East Indies
December 1626


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'East Indies: December 1626', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Persia, Volume 6: 1625-1629 (1884), pp. 275-299. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=71264 Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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December 1626

Dec. 1–2.379. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Ordered that Capt Clevenger be paid 250l. upon account, the remainder to rest until after Christmas; also that the men of the Jonas receive their wages, but the officers be respited. Letter read from Sir Edw. Barkham recommending Robert Ratclife, a cloakmaker, for employment. Ordered that Andrew Anderson, who in weighing an anchor of the Jonas broke his leg, receive 40s., and the chirurgeon to be paid for the cure. Gratuity of 20 nobles to Thomas Corne for riding divers journeys to Plymouth, Portsmouth, and the Downs. Complaint of the platers aboard the Star that the purser, Wm. Matthews, is seldom aboard and "comes sometimes disordered," to be examined. Resolved to proceed against Francis Groves for acting very dishonestly about the money he received for his pepper. Report of Mr. Governor that the account for the expedition against the pirates of Algiers amounted to 67,800l., with an intimation of so much more as would make it 70,000l. ; that the Company's part would amount to 800l. unpaid; and further that there was yet due to Mr. Garway 1,100l. for freight; that the Trinity House had at last consented to make payment of their first assessment, and Alderman Cambell had consented to act as Treasurer. Mr. Governor was desired to call together the other Commissioners and settle it; one fifth of the charge of the expedition being due from the Company, they were content to make good the 800l. remaining, provided the Turkey Company cleared their debt in the Chamber of London. Petition of Anne Moone on behalf of her mother, Grace Honey, concerning the estate of Anthony Honey, deceased in the Indies. Ordered that Tho. Langton, carpenter in the Reformation, who had taken up in the Indies 21l. above his wages, have a sight of the accounts for his better satisfaction. Payment ordered to William Anton, executor to his brother, John Anton, of 50l., the remainder of his estate. Request of Abraham Chamberlain for allowance for a parcel of semianoes bought at a Court of Sales, refused. Ordered that Barlow provide 10,000l. in ryals of 8, or to make up the amount with the Emperor's dollars, Gratuity of 5l. to Anthony Noke, mariner, who was dangerously wounded in a cruel fight in the Star, and lost the use of one of his legs, and recommended to the care of Woodall, the Company's surgeon. Petition of John Elliott for his wages, having been entertained four years since by the President, Butler, the master, and Brewen, merchant, of the Roebuck, in the place of Edmund Okeley, who escaped and was afterwards placed in the Charles, granted. Ordered that Chauncey have all the skins wherein the indigo was wrapped at 6. a piece and 12d. for the double skins. The order made in the time of Sir Tho. Smythe, late Governor, for a certain rate for all goods brought home for private trade to be searched out. Debate about provision of cordage; re-solved not to meddle with any from Muscovy for cables or ground tackling.
Dec. 2.—Note presented by Woodall, the Company's surgeon, desiring to know their pleasure concerning the persons lately hurt in the Jonas by that unhappy accident of powder, viz., Henry Drew, gunner, Andrew Anderson, labourer, and Richard Lansdall, weaver; he was directed to endeavour their speedy cure, and paid for charges already disbursed. Thomas Smith, surgeon's mate of the Charles, to be sent for home, being an orphan of the city and charged with legacies which will not otherwise be paid. Ordered that 28l. of the wages of William Rootes (or Rookes), deceased, apprentice of John Adams, deceased, be paid to Mary Cocks, widow, administratrix of Anne Adams, deceased. Increase of wages granted to John Hutchins, who went to the Indies with his father, who was master's mate in the Charles, for his services. Petition of Anthonio de Mendus, Salvador de Regus. Dominicus de Costa, Francisco de Muskitto, Francisco de Ferrera, Francisco de Gera, and their guide, John Nunes, all Portugals taken in a fight by the Company's ships at Mozambique four years since, for liberty to return to Lisbon, and recompense for their service in the Indies; the Court upon the good report of the President and to express a Christian charity towards them, notwithstanding the late barbarous cruelty of the Portugals upon the English, bestowed 10l. each on six of them and a testimonial under the Company's seal, and wished their guide to come again, when they would order payment of what appeared by a note from Capt. Swann to be due to him. Examination of [William] Eaton concerning his services in the Indies and what he knew of the carriage and condition of [Richard] Cocks, how he died, what number of servants were in the Company's house, what entertainment they had, and by what means so great an estate of the Company's was spent by Cocks, and such like, and making but cold and uncertain answers, was dismissed for the present, but desired that he would "recollect his memory" and make a short journal of his service and employment. Ordered that entry be made in the Black Book of the cables and anchors lent by factors to the Dutch, so that the factors be charged therewith. The Company's Secretary to attend Mr. Sec. Coke to procure a second letter from his Majesty to the King of Bantam in favour of the Company, seeing their resolution was to leave Jacatra and to settle again at Bantam. The last high tide having broken open the gates of the Company's dock at Deptford, Lord Warwick's man desired to know whether they would give order for its repair; to do Lord Warwick a courtesy the dock had been lent for building his ship, but had since been leased to Steevens, so conceived the charge must fall on his Lordship. Great quantities of private goods brought into the Custom House from the Company's ship; resolved to have Mr. Stone's opinion what course to take for recovery of the goods and punishing the buyers. The dispeeding away of the Speedwell again in question; expressly ordered that Allnutt be ready to fall down next Monday at furthest. 14½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. IX. 216–230.]
