America and West Indies
December 1692


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'America and West Indies: December 1692', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 13: 1689-1692 (1901), pp. 743-753. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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December 1692

Dec. 1.
2,658. Order of the King in Council. Confirming Christopher Robinson in the post of Secretary of Virginia. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. pp. 206–207.]
Dec. 1.
2,659. Order of the King in Council. Confirming the Act of Barbados enabling William Sharpe to sell his lands. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VIII., p. 314.]
Dec. 1.2,660. Order of the King in Council. Confirming the Act of Barbados granting £2,000 to Governor Kendall. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. VIII., p. 318.]
Dec. 1.2,661. Order of the King in Council. Confirming the appointment of Samuel Gardner as Lieutenant-Governor of Nevis. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. p. 110.]
Dec. 1.2,662. The Secretary to the Treasury to John Povey. I enclose the Commissioners of Customs' report on Governor Copley's proposals (see No. 2,654), and Mr. Knight's report on the petition of the Assembly of Maryland as to the shilling a hogshead duty on twenty-five ships that left Maryland in 1690. Signed. Hen. Guy. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. No. 95; and 8. p. 81.]
Dec. 1.2,663. William Blathwayt to the Attorney-General. Forwarding the petition of Sir Matthew Dudley and the draft charter therewith enclosed (see No. 2,467 xv.) for his report. ½ p. [Board of Trade. New England, 6. No. 9; and 35. pp. 8,9.]
Dec. 1.2,664. Minutes of Council of New York. No quorum in the morning, Frederick Flypse, in spite of repeated summons, declaring himself unable to attend. Warrant for payment for fuel for the garrison. Sheriffs for the various counties named. A petition from Gerrijt Janse Roose setting forth that Governor Sloughter had taken some of his ground for the Governor's garden, referred to a Committee. Order for Joseph Sackett and Peter Strijckler to attend next Council, it being reported that they took public money raised in Leisler's time. [Col. Entry Bk. Vol. LXXV., pp. 358–359.]
Dec. 1.2,665. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Thomas Nichols appointed Attorney General.
Dec. 2.Order for Captain Maynard of H.M.S. Mordaunt to press a sloop, cruise to windward as far as Port Morant and take into the royal service all persons who design to leave the Island.
Dec. 3.Order for prosecution of Colonels Leonard Claiborne and Christopher Senior, and Captain Michael Holdsworth, at next General Court. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 227, 228.]
Dec. 3.2,666. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for grant of Letters of Marque to John Warren. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., p. 359.
Dec. 5.
2,667. William Penn to Governor Fletcher. Hearing that a Commission goes to thee with this ship to command my province, at least during the war and my absence, I thought fit to caution thee that I am an Englishman, and that country and the government of it inseparably my property, dearly purchased in every way and much indebted to me and to my children yet. There has been no Quo Warranto nor judicial proceedings in that affair, so I must impute it to misinformation given to the Lords of Trade and an excess of care in them over the English territories. I therefore hope thou wilt tread softly and with caution in this affair. Thou hast formerly discoursed largely in favour of free and property principles. I expect a proof of it in my own case, and that my deputies shall find no interruption, my patent making the same provision for them as if I were on the spot. The discouragement of those who went thither in the faith of the Crown, and the decay of their trade (the return of their ten years toiling in the wilderness), are my prevailing motives in writing to you. Signed. Wm. Penn. Copy. 1½ pp. [America and West Indies. 599. No. 6.]
[Dec.]2,668. Extract from a letter of William Penn to a person in Philadelphia. The bearer will inform you of the transfer of Pennsylvania to the Governor of New York, during the war and my absence. Insist upon your patent with wisdom and moderation but steady integrity. You will obey the Crown of England speaking in the language and voice of the law, which this is not, but sic volo sic jubeo, due doubtless to misadvice of your neighbours that the French will make their way into the Colonies through you. Set forth the falsehood of it by your singular situation by land and sea, your hazards, charges, labours—that the Government was your motive more than land, and that you were a people who could have lived at home, and went there not upon motives of guilt or poverty, and that it will ruin the Colony, which brings more customs to the Crown than revenue to the Colonial Government. Send this over to Thomas Barber and others concerned. Friends will deliver your representations to the Lords of Trade or the King in Council if you protest against any proceeding of the Governor of New York upon this arbitrary commission, which, as I said before, is the result of misinformation and excessive anxiety as to the French. Here follows the following information: By another letter to his friends in Pennsylvania Mr. Penn writes to find out a hundred persons there who will lend him £100 apiece for three years without use, or on security of his own bond only. He promises to embark with his family within six months of receipt of it. Some meetings have been held about it, and it is reported that how much soever they appear his friends, they stagger when he comes near their purses and want better security. Signed. Ben. Fletcher. Copy. 2½ pp. [America and West Indies. 599. No. 7.]
