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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1494-5', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 205-216. URL: Date accessed: 21 October 2014.


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[A.D. 1494–5.]

(fn. 1) The Counte of William Overey and Ioh'n Mascall'

Ao ml' cccc iiijxx xvth

(fn. 2) This his the Counte of Ioh'n Mascall' from the ffest of Mighelmas Ao 1494 to Mighelmas Ao 1495.

olde dettes.

Robert Craples, Tailourxxij s
Ioh'n hontyngfeldvj s
Thomas Ratchefourdiiij s
William haryson, Gardener, xj s iiij d. Receued by maschall'ij s
Ioh'n Smyth, aburdassherxv s
Ioh'n Mowse, Clerke, xiij s iiij d. Receued by maschal'iij siiij d
+ Thomas Mowse, Capper, iiij s. Receued per maschall'
+ Richard Chelmysho, Ioynourxx s
william wilkynsonxv d
Watkyn Galeij s
The Tailour nextiiij s
Nicholas wellesxvj d
+ Nicholas Thorneley iij s. per maschal'
+ Ioh'n polyver xiij s iiij d. per maschal'
Ioh'n westehousxiiij sviij d
William whetleyiiij s
Ioh'n hogges wifeiiij svj d
Annes Benettxvj d
Ioh'n harresvij s
William halle vij s vj d. Receued per maschal'ij svj d
Thomas Byngkesiij siiij d
Ioh'n Nelexij siiij d
(fn. 3) Nicolas Smythsonxv s
Giles Gerold, Gardeneriiij s
harry pebill', Marynerxj s
deryk Ioh'nson, wevervj s
Moder Boyseiiij s
+ Thomas hont for I. Stone for his wifex s +
Summa totalis, xj l'i v s vij d.
Wherof Resseyued of Ioh'n polyverxiij siiij d
of Ioh'n harresxx d
of William haryson, Gardenerij s
of Nicolas Thorneleyijs paidxij d
of Ioh'n Mowse, Clerkeiij siiij d
of Th. hont, by Will' overeyx s
of William halle, by William Overeyij svj d
Summa, by maschall', xxij s iiij d.
Summa, xxxiiij s x d. of old mows iiij s
Summa, 38 s x d.

(fn. 4) The Rentes of the Chauntrey of Ioh'n Nasyng.

ffirst, Resseyued of William Pares, Joynour, for o yerexiiij sviij d
of Ioh'n harres, for o yerevj sviij d
of William halle, waterman, for o yerex s
of Richard Close, for o yerexl s
of Robert Barcrofte, for o yerexiij siiij d
of Ioh'n Neell', for o yereviij s
of Ioh'n westehous, for o yereviij s
of William hemmes, for o yerex s
of William Olyver, for o yereiij liiij siiij d
of Thomas Byngkes, for o yerevj sviij d
Summa totalis, ix l'i viij d.

Payementes of The same Rent.

Item, paide to Sir Ioh'n Telsey, for o yerevj l'ixiij siiij d
Item, paide to the abbot of Waltham for j quytrent of the same tenement, for o yerexxij s

Reparacions of william olyver hous.

Item, for Breke, iij s vj d.
Item, for j lode Sande, vj d.
Item, for ij lode & ij Sakes lyme, ij s ij d.
Item, for mason and his labourer, eche of them ij dayes, ij s ij d.
Item, for mendyng of the Colehous ouer the Sedche, xij d.
Summa, ix s iiij d.
Summa, paide viij l'i iiij s viij d.
Rest of this Chauntre, xvj s. (fn. 5)

(fn. 6) The Rentes of the chauntrey of Ioh'n Cawston.

ffirst Resseyued of hugh Browne, grocer, for o yerevj l'i
of Edward pykman, Tourner, for o yerexl s
of Robert dephenham, Clerk, ffor o yerexx s
of Richard Chelmysho, Ioynour, for o yerexx s
of Ioh'n wason, mason, for o yerexx s
of harry Kelongh, Tailour, for o yereiiij l'ixiij siiij d
of william harford, for o yereviij s
of peter Barboure, for o yereviij s
of Robert Kenby, for o yereviij s
of William Arondell', gardener, for o yerexij s
of Maister Benedek, for his garden, for o yereiiij s
of I. ffuller, at Crychirche, for j gardeyn, for o yereiiij s
of Robert Thomson, for j gardeyn, for o yereiiij s
of William harryson wife, for j gardeyn, for o yereiij s
Summa totalis, xviij l'i iiij s iiij d.