Dec. 2 to 1627, Dec. 18.380. Journal of Randal Jesson, master of the Expedition, from his arrival at Jacatra oat of England on 2 Dec. 1626 and his leaving Jacatra 21 July 1627 to his arrival at the Lizard 18 Dec. following. Accounts of his cargoes laden and delivered; also log of the ship, with tables showing latitude and longitude, the ship's course, direction and force of the wind, and leagues traversed on each day; also soundings, and the names of places where the Expedition took in water. 7 pp. [O.C., Vol. XI., No. 1243.]
Dec. 4.381. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Ordered that the Mary fall down the next spring (tide), Wednesday or Thursday next. Mr. Kirby entreated to go to Gravesend for dispeeding away the Speedwell. Report of Mr. Governor that Thos. Hanson desired power to make stay of goods brought home by private trade, for there was a great quantity dispersed which he could seize, and some at the Custom House; examination of Phips, who confessed to having bought some of the goods; ordered that Sir John Wolstenholme be desired to give charge to Mr. Carey that said goods be not delivered to Phips, for that the Company intend to send to the Lord Treasurer for a warrant to stay same to their own use. Committee to accompany Mr. Governor, who had been warned to attend the Lords (of the Council) concerning some propositions of Sir Robert Sherley. Excuses of Alnutt for not carrying the Speedwell down to Gravesend according to order and his promise held to be frivolous; he was ordered to go down and come no more up to London. Agreed to send 8,000 ryals of 8 in the Speedwell. Contract with Sir Tho. Middleton, the President of Bridewell, and the Art Masters of both Bridewells, for making canvas for pepper bags of English yarn at 10d. per yard; a sample of a dozen bags to be seen. Explanation of Mr. Styles in reference to an imputation laid upon the Committee and himself about their payments towards the expedition against the pirates; the Court held it to be an unjust imputation. Gratuities of 5l. each to Richard Sampore, Julian Rugge, Mary Hartley, Margaret Running, Anne Shaw, and Katherine Cliffe for charity against Christmas. 3½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. IX. 230–233.]
Dec 5.
382. Joseph Hopkinson to John Banggam at Agra or elsewhere. Wrote briefly from Surat of his return to Mocha. Sends letters, but thinks it not safe to adventure other things; has received goods from Edward Banggam, and will do his best in his behalf. The hats sent are felts, and not worth sending so far, being worm-eaten, and not fit for any man, unless some old baldpated Padre. Will be glad to hear he has received his things out of Goodwin's hands and has put them off at fair prices. On his return from Mocha the President and the rest at Surat were mightily incensed against Banggam and more against Offley, and have sent for Offley and Goodwin, and appointed Banggam and Tottell to remain in Agra; they now conceive a better opinion of Banggam. Goodwin a neglect was being so long in ending his accounts. Kharome has been near, but passed quietly. Six English and four Dutch ships are departed for Persia, four more Dutch were laden last year for Europe, and the English Christopher for Batavia. Came here the llth November Clement being ordered to Cambaya, whence he it to return after finishing investments for the southwards. ½ p. [O.C. Vol. XI. No. 1244].