Dec. 5.2,669. Lords of the Treasury to Commissary Thomas Fotherby. Forwarding an account of the allowance for 100 soldiers at sea at short allowance for fifty-six days, with valuation thereof, and directions to deduct fourpence a day for each man's subsistence if beer is supplied, and threepence if beer be not supplied. Copy. 2 pp. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 37; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. C., pp. 275, 276.]
Dec. 5.2,670. Establishment for the Commissary and the Apothecary General in the West Indies. Commissary General £500 a year and £120 for clerks; Apothecary General £200 a year; one Apothecary £60 a year. 1 p. Copy. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 38; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. C., p. 277.]
Dec. 6.2,671. Letter of credit to Barbados for £4,500 in favour of Commissary Thomas Fotherby. Signed. Stephen Evans. Copy. ½ p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 39; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. C., p. 278.]
Dec. 6.2,672. [John Povey] to Sir Stephen Evans. Credit for £4,500 only is required in Barbados instead of £12,000. Draft. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 40; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. C., p. 284.]
Dec. 6.2,673. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Orders for certain payments. The Governor rebuked members for their frequent absence from Council, and threatened to suspend those negligent in that respect in future. [Col. Entry Book, Vol. XII., pp. 391, 392.]
Dec. 6.2,674. Extract from Minutes of Council of Barbados. The petitions of John Hallett, John Sutton and John Pilgrim against the judgment of the Court of Exchequer were considered, and the judgment confirmed. Copy. 1½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 25 Mar., '93. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. No. 106.]
Dec. 6.2,675. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. On a report from the gentleman sent to arrest Henry Head and Daniel Wilcox of their continued resistance, it was ordered that a military commission be granted to him to subdue them by force; Captain Anthony Cullimore was detached with fourscore men to march to his assistance.
Dec. 7.William Stoughton appointed Chief Judge, and Thomas Danforth, John Richards, Samuel Sewall and Wait Winthrop justices of the Superior Court of Judicature. Justices for the Inferior Courts in the several counties were also appointed, and also for Martha's Vineyard.
Dec. 8.Proclamation for indemnity to all concerned in the troubles begun by Christopher Almy, Wilcox and Head, on condition of their submission, and to require the three above-named together with William Briggs to surrender at once.
Dec. 9.Committee appointed to receive and examine the claims of the officers and soldiers who have not been paid their wages for active service performed in Sir Edmund Andros's time. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 203–208.]
Dec. 6.2,676. Minutes of General Assembly of Massachusetts. The Governor reported the disturbances created by Christopher Almy and others, and the measures that he had taken.
Dec. 7.Justices for the Superior and Inferior Courts nominated. Bill for payment of five shillings a day to members of Assembly during Session passed.
Dec. 8.Proclamation for indemnity to rioters in Christopher Almy's business despatched. Conference on an Additional Bill for poll and estate tax.
Dec. 9.Bill to regulate assessment and for a further supply were debated.
Dec. 10.The same bill was again debated. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 364–367.]
Dec. 8.2,677. Commission to Thomas Fotherby to be Deputy-Paymaster-General of the forces in the West Indies. Signed. Ranelagh. Copy. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 2. No. 41; and Col. Entry Bk., Vol. C., p. 272.]
Dec. 8.2,678. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for a patent for land in Staten Island to be granted to Anthony Tyre, on quit rent of a bushel of wheat or four shillings yearly. Order for Gerrijt Roos's land to be restored to him. Order for payment to Arent Schuyler for bringing Shawanee Indians from Philadelphia. Order for payment to Caspar Teller for transport of men and stores to Albany. [Col. Entry Book, Vol. LXXV., pp. 359, 360.]