Payementes of the same tenement.

Item, paide to Sir William Boyse, for o yerevj lixiij siiij d
Item, paide to the pryour of Crystechirch for j quyterent at Towre hillev s
Item, paide to the maister of the Breggehous for j quyterent of hugh Browne housxiij siiij d
Item, paide to the maister of owre lady Bretheod of sent magnous for hugh Browne housvj s
Item, paide for j obet for Ioh'n Cawstoniiij sx d
Item, paide for makyng of indenture for hugh Browne housxij d
Item, paide to hugh Browne for Reparacions done by hym in dyuerse plases of his housxxx s
Item, for di. yere vacacion of william Arondell' gardeynvj s
(fn. 7) Item, I aske for o quarter vacacion of Robert depenham hous for Crystmas quarterv s
Item, for iij quarter of the Rent bated by the yere, vj s viij d. Summav s


Item, paide for makyng of the entre of the Northeside to Crystovere kechyn, for xvij fote Ieistes of ij Inges di., ij s x d.
Item, xiij gret planges, vj s vj d.
Item, cxij fote burde to crosse the fflower, iij s.
Item, ij c spayneshe naile, x d.
Item, iij c vj d naile, xv d.
Item, for the pentese, ij quarter, iiij d.
Item, di. c xxij fote quarter bourde, ij s j d.
Item, iij yerdes evesbourde, iij d.
Item, j man iij dayes, ij s.
Item, for nales to Robert Clerk hous, ij d.
Summa, xix s iij d.

Reparacions of harry kelough hous.

Item, paide to Symond, dawber, for vij dayes, iiij s viij d.
Item, for his labourer vij dayes, ij s xj d.
Item, for v lode lome, xx d.
Item, for iij c hartlathe, xviij d.
Item, for I Giles and his man ij dayes, ij s ij d.
Item, ij lode lyme, ij s.
Item, for c di. tile, ix d.
Item, for spryng & Rofenale, ix d.
Item, for j plang for the kechyn & Nailes, vij d.
Summa, xvij s.
Summa paide, xij l'i v s.
Rest of this Chaunterey, v l'i xix s iiij d.
Mascall' owyth ix d.

(fn. 8) The Rent of the Chaunterey of Richard Gosselyn.

ffirst, Resseyued of Richard Tery, Goldsmythe, for o yerexlvj sviij
of William Sayles, Goldsmyth, for o yerexl s
of Ioh'n Smyth, Aburdassher, for o yerexx s
of Moder Browne, for o yerex s
of Davy Pawnter, goldsmyth, for o yerexiij siiij d
of Ioh'n Mowse, Capper, for o yerexxvj sviij d
of Thomas Mowse, Capper, for o yerexvj s
Summa totalis, viij l'i xij s viij d.

Payementes of the same tenement.

(fn. 9) Item, paide to Sir Ioh'n Matwarde and his felow, for o yerev l'ixj siiij d
Item, paid for the Morowmasse kepyng, for o yerexix s (fn. 9)
Item, paid for j obet for Richard Gosselyn, the first of decembyriij sxj d
Item, paide to the pryoresse of kelbourne for j quyterent in ffaster lane, for o yerevj d
Item, for vacacions of davy pantour hous for Crystemas quarter and di. oure lady quarter. Summav s


Item, payede for makyng of j pentese in William Sailes housxv d
Item, for ffermyng of j Sedche in Tery hous, vj tonxv sviij d
Item, paide to Symond & his labourer for v dayesv sv d
Item, ij lode lome & j lode Sandxiiij d
Item, iij c Saplathxij d
Item, m l' di. spryngix d
Item, j lode lyme, pris xij d. Summaij six d
Item, for ij c iiij fote bourde and ij quarterv sj d
Item, for j man ij dayesxvj d
Item, iij c di. v peny Nailexiiij d
Item, for j Rope for the welle, viij l'b.viij d
Item, paide more for Reparacions of Mowse howse tilyng. Summaiij sviij d
Summa paide, viij l'i xvij s xj d.
Rest to me, v s iij d. (fn. 10)

(fn. 11) The Rentes of William Cambrigge Chaunterey.

ffirst, Resseyued of Robert Cryk, for o yerevj l'i
of Ales Berlynges, for o yereliij siiij d
of Markeret dowsyng, for o yerexxvj sviij d
Summa totalis, x l'i.

