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'Aldermen noted in other references sources', The Aldermen of the City of London: Temp. Henry III - 1912 (1908), pp. 212-216. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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Aldermen who are noticed in the "Dictionary of National Biography."

Old Edition.New Edition.
Sir Maurice Abbotvol. i.vol. i.Sir S. Lee.
William A bell""
Sir Thomas Abney"A. H. Grant.
Sir Thomas Adams"The late Rev. N. Pocock.
Henry Ashurstvol. ii.The late J. E. Bailey.
Edward Backwell"T. F. Henderson.
John de Banquellevol. iii.J. M. Rigg.
Sir John Barkstead"Prof. Firth.
Sir John Barnard"W. P. Courtney.
Benedict Barnham"Sir S. Lee.
Francis Barnham
William Beckfordvol. iv.vol. ii.The late C. Kent.
Sir John BennettSupp. vol. i.vol. xxii.E. I. Carlyle.
Sir Henry Billingsleyvol. v.vol. ii.Sir S. Lee.
Samuel Birch"G. F. R. Barker.
William Bond (s.v. Martin Bond)"N. Moore.
Sir Martin Bowesvol. vi.Sir S. Lee.
John Boydell"The late C. Monkhouse.
Josiah Boydell"The late L. Fagan.
Sir Nicholas Brembre"J. H. Round.
Sir Richard Brownevol. vii.vol. iii.Prof. Firth.
Thomas Cadellvol. viii.Sir S. Lee.
Sir James Cambell""
Sir Thomas Cambell
Sir John CassSupp. vol. i.vol. xxii.T. Seccombe.
Richard Chambersvol. x.vol. iv.Prof. Firth.
Sir John Champneys"Sir S. Lee.
Sir William Chester"C. Welch.
Sir Francis Child (i.)""
Sir Francis Child (ii.)""
Richard Clark"G. F. R. Barker.
Sir Robert Claytonvol. xi.W. P. Courtney.
Sir Christopher Clitherow"C. Welch.
Sir [sic] Hugh Clopton"Sir S. Lee.
Sir William Cokayne"G. E. Cokayne.
Sir Henry Colet"Sir S. Lee.
Sir Thomas Cookevol. xii.C. Welch.
William T. Copeland"R. E. Graves.
Henry Cornish"Sir S. Lee.
Sir William Cravenvol. xiii.vol. v.W. Clode.
Brass Crosby"G. F. R. Barker.
Sir John Crosby"C. Welch.
William Cubitt"The late G. C. Boase.
Sir Thomas Cullum"L. Cust.
Sir William Curtis"H. Morse Stephens.
Sir John Cutler"G. Goodwin.
Sir Thomas Daviesvol. xiv.The late R. Harrison.
Gideon Delaune"The late Thompson Cooper.
Sir Wolstan Dixievol. xv.The late E. S. Shuckburgh.
Sir Charles Duncombevol. xvi.vol. vi.W. P. Courtney.
Sir Humphrey Edwinvol. xvii.C. Welch.
John Eldred"Sir J. K. Laughton.
Robert Fabyanvol. xviii.The late Bishop Creighton.
Richard Fermor"Sir S. Lee.
Henry FitzAilwinvol. xix.vol. vii.J. H. Round.
Arnold FitzThedmar"Prof. Tout.
Sir William Fitzwilliam"W. Clode.
Sir John Fleet"J. M. Rigg.
Sir Samuel Fludyer"The late R. Harrison.
John Fowkevol. xx.G. Goodwin.
Sir Robert FowlerSupp. vol. ii.vol. xxii.T. Hodgkin.
Sir Samuel Garrardvol. xxi.vol. vii.C. Welch.
Sir Henry Garaway""
Sir Crisp Gascoyne""
Sir John Gayer"G. Goodwin.
Sir Richard Carr Glynvol. xxii.vol. viii.C. Welch.
William Gregoryvol. xxiii.J. Gairdner.
Sir Richard Gresham"C. Welch.
Sir John Gresham""
Sir Richard Gurney""
Warren S. Halevol. xxiv."
Sir Thomas Hallifax""
Thomas Harley""
James Harmer""
Sir William Harper""
Edmond Harveyvol. xxv.vol. ix.G. Goodwin.
Sir Gilbert Heathcote"C. Welch.
Sir William Hedges"G. Goodwin.
Sir William Herrickevol. xxvi.J. M. Rigg.
Sir William Hewett"C. Welch.
Rowland Heylin""
James Heywood"C. W. Sutton.
George Hibbert""