Dec. 6–8.383. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Request of John Saris and Katherine Foster, brother and sister to Edmond Saris [Sayer], deceased, concerning their brother's estate and 13 diamonds pawned to Capt. Goodall; answered that no books or accounts of his were yet come to the Company's hands. 20s. per month to be paid to John Andrews, a Dutchman entertained at Jacatra by Capt Goodall to come home in the Anne. Mr. Acton, Attorney in Common Pleas, entertained to solicit the Company's suits in Chancery and other Courts at 40l. per annum and fees as attorney for any suit commenced in the Court of Common Pleas. Examination of James Martin, a linendraper in Cornwall, who acknowledged that at Chichester he had accidentally bought indigo, calicoes, and other goods to the amount of 900l., and that some were at his house, some in the Custom House, and some at Chichester; the Court liked well his free and fair dealing, and advised him to order what were not sold to be delivered to the Company, who promised to deal lovingly and warned him not to pay the money yet unpaid. Resolved to exhibit a bill in Chancery against the sellers and buyers of (private goods in) the Great James first and charge them with combination. Committee entreated to attend the Council table about Sir Robt. Sherley's propositions. Warrants ordered for payment to the Farmers of the Customs of the custom and subsidy for the King of Persia's silk, in weight 8,813 great pounds, viz., for subsidy, 367l. 4s. 2d., and for custom, 91l. 16s.d., and for increase of custom and subsidy for strangers' goods 137l. 14s.d. more, also for stavage of the silk, 18l. 7s. 2d. The 4,000 refuse pipe staves brought into Blackwall yard by Calcott Chambre to be removed to the waterside to be fetched away. Request of Dartnell, wharfinger at the Custom House quay, for further allowance for lighterage, &c.; the Court insisted on their former answer. Motion of Mahomet, sometime cook to the Persian merchant, and now turned Christian, for payment of 15l. for his three maunds of silk, allowed, charges being first deducted; also payment of 10l. given by said merchant's will to Martin, the interpreter. Complaint against William Mathewes, purser of the Star, for misbehaviour and negligence, referred. The Persian Ambassador to have 100l. over and above the 50l. due to Mr. Bell, to be charged to the account of commodities bought, &c. James Johnson, the diver, having certified that he had essayed to weigh the anchors and cables of the Jonas, but could not recover them until fairer weather, demanded 13l. remaining unpaid for weighing the Moon's ordnance; ordered that 10l. be paid to aim and the remainder when the anchors and cables were taken up.
Dec. 7.—Ordered that 150l. be paid to Robert Hackwell, master of the Hart, on account of his wages; and that payment be made to John Nunes, the Portugal, of 133l. due to him from Capt. Swann.
Dec 8—The "Black Book" formerly ordered to be kept was presented at this meeting; resolved that the Auditors, with Messrs. Ellam and Bowen, overlook the letters from the Indies for three years past and extract all complaints certified against any of their servants and not concluded with, and that the Remembrancer do the like for the Court books, which extracts were to be read in Court and then entered in the Black Book, that they might with ease examine the errors of their servants. Hurt's accounts to be audited. Resolved to buy forthwith 200 pigs of lead more to stiffen the Mary. Ordered that the Lion's mens wages be paid to their widows, deducting only two months' imprest paid at their going out and without administration, if the sum be small. Information of Bromfeild, a churchwarden of the parish of Stepney for the hamlet of Limehouse, that two administrations were granted of the estate of John Hodges, deceased, who had left two children, one to Capt. Walkers wife and a creditor of 8l. or 10l. for bread delivered before the death of Hodges' wife, and the other at the hamlet's request to himself as churchwarden and guardian to the children; discussion thereon, in conclusion the Court desired Capt. Walker and the churchwarden to be at the next Court, that the administrations might be reconciled. Also concerning the estate of John Elliott, deceased. Capt. Hall returned from sea, entertained Commander for this fleet at the same rate as Capt. Browne, viz., 20 marks per month and 100 nobles for his provision to sea, and admonished not to use any more private trade or wastefully to expend wine and powder in unnecessary drinking of healths, which he promised to observe and desired a letter might be written to the factors not to expect any such compliment from him. Discussion as to whether Capt. Christian ought to have the wages of his servant, Anto de Bengala, considering a will is extant, but nothing concluded. Five pounds bestowed on Mr. Dartnell to satisfy his importunity for more allowance for lighterage, because of the extraordinary haste required for the ships unlading. Request of Phipps for goods bought by his brother (but not aboard the Company's ships or of their servants) detained in the Custom House by the Lord Treasurer's warrant to be brought up to the Company's house. Request of Finder, who came home in the James, for an end of his business deferred till Capt. Weddell come about, but was allowed 10l. Request of Hackwell, some time master, and John Facye, some time purser of the Reformation, where Langton's brother died, concerning his estate, which they affirmed at the time of his death by the President's order was by Samuel Clay, purser of the house on shore, fetched from aboard, but were told if they would set down what they reported, the Company would write to the President, which was all that could be done. 11½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. IX. 234–245.]
