Appendix III
Aldermen who were also chamberlains of the City


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Alfred P. Beaven

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'Appendix III: Aldermen who were also chamberlains of the City', The Aldermen of the City of London: Temp. Henry III - 1912 (1908), pp. LXIV. URL: Date accessed: 18 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Appendix III.

Aldermen who have been Chamberlains of London.

(a) King's Chamberlains.

Gregory de Rokesle1275–1278[Alderman c1265–1291].
Adam de Rokesle1299–1301[" 1293–1308].
William Trent1301–1307[" 1309–1316].
Stephen de Abyndon1316–1325[" 1312–1321].
(Benedict de Folesham1325–1326)[" 1327–1338].
(Richard de la Pole1327–1338)[" 1330–1340].

The first four held the offices of King's Butler. Chamberlain and Coroner. The two last-named are only noticed as King's Butler and Coroner, and I doubt if the title of King's Chamberlain was retained after Abyndon's time.

(b) Chamberlains Of The City.

William de Betoyne1288–1298[Alderman c1288–1305].
John de Dunstaplejoint1298–1300[" 1293–1307].
Simon de Paris[" 1299–1319, 1320–1321].
Nicholas Pycot1300–1304[" 1298–1312].
Henry de Seccheford1328–1336[" 1319–1336].
Stephen Speleman1391–1404[" 1407–1416].
John Middleton1449–1450[" 1456–1462].
Robert Colwyche1463–1474[" 1474–1480].
William Purchas1484–1492[" 1492–1502].
Robert Bateman1626–1643[" 1629].
Gilbert Harrison1643–1651[" 1634–1641].
Sir Peter Rich,1684–1687, 1688-1689, 1691[" 1683–1687, 1688–1692]
Sir Stephen T. Janssen1765–1776[" 1748–1765].
Benjamin Hopkins1776–1779[" 1773–1776].
John Wilkes1779–1797[" 1769–1797].
Richard Clark1798–1831[" 1776–1798].
Sir William Heygate1843–1844[" 1812–1843].
Anthony Brown1844–1853[" 1821–1844].
Sir John Key1853–1858[" 1823–1853].
Sir W. J. Richmond Cotton1892–1902[" 1866–1892].
Sir Joseph Dimsdale1902–1912[" 1891–1902].