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'Churchwardens' accounts: 1520-1', The medieval records of a London City church: St Mary at Hill, 1420-1559 (1905), pp. 308-313. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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[a.d. 1520–1.

Robert GameWardens.]
Iohn Potter

[Obit List. Quitrent List. Chantry Accounts. Church Rents. Quitrents and Payments.]

(fn. 1) Item, paid to Mestres Segesmond for money that she lent to þe church'v l'i
* * * * *
Item, paid to Mr Alen for the Bede Rowle of the Church'ij s
* * * * *
(fn. 2) Item, paid to sir Joh'n Borugh'brig by the Comaundement of the Masturs of the parisshe for his labur on the holydays from Christemas to candilmasvj sviij d
* * * * *
Item, paid for a days labur of a carpenter for makyng of the same dore and mendyng of the almeres & mendyng of ye Iudassis in þe Roode lofteviij d
* * * * *
(fn. 3) Item, paid for mendyng of the syluer holy-watur sprynkyll and sowdryng of the same and for Syluer to the sameiiij d
Item, paid for Garlondis on Corpus cristi day for þe Crossis and þe querev dob.
Item, paid for beryng of viij torches that day, to viij menviij d
Item, paid for iiij dosen Garlondis withe Roosis and lavender for the Clerkys and the quere, and for iij Garlondis for the Crossis and ij Garlondis for Mastur Doctor and Mastur Alenij six d
(fn. 4) Item, Spent vppon the kynges chappell for theyre dyner that day xx s, of the which' I ask alowaunce ofxiij siiij d
* * * * *
(fn. 5) Item, paid for latessing of the iiij wyndowys in the Steple next to the bellis, for euery wyndowe ix
yerdis and a halff of lattes. Summa xxxviij yerdis, the yerd ij d ob. Summa paidviij s
* * * * *
Item, paid to Joh'n Balaham for ij days, to make clene the Steple ayenst the halowyng of the bellisviij d
Item, paid for ij burdens of Russhis to strawe vnder the bellisiij d
* * * * *
Item, paid for mendyng of the lok on þe wyket in þe pardon chirch'yardiij d
* * * * *
Item, paid for Ryngyng of Mr Ientilles knyll with þe great bellvj d
Item, paid for Ryngyng of a knyll for Mr Roches seruaunt for vj owresvj d
* * * * *
(fn. 6) Item, paid [for] Ringing of the pelis at Mastur Ientillis Buryengx d
Item, paid for Ryngyng of the pelis at Mr Rochis seruaunttes buryengx d
Item, paid for makyng of the pit for Mr Rochis seruauntiiij d
Item, paid for pavyng of Mastur Rochis seruaunttes graveviij d
Item, paid for the Ryngyng of Mr Doctors knyllvj d
Item, paid for Ryngyng of the pelis at Dirige and Massex d

Vestmenttes and Copis.

Item, paid for a vnce of venes golde iij s viij d & for an ounce & di. of Ryband xv d. Summaiiij sxj d
Item, paid for halff an ounce of yelowe sylke for þe copisvj d
Item, paid for halff an ounce of yelowe thredeiij d
Item, paid for Saffron and flowre and blake sylkexij d
Item, paid to Richard peirson, browderer, the first day of Iunnii, for viij days & a halff wourke in mendyng of vestymenttes & Copis, for euery day viij d. Summav sviij d
Item, to William the Browderer, for v days wourke, þe day vj d. Summaij svj d
Item, for ij yerdis & a halff of Bukram, the yerde vj d. Summaxv d
Item, paid for an oun of yelowe thr[e]de and blewe thredeij d
Item, paid for iij quarters of Reband vij d ob.; and for whight threde j d. Summaviij dob.
Item, paid for threde of dyuers colowrisiij dob.
Item, paid for Cadas Reband and blake Reband for the courtens of Mastur Camb[r]iges alter an for yelowe thredeij d
Item, paid for vj yerdis of blewe Bokeram, the yerd vj d. Summaiij s
Item, paid for tawney threde for the vestymenttesj d
Item, paid to Richard peirson for xvj days wourke, þe day viij. Summax sviij d
* * * * *
Item, paid for Takyng downe of the bridge that was made owte of the parsonage into the chirche ledisiij d
* * * * *
(fn. 7) Item, paid for lix ll' of Newe metall in the Sanctus bell' which' was more than the olde bell did way, for euery ll' iiij d. Summaxix sviij d
* * * * *

(fn. 8) Casuell Resceitis.

Rec' for the knyll of the greate bell for Mastur Ientyllvj sviij d
Rec' for his buryall in the Churchexiij siiij d
Rec' for the buryall of vstums seruaunt in þe pardon chirch'yardijs
Rec' for the buryall of Mr Roches seruant in þe church'xiij siiij d
Rec' for his Knyll' of the iiijth bell'vs
Rec' for his pitt in the Churcheiij siiij d
Rec' for the pelis at that dirige and Massexx d
Rec' for the knyll of Robert Gamys seruauntviij d
Rec' for his graue in the Greate churchyerdeiiij d
Rec' for the knyll' of Mr Doctour hatclyffvj sviij d
Rec' for the pelis at Dirige and Massexx d
Rec' of William Alderston for his entraunce in þe howsevj sviij d
Rec' of Stephyn Saunderson in pardon chirchyerdij s
Rec' for his knyll' of the second bellviij d
Rec' for the buryall of Robert Austhorp in þe pardon chirch'yerdij s
Summa of the Casuelles, iij l'i vj s.

(fn. 9) Clarkis wagis and Bemelight.

Rec' of the Clarkis wagis this yere, as aperith by þe Rowlevij l'ixvj sj d
Rec' for pascall' money and Bemeligh'txij sj dob.
Summa of thes parcelles viij l'i viij s ij d ob.


Item, paid to Ioh'n Snowe, Clerk, for a hole yeris wagisvj l'i
Item, paid to William Wylde, Sexten, for his yeres wagesxl s
Summa of the paymenttes, viij l'i.
Rest of the Clarkes wages and the money of the Bemeligh't, viij s ij d ob.

[Wax Reckoning. Allowances. Rehearsal.

The new rector now introduces the custom of appending signatures to the year's accounts.]

(fn. 10) Memorandum: the xiij day of ffebruarii, in the yere of our lord god ml vc xxjti, and in the xiij yere of the Rayng of King henre the viijth, this Acompt, made by me, Ioh'n Potter, in the presence of Mr Alen, Curat of the Chirch', Mr Robert Aldernes, William Roche, Ioh'n Austhorp, Andrew Evyngar, Ioh'n Woulff, Thomas Clayton, Robert Game and Ioh'n Wall', with other moo; and at this day there was brough't, in money, by me, the said Ioh'n Potter, by this Acompt, Summa, the which' money at this day was put in þe ch'urch' box, of the which' box the keys remayne in the hondis of Mr Alen, Mr Aldernes, and Ioh'n Potter, to euery of them a key.xviij lix sij d

Per me, Iohannem alanum, curatum ecclesie diue marie at hyll'.

Per me, Robert Aldurnes.

Per me, Wylliam Roche.

Per me, Iohannem Austhorpe.

Per me, Andrew Evyngar.

Per me, Ioh'n Wolf.

[A mark, see facsimile.]

Per me, Robard Game.

Per me, Iohnannem Walle.


1 leaf 457.
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4 In margin—"Abated of this xiij s iiij d the sum of iij s iiij d, so was alowed x s."
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