America and West Indies
September 1622


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W. Noel Sainsbury (editor)

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'America and West Indies: September 1622', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 1: 1574-1660 (1860), pp. 32-33. URL: Date accessed: 18 September 2014.


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September 1622

[Sept.]10. List of the Syndicators appointed to take a strict examination of the inhabitants in the Somers Islands, concerning the Spanish wreck [see ante pp. 27, 28, Nos. 2, 3.] They are Capt. John Bernard, Governor elect of the Islands, John Harrison, Sheriff, Nath. Barnard, and Jos. Wright, clerks, and Roger Wood, Sec. to the Council there established. Also copy of instructions for their guidance. Annexed,
10. I. Another copy of the above instructions.
10. II.–IV. Examinations touching the Spanish wreck alluded to above, taken on 9th, 15th, and 22 nd Jan., 1623.
Jan.–Sept.11. A small book in which are fourteen letters and a proclamation from Capt. Nath. Butler, Governor of the Somers Islands, to "my serjeant-major," relating to the wreck of the Spanish vessel [the St. Anthony]. [Copies, certified by Ed. Collingwood, Sec.]
Sept. ?12. Petition of John Carter, a poor distressed prisoner, to the Privy Council. Was convicted at the last sessions of stealing a horse, but reprieved by the Lord Mayor and Recorder of London before judgment. Prays that their Lordships will recommend him to Sir Edward Sackville to be transported to Virginia. [On 7th Sept. 1622, Sir Ed. Barkham, Lord Mayor, informs the King that John Carter, convicted of stealing a horse, had been reprieved as worthy of the King's mercy.See DOMESTIC Corresp. Jac. I., Vol. CXXXIII., No. 10, Cal. p. 446.]
Sept.-Oct.13. Note of the several voyages made by Wm. Seymour to and from the Spanish wreck, by command of Capt. Nath. Butler, then Governor of the Somers Islands, from 10th Sept. to 25th Oct., about which time the Governor left the islands.