August 1687


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'Addenda: August 1687', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 17: 1699 and Addenda 1621-1698 (1908), pp. 604. URL: Date accessed: 21 October 2014.


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August 1687

Aug. 16.
New York.
1,154. Copy of a letter from Thomas Hawarden at New York. Your friend, Major Patrick Macgregory, was sent in April with a party of sixty Dutch and English, with Indians for their guides, to explore the north and west. They left Albany well-fitted, and after proceeding for a considerable way were met by three hundred French and a number of Indians, who asked on what pretence they had advanced so far in the King of France's dominions, and forced them to return to give an account to the Governor of Canada. The Indians, more alarmed than they need have been, escaped, and meeting some French beaver-hunting tried to take them to Albany, but, being opposed, killed three hundred of them with a loss of only seventy to themselves. The Governor on this news went to Albany and called the inhabitants to arms, but the Dutch refused to come out. 1¼ pp. [Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV., No. 47.]
Aug. 22.1,155. Extract of a letter from Governor Dongan at New York. Mr. Grham and Mr. Van Cortlandt will give you an account of the revenue, and how it has been diminished by the French hindering our Indians from hunting. ¼ p. In John Povey's hand. [Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV., No. 48.]