Miscellaneous, 1674


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Cecil Headlam (editor)

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'Addenda: Miscellaneous, 1674', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 17: 1699 and Addenda 1621-1698 (1908), pp. 595-596. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Miscellaneous 1674

1,117. Petition of the Bermuda Company to the King. King James I, by his letters patent granted the Bermudas to us, whereupon the islands were planted and made defensible at great expense, and we are still at great charge for their preservation which we can only defray by a duty of one penny per lb. on all tobacco grown in the Colony. This has been imposed and from time to time paid; and it is also laid down in our laws that no member of the Company ought to send goods to the Colony or receive them from it except in our yearly magazine-ships. Yet one Perient Trott, for his own gain and to evade our laws and the payment of duties, has sent several ships there on his own account, obtaining (by some misinformation) permission from you to do so, so long as he remains a member of the Company. We beg that his licence may be recalled and that he may be again subjected to the laws of the Company. 1 p. See previous volume of this Calendar, 1675–1676. No. 444. [Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV., No. 14.]