Payementes of the same.

Item, paide to Sir Thomas Asshebourne, for o yerevj l'ixiij siiij d
Item, paide to hym for his Chambervj sviij d
Item, paide to the abbot of Barmesey for j quyterent of the seide Tenement, for o yerevj s
Item, paide for j obbet for Maister Cambrig, the xviij day of August, to the preestes and Clarkesiiij s
Item, paide to the Mayer, Maister Chawrey, and to Nicholas Allbyn and warner, Shreves, and the Swer[d]berer. Summaxv s
Item, for brede, ale, wyne, peres and Chesex six d
Item, for vacacions of Mighelmas quarter of Margaret dowsyngvj sviij d


Item, paide for mendyng of wendows in the Alle of Ales Berlyng hous.
Item, j lo[n ?]g quarter, iij d.
Item, xiij fote of quarter Bourde & ij ledges di., viij d.
Item, for iij dayes Carpenter, ij s.
Summa, ij s xj d.
Summa paide, ix l'i v s iiij d.
Rest of this C[h]aunterey, xiiij s viij d.

(fn. 12) Rentes of Rose wretell' Chaunterey.

Resseyued of Ioh'n halhed, Grocer, for o yere. Summa vj l'ixiij siiij d

Payementes of the same.

Item, paide to Sir Ioh'n Kelby, for o yere. Summa vj l'i xiij s iiij d Rest no thyng.

Rest no thyng.

Rentes of Ioh'n Bedhams Chauntery.

Resseyued of Gaberell' vrse, for o yere. Summaxiij l'ivj sviij d

Payementes of the same.

Item, paide to Sir Iohn Plomer, for o yere. Summavj l'ixiij siiij d
Item, paide for j obbet the xvj day of May, to preestes and Clerkes & pore pepell', and to the Chirch wardensxiij siiij d
Item, paide to Reynold Bolle, William pares, Ioh'n Topelady, for o yere, euery sonday xij d. Summalij s
Item, paide to Gaberell' for j lowans of Reparacionsliij siiij d
Item, paide for x galons oyle for the lampe, at x d. Summaviij siiij d
Summa totalis paide, xiij l'i iiij d.
Rest of this Chaunterey, vj s iiij d.

(fn. 13) Clerke wages Resseyued this yere.

ffirst Resseyued by o yere. Summav l'ix sv d

Beme light.

Resseyued by o yere. Summaxviij sij d
Resseyued for the pasquall' at Ester. Summaxj s


ffirst, Resseyued of maister hornevj d
of Ioh'n Doklyng, for j gravestonevj sviij d
of Ioh'n hewes, for pavyng of the Chircheiiij d
of Ioh'n Condale, for pavyng of his wife gravexij d
of Annes Kelow, for j grave Stonexx s
of Ioh'n Smart, for his Beryngxxiij siiij d
of William Mawnfeld, for his Beryngij s
of Thomas Colyns, for his Childij s
of Th. Colens, that he ffownde in the chirchij d
of Ioh'n mascall', for my ffaderij s
of harry Mershe, for the gret Belle for his wifeiij siiij d
of Ioh'n Crescrofte, for his Beryngij s
3 l'i3s4d
Summa totalis, Resseyued of the iij parsels, x l'i ij s xj d

(fn. 14) Payementes of the Same.

Item, payde to Robert depenham, Clerk, for o yere. Summaiiij l'ixiij siiij d
Item, paide to William hemes for iij quarter wages by his housvij svj d
Item, paide to hym for Crystemas quarteriij siiij d
Item, paide to Roger Medelton for the Pasquall'ij svj d
Item, paide for iiij Torches at Corpus Crysty dressyngxvj d
Item, paide for strekyng of vijxx vj lb iij quarter wex at ob. the lb. Summavj sj d
Item, paide for xliij l'b. new wex at vj d ob. Summaxxiij siij dob.
Item, bought iij olde Torches weyng xl l'b.xiij siiij d
Summa, paide vij l'i x s viij d ob.
Rest lij s ij d ob.

