September 1689


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'Addenda: September 1689', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 13: 1689-1692 (1901), pp. 758-759. URL: Date accessed: 24 October 2014.


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September 1689

Sept. 5.
New York.
2,756. Lord Howard of Effingham to Lord Sunderland. Being at New York and having been acquainted by Colonel Dongan with the transactions between him and the Governor of Canada, I must represent to you how fatal their pretensions will be if not suppressed. If they gain their point the beaver-trade, which is the great support of this place, will be cut off; and then the Indians, being under their care, will never cease their invasions; which were severely felt until by Colonel Dongan's great care they were brought under submission to us. I made a peace with them at the same time, with the result that the people were able to return to the deserted settlements at the heads of the rivers, and since my stay here I have by the Governor's influence obtained the release of nine or ten prisoners. I am greatly recovered in health. Signed. Effingham. 1 p. [America and West Indies. 578. No. 56A.]
Sept. 29.2,757. Account of indigo imported from Michaelmas, 1688, to Michaelmas, 1689. Jamaica 132,704lbs., Montserrat 19,216lbs., Nevis 5,954lbs., Antigua 206lbs., St. Christophers 785lbs., Barbados 212lbs., New England 422lbs. Total from American Colonies 159,499lbs. Total imports into England 206,233lbs. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 6. No. 40A.]