Edward VI
March 1551, 16-31


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William B. Turnbull (editor)

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'Edward VI: March 1551, 16-31', Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Edward VI: 1547-1553 (1861), pp. 81. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=70325 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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March 1551, 16-31

March 24.
310. Sir John Masone to Cecil. Supplies the lack of public materials by writing on his own affairs. "I hang here now altogether in the expectation of Mr. Pickering's return; and never looked the Jew so much for his Messias as I do for him, trusting nevertheless shortly to have better accompt of his coming than the Jew is like to have of Messias." The Commission will be brought to a better issue if they choose apt men for it. For the learned men would wish Dr. Bellasis to be one, who is grave, learned, languaged, and born not far from those parts where this assembly is likely to be. Thanks him for the matter of All Souls' College, and is sorry to understand that the world is come to that corruption that men of honest reputation can be content to be suborned in so lewd a matter. "Surely if colleges shall not be suffered to make the best of their lands, we must look shortly for the ruin of them, specially such as be not founded with any great dotation, of which number is this poor college, one which having not much above 400l. lands a year, is charged daily with above 80 persons." Has never sought preferment for his son, and would rather he should starve than by any unlawful means rob the livings of the poor. Again refers to the case of the French merchant at Dover. [Two pages.]
March 26.
311. Same to the Council. Requesting a passport for the Master of Erskine's father and son, with their retinue, and for Mr. Thomas Barclay, Scotsman, with six servants, all returning to Scotland through England. [One page.]
March 30.
312. William Duke of Cleves, to King Edward VI. Letters of credence in favour of Herman Cruser, Doctor of Laws, who visits England on business of the Duke's sister. [One page.]