Dec. 8.2,679. Minutes of Council of Barbados. The Assembly brought up a bill to prevent the inhabitants from employing their negroes in buying and selling, which was passed. An address touching rebellious negroes was reserved for future consideration. Orders for certain payments. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., p. 393.]
Dec. 9.2,680. Form of Commission for the Justices of the inferior Court of Massachusetts. 1 p. Endorsed. Recd. 24 May, 1693, from Mr. Addington. [Board of Trade. New England, 6. No. 11.]
[Dec. 10.]2,681. Petition of John Hallett to be allowed to appeal to the King in Council against the Judgment given against him in the Barbados Court of Exchequer. Minute of Governor Kendall, 10 December, 1692, granting the required permission. Certified copy. 1½ pp. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. No. 107.]
[Dec. 10.]2,682. Similar petition of John Sutton and John Pilgrim, his sureties; with the like minute by the Governor. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. Nos. 108, 109.]
[Dec. 10.]2,683. State of the case of Colonel John Hallett in the Court of Exchequer and Court of Error. Recapitulation of the story told in No. 2,385 up to the incident of the forfeiture of his recognizances. Colonel Hallett was summoned to the Court of Exchequer by Scire Facias, and after much delay and evasion the case was tried on the 24th of August. The jury brought in a special verdict and judgment was given against Colonel Hallett. He then petitioned to be heard before the Governor and Council on the ground of error, but the judgment of the Court of Exchequer was confirmed. He then appealed to the King in Council. Signed. Rd. Hooper, Tho. Foulerton. 5 pp. Endorsed. Recd. 25 March, '93. Read 2 December, '95. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. No. 110.]
[Dec. 10.]2,684. Abstract of the foregoing. 3 pp. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 4. No. 111.]
Dec. 12.2,685. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Order for provision of slaves and victuals for the windward party against the rebellious negroes. Orders for arrest of Michael Holdsworth, and for warning all Colonels to take care against insurrection of slaves in their precincts. Orders for survey of military stores at Port Royal; for escheat of certain land; for the entertainment of the Governor for a week after his arrival; for victualling H.M.S. Mordaunt; for all escheatable lands to be valued by a jury before they are granted away; and for payments on account of French prisoners. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 228, 229.]
Dec. 12.2,686. Minutes of General Assembly of Massachusetts. Bill to prevent danger from French residents read. Bill against witchcraft, etc., read.
Dec. 13.Bill to secure liberty of the subject read. Justices appointed for an Inferior Court in Middlesex.
Dec. 14.Bills against witchcraft, and to secure the liberty of the subject passed.
Dec. 15.Bill to regulate assessment and for additional supply passed.
Dec. 16.Justices for Inferior Court of Essex sworn. A bill to enable the judges of the Superior Court to hold a Court of Assize in the county pro hac vice was passed.
Adjourned till February. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 367–370.]
Dec. 13.2,687. Commission of the Proprietors of the Bahamas to John Graves to be Secretary of the Bahamas. Signed. Craven, Ashley, P. Colleton. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXII., p. 202.]
Dec. 13.2,688. Instructions to John Graves, as Secretary to the Bahamas. Signed as the preceding. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XXII., p. 203.]
Dec. 13.2,689. Memorial from the Bishop of London. That a letter be written to Governor Codrington to press the Assembly to make their ministers' stipends more easy by paying both the stated and additional allowance in money; also that when land be to hand part of it be assigned as glebe. Signed. H. London. 1 p. Endorsed. 13 Dec., 1692. [America and West Indies. 551. No. 73; and Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. pp. 110–111.]
Dec. 13.2,690. Minutes of Council of Barbados. The Assembly brought up bills for an impost on imported wines, and for giving the Governor £300 to supply himself with necessaries for the coming expedition against the French in the Leeward Islands, which were passed. A bill to fix rates of freight was reserved for consideration, and a joint committee appointed to amend it.
Dec. 14.Bills to fix rates of freight and to defray the charge of accommodating the Court Martial on negroes brought up and passed. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XII., pp. 394–396.]
Dec. 15.
2,691. Order of the King in Council. Referring the Patent conferring Pamunkey Neck on Lord Culpeper to the Attorney General for his report thereon. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. pp. 218, 219.]
Dec. 15.