(fn. 15) The Chirche Rentes Resseyued.

ffirst, Resseyued of Sir Ioh'n Plomer, for o yerexvj s
of Sir Ioh'n watwoode, for o yerevj sviij d
of Sir William Boyse, for o yerev s
of Sir Ioh'n Kelby, for o yerevj sviij d
of Sir Ioh'n Telsey, for o yerexij s
of Sir Thomas Asshebourne, for o yerex s
of Sir Thomas Russell', for o yerevj sviij d
(fn. 16) of harry Mershe for j howse at Tower hille, for o yerexx s
of William halle, waterman, for o yerexxxiij siiij d
of Thomas Colens, for o yerev l'i
of Thomas hont, for o yereiij l'ivj sviij d
of Ioh'n partriche, Bocher, for o yerexxvj sviij d
of The wardens of Sent Bothols, for o yereij svj d
of Robert hodyham, Mercer, for o yereiij siiij d
Summa totalis Resseyued xv l'i xv s vj d.

Payementes of the Same.


Item, for Sir Thomas Russell' Chamber, for iij quarterv s
of Sir Ioh'n watwood, for di. quarterx d
Summa, v s x d.

(fn. 17) Obbettes.

ij yere. Item, paide for obbet for sir Ioh'n Morterham the xxiij day of dec. by sir Ioh'n Sowetheworthvj sviij d
Item, for j obbet for Ioh'n weston the xix day of Aprell'iij svj d
the last yere. Item, for j obbet for sir Ioh'n Bradmere the xxiij day of Nou. and this his the last yereiij sv d
Summa, xiij s vij d.


Item, paide to the pryour of Cryschircheiij s
Item, paide to the wardens of Sent Georges in bothol lane for Thomas Colens hous. Summaxx s
Item, paide to the abbot of Waltham for Iohn Westonxxxviij s
Item, paide to Master Ioh'n for Bede Rolleij s
Item, paide to Sir Ioh'n Plomer for mony owyng hymxx s
Summa, iiij l'i iij s.


Item, paide to Sir Ioh'n Telsey for his Chamberiij siiij d
Item, paide to Thomas Colens hans for castyng of the leede in the gotteriiij siiij d
Item, for Tiler and his man j day di., eche of themxvj d
Item, for j Carpenter ij dayes, xvj d. Item, for quarter bourde, eves bourdes and nailes, iij s v d. Summaiiij six d
Item, for Tile pynnes and Tile and lathe and Naileij siij d
Item, for makyng of and indenture of Ioh'n partriche housviij d
Summa, xvj s viij d.

(fn. 18) Payementes for the Chirche.

