, wolmonger ix d
Ioh'n harrys, gardiner xviij d
[W ? I h']Richard Chelmyshovj sRerages
Ioh'n harrysiij siiij d
Maister Rivellxiij siiij d
Thomas hunteiij siiij d
Thomas Seymouriiij s
Ioh'n derahamiiij s
Richard Cloceiiij s

All thies above writen be in the charge of Robert Rouciby & of Ioh'n deraham, chirch'warden [. . . torn off.]

[. . . Accounts for 1488–9 lost . . .]


1 leaf 53.
2 In margin 'cherch 1 yers.'
3 leaf 53, back.
4 leaf 54.
5 leaf 54, back.
6 leaf 55.
7 leaf 55, back.
8 MS. 'for for.'
9 leaf 56.
10 leaf 56, back.
11 leaf 57.
12 leaf 57, back.
13 leaf 58.
14 leaf 58, back.
15 leaf 59.
16 leaf 59, back.
17 leaf 60.
18 leaf 60, back.
19 leaf 61.
20 Scratched out.
21 Torn away.
22 leaf 61, back.
23 leaf 62.