Sir Baptist Hicks"The late Rev. B. H. Blacker.
Sir Rowland Hill"C. Welch.
Sir Richard Hoare (i.)vol. xxvii."
Sir Richard Hoare (ii.)""
Sir Christopher HoddesdonSupp. vol. ii.vol. xxii.Prof. Pollard.
Sir William Hollesvol. xxvii.vol. ix.C. Welch.
Sir James Houblon""
Sir John Houblon""
Sir Claudius S. Huntervol. xxviii.vol. x.The late G. C. Boase.
William Jacobvol. xxix.G. Goodwin.
Sir Stephen Jenyns"W. A. J. Archbold.
Sir John Keyvol. xxxi.vol. xi.C. Welch.
William Kiffin"The Rev. A. Gordon.
Sir Thomas Kytson"C. Welch.
John La Mottevol. xxxii."
Sir Peter Laurie""
Sir William Laxton"Miss Bradley (Mrs. Murray
Sir Thomas Leigh"C. Welch. [Smith).
Sir John Lemanvol. xxxiii."
Paul Le Mesurier"The late H. M. Chichester.
Sir Thomas Lodgevol. xxxiv.vol. xii.C. Welch.
Sir William Lok"Sir S. Lee.
Sir Thomas Lombe"R. B. Prosser.
John Lovekyn"C. Welch.
Sir Andrew LuskSupp. II. vol. ii."
Sir William McArthurvol. xxxiv.vol. xii.W. J. A. Archbold.
Sir Richard Martinvol. xxxvi.W. Wroth.
John J. Mechivol. xxxvii.vol. xiii.The late G. C. Boase.
William Methold"G. Goodwin.
Sir Francis G. Moonvol. xxxviii."
Sir John Moore"C. Welch.
Sir Thomas Myddeltonvol. xxxix."
Sir Dudley Northvol. xli.vol. xiv.The Rev. A. Jessopp.
John de Northampton"The Rev. W. Hunt.
Bonham Norton (s.v. William Norton)"L. Cust.
John Norton
Sir Thomas Offleyvol. xlii.The late Rev. J. H. Lupton.
Richard Oliver"G. F. R. Barker.
Sir Edward Osborne"C. Welch.
Sir Christopher Packevol. xliii.vol. xv."
Thomas Papillon"J. M. Rigg.
Humphrey Parsons"C. Welch.
'Sir' [sic] Isaac Peningtonvol. xliv.Miss Fell Smith.
Sir John Philipotvol. xlv.Prof. Tait.
Sir Thomas Pilkington"C. Welch.
John Prinsep (s.v. H. T. Prinsep)vol. xlvi.vol. xvi.The late Sir A. J. Arbuthnot.
Sir William Prichard"G. le G. Norgate.
Sir John Pulteneyvol. xlvii.C. L. Kingsford.
Sir Nicholas Rainton"C. Welch.
Sir Thomas Rawlinson (i.)""
Sir Thomas Rawlinson (ii.)""
Sir Walter Rawlinson
Sir Abraham Reynardsonvol.xlviii."
Richard de Templo"The late T. A. Archer.
Gregory de Rokesleyvol. xlix.vol. xvii.C. Welch.
Sir William Romney"W. A. S. Hewins.
Sir William Rydervol. l.C. Welch.
Sir David Salomons""
Sir Richard Saltonstall""
John Sawbridge""
'Sir' [sic] William Sevenokevol. li."
Sir Thomas Seymour (s.v. Thomas, Lord Seymour)"Prof. Pollard.
Sir Edmund Shaa"C. Welch.
Sir James Shaw"E. I. Carlyle.
Erasmus Smithvol. liii.vol. xviii.The Rev. A. Gordon.
Sir Thomas Smyth"Sir J. K. Laughton.
Sir John Spencer"C. Welch.
Robert Tichbornevol. lvi.vol. xix.Prof. Firth.
Sir Nicholas Twyfordvol. lvii.Prof. Pollard.
Sir Robert Vinervol. lviii.vol. xx.C. Welch.
Sir Thomas Viner""
Robert Waithman"W. P. Courtney.
'Sir' [sic] Henry le Waleysvol. lix.C. Welch.
Sir William Walworth""
Sir Patience Ward""
Sir Peter Warren"Sir J. K. Laughton.
Sir Ralph Warren"C. Welch.
Sir Sidney WaterlowSupp. II. vol. iii."
Sir Brook Watsonvol. lx.vol. xx.Col. E. M. Lloyd.
Sir John Watts"Sir J. K. Laughton.
Sir Thomas Whitevol. lxi.vol. xxi.The Ven. Archdeacon Hutton.
Sir George Whitmore"E. I. Carlyle.
Richard Whittington"Prof. Tait.
Sir John Wildman"Prof. Firth.
John Wilkes"J. M. Rigg.
Rowland Wilsonvol. lxii.Prof. Firth.
Sir Matthew Wood"W. P. Courtney.