ffirst, for holme & Ive at Crystmas, and wynevij d
Item, for Caryage of serteyn Tonnes of baleste yevan by Maister alderman, & for Baskettes. Summavij d
Item, for wyne at Candelmas to the preestesvj d
Item, to the Raker for j yereviij d
Item, for Caryage of Robesshe from the parsenacheiij d
Item, for pavyng of the chirche by xvj dayes di. at viij d. Summaxj s
Item, to j laborar xix dayes at v d. summavij sxj d
Item, to Ioh'n Mason for ij dayes & his labourer ij dayes, ij s ij d; and for pavyng of the entre & j lode gravell', xxj d. summaiij sxj d
Item, for j bason & iiij peyer Crewettes for the Awtersiij svj d
Item, to Richard Close for j bokskynneiij siiij d
Item, to the plomer for iij c di. lb. leed for the Northe dorrexviij svj d
Item, for ix lode lyme & v Sakkesix s
Item, for xj c di. pavyngtilexv s
Item, for vj hopes for the Chirche barelsiiij d
Item, for caryage of Robbeshe at the Chirche dorrevj d
Item, for ij gret leders for the clapers & makyng of the welev sij d
Item, for j Rope for the ffirst bellevj d
Item, for palme and wyne on palmesondayxij dob.
Item, for j quarter Coles at Ester, v dSumma ix d ob.
Item, for the sepulker nailes ob.
Item, for watchyng of the Sepulker, iiij d
Item, for storyng of the bemelight & canstikesij sj d
Item, for vecitasion of the Bisshop at Sent Magnousiiij d
Item, for mendyng of j pew, to paresij d
Item, for Rose garlandes, ij sviij diij d
Item, for ale, wyne, xix d
Item, to Boweyer and ffranses in Sent barneby day, iiij s viij d
(fn. 19) Item, to Robert Clerke for mendyng of vessementesij sviij d
Summa, iiij l'i xvj s vij d.
(fn. 20) Item, for Birche at Medsomeriiij d
Item, for makyng of j ole in the chirche for voyde waterij d
Item, for j Rope, to doklyngxiij d
Item, for ix elles holond, and makyng of Maister Ioh'n serpleseviij six d
Item, to William Iele for makyng of j Tabull' ouer Maister plomerxiiij d
Item, for hokes of Iren for the Crosse ouer Maister Ryvell' Tome (fn. 21) iiij d
Item, for ij pikes for Iudas crosse ij d, & ij hokes & stapuls for the Chirche dorre, ij d. Summaiiij d
Item, for j key for the Iuell' Chestiij d
Item, for j key & mendyng of the lok next the clerk housiiij d
Item, for nailyng & storyng of the beme, & for j bourde onder hit on Maister Smart his Tome. Summaxiij d
Item, for Makyng of the Spere at Sent Thomas Awterij d
Item, for Cottyng of the iiij chestes for the preestesij sv dob.
Item, for j water pottej d
Item, for ij alywater spryngesij d
Item, for iiij dossyn Candell'iiij s
Item, to Crystover Kechyn for makyng of the pewes for the pore pepull', and j pew at the Northe dorre, and ij benches, and the (fn. 22) pewes in Sent steven Chapell' with diuerse thyng moe. Summali sviij d
Item, for nailes for the Chirch, to Th Mondesiij sx d
Item, paide to heklyng for pewes in sent stevyn Chapell'iiij livj sviij d
Item, for Nailes and hynchis for the pewesij six d
Item, for vnderpynnyng of the pewesiiij d
Summa, viij l'i v s xj d ob.
(fn. 23) Item, we aske alowans of potacions mony that the tennauns hath of vs at the Resseyuyng of Rentv s
Item, for makyng of oure acountevj sviij d
Summa, xj s viij d.
Summa totalis paide of this vij parcels, summa xix l'i xiij s iij d ob.
Rest to me iij l'i xvij s ix d ob. of this parcell'.

Theise be the parcels of tennantes that I haue Resseyued byfore wreten.

ffirst, Resseyued of the Rentes of Ioh'n Nasyng. Summaix l'iviij d
Of the Rentes of Ioh'n Cawston. Summaxviij l'iiiij siiij d
Of the Rentes of Richard Gosselyn. Summaviij l'ixij sviij d
Of the Rentes of William Cambrigge. Summax l'i
Of the Rentes of Rose wretell'. Summavj l'ixiij siiij d
Of the Rentes of Iohn Bedham. Summaxiij l'ivj sviij d
Of the Clarkes wages, Bemelight, pasquall' & Caswaltes. Summax l'iij sxj d
Of the Chirche Rentes. Summaxv l'ixv svj d
Summa, iiijxx xj li. xvj s j d.
Item, Resseyued of olde dette before wreten.
Summa, xxij s iiij d.
Summa totalis Resseyued this yere, iiijxx xij l'i xviij s v d.

(fn. 24) Theise be payementes of the saide acounte before wrenten.

ffirst, paide for the (fn. 24) Chauntre of Ioh'n Nasyngviij l'iiiij sviij d
Item, for Ioh'n Cawston Chauntrexij l'iv six d
Item, for Richard Gosselen Chauntreviij l'ixvij sxj d
Item, for William Cambrig Chauntreix l'iv siiij d
Item, for Rose wretell' Chauntrevj l'ixiij siiij d
Item, for Ioh'n Bedham Chauntrexiij l'iiiij d
Item, for the Clarke wagis with other parcels more. Summavij l'ix sviij dob.
Item, for the Chirche of diuerse parcels asse hit showeth' beforexix l'ixiij siij dob.
Summa totalis paide in this yere, iiijvxx li. xj s iiij d.
Rest dew to the Chirche in owre handes, vij li vij s j d.
Item,xxviij sviij dob.
Summa, totalis, viij li xv s ix d ob.
Item, ther Remaynneth in Mr Remyngton handes, xlviij s viij d.
(fn. 25) Wylliam overeyAo ml' cccc iiijxx xv.
Ioh'n Maschall'


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16 '+ Nota tower hyll' in margin.
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21 Mr. Revell's tomb.
22 MS. 'the the.'
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