America and West Indies
August 1612


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W. Noel Sainsbury (editor)

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'America and West Indies: August 1612', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 1: 1574-1660 (1860), pp. 14. URL: Date accessed: 16 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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August 1612

Aug. 2?Henry Earl of Northampton to the King. The Bermudas Company advertised of the safe arrival of their ships. The Spaniards, dismayed at the frequency of hurricanes, durst not adventure there, but call it Dæmoniorum insulam. The English merchants have sent home some amber and seed pearls, "which the devils of the Bermudas love not better to retain than the angels of Castile do to recover." The island abounds in swine, fowl, and fish, which moves our men to grow more confident in the safe possession of a place they inhabit so peaceably. [Extract from DOMESTIC, Corresp. Jac. I., Vol. LXX., No. 23, Cal. p. 140.]