Dec. 11–15.384. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Payment ordered "according to their usual custom against this blessed time" of 10l. to be distributed amongst the poor of the three, hamlets in the parish of Stepney by Mr. Fotherby at Blackwall according to the directions of the churchwardens and overseers of the parish. Gratuity of 40s. from the poor box to Wm. Smith of the Jonas who in loosing a topmast so greviously bruised three fingers of his right hand as to be utterly deprived of the use thereof, as certified by Mr. Quince his surgeon. Request of Capt. Christian concerning the wages of his servant Anto de Bengala. Ordered that the estate of John Elliot, deceased, amounting to about 100l. be paid to the churchwardens of Limehouse, who are guardians to his two children, for their benefit. Request of Lady Lee, now wife of Sir John Davie, to transport her adventure in the name of her husband, but Sir John Davie not being a freeman of the Company she was answered that it was directly against the Company's orders, nevertheless if she please to pass it to any free brother for the use of her husband they would willingly give way. Ordered that Giles Waterman receive payment of a debt out of the estate of Edward Holt. Capt. Malim specially recommended by Capt. Hall to go master in the Hart; resolution deferred. Request of Capt. Hall that the workman on the Mary be allowed bread and beer on board, utterly rejected which motion for seven years past had been denied; also that Mr. Wolley lately returned from the Indies, be entertained preacher in the Mary, to be considered. Concerning the prosecutions in Chancery against private traders, Mr. Acton, the Company's new solicitor, having brought the business to a good head, ordered that besides Mr. Clarke, Mr. Attorney be entertained as counsel in the cause of Lady Dale with a fee of 3l., and when the business is more ripe to procure Mr. Davies who was formerly counsel for the Company in that cause. Offer of Lawrence Reade to go master in the Hopewell, to attend on Wednesday next.
Dec. 13.—From their experience of Capt. Bickley's service and the good report of his sufficiency and civil carriage, the Court was desirous to give him entertainment, and Mr. Kerby was entreated to confer with him, who returned this answer, that although God had so blessed his labours that he had sufficient to maintain himself without making any more voyages yet if the Company thought his service might be useful to them he was willing to end his days in their service, by whom he had been thus advanced. The Court highly commended Capt. Bickley for this expression of his love and grateful acknowledgment and entertained him Vice-Admiral at his former allowance of 20 marks per month, and entreated him to go to Blackwall and see if anything be defective in his ship, and to have same amended according to his judgment, and to call on Steevens from time to time to hasten her dispatch. Report of Mr. Governor that upon a letter from Sir Robert Sherley to the. Lords of the Council, himself and some Committees were summoned to attend, but found their Lordships full of other business, but as Mr. Governor was informed the purport of the letter was that the Company might be enjoined either to transport and land him in a certain place in Persia, or give him leave with so many adventurers as might at their own charge set out, to man a small ship to trade for Persia; which latter proposition the Court seemed not unwilling to admit of, seeing their resolution is absolutely to leave the Persia trade and call home their estate, and they would free themselves from the trouble and charge of his transportation, provided good security be given by himself and his adventurers not to rob in the Red Sea or trade in any other place than Persia; and thereupon ordered their secretary to let Sir Wm. Becher know that when the Lords appoint, Mr. Governor and some of the Committees be ready to give attendance. Letter from the Lord Steward in behalf of his servant Jeffry Crew for payment of 200l. for masts pretended to be sold to the Company, some were rotten and defective, and by whose order they were received was unknown; ordered that the business be determined on Friday next. Request of the widow and executrix of Edmund Leaver to transport 1,400l. adventure to Jaques Oyle refused until the difference between her and her son John who is joint executor be accommodated; but she was allowed to transport 800l. adventure in her own right. Information of Milward that the Persian merchant's son desired supply of money for his own necessities and for satisfaction of a debt to Anthony Wither; to attend on Friday next. Complaint of the iron hearth and bricklayers work in the Mary, the ship in danger to be set on fire; the smith and bricklayer to attend on Friday. Capt. Malim specially recommended by Capt. Hall entertained master of the Hopewell at 20 nobles per month. The cause in Chancery between Bolt, the Company, and Burrell to be heard by the Master of the Rolls on Saturday. Difference between Capt. Christian concerning the wages of his servant, Anto. de Bengala, deceased, and the legatees under a pretended will made by him. Gratuities of 5l. each from the poor box to Joan Cotty and Alice Turbett poor widows "against this blessed time." Peter Walmesley recommended by Alderman Ducy purser's mate for the Mary.