2,692. Order of the King in Council. That the Lords of Trade and Plantations report on the whole question of appointments of officers to the Naval Offices in the Colonies. Signed. Rich. Colinge. ½ p. Endorsed. Recd. 7 Jan., 1692–3. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 6. No. 120; and 53, pp. 132–133.]
Dec. 15.2,693. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for sundry payments on account of military services and for payment of John Clapp's salary and accounts as Clerk of Assembly. On a petition of the inhabitants of Boswyck, Brenklin and Flatbush of encroachment by the inhabitants of Newtown, ordered that the inhabitants of Newtown attend next Council. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., p. 360.]
Dec. 15.2,694. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Order for certain negroes just imported be put in the town-gaol, and the master of the ship commanded to attend Council on the 19th. Orders as to payment for the sloop Neptune and for victualling H.M.S. Guernsey. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 229, 230.]
Dec. 16.2,695. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Order for payment of £50 salary to the judges of the Superior Court. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 208.]
Dec. 19.2,696. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Order for the negroes lately imported to be sent away. Order for the purchase of powder for Port Royal; for an attachment against Lord Inchiquin's executor for £800; for the sale of H.M.S. Swan, and for certain payments. The Queen's letter of 7 September read (see No. 2,457). Order for a reply to be written. Order for H.M.S. Mordaunt to cruise towards Porto Bello. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 230–232.]
Dec. 19.2,697. Order of Lords of Trade and Plantations for summoning Edward Richier and Nicholas Trott to attend the meeting of the Committee on the morrow. Draft. 1 p. Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. No. 3.]
Dec. 19.2,698. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Petition of Nicholas Trott read (see No. 2,636). Edward Richier being called said that he had no authority to defend his brother.
The Bishop of London's memorial as to the Leeward Islands read (see No. 2,689). The Lords agreed on their report.
Dec. 20.Nicholas Trott, senior and junior, attended and swore that they had often heard Governor Richier speak disrespectfully of their Majesties, and Colonel Jenkins, his nominee also. The Lords agreed as to their report. [Board of Trade. Journal, 7. pp. 154–157.]
[Dec. 20.]2,699. Copy of a declaration issued by Governor Richier in Bermuda. Warning the people against calumnies and disloyal utterances against the Governor, and defending himself against certain of such utterances. 3 pp. Dated 10 Aug., 1691. Endorsed. Read, 20 Dec., 1692. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. No. 4.]
Dec. 20.2,700. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Evidence of Nicholas Trott, sen. and Nicholas Trott, junior, that they had often heard Governor Isaac Richier speak disloyally of the present Government and the Church of England. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 28. pp. 35, 36.]
Dec. 20.2,701. Report of Lords of Trade and Plantations to the King. As to the several charges against Governor Richier we can come to no general conclusion till the Governor has been heard in his defence; but looking to the testimony as to his disaffection we think that speedy directions should be given for the security of Bermuda. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 28. pp. 37, 38.]
Dec. 20.
2,702. Proclamation of a day of fasting and humiliation on the 29th December. Printed sheet. [Board of Trade. New England, 6. No. 12.]
Dec. 20.2,703. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Committee appointed to inspect the accounts of Sir E. Andros and John Usher. Jonathan Ellatson appointed Clerk of the Superior Court. Order for a fast day on the 29th inst. or on the Thursday following if the notice be not received in time. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., p. 209.]
Dec. 20.2,704. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. That the Lord President move the King to give orders to Governor Codrington as requested by the Bishop of London (see No. 2,689). [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. p. 111.]
Dec. 21.2,705. Minutes of Lords of Trade and Plantations. That the report of the Committee on the charges of Nicholas Trott and others against Governor Richier be laid before the King in Council. Draft. ½ p. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. No. 5.]
Dec. 21.