170 persons who were elected Aldermen of London are noticed in the Dictionary; the biographies of 63 are contributed by Mr. Welch and of 15 by Sir Sidney Lee; Mr. Gordon Goodwin is responsible for 8, Professor Firth for 6, Messrs. J. M. Rigg and W. P. Courtney for 5 each, Sir J. K. Laughton and Mr. Russell Barker for 4 each, Professor Pollard and Messrs. Irving Carlyle and Lionel Cust and the late Mr. G. C. Boase for 3 each ; 7 other contributors have written two articles and 34 a single article each.

Aldermen whose Burials are Recorded in Machyn's Diary.

[The worthy diarist, who appears to have been an undertaker by profession, records the funeral arrangements in elaborate detail, not forgetting the 'grett dener' which usually followed the 'berehyng.' The diary deserves notice if only for the grotesque orthography, which throws into the shade the most inspired efforts of the modern 'Simplified Speling Sosieti.']

Sir William Lok1Sir Henry Huberthorn115
William Robyns28Sir John Ayliffe116
Sir Ralph Warren36Sir John Gresham116
Stephen Kyrton42Henry Goodere118
John Lambarde67Sir George Barne166
Augustin Hynde67John Machell171
Sir Henry Amcotts68Sir Andrew Judde173
(fn. 1) Thomas Lewen91John Sadler203
Henry Herdson99 (fn. 1) John Lowen210
Christopher Aleyn100Robert Trappes216
Sir Richard Dobbys106Sir Thomas Curtes217
Sir William Laxton111Sir Rowland Hill271
Sir John Champneys115David Woodroffe303

Aldermen Recorded in Wilford's Memorials of Worthy Persons." (1741).

Sir Thomas Adams(from funeral sermon by Rev. N. Hardy, D.D.)86—90
Sir Thomas Bludworth(" " " Rev. S. Freeman)473—474
Sir John Buckworth(" " " Rev. John Scott, D.D.)604—605
Sir John Chapman(" " " " ")507—509
Sir William Cokayne(" " " John Donne, Dean of St. Paul's)292—293
Sir John Gayer(" " " Rev. N. Hardy)450—452
Sir Peter Vandeput(" " " Rev. N. Brady)405—406
Sir George Whitmore(" " " Rev. Anthony Farindon)258—259
Sir Richard Hoare (a character)777

Aldermen Noticed in "City Biography" (2nd Edition), 1800.

(These Notices are, with few exceptions, scurrilous.)

Sir John W. Anderson44Brackley Kennett139
Sir John Barnard170Henry Kitchin119
William Beckford63William Lee75
Samuel Birch151Paul Le Mesurier43
(Sir) Matthew Bloxam124Sir Watkin Lewes16
John Boydell34William Lushington52
Frederick Bull84George M. Macauley49
John Burnell129Nathaniel Newnham26
Thomas Cadell59William Newman49
Sir William Calvert91Richard Oliver96
Richard Clarke94Peter Perchard58
Harvey C. Combe153(Sir) John Perring57
Brass Crosby187Sir William Plomer23
(Sir) William Curtis37Samuel Plumbe135
Sir John Eamer60(Sir) Charles Price56
Sir James Esdaile80Evan Pugh96
Sir Samuel Fludyer82Sir James Sanderson120
William Gill145John Sawbridge87
Sir Richard Carr Glyn47(Sir) James Shaw60
Sir Thomas Hallifax113Thomas Skinner28
Charles Hamerton55Hugh Smith162
Sir Benjamin Hammett136Sir William Staines51
Thomas Harley9James Townsend142
John Hart61Sir Barnard Turner131
Sir William Herne54(Sir) Brook Watson44
George Hibbert59John Wilkes98
Sir John Hopkins53Thomas Wooldridge114
Sir Stephen T. Jannsen62Thomas Wright144


1 The names of those Aldermen are lost in the MS. which is defective, but that of T. Lewen is supplied by the Editor [J. Gough Nichols] in the notes (p. 334) and that of J. Lowen may be safely inferred from the date, combined with the fact which is shown in the text that the person whose funeral is here described was a leading member of the Drapers' Company.