Dec. 15.—The reading of the answer to Lady Dale's bill in Chancery which was engrossed and ready to be put in, deferred until the afternoon, when all the defendants were desired to give a meeting, and Mr. Acton, the Company's solicitor, willed to entreat Sir Robert Rich to be in court on Wednesday next to take the oaths of Mr. Governor and said other defendants. A General Court appointed for Tuesday; information that if the calicoes be sold by the candle, the linen drapers will utterly refuse to buy, for they conceive it much to their prejudice to have the prices so generally known, but will take the whole by private contract; ordered that the several prices be set down and a bargain made for the last parcel with the linen drapers. Motion that adventurers might take out small quanties of calicoes upon stock for their private use, utterly denied. Report that the Great James is, in some danger at Erith, for at low water she lays a foot and a half in the ooze; order given for taking out her lumber and ordnance. Complaint of Mr Langton against John Facye, purser of the Reformation, for detaining 500 ryalls of 8, found at his brother William Langton's death in his chest, but afterwards, as he pretends, taken by Samuel Clay purser general, on shore and delivered to the President; ordered that Facye's wages be stayed until he give satisfaction or make his composition with Langton. Elliott, late master of the Charles, entertained master m the Mary, under Capt. Hall, at 20 nobles per month, with Cowland for mate Lawrence Reade, late mate in the Jonas and Palsgrave, entertained mate of the Star under Mr. Evans, at 4l. per month, John Pashly, late of the Charles and mate in the Palsgrave, to go mate under Capt. Bickley, but Capt. Bickley first to be spoken with. Committee to go aboard the Great James on Monday next to break bulk. Concerning the business of the masts, it was clearly proved that Mr. Kirby never made any certain price with Mr. Crewe for them, nor gave order to receive them into the yard; Mr. Crewe desired payment for such as were serviceable and to return the rest; he was much blamed for his untrue information to the Lord Steward, his master, and refusing the Company's price was in the end directed to take them away. Ordered that henceforth no stores whatever be brought into the Company's yards without warrant from the Court or Committees appointed for that service. Representation of Mr. Sambrooke of his extraordinary labour occasioned by the arrival of five ships at once last winter which hath not happened in former years, and his "far greater care to retain all the general books into a method," and request for the same salary allowed to his predecessor; but the Court thought not fit as yet to give the full allowance made to Mr. Lanman, nevertheless as an encouragement conferred on him "by scrutiny 50l. a quarter. John Braithwaite, who came home with Capt. Bickley, and had been three voyages, entertained mate in the Speedwell Ordered that the wages of Wm. Parker, stayed by former order, should be paid to his sister, his executrix. Request of the Persian Ambassador for leave to transport in the Company's ship for the account of the King, his master, 30 chests of goods bought in Holland by the Persian merchant, allowing freight for same, granted. 17½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. IX 245–262.]
Dec 18.
swally Port, on board the Blessing.
385. President Thomas Kerridge and Council of Surat to John Purefey and John Benthall. Considering their long service in Persia and the Company's necessity of their further continuance, the President and Council do confirm to both of them from the arrival of these ships in Gombroon 20l. per annum increase of salary for the two ensuing years, viz., 20l. increase for the first year and 40l. for the second, that is 10l. per annum above the increase granted by the Company; their wages are then to continue but not increase except the Company augment them, ½ p. [O.C., Vol. XI., No. 1245.]
Dec. 18–22.386. Court Minutes of the East India Company. Ordered that Morewood on putting in good security may have the 16 bags of pepper bought of Wollaston before his death. Capt. Weddell presented himself and (after being congratulated upon his safe return) made known that he was informed the Company intended to commence a suit against him for landing his goods in the West Country, and hoped that upon consideration of his former services they would think he deserved better; but Mr. Governor answered that this course was intended against all who had sold or bought goods out of the Company's ship, which were reported to amount to 40 tons of pepper, calicoes, and indigo; that the Company were sorry the business fell on him, but their resolution cannot be altered, but if he expected favour he should deal truly with the Company and deliver in a note of his own goods and what he knew had been landed by others; for what concerned himself he promised to satisfy the Court, but for other men the purser was best able to give information. Ordered that the balance of a bill of moneys disbursed by Mr. Towerson, of Portsmouth, be paid, and for his many good offices that a piece of plate of the value of 10l. be presented to him. A General Court being warned for tomorrow on occasion of the four last ships arrival from the Indies, propositions for a division were discussed, and it was resolved to confirm their former opinions, viz., to divide three half capitals in pepper, the price for Priaman and Jambi pepper to be 18d. per lb., and for Malabar 20d. per lb., of which 800 or 1,000 bags, it was conceived, would vent in town and the residue be transported, with liberty to take out these divisions between this and March 1st, paying first their money by discount before receiving their warrant. Ordered that no warrants be given to those (1) that are in arrear with their adventures, (2) that are indebted for goods bought on bill, (3) that owe interest on bills due, (4) that took out goods on the last divisions and yet have not brought in the money, until such adventurers have made satisfaction. Resolved that those that had not taken out the eighth and ninth half capitals may take them out in pepper, and those behind for the ninth only may take out on certain conditions. And it was thought that the seventh and eighth divisions in money should be paid at Lady Day and Michaelmas following, "after which no more divisions in money were in a good while to be expected." The Court took knowledge that divers of the generality intended to question the sending of goods back to the Indies; whereto resolved to answer that their proceedings this year were warranted by order of the General Court for prolonging this stock for four years after the eight years at first agreed upon, which four years would be determined about Christmas twelvemonth. Lastly, the business of the Delinquents was to be propounded to the Generality to know whether they would confirm or alter their act in favour of them at the last General Court.
