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Miscellaneous, 1622


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'East Indies: Miscellaneous, 1622', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, Volume 4: 1622-1624 (1878), pp. 88-93. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=69756 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Miscellaneous, 1622

1622 ?224. Thirty Articles particularly recommended by the commission for trade for its advancement, with observations. The 28th article concerns the East India merchants, "that their trading turn not to the prejudice of the kingdom." [Three pages, in the handwriting of Sir Robert Heath. Domestic Corresp., Jac. I., Vol. CXXXV., No. 53, Cal., p. 477.]
(1622.)225. A second request of Augustine Spaldinge to the President and Council. Whereas his former request was to have their allowance for his going home with the Palsgrave, his time of covenanted serving in the country being expired, and his body sickly and weak. Their reasons so far prevailed with him, as to be willing to stay until the departure of the next ship. But having received letters from his wife and friends in England, that the Company have been most falsely informed by some that went home in the Royal James, that he has committed misdemeanours to the prejudice and wronging of the Company, his earnest request is that they would make enquiry of those chief points which his wife and friends write he is falsely accused of, especially as so many men of note and worth are now met here together, that are best able to testify the contrary; and give a certificate how they find it, and further, what his carriage and care of the Company's service has been, so that if it should please God to take him out of this vale of miseries unto the hill of His mercies before his return to England, he may send same to his wife and friends, for the Company's better satisfaction of his truth and honesty. The chief things he is accused withal are:— That he has not only prejudiced the Company by private trade, but that on the coast of Sumatra and Jacatra has sold many bales of silk for his own account. Acknowledges that he sold at several times goods to the value of 450 or 500 ryals, which were truly his own, not to spend in riot and wantonness, but for the better relief of his wife and family; but he never wronged or prejudiced his employers in the least measure. Endorsed, "Copy of a Request made by Augustine Spalding, 1622." [One page and a half. O.C., Vol. IX., No. 1109.]
Heree [? Herat.]
226. Copies of the King's firmans to all Rahdars and to Mullaimbeg, and of the King's demands. The taking silk from Guylan or Shirwan for Ispahan to be free. All viziers and governors to be ready to provide camels and mules without delay, and to guard them from place to place. The King demands coats of mail, guns of six palms length, fine cloth, morse teeth, mastiffs, water and land spaniels, Irish greyhounds, and the smallest lap-dogs to be found, well-tempered knives, some singular pieces of goldsmiths' work, some of the finest and choicest sorts of china, some of the drug called Mamoora di China, drinking glasses, and "Dehauin Franck, a kind of blue stone, whereof they make powder for eyes." Endorsed, "1622. The King of Persia his demands, with other privileges granted us, at the agents' being at Court." [One page and a half. O.C., Vol. IX., No. 1113.]
1622.227. Catalogue of writings sent for England in the Palsgrave, 1622, comprising wills, inventories, accounts, consultations, proceedings, protests, answers, letters, and certificates. Endorsed, "Catalogue of all the writings sent from Jacatra &c. into England by the Palsgrave." [One page and a half. O.C., Vol. IX., No. 1110.]
1622 ?228. Notes of bad debts, &c. at Jambi and elsewhere to be charged to W. M[anistone's] account. [One page. O.C., Vol. IX., No. 1112.]
(1622.)229. Account of goods brought into Holland by the Dutch East India Company and there sold, restorable to the English; consisting of pepper valued at 46,623l. 12s. 0d., silk at 1,786l. 8s. 10d., and "the unicorn's horn" at 400l., total 48,810l. 0s. 10d.; from which is to be deducted for freight and assurance 10,837l. 12s. 11d., leaving 37,972l. 7s. 11d. net. [Extract from Holland Corresp.]
1622–1624.230. Extracts from letters containing accounts of the sale of divers jewels in Surat belonging to Morris Abbott, and others. The 1,000l. jewel sold for 5,280 rupees. The pair of pendant pearls at 2,300 rupees. Two pair emeralds, weighing 117 and 136 carats, set in gold with two small rubies to adorn them, sold for 2,910 rupees nett. [One page. O.C., Vol. IX., No. 1092.]


Petitions to the East India Company of Persons who solicit Employment, Increase of Wages, or Payment of Wages due to their Relatives in the Company's Service.