2,706. Governor and Council of Maryland to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Since our last we have had repeated occasions to complain of Sir Thomas Laurence's proceedings in advancing his own interest, continually associating with papists and malcontents, and endeavouring to foment animosity against the Government. One thing in particular has disturbed him and may not have been fairly represented to you. This is that he is abridged of a certain fine or fee assessed upon the ordinary-keepers of the province for their licenses annually. Lord Baltimore bestowed this on the secretaries, his own creatures and relatives, in lieu of some greater fee, so that they could not claim any right thereto, but merely his Lordship's bounty. He also conceives himself injured in being debarred for another fee of £2 now settled by Act of Assembly on the Governor for every ship entering and clearing, in lieu of a fee formerly called the Secretary's fee, and claimed by His Lordship under an obsolete law. This fee is now devoted to the support of Naval officers, and we leave it to you to judge whether Sir Thomas's discontent is due to private interest or zeal for the public. Though his instructions positively forbid him to sell his offices he has exacted a gratuity from every one of the County Court Clerks for their commissions, and has lately sold his own office for a considerable sum to a Provincial Clerk, who, unless he be a person of extraordinary good principles, will be reduced to extortion and corruption to make good the salary. He has corrupted one of the Council, Colonel Henry Jowles, to desert the honour of his place and accept a County Court Clerkship under him. Thinking that some private design was in hand to be accomplished by them and their disaffected party, we dismissed Colonel Jowles from all his offices, civil and military.
We must also represent to you the rude and insolent behaviour of Mr. Randolph towards the people, commanding their persons and arbitrarily impressing their servants, boats and horses, under colour of his office of Surveyor. He consorts with none but papists, and is himself a malcontent, as the enclosed deposition will show. But for his departure he should have been secured until the King's pleasure should be known. On his return, he privately passed through the province visiting none but men of his own stamp, and drinking "to the man that should have his mare again," a phrase used here to signify King James. He is in fact a turbulent person, of avaricious inclinations, and without respect for the King's service and his own place, sometimes seizing and prosecuting ships for private revenge, and compounding with others though never so guilty. We hope to strengthen our case against him by further depositions in our next. Signed. L. Copley, Nea. Blakiston, Nich. Greenberry, Thomas Tench, John Courts, Thomas Brooke. Copy. 2½ pp. Endorsed. Abstracted 15 Sept., 1693. Enclosed,
2,706 I. Deposition of Gilbert Clark. As to Edward Randolph's drinking, in company with several papists, to the "man who should have his mare again." Sworn, 16 December, 1692. Scrap. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. Nos. 96, 96 I.; and (without enclosure) 8. pp. 109–113.]
Dec. 21.2,707. Form of Commission from the Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Massachusetts. 1½ pp. Endorsed. Recd. 24 May, 1693, from Mr. Addington. [Board of Trade. New England, 6. No. 13.]
Dec. 21.2,708. Minutes of Council of Antigua. Order for the disposal of some decaying provisions. Charles Goss appointed Marshal. John Palmer took the oaths. Adjourned owing to the absence of several of the Assembly. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. pp. 10–11.]
Dec. 22.2,709. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. The judges and officers of the Superior Court received their commissions and were sworn. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 209, 210.]
Dec. 22.2,710. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for a Committee to examine and report on the accounts of Governor Sloughter and Major Ingoldsby, and also to view the fort and take account of the cost of necessary repairs. Peter Strycker ordered to pay over £16, collected in Leisler's time; Joseph Sackett producing accounts for money collected by him at the same time was discharged. A petition for delivery of houses and ground belonging to the late Jacob Leisler was dismissed, as the King had restored his confiscated property to his son. On the dispute between Boswyck, Brenklin, Flatbush and Newtown townships, it was resolved that the said townships be surveyed anew and the bounds laid out according to the oldest patents. The complainants agreed, except those of Newtown, who begged for time. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 362, 363.]
[Dec.]2,711. Report of the Attorney-General on the heads of the Charter submitted by Sir Matthew Dudley, and others, for working mines in New England. Signed. J. Somers. 4½ pp. [Board of Trade. New England, 6. No. 14; and 35. pp. 9–16.]
[Dec.]2,712. Another copy of the same arranged in parallel columns with the heads of the Charter. [Board of Trade. New England, 6. No. 15.]
Dec. 22.
2,713. Order of the King in Council. On report of the Attorney-General, ordered that a warrant be prepared for passing a Charter for the Company for working mines in New England. [Board of Trade. New England, 35. pp. 12–20.]
Dec. 22.2,714. Order of the King in Council. That orders be sent to Governor Codrington to the effect desired by the Bishop of London, (see No. 2,689). [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. p. 112.]
