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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1501-2', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 242-246. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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[A.D. 1501–2.

Gylebert GentyllWardens.]
Iohn Awthorpe

(fn. 1) Ihesus, maria: Amen.

[Chantry Accounts, Church Rents and Payments and Reparations of same.]

Paymentes ffor the Church'.

* * * * *
(fn. 2) Item, payd to Ioh'n bull' & Thomas Watson, ffor mendyng of pewys in þe church', ych' of them ij days Summaxvj d
* * * * *
Item, ffor grete pynnes to the awters Summaj d
Item, ffor a halywater sprynkkell' of laton Summax d
Item, ffor paper Ryall' to pryck songes in ffor the qwere Summavij d
Item, ffor brede, wyne & ale to þe syngeres on twelfdaye Summavj d
* * * * *
Item, ffor mendyng of the pax to þe hye Awlter. Summaij d
* * * * *
Item, ffor makyng of pewdors & settyng on of garnettes Summavj d
Item, ffor payntyng of the Crosstaffe ffor lent Summaiiij d
Item, ffor makyng of a lectorne in the Roodlofte & mendyng of deskys in the qwere Summaxij d
Item, ffor mendyng of the best Antyphoners Cuveryng the whych' the Rattes had hurte Summaxij d
* * * * *
Item, to Ioh'n bull' ffor skowryng of the Egull' of laton & the branchys & candelstykkes in the church' Summaij s
Item, ffor a shode shovyll' to ocupye in the Church' Summaiiij d
Item, ffor bromys to make clene the Church. Summaij d
* * * * *
Item, mendyng of the branch beffore ower lady in the qwere & nosyng of þe Candelstykes ffor morowmasse Summaxij d
* * * * *
(fn. 3) Item, payd for a bedstede in Syr Ioh'n howelles Chamber Summaij siiij d
* * * * *
Item, ffor mendyng of the lokke of the wekytt goyng in to the pardon Churchyerd Summaij d
Item, ffor mendyng of the lokke & makyng of a stapull' to the bolt of the gret churchyerd dorre. Summavj d
* * * * *
Item, spent at Wylliam Olyueres vppon Mysteres Nonyley with Maister Alderman & dyueres of the parych to have hyr grant of mony toward þe byldyng of the Sowth' yle
Item, ffor x elles brussell' Clothe to make iiij Awbys with ther Amys ffor chyldorn Summaiiij sij d
* * * * *
(fn. 4) Item, ffor pavyng of vj teys beffore the hye Awter. Summaiij s
* * * * *
Item, ffor a rope to the Sans bell' Summaiij d
Item, ffor mendyng of the pyxte, & makyng and gyldyng of sen Ioh'n be the crusyfyx of the same pyxt Summaiij svj d
* * * * *
Item, payd to Thomas Colyns ffor hys horshyer whan he went to maydston ffor to bynde Mawnde the mason to perfforme hys Covenantes Summaxx d
Item, ffor makyng of the oblygacion whych' mawnde is bownde in to perfforme his Covenantes. Summaiiij d
Item, to Wylliam Wylde ffor Copying of the yndenters of Covenantes, the whych' copy was delyuerd to Maister Vartu Summaiiij d
* * * * *
Item, ffor mendyng of the skonsys in the qwere. Summaiij d
* * * * *

(fn. 5) Casweltyes in this yere.

ffyrst, resseyvyd of harman's wyffe for parte of the beqwest of hyr husbond Summaxx s
Item, in mony that women gaderd on hokmondaye. Summaxxiij s
Item, that men gaderd on hoktewysdaye Summavj s
Item, of, Mysteres Nonyley toward the Sowth yle. Summav l'iij siiij d
Item, in mony that was gaderd on sent barnabys day, & lampes & oyle ffor the branch payd ffor Summav s
Item, of Mayster Atclyffe ffor the berying of Mayster leynthorpe Summaxiij siiij d
Item, ffor hys knyll' Summaiij siiij d
Item, resseyuyd of Martyn of Whytstabyll' ffor the berying of hopkyns son of Whytstabyll' in the Gret churchyerd Summaiij s
Item, ffor the berying of Stephyn Sandersons Chyld in the pardon churchyerd Summaij s
Item, ffor the pytt of harry baxster in the pardon churchyerd Summaij s
Item, ffor Robert Ryvelles chyld in the pardon churchyerd Summaij s
Item, ffor gyrscroftes wyffe in the pardon churchyerd. Summaij s
Item, ffor Andrew Evyngers chyld in þe pardon churchyerd Summaij s
Item, resseyvyd of Rychard close ffor the pyttes of hys broder & hys Chyld Summaiiij s
Item, resseyvyd of Ioh'n dereham ffor berying of iij chyldyrn Summavj s
Item, resseyvyd of Robert howtyng ffor the pytt of hys dowter Summaij s
Item, resseyvyd of Ioh'n ffox ffor the berying of hys wyffe Summaij s
Item, of me, Ioh'n Awthorpe, ffor the berying of iij of myn owne Chyldyrn Summavj s
Item, resseyuyd of Mayster duklyng ffor the stone the whych lyth vppon davy Cromp hys Coffyn. Summavj sviij d
Summa totallis, x l'i xij s viij d.
payd hereoff to Mawnde in parte of payment of þe wyndows. Summav l'i
Item, payd to Mayster vartu. Summaxx s
rest of thyes Casweltes, iiij l'i xij s viij d.

(fn. 6) Ihesus.

Clarkys wagys, bemelyght & paskall'yght.

ffyrst, Resseyvyd ffor a holl' yere, quarterly gaderd, ffor the Clarkes wagys. Summav l'iij s
Item, Resseyvyd of the bemelyht ffor thys yere. Summaxvj s
Item, Resseyvyd at Ester ffor paskall' mony. Summaxij svj d
Summa totallis, vj l'i x s vj d.

Paymentes to the Clarke & Sextyn.

ffyrst, payd to Ioh'n law, parych' clarke, ffor iij quarteres of a yere wagys. Summaiij l'ix s
Item, to Ioh'n bull' ffor a holl' yere wages. Summaxl s
Item, to Wylliam Wylde ffor a reward in helpyng of the quere at Ester & Whytsontyde. Summaiij siiij d
Summa totallis, v l'i xiij s iiij d.
rest Clere of thys, xvij s ij d.

[Obits. Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]

(fn. 7) Memorandum: that it is agreed byffor Mr William Wylde, parson, Mr William Remyngton, Aldreman, with all' other of the paroschens affore, That Sir Ioh'n plommers bell' schall' serve ffor all' poor people of this parysche, And for none other, paying j d for the Ryngyng. And it schall' be Iugid by the said Sir Ioh'n plommer, he that desireth the bell' whether that he be a poor man or not: And after his descese by the advyse of the Senyoures of the parysche.

Item, it is aggreed byffor maister william wylde and Mr William Remyngton, Aldreman, and afore all' the paroschens, That whereas Ioh'n Ducklyng hath leyed owte of his purs ffor the chyrch'e werkes Summa x l'i, it is grauntid by the saide parson and paroschens to paye to the saide Ioh'n Ducklyng x l'i at the next Accoumpte, which shal be in the yer of owr lorde god mli ccccc iije.

Thies bene the dettes that ben oweng of this yer.

Resseyuyd by andrew evynger, Thomas ledale, ffyschmonger, for the bequest of William harmanxx s
Vylliam Smerte, grocer, for the clarkes wages & beamelyte o yeriiij siiij d


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