America and West Indies
December 1657


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W. Noel Sainsbury (editor)

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'America and West Indies: December 1657', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 1: 1574-1660 (1860), pp. 461-462. URL: Date accessed: 20 October 2014.


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December 1657

Dec. 1.Similar Order. Report of Committee for America and annexed paper signed by several merchants, concerning the government of Virginia, to be referred to Committee for Jamaica for their opinion. [Ibid, p. 317.]
Dec. 3.36. Petition of Robert Ostler to the Council of State. For a licence to transport 40 horses and 3,000 dozen of shoes to Barbadoes, upon payment of the usual customs. Underwritten is a minute, "Mr. Ellis, of Bristol, 1,000 dozen of shoes to the Barbadoes." Endorsed, "Ord. 3 Dec. 1657."
Dec. 3.Order of the Council of State. For the warrants desired above. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CVI., p. 319.]
Dec. 3.The warrants above mentioned. [Ibid., Vol. CXXXIV., pp. 103–4.]
Dec. 10.Similar Orders. Concerning the business of Jamaica. 4,000l. to be paid on account of the forces there; 6l. 10s. per head to be allowed by the State for the transportation of 14 wives of officers and soldiers; and several reports to be considered. Philip Jogan, Nicholas Warren, and other merchants to have liberty to trade with the Virgin Mary and All Saints to any part of the West Indies. Tobacco from Jamaica belonging to Samuel Lawson and others to be passed free of duty. [Ibid., Vol. CVI., pp. 335–36, 339–40, 341–42.]
Dec. 17.Similar Order. Reports of Commissioners of the Admiralty touching the accounts of Capt. Leverett and Vice-Admiral Goodson, together with all papers relating thereto, to be referred to General Disbrowe, Sir Chas. Wolseley, Col. Sydenham, and others. [Ibid, p. 351.]
Dec. 18.Similar Order. Upon report of Committee for Jamaica, concerning the unsettled government of Virginia, proposing that some fit person be sent over as Governor, and nominating Edward Diggs as one who would satisfy all parties and interests among them, and desiring his Highness at least to nominate a Governor before the ships of the year go away, that the minds of all concerned may be the better satisfied; advising his Highness to nominate such a person for Governor as he shall think fit. [Ibid, p. 358.]
NAMES of OFFICERS and SOLDIERS engaged in the AMERICAN EXPEDITION, &c. in continuation of List, at p. 454. For the Year 1657. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bks., Vols. CV., CVI.]
Elizabeth, widow of Major Geo. FaulknerFeb. 5684
Elizabeth, widow of Major Vincent Corbett.Feb 6692
Anne, widow of Major Rich. Bamford.Feb 12705
Col. Anthony BullerFeb. 12710
Capt. Henry Potter"
Jane, "wife or widow" of John Dean, Provost Marshal." ""
John Barrow, Chaplain" ""
Lieut. Col. Fras. Mercer" ""
Lieut. Thos. Huddlestone" ""
Capt. Wm. FleetwoodApril 30805
Vice-Admiral Wm. GoodsonJuly 2120
Mary, widow of Lt.-Col. Christ. Ennis.Aug. 27122
Capt. Nath. Bowers, deceasedSept. 24178
Col. John HumphreysOct. 9207
Lieut. Col. Bland" ""
Major John Hilkins" ""
1657?37. Petition of Mathias Lynen, merchant, and the rest of the late Associates of the Guinea Company of Scotland, to the Lord Protector. In 1637, their ship, the St. Andrew, of Edinburgh, on her return from trading to Africa, was perfidiously seized by the then Governor of St. Thomas, all goods made prize of, and the men most barbarously murdered. Have not been able hitherto, through unavoidable accidents and revolutions, to prosecute their case. Pray that his Highness, "their only remaining refuge under God the righteous," will assist them with his letters recommendatory to the King of Portugal, where their case is yet depending. Underwritten, John Thurloe has desired And. Marvell to write a letter upon this petition to the King of Portugal. Annexed,
37. I. The case of the Guinea Company of Scotland concerning their ship, seized by Don Lorenzo Perez de Tavora, a Portuguese; the goods made prize of, and the men most barbarously murdered by him. Demand for 200 lb. weight of gold 10,000l.; for the vessel and the rest of her goods 5,000l.; and for interest from 1637 to 1657 at 6 per cent. 18,000l. Total 33,000l.; besides compensation for the cruel assassination of so many men, and the expenses the Company have been put to in prosecuting their claims.