Corrigenda to volumes II, IV and V


Victoria County History



A. P. M. Wright (editor), Adrienne B. Rosen, Susan M. Keeling, C. A. F. Meekings

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'Corrigenda to volumes II, IV and V', A History of the County of Cambridge and the Isle of Ely: Volume 6 (1978), pp. 314. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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See also corrigenda printed in Index to Volumes I–IV and in V.C.H. Cambs. v. 337.

Vol. II,page21, line 7, for 'NE.' read 'SW.'
""21, line 8, for 'NW.' read 'SE.'
""21, line 26, for 'NW.' read 'SE.'
""21, plan, reverse orientation
""35, s.v. Melbourn, the two moats at Sheene Farm should be under Meldreth
""132, note 18, for 'And' read 'An'
""133, line 8, for '2 October 1850' read '21 October 1850'
""133, line 9, for '3 August 1851' read '1 August 1851'
""133, line 13, for '1 August 1862' read 'Passengers 7 July 1862 Goods 1 August 1862'
""267a, line 8, delete '50 acres'
Vol. IV,page105a, line 4 from end, for 'Worsley' read 'Scrimshire'
""105a, line 3 from end, for 'was still' read ', apparently, was'
""105, note 58, for 'ii (2)' read 'ii (1)'
Index vol.,page60, between 'Scrimshaw' and 'Scrope' insert 'Scrimshire, Malbon, iv. 105'
""75, s.v. Worsley, delete 'Malton, iv. 105;'
Vol. V,page xvi, line 34, for 'H.C. 294 (1820), xii' read 'H.C. 82 (1818), xix'
"" 149a, line 8, for '(1273–1324)' read '(1273–1334)'
""235b, line 38, for 'lease of 1523' read 'lease of 1520'
""255a, line 14 from end, for 'Norton' read 'Nocton'
""255a, lines 14–13 from end, for '1420' read '1423' and for 'Margaret' read 'Margery'
""255, note 15, for '78.' read '78, which gives Norton in error for Nocton.'
""284a, line 4, for 'Prince's' read 'Marsh's'
""284, note 52, for 'T. H. Cook' read T. A. Cook'
""308b, s.v. Blyton, for 'Marg., m. John Wimbish' read 'Margery, m. John Wimbish'
""314c, s.v. Dowsing, for '24' read '25'
""323b, s.v. Lincolnshire, for 'Norton' read 'Nocton'
""326b, between 'Nixon' and 'Noel' insert 'Nocton (Lincs.), 255'
""326c, s.v. Norton (Lincs.), delete entry
""335c, s.v. Wimbish, for 'Marg.' read 'Margery'