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'Errata', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 3: 1617-1621 (1870), pp. 597. URL: Date accessed: 19 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Page 8, line 1, for Bauda read Banda.

No. 16, line 11 (from the bottom), for them Hollanders read the Hollanders.

No. 108, line 9, for 60 and 70 degrees read 60 and 70 leagues.

No. 134, for [President Ball] read Geo. Barkeley.

Page 55, line 26, for Sir Harris Middleton read Sir Henry Middleton.

No. 467, line 12,for has read should have.

No. 505, for John Pursey read John Purfey.

Page 219, line 23, for-Munckey (sic in originali) read [Levinus] Muncke.

No. 226, Oct. 21, for Humphrey, son of William Powell, read Humphrey, father of William Powell.

No. 227, Oct. 30, for ditto read ditto.

No. 535, lines 3 and 6, for 18 Sept., from Aleppo last, and 13 Oct., from Aleppo last, read 18 Sept. last from Aleppo, and 13 Oct. last from Aleppo.

No. 535, line 6, from bottom of page, for John Lempries read John Lemprier.

No. 664, line 1, for John Johnson read Robert Johnson.

Page 312, line 4, for Justinian Osley read Justinian Offley.

Page 338, line 8 from bottom, for Lamuelot Fenwicke read Launcelot Fenwicke.

Page 385, line 9, for Salmon read Solomon.

No. 917, line 2, for John Doode read John Dodde.

Page 416, line 14, for John Neate read John Neave.

No. 1019, line 4, for Laus read Lam.

Index : Abbot, Geo. Archbishop of Canterbury, add letters from, 1619 : 594.

Index : add Miracle A, 289, 524.

Index : add to Proverbs, p. 108, 215.

Index : dele Downton, death of, (the General), 54.