Dec. 23.2,715. The President and Council of Jamaica to the Earl of Nottingham. We have seriously considered the Queen's letter of 7th September (No. 2,457) and are mightily concerned that we cannot answer her commands. Earthquake and sickness have thinned us much, and we are constantly harassed in remote parts by the French, who have received great accession of strength, and are only twenty-four hours distant. Moreover it often takes as long for a ship to beat to windward to Barbados as to sail to England. We will do our best to annoy our enemies, and beg you for further relief and encouragement. Signed. John Bourden, Peter Beckford, Samuel Bernard, Francis Blackmore, Tho. Sutton.[Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 233–235.]
Dec. 24.2,716. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Colonel Peter Beckford re-sworn justice of the peace. Edward Darling appointed Clerk of the Market of Carlisle. Orders for payments; for George Booth, senior, to have leave to depart the Island; and for H.M.S. Guernsey to cruise about Cape Tiburon. Letter to the Earl of Nottingham (see preceding abstract). [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 233–235.]
Dec. 26.2,717. Petition of Elizabeth Salenave to the King. For the restoration of her goods and negroes taken from her at the capture of St. Christophers. Copy. 1 p. [America and West Indies. 551. No. 74.]
Dec. 26.2,718. Petition of Stephen Duport. I was a settler in St. Christophers but was captured at sea by the French, and wounded. I was compelled to turn Papist and was offered preferment in the French service, but refused and made my escape. Meanwhile all my estate and stock at St. Christophers were seized as plunder to the Army. I beg that they may be restored. In the margin. Order of the King referring the petition to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Whitehall, 26th December, 1692. Signed. Nottingham. In the other margin. Recd. 7 Jan., 1692–3. [America and West Indies .551. No. 75; and (order only) Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 44. p, 113.]
Dec. 26.
2,719. Custom house officers, Liverpool, to Commissioners of Customs. We hear many complaints from merchants and mastermariners trading to the Plantations that the King's revenue is much lessened and themselves much discouraged by corrupt connivance of the Colonial revenue officers with vessels trading from Scotland direct. The enclosed affidavit of Thomas Smith shows the evil, and we hope that having given this information he may not be prosecuted. Signed. Edw. Scarborough, collector, and by two other officers. Annexed,
Affidavit of Thomas Smith, mariner. As to the fact that he navigated a sloop belonging to Governor Isaac Richier from Bermuda to Maryland, thence to Ireland, by Richier's order and thence to Scotland. Deponent knowing the proceedings to be illegal left the ship. The supercargo, John Devereux, who had a share in the sloop, swore falsely as to his destination when boarded in Ireland and sailed from Greenock apparently with a cargo for France. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 28. pp. 41–45.]
Dec. 27.
2,720. Sir William Beeston to Lords of Trade and Plantations. The last ship gives a lamentable account of the state of Jamaica, owing to the want of authority and of suitable recruits to enable them to repair and defend the place. Mr. White and Mr. Towers are dead, and I hear that Mr. George Martin has been recommended to be a Councillor. I have no prejudice against him, but there are many preferable men in the Island, and he is but lately clear of the guilt of clearing one of his neighbours (sic) so I beg you to await my recommendations. 1 p. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 6. No. 121; and 53. p. 131.]
Dec. 28.2,721. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. The accounts of the Committee for Debentures approved, and their commission, amounting to £59, ordered to be paid. The account of Humphrey Bradstreet, surgeon, for medicines supplied to the soldiers on the Eastern frontier, was reduced to 12l. 8s. 5d., which sum was ordered to be paid. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXIV., pp. 210, 211.]
Dec. 29.2,722. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for issue of new Commissions of the peace throughout the province, the Secretary's fee for the same not to exceed six shillings; all officers civil and military not taking out New Commissions within three months to be suspended. Order for issue of patents for land to Melle Caspars and Jacob Locker. Warrants for payment of a quarter's salary to David Jamison, Clerk of Council, and Daniel Honan, Accountant General. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp. 363, 364.]
2,723. Index of papers, Leeward Islands, 1688–1692, 11 pp. [America and West Indies. 551. No. 77.]
[Dec.?]2,724. Petition of the Agents of Maryland to Lords of Trade and Plantations. For despatch of the business of Maryland, as the fleet is about to sail. 1 p. Undated. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. No. 97.]