Date.Name of Petitioner.Subject of Petition.Reference.
1622.Court Min. Bk.
Jan. 4Marian StarrPart of her husband's wagesV. 299
" "William Walker, surgeon's mateRecompense for service" "
" 11William WillsonPart of son's wages" 302
" "Thos. CorbettWilliam Roundey's wages" 303
" 16Abel Ashworth[Not stated]" "
" "Sarah Hollice[Not stated]" "
" "Phillip WoorganAbout pepper" "
" "Samuel Gooch[Not stated]" "
" "Edward Bilton[Ditto]" "
" "George Smith[Ditto]" "
" "Gilbert Lodge[Ditto]" "
" "Joan Nicholson[Ditto]" "
" "Francis ChamberleynAbout providing cooks" "
" "Lucy Bayly[Not stated]" "
" 23Widow LemmanHer husband's wages, &c." 307
" "Phillip WoorganAbout pepper" "
" 25Isaac Crowder, steward200 ryals, part of his goods" 310
" "Do.1,300 ryals of Thomas Crowther, purser, deceased." "
" "Widow [Ann] TaylorAllowance for timber" 311
" 30Edward Charley, surgeonWages of his servant, Thomas Dobbins, who died at Pooloroon." 315
" "Do.Increase of his son George's wages." "
" "Dr. HillEmployment for his nephew" 316
" "Martin Chester, master gunner of the Blessing.Increase of wages, &c." 318
" "Edward Tynes50l. for his outfit" 318
" "Mary JacksonHer brother George Cockayne's estate." "
Feb. 1Viscount Mandeville, Lord President of the Council.Employment for Philip Wood, his kinsman." 320
" "Thomas DryfieldPurchase of indigo" 321
" 4Alice TaylorEmployment for her son" 322
" "Katherine HamlinGeorge Sute, her servant's wages" "
1622.Court Min. Bk.
Feb. 6Mrs. FitzherbertPart of her husband's wagesV. 324
" "Isaac CrowderAllowance for 203 pieces of 8" "
" 8The ships' carpentersPayment of wages" 327
" "Philip WoorganAllowance for his pepper" "
" 11Mary JacksonHer brother George Cockayne's estate." 328
" "— HansonCaptain Pepwell's estate" 329
" 13Mayor and jurats of DoverWages of Thos. Cullen" 333
" 20Bartholomew Waytes, auditorEmployment for his son" 339
" "Robert OwenWages" "
" "Edward CranyServant's wages" "
" "Joan OrtonServant's wages" "
" "Rebecca Fernandus, widowHer husband's wages" "
" "Ann Jeffery, widowCharity" 340
" "Thomas RobinsonWages in advance" "
" "Edward BiltonHis servant's wages" "
" 22Susan Thompson, widow of Robt. Kendall.Part of her brother Joseph Benson's wages." 343
" 25Henry MitchellHis brother Mordochay's estate" "
" "Margaret SherwoodPart of her husband's wages" 346
" 27William BeadleGiles Painter" 347
" "— Alford, on behalf of Wm. and Fras. Singleton.Their brother Thomas' estate" 350
" "George Loveyt and Alice TylerPayment for painting the Companys' house at Blackwall." "
Mar. 1Henry EdensPension for his son's services" 351
" "Priscilla, wife of Henry Rickman.Part of her husband's wages" "
" "Maudelin Selby, widowHer late husband's wages" 352
" "Robert RolfPart of two servants' wages" 354
" 6Jane AlbrookPart of her brother's wages" 358
" "John CrowtherHis son's estate" 361
" "Sibil ClarkeHer son William Symondson's estate." 362
" 11Elizabeth WoodPart of her husband's wages" 363
" 13Abigail CarpenterPart of wages of Stephen Larimer." 369
" 15Emanuel Butta, master of the Blessing.His pay" 370, 5
" 18Margery MossPart of her husband's wages" 375
" "Wife of Thomas EchellPart of her husband's wages" "
" 27Mary, wife of John BurredHer servant's wages" 381
" "Elizabeth, wife of Gilbert Richardson.Part of her husband's wages" "
" "Sibilla FielderHer son Robert Carter's property" "
" "Jane AlbrookeHer husband's wages" 382
" "Grace, wife of Michael WillisPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Anne, widow of Roger SmithHer late husband's pay" "
" "Thomas East, watermanPart of his servant Joseph Tarrant's wages." "
" 29Wife of Richard Jones, sailorPart of her husband's pay" 385
April 10George Lovett and Alice, widow of Thomas Tyler.Payment for painting the Company's house at Blackwall." 391
" "Maudelin SelbyCharity" 392
" "Elizabeth AlexanderPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Richard HolePayment for making sails" 393
" "Martha MillerPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Joan JacksonHer discharge from Newgate" "
" 17Samuel BassHis wages" 399
" "Sibilla FielderHer son's property" 400
" 26Thomas JonesHis wages" 403
" "Henry GoldwellPurser's place" 404
May 3Isaac CrowtherEstate and employmentV. 410
" "Fielder and wifeEstate of Robert Carter, deceased." 411
" 6Tobias Harris, stewardTo be a purser" 415
" "Arthur FowkesTo be a purser's mate" "
" 10Isaac CrowtherBalance of wages" 417
" "Peter PeltHis servant's wages" 418
" 15Captain Pring1,500l. of his wages" 422
" 17Bartholomew ChurchmanMoney disbursed to the Company's servants in their captivity in the Indies." 427
" "Dorothy, wife of John RoweHer husband's wages" "
" 22Margaret BurtonPart of her husband's wages" 429
" "John, father of Thomas Crowther.His son's estate" "
" "Rebecca, wife of Thomas AgardHer husband's wages" 430, 3
" "Joan, widow of Thos. PerkinsThe Company's cooper's work" "
June 5George HazardHis brother Samuel Hazard's estate." 438
" "Mayor and Commonalty of BristolA legacy of 250l. from Richd. Wickham." 440
" "Captain WattsEmployment for his son under Hawley." 441
" 13Jane Yard, widowProperty of her husband" 448
" "Cyprian MillsPorter at Crosby House" 449
" "— HawleyRichard Robinson to serve him" "
" "Do.100l. advance of wages" "
" "Katherine BarbourPart of her son's wages" 450
" "Mary, widow of William Streamer.Part of her husband's wages" 451
" 18Rebecca AgardHer pepper" 455
" 21Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas Sadler.Allowance on her husband's account." 456
" "David BourneHis adventure in 1st joint stock" 458
" 26Valentine Markham, auditorIncrease of wages" 463
" 29Thomas Thornborough, purserAllowance for 8 cwt. of pepper" 469
" "Christopher Brown, masterDo. 18 do." 471
" "[Randall] JessonDo. 4 do." "
" "— WallerDo. 4 do." "
" "Valentine Pretorius DantiskerDo. 50 books of calico" "


