East Indies
October 1577


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W. Noel Sainsbury (editor)

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'East Indies: October 1577', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 2: 1513-1616 (1864), pp. 25-26. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=68574 Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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October 1577

Oct. 13.52. Note of money presently to be disbursed for mariners' wages, of the three ships returned with Mr. Frobisher. Seven hundred pounds for five months' wages from 1st June to 1st Oct. For 26 soldiers for five months [BURGHLEY has written “at 10s. the month"], and for recompense for 14 gentlemen “as it shall please your honors.” It has been added that this money cannot yet be found; if levied upon the adventurers it will come to 25 per cent, of their venture; whether the two ships shall not discharge at London, and Michael Lok continue treasurer. [Three quarters of a page. Indorsed “For the ships of Cathay, &c., to be unladen.” DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXVI., No. 14. Cal., p. 558.]
Oct.?53. Names of those who desire to be Adventurers now, which may be granted upon the whole venture to supply money for wages. “The prest for wages need to be but 20l. for 100l. stock. [Half a page. Indorsed, “A note of such as have not before and now desire to be Adventurers in the North–west voyage.” Domestic, Eliz., Vol. CXIX., No. 43. Cal., p. 573. See following article.]
Oct.?54. Names of those who desire now to be Adventurers in the goods now come home, which may be granted upon the whole stock now come home or else in the next adventure. Much fuller than the preceding list which only contains fifteen names subscribing 375l., all of which are included in this list. Each adventure is 25l., the whole amount 625l. is subscribed for by the Lord Keeper, Earl of Bedford, Mr. Comptroller, Earl of Oxford, Lords Hunsdon, Chas. Howard, Cumberland, Cobham, and Wharton, Misters Hatton, Heneage, and Horsey, Sir Hump. Gylberte, Mr. Woolley, Wm. Kyllygrew. Thos. Dudley, Ralph Lane, Hugh Smythe, John Dee, Geofrye Duckett, Thos. Nycolls, Fras. Mylles, Laur. Tomson, Art. Dawbney, John Castelin, and Thos. Cæsar. [One page. Indorsed, “A note of such as desire to be Adventurers in the Cathay voyage.” Domestic, Eliz., Vol. CXIX., No. 44. Cal., p. 573.]
Oct. 16.55. Order of the Privy Council; 800l. being required for discharge of the mariners and soldiers employed in the voyage towards the North–west under Capt. Frobisher, the adventurers are directed to contribute 20 per cent, of their venture, to be paid to Michael Lok, treasurer for the company. [Half a page. Draft. Indorsed, “An order of my Lords, the 16 of October 1577. For payment to be made to the mariners and soldiers of the Cathay voyage.” Domestic, Eliz., Vol. CXVI., No. 24. Cal., p. 559.]
Oct. 16.
Windsor Castle.
56. The Privy Council to Rich. Martin, warden, and ——Lainson, workmaster of the Mint. It is the Queen's pleasure that certain ore brought out of the North–west parts by Martin Frobisher should be received by them into the Tower by weight, and that four locks be put on the door where it is placed, the keys of which are to be kept by Frobisher, Lok, and themselves. [In another hand is added]: And it is further meant that they shall from time to time deliver the ore to be melted down, as directed by the Commissioners appointed for oversight of the melting. [Three quarters of a page. Indorsed, “17 Oct. 1577. M. from my Lords to the warden and workmaster of the Mint touching the ore brought out of the Northwest.” DOMESTIC, Eliz., Vol. CXVI., No. 25. Cal., p. 559.]