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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1505-6', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 258-260. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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[a.d. 1505–6.

Stevyn SandersonWardens.
William Revelle

The Chantry Accounts.

Rents of the Church.

Quitrents and Payments.

Payments for the Church.]

(fn. 1) The crarkys wages, the beme lethe & the passecalle lethe.

Receuud off the clarkys wages for a holl' yerev l'iv s
Receuud off the beme lethe for the holl' yerexiij sij d
Receuud at ester for the pascall'xij s
Summa, vj l'i x s ij d.


payd to Ih'on lowne, perrys clarke, for a holl' yeriiij l'ixiij siiij d
payd to Ih'on boll'e for hys wages for a holl' yer.xl s
Summa, vj l'i xiij s iiij d.

[Obits and allowance respecting the clerk's wages.]

(fn. 2) Ihesu.

The Casewell'es Resayttes.

Receuud off Mestres halhede for the beryng off her hosband in the cherchexiij siiij d
Receuud off Wylliam potter, Mestres wattys sarvant, berred in the cherchexiij siiij d
Receuud off Master smartt, for the bequeste of Ihon medener hys sarvandevj sviij d
Receuud be the getteryng off the women on ocke monday & also be the gettryng off the men off ocke teusdayxxvj sviij d
Receuud for a stranger preste yat was berryd in the cherchexiij siiij d
Receuud off the gude wyffes althorppe for the gyttryng off sentt bernebys dayxj dob.
Receuud yat I Receuud off vylliam Revyll' for v pollesxx d
Receuud off Mestres halhede for her mayd in pardon cherch yerdij s
Receuud off gudman edmondes for ij cheldryn in pardon cherch yerdiiij s
Receuud off Robert hardyng for hys vyffe & hys cheld in pardon cherch [yerd]iiij s
Receuud off stevyn Sanderson for a cheld in pardon cherch yerdij s
Receuud off a strange man belongyn to Master hosse, berryd in the cherchex sviij d
Receuud off the bayle off bornewode for hys lede in the grett cherche yerdexx d
(fn. 3) Receuud off Mestres hottyng for the beryng [of] hyr hosband in the cherchexiij siiij d
Receuud off her for ij off hyr cheldryn in pardon cherche yerdiiij s
Receuud off her for the bequeste off Master hottyng towuerd the steppyll' beldyngvj l'i [?]xiij siiij d
Receuud off ser Rycherd brycer for a vacason tyme in hys sarvysiij siiij d
Receuud off Iamys monggoray for a cheld in pardon cher[ch] yerdij s
Receuud off gude everyngger for ij chelder in pardon cher yerdiiij s
Receuud off gudeman halthorppe for a chelde in pardon cher yerdij s
Receuud off Master Alderman ffor the beryng off bodylli wyffes dowter beryng in þe pardon Cherche yardeij s
Receuud off Master Al[d]eman ffor the beryng of brytton in the gret Cherch yardexij d
Summa, xiij l'i v s iij d ob.

[Wax Reckoning. Two Allowances. Rehearsal, etc.]

(fn. 4) Memorandum: yat ye yer of our lord god 15[?] it was determed, at Androw evenger accomptes, yat wer steven sanderson [illegible] we ye worshipfull' of the parish than being present haith acquited hym for yat was for ye debt off thomas baat in the tyme steven was church warden. And so it was concluded yat I, William hatteclyff, person of sent maris at hyll', shuld thus acquiet hym by this my hand wryten. per me, William hatteclyff.


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