America and West Indies
May 1647


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W. Noel Sainsbury (editor)

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'America and West Indies: May 1647', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 1: 1574-1660 (1860), pp. 328. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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May 1647

May 15.
Somers Islands.
10. Rich. Norwood to W. Prynne, Esq., at Lincolns Inn. The "considerations" which Norwood sent over last year have been printed; has returned a copy by the bearer, Capt. Forster, some time Governor there, to Mr. Sparkes, with some little addition. Bitter acrimony exists between the Independent and Presbyterian ministers, who "do much instigate the people on either side on against the other." Was about to have written a treatise dialogue-wise against the Independents, especially touching Mr. White's book. It was reported that Prynne had answered it. Only two Independent and two Presbyterian ministers; the reins of government being very slack or negligently handled, much doubts the issue. If he were worthy to show his mind and advice, the most that fear God, adhering rather to the Independent than Presbyterian way, and being necessitated to choose one, conceives that Prynne would do very well to use some Christian insinuation into their favours and good opinions "without flattering them in their error in any sort."
May 16.
[Somers Islands.]
11. John Vaughan to Edward Marston. In favour of the bearer, Capt. Josias Forster, formerly Governor of the Somers Islands. Commends him to Capt. Bowen.