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J. P. C. Roach (editor)

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'Note on abbreviations', A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume 3: The City and University of Cambridge (1959), pp. XIX-XX. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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Among the abbreviations and short titles used the following may require elucidation:

Official Publications
Comm. Doc.Documents relating to the University and Colleges of Cambridge. Published by the Royal Commission on the University of Cambridge. 3 vols., H.M.S.O. 1852 (not a parliamentary publication).
Graham Com. Rep. and Graham Com. Evid.Report of Commissioners appointed to enquire into the State, Discipline, Studies, and Revenues of the University and Colleges of Cambridge; together with the Evidence . . . [1559], H.C. (1852–3), xliv [Chairman: John Graham, Bishop of Chester].
Improvement Univ. Camb.Correspondence respecting the proposed measures of Improvement in the Universities and Colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, Pt. II, University and Colleges of Cambridge [1741], H.C. (1854), l.
Rep. Univ. Educ. Bill Cttee. Evid.Special Report from Select Committee on Oxford and Cambridge Universities Education Bill, together with proceedings of the Committee, Minutes of Evidence . . . H.C. 497 (1867), xiii.
Devonshire Com. 3rd Rep.3rd Report of Royal Commission on Scientific Instruction and the Advancement of Science [C. 868], H.C. (1873), xxviii [Chairman: William, Duke of Devonshire].
Cleveland Com. Rep. Vol. I.Report of Commissioners appointed to enquire into the Property and Income of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and of the Colleges and Halls therein . . . [C. 856], H.C. (1873), xxxvii (i) [Chairman: Harry George, Duke of Cleveland].
Asquith Com. Rep.Report of Royal Commission on Oxford and Cambridge Universities [Cmd. 1588], H.C. (1922), x [Chairman: H. H. Asquith].
C.A.S. Comm. or C.A.S. Proc.Cambridge Antiquarian Society Communications continued as Cambridge Antiquarian Society Proceedings.
C.A.S. Publ.Cambridge Antiquarian Society Publications (octavo series).
Camb. Rev.Cambridge Review.
Camb. Univ. Repr.Cambridge University Reporter.
Trans. C.B.S.Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society.
Separate Works, Collections of Documents, etc.
Cooper, AnnalsC. H. Cooper, Annals of Cambridge, 5 vols.
Cooper, AthenaeC. H. and T. Cooper, Athenae Cantabrigienses, 3 vols.
Cooper, MemorialsC. H. Cooper, Memorials of Cambridge, 3 vols. (1860–6) (a new edition of J. Le Keux, Memorials of Cambridge . . . with historical and descriptive accounts by T. Wright and H. L. Jones).
Dyer, PrivilegesG. Dyer, Privileges of the University of Cambridge, 2 vols.
Fuller, Hist.T. Fuller, History of the University of Cambridge (ed. M. Prickett and T. Wright).
Gunning, ReminiscencesH. Gunning, Reminiscences of the University, Town, and County of Cambridge (1854 edn.), 2 vols.
Heywood, CollectionJ. Heywood, Collection of Statutes for the University and Colleges of Cambridge.
Heywood, Early StatutesJ. Heywood, Early Cambridge University and College Statutes.
Heywood and Wright, Camb. Univ. Trans.J. Heywood and T. Wright, Cambridge University Transactions during the Puritan Controversies of the 16th and 17th Centuries, 2 vols.
Lamb, Camb. Reformation Doc.J. Lamb, Collection of Letters, Statutes, and other Documents, . . . illustrative of the history of the University of Cambridge during the period of the Reformation.
Monk, BentleyJ. H. Monk, Life of Richard Bentley (2nd edn.), 2 vols.
Mullinger, Univ. Camb. iJ. B. Mullinger, The University of Cambridge from the earliest times to the Royal Injunctions of 1535.
Mullinger, Univ. Camb. iiJ. B. Mullinger, The University of Cambridge from the Royal Injunctions of 1535 to the Accession of Charles I.
Mullinger, Univ. Camb. iiiJ. B. Mullinger, The University of Cambridge from the election of Buckingham to the Chancellorship in 1626 to the decline of the Platonist Movement.
Pevsner, Cambs.N. Pevsner, Cambridgeshire (The Buildings of England, Penguin Books).
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Winstanley, Early Vict. Camb.D. A. Winstanley, Early Victorian Cambridge.
Winstanley, Later Vict. Camb.D. A. Winstanley, Later Victorian Cambridge.
Winstanley, Univ. Camb. in 18th Cent.D. A. Winstanley, The University of Cambridge in the 18th Century.
Winstanley, Unref. Camb.D. A. Winstanley, Unreformed Cambridge.
Wordsworth, Schol. Acad.C. Wordsworth, Scholae Academicae: Some Account of the Studies at the English Universities in the 18th Century.
Wordsworth, Social LifeC. Wordsworth, Social Life at the English Universities in the 18th Century.