Dec. 19.—Emanuel Altham tendering his services was offered to go corporal to train up men in the use of small shot, Ordered that Acton, the Company's solicitor, prosecute the suit against Mr. Gerard. Petition of John Feme showing that the pump chain of the Charles having broken, he went down into the well and recovered it, whereby he is become speechless and lies very sick; the Court conceiving he did a very good service, gave him 44s. out of the poor box and commended Wooddall, their surgeon, to visit him and report how he found him. Gratuity of 10s. to one of the servants of the Persian Ambassador who for some misdemeanour had refused to entertain him in his house. Ordered that the wages due to Dussell, servant to Tobias Dammerell, deceased, in the Lion, be paid to Damerell's son. Gratuities of 5s. each out of the poor box "against this blessed time" to Alice Day, Emune (?) Chasmore, Mary Burton Alice Molbery, Elisabeth Marvell, Sara Bassett, and Edith Isacke, and 5s. between Joan Allum and Mary Roberts. Motion whether to have the coral shipped in the George and Eliazabeth assured or not, deferred.
Dec. 19. —General Court. The proceedings of last meeting having been read, a worthy citizen, one of the generality represented his opinion that the best course was not to divide their goods upon stock, but to sell in bank, as the Hollanders did; and recounting the many disasters that had befallen this stock by the loss of six or eight great ships laden, besides others taken by the Hollanders, who by their subtlety in the Amboyna business and otherwise had brought it so to pass that there was no likelihood of such a return next year as this, and by many arguments he advised the speedy lessening of their huge debt to prevent the inconvenience that befel the Muscovy Company, and moved that as the stock grows less the charge may in proportion be diminished, especially in the Indies, adding that though they had subscribed to a stock of 1,600,000l., they had not engaged themselves to a stock of 1,800,000l., and that had the stock been less by one half the gains had been more. Mr. Governor commended him for his good counsel, and replied that formerly when money was from time to time brought in on stock the Company was first at 200,000l. upon interest, much more now must they be when all payments of that nature ceased, and therefore it was no marvel it was grown to what it is, considering the loss of 11 ships by the Hollanders, and in two of them 100,000 ryals of eight, and the loss of the Moon, Lion, Sun, Whale, Unicorn, and Trial, which losses, though very great, do not alone give the blow to the Company, which must sometimes expect to lose as well as get, for whereas formerly they paid 1½d. or 2d. per lb. for pepper, besides that the price was now doubled in the country, they paid near 3d. per lb. for bringing it to the ship's side; they were also forced to send four ships yearly to Surat for security of the Company when fewer would serve, for relading of which home they last year sent out 80,000l. stock, aiming then at the prosecution of the Persian trade, from which being now discouraged by the many Ambassadors bound thither, they are as backward this year as they were forward the last. He then made known that the returns now come home amount by computation to 360,000l., out of which mariners' wages, customs, &c. would come to 60,000l. ; and represented that the Committees had taken into consideration four particulars: (1) How to set the Company out of debt, (2) how to relade home their ships, (3) to prevent bringing the Company to an after debt, and lastly, how to give content to the adventurers; and had agreed that the best course was to deliver three half capitals in pepper to the adventurers, viz., the 10th and 11th upon stock, and a third for ready money to discount at 24 months' time, which with the sale of calicoes, indigo, and cloves was conceived the best course to supply their occasions. The first question then propounded by Mr. Governor was whether to divide upon stock or to sell in bank. Arguments used to enforce the propounded division because by that means a stock may be provided, the Company's debts paid, and a sufficient cavidall sent out, whereas otherwise if no division be made the commodities will lie dead and lose as much in time as can be lost in price upon division. Being put to the question, it was ordered by erection