Names of Persons admitted and sworn Free Brethren of the East India Company.

Date.Free Brethren.To whom bound.By Fine or otherwise.Reference.
1622.Court Min. Book V.
Feb. 13Elias SmithJohn Dike10s. to poor box331
May 15William BayartBy patrimony417 & 422

Transfers of Adventures in the East India Company.

Date.From.To.Amount.Name of Stock.Reference.
1622.£Court Min. Book V.
Jan. 11William BesartSampson Newport400Second joint stock303
" 23Robert PinchenIsaac Van Paine500Do.306
" 25Katherine Cotton (decd.)John Cotton300First joint stock311
" 28Augustine LucotellaMorris Abbott200Second joint stock314
" 30? Robert BellRobert Cambell200Do.315
" "Do.Cicely Dunscombe200Do."
Feb. 1Mrs. Green well— Godsuch200Old joint stock319
" "Do.Charles Bostock300Do."
" "Do.Adam Boddins400Do."
" "Sir William RussellRobert Leman800Second joint stock321
" 22George ScottGeorge Scott and Thomas Brace.3,200Do.341
" "Giles MartinJohn Cordall300Old joint stock"
" "Richard Hearne, Alderman.Richard Champin400First joint stock"
" "Richard WaggstaffeIsaac Pennington100Old joint stock"
" 27William BayertGeoffry Kirby900Second joint stock347
Mar. 8Gabriel BarborMorris Abbott and Mary Harrison.419Do.362
" 13Isaac PenningtonIsaac Van Paine500Do.367
" "Mrs. Greenwell, widowDerick HoestRemainder of 400First joint stock"
" 15Do.Thomas Hampson100Do.371
" "Do.Richard BeresfordRemainder of 400Do."
" 27George ScottWilliam Rolph150Second joint stock381
" "Daniel PenningtonIsaac Pennington1,000Do."
" 29George Scott and Thomas Brace.John Woodward400Do.385
April 10Barbara CromptonWilliam Palmer400Do.391
" 26John DenlyKatherine Leaver800Do.403
May 6Sir John WolstenholmeAlderman Halliday2,250 divs.Do.413
" "John DenlyMrs. Leaver800Do.415
" 15Robert LemanRichard Beresford800Do.422
£ s. d.
" "Geoffrey PrescottThomas Burton83 6 8First joint stock"
" "Do.Nicholas Earle83 6 8Do."
" "Do.Ellis Crispe for83 6 8Do.
" "Do.Carew Sanders666 13 4Second joint stock
" 17Sir Thomas Smythe, for Richard Westby, dedeased.Sir Thomas Smythe400First joint stock427
400Second joint stock"
" 24William Bayart, senr.William Bayart, jun.800Do.434
June 5John CoghillHenry Coghill6,500Do.440
" 7John SarisWilliam Stone, Trea surer.300First joint stock445