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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1502-3', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 246-249. URL: Date accessed: 24 October 2014.


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[a.d. 1502–3.

Iohn AwthorpeWardens.]
Andrew Evyngar

[Chantry Accounts, Church Rents, Payments and Reparations of same.]

Paymentes ffor the Chyrch'.

* * * * *
(fn. 1) Payd for ij lampe glassis Somij d
* * * * *
Payd for bromys for the Chircheiij d
* * * * *
Payd to vj pore men for beryng & holdyng of vj torchis in faenchirche street whan quene Elsab was karyid to Westmynsterxij d
(fn. 2) Payd for cortyn Rynges for the Chirche prisij d
Payd for a basket for holy bredeij d
Payd for ryngyng of our bellys whan the kyng came from baynardes castell' to powellesiij d
* * * * *
Payd to a fovnder for the makyng Clene & skoryng of the gret Candylstickes & alle the smale candylstickes, and for mendyng of themij siiij d
* * * * *
Payd to the Clerke & sexteyn & to watson ffor mete & drynke, from godfrydaye to Estyr eve at nyghtx d
* * * * *
Payd to a skryvener for the makyng of ij payr of Indenturs & ij oblygacions for hickelyng, for the performyng of our newe yleij s
* * * * *
Payd to Ioh'n bull' and watson for wachyng of our chirche whilys the chirche stoed opyn, eche of them vj nythtes, iiij d euery nyghtiiij s
Payd for Rydyng to shoram ffor to see tymbir, for hyryng of iij horse & horse mete and mannys mete Somvj svij d
* * * * *
Payd ffor wyne that was sent to Master parson to stratford with dyvers of our paryshexij d
* * * * *
(fn. 3) Payd to iiij men for beryng of iiij torchis on corpus christi dayeiiij d
* * * * *
Payd for v ellys of lynyn Clothe to make ij rochettes for the quere, & for the makyng of themij svj d
* * * * *
Payd for the makyng of a oblygacion with a payre of desesans for Wylliam husse, grocervj d
Payd for a c of ij d nayl for the brygge of the vestrye guttyrij d
* * * * *
(fn. 4) Payd for ij lytyll' lockes for the fontiij d
Payd for a pike that was sent to my lord Abbot of Waltham to Abbottes Inneij sviij d
Payd for di. a turbuttxx d
Payd to a sarvant of my lorde Abbotes of Waltham ffor a reward for bryngyng of vensonxx d
Payd for the bakyng of the same venson and peper to the samexxj d
* * * * *
Payd to hickelyng, for the wyndyng vp of the hye Awtyr stoen hierv s
Payd to katermole, mason, for vnderpynnyng of the same avtyr and for the leying of the steppys, for v dayesij svj d
Payd to a harde hewer for iij dayes for the same, vij d a dayexxj d
Payd to lodyan, for v dayes laborxx d
Payd to Ioh'n Carpenter & his man, for makyng of the havelpase before the hye Awtyrvj d
* * * * *

(fn. 5) Casuelles Receytes.

Resseyvyd for the byrying of a shipman in the gret chircheyardexvj d
Resseyvyd for the ryngyng of our bellys for Mr ly of Croydoniij siiij d
Resseyvyd for the byrying of a Childe owt of bosse alyexvj d
Resseyvyd in monye that was gadyrd on hockmondayexv svd ob.
Resseyvyd de Mr Atclyff for brekyng of the grovnde in seynt Kateryns Chapell' for Iulyan his dowghterxiij siiij d
Resseyvyd de Thomas hont for brekyng of grovnde within the Chirche for his dowghterxiij siiij d
Resseyvyd de Thomas hont for brekyng of grovnde in pardon Chyrcheyarde for a son of hisij s
Resseyvyd de ledalles wyff for the bequest of wylliam harmanxx s
Resseyvyd de mastresse Noneley for brekyng of grownde for a sarvant of hers in pardon chirche yardij s
Resseyvyd de Mr Ioh'n for berying of a pore man owt of drynkmylkes howseij s
Resseyvyd de Robert Ryvell' for brekyng of grovnde in pardon chirche yarde for a Childe of hisij s
Resseyvyd de Stephyn Savndyrson and of Ioh'n povnde, eche of them a Childe, byryid, bothe in oon pittiij s
Resseyvyd de Mr Remyngton for brekyng of grovnde in seynt stephyns Chapell' for Mastresse Kellowexiij siiij d
Resseyvyd de Mr Smart for brekyng of grovnde in pardon chiche yard for ij childryniiij s
Resseyvyd de Mr Ioh'n for brekyng of grovnde in seynt kateryns Chapell' for Mastresse Atclyffxiij siiij d
Resseyvyd de Mr Smart for brekyng of grovnde for his wyff in seynt kateryns Chapell'xiij siiij d
Somma, vj l'i iij s j d ob..

(fn. 6) Clerkes wages, Beme lyght & Paskall' lyght.

R' for the hole yere, quarterly gaderd, ffor the clerkes wagesv l'iiij s
R' for the beme lyght in this yere. Sommaxv sviij d
R' at Estyr for paskall' mony. Sommaxij s
Somma, vj l'i x s viij d.

Paymentes to the Clerke & Sextyn.

Payd to Ioh'n lawe, paryshe Clarke, for his yerys wages Somiiij l'ixiij siiij d
Payd to Ioh'n Bull', sextyn, for his hole yerys wages Somxl s
Somma, vj l'i xiij s iiij d.
Soe the paymentes excedes the Receytes ij s viij d.

[Obits. Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.]

* * * * *


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