of hands that the Company should sell upon stock, and not sell in bank. Consideration in the next place what to divide and at what prices and time. Mr. Governor reported the opinion of the Committees upon this question and their resolution thereon, also as to the times of payment of the seventh and eighth divisions (see Court Minutes, Dec. 18, ante, p. 283), all of which was ordered accordingly. The price of pepper for town confirmed as formerly, viz., 1d. more per lb. garbled than ungarbled. The order of the last General Court concerning Delinquents read twice, Mr. Governor demanded whether they would confirm it, and certified that Lady Dale, a delinquent, had commenced suit against the Company about her adventure; the order confirmed with this addition, that whereas the favour is great which is extended to those in arrear, both interest and brokes being remitted, said persons before made capable of the former order should make an acknowledgment under their hands of their thankful acceptation of the Company's favour. Mr. Governor then moved that Delinquents might take out the 10th and 11th half capitals without paying for a half capital in ready money, but the Court saw no reason why they should have a privilege in that kind more than those that have not offended; then resuming the proposition for lessening the Company's charges, Mr. Governor made known that the Committees have sundry times taken this into consideration, and find that their servants at home are not above 30, of which two dismissed and five more should have been discharged at Christmas, but could not be spared till the four ships lately arrived were unladen. That abroad they had given directions for dissolving unnecessary factories and reducing the number of their servants in each factory, adding that though at peace with the Hollanders they were in open hostility with the Portugals, which occasioned a greater charge of shipping than was otherwise needful, for lessening whereof they would be glad if any of the generality could propound any way. Upon which Sir John Wolstenholme replied that it would be very commodious if any man would build sufficient shipping and let them to the Company for freight, for then they would send out quick stock only, which motion was well liked of, but nothing concluded.
Dec. 20.—Court Minutes. Ordered that adventurers have free liberty to take out their whole proportion of pepper in Priaman and Jambi, and not be tied to take out a proportion in Malabar. Capt. Bickley having requested to be released from this voyage in regard of his wife, who is a sickly old woman, and grieves much at his entertainment, the Court wished him to try and get his wife's consent, and give them his resolution in a fortnight. Information of Humphrey Browne that Abraham Cartwright and himself had bought calicoes amounting to 1,550l., and that he had paid in his own part and 100l. of Mr. Cartwright's, and in regard the Company had both their stocks and their bills, he desired warrant for his pepper, but was answered they could not do it in regard of the ill precedent, nevertheless willed him to speak to cartwright to pay in the remainder of the money and come to the court on Friday Request of Mr. Denton to receive calicoes bought of Mr. Eaton out of the Custom House refused. Suit of John Pashely, formerly mate in the Charles, to go master in the Hart; he demanded 8l. per month, but was offered 5l. which he held too little, but was 20l. for pilotage of the Great James from the Downs to Erith, and 5l. extraordinary for his attendance aboard the Charles and Hart. Peter Walmsley entertained purser's mate for the Mary Sambrooke ordered to peruse the accounts of Mr. Hutchinson, who came home factor in the Star, and if the 1,300 mamoothes be allowed then to pay him the remainder with interest at 7 per cent.; his gratuity left to further consideration. Ordered that Alice, wifo of Steeven Philips, receive two months' pay of her husband's wages. Gratuity of 20s. from the poor box to Robert Channell for the loss of one of his fingers. The bill of Williamson, the Company's proctor, for soven terms to be audited. Ordered that Mary, wife of Thomas Rogers, receive two months' pay extraordinary of the wages of her servant Edward Castleton, and that Bridget, wife of Wm. Pierce, master in the William, receive three months' pay yearly of her husband's wages, but none of her servants.
Dec. 22.—Gratuities of 40s. to divers waiters of the Custom House who had made seizure of some of the Moon's pepper brought by land from Canterbury to London. Ordered that the bill of charges of Mr. Acton, the Company's solicitor, be paid. The goods of Robert Young, brought home in the James, sent to the Custom House to be cleared in the Company's name and brought into their warehouse. The sparks of diamonds belonging to Wm. Slade, who married the widow of Elias Wood, of very small value, to be delivered to his wife. The order that adventurers may take out their whole proportion of pepper in Jambi and Priaman confirmed. The entertainment of Hackwell to go master in the Hart, on notice of Capt. Bickley's falling off, suspended until he could clear himself of the foul imputation of a barbarous and inhuman cruelty committed by his order on two blacks in the Indies. Ordered that John Powell receive 40l. on account to discharge the men aboard the Charles. John Pashley entertained master of the Hart at 5l. per month. Gratuity of 5s. from the poor's box, to Alice Shorting, a poor widow against this blessed time. Ordered that the coral to come from Italy on the George and Elizabeth be insured for 2,000l. Mr. Barlowe to procure 20,000l. in ryals of 8 by the 20th of February. Two pieces of damask bequeathed by John Welwood deceased to his mother, Christian Welwood, and brought home by Capt. Bickley, to be delivered to her. Emanuel Altham entertained as corporal at 40s. per month. Gratuity of 10l. to Mr. Hutchinson for his services. Request of Mr. Backhouse concerning the taking out his ninth half capital in pepper. Report of Mr. Governor that yesterday he was sent for to the Lords upon a complaint by the Persian merchant's son that the Company denied him maintenance and payment of his debts, which he told Lord Conway was most untrue, for they were ready to do anything reasonable, having often sent for him, but he refused to come under pretence that his person would be seized by the Ambassador, which also the Company undertook to secure, having appointed him to go in and out by the back gate, far from sight of the Ambassador or his servants; his Lordship seemed somewhat satisfied, nevertheless desired Mr. Governor to accompany him to the Lord Duke, who being with the King, Lord Conway desired Mr. Governor to trouble himself no further, but appoint three Committees to attend him and Lord Dorset, to whom this business is referred from the King; Committee appointed to wait upon their Lordships. Giles Waterman, who lost all he had in the junk Refuge, taken by the King of Jambi, to be entertained mate if he bring certificate of sufficiency. Judith, wife of Christopher Grigs in the Falcon, to have two months' pay extraordinary. Margaret Chambers referred to Sambrooke for what is due to her deceased husband. Request of Robert Jolly, carpenter, taken by the Dutch at Tecoe and afterwards by the Portugals and ransomed at 200 ryals by John Gonninge, that said sum be remitted, having served nine years at 36s. per month, referred. Demand of Edmund Phipps for goods stayed by the Lord Treasurer's warrant in the Custom House, refused. Thos. Perryn to have 30s., for recovery of the elephants' teeth stolen from the Custom House. Gratuities of 5l. each to Mary Johnson and Audry Detton, widows. Capt. Andrews to assist Capt. Styles to buy knives. Anne, wife of Peter Rymer, in the Exchange, to have one month's pay. Anne, widow of John Green way, and brother of Avery.Greenway deceased, in the Anne, to have Avery's estate on putting in security. John Willoughby to receive 20l. on account of wages. 25 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. IX. 263–287.]
Dec. 24.
387. President Thomas Kerridge to John Banggam at Lahore. Expected to have received bills of exchange for his moneys remaining with Banggam; entreats him to put off remaining goods at such prices as they will yield that they may clear accounts. Having dispatched all business at Court, Banggam is to use expedition to return to Agra. Begs him to send abstract of things sold for his particular account, and prices of things bought for the Company's account. Barber departed four days since for Brodera, leaving certain things to be kept for Banggam; those sent in. the Dolphin by his brother were consigned to Hopkinson. 1½ pp. Mutilated by damp. [O.C., Vol. XL, No. 1246]
Dec. 24.
388. Richard Wylde to John Banggam at Lahore. Refers to his neglect of advice of his proceedings in the Court of Lahore; experience will in after times show Wylde to be more a friend than haply he now conceives. Had his own brother been in Banggam's place and committed those neglects, Wylde would have been not only more severe by letters, but would have laboured in another degree his reformation. Tottells' bill of exchange was no less inconsiderate than the 400 rupees Banggam requires to be charged to the Company's account. Page accepted the bill with much ado; has made Benthall return of rupees 900,but has not charged the 400 rupees to account. Hopkinson is returned and will demand reason of such things as Banggam, and Goodwin have of his. 1 p. [O.C. VOL. XI., No. 1247]
Dec. 28.
389. Robert Tottell to John Banggam. According to Banggam's desire has procured a parcel of linens; the time is late, or would have sent him particulars of price and length. 1 p. mutilated. [O.C., Vol. XI., No. 1248.]
Dec 29.390. Court Minutes of the East India Company. The resolution to proceed against Capt. Weddell confirmed. Complaint of Mr Benson concerning the non-delivery of his warrant for pepper on account of his supposed indebtedness to the Company; the accounts to be carefully examined to see how the interest demanded of him grew due. Motion of Mr. Governor that Committees go aboard the James for her speedy unlading. Gratuity of 20 nobles to James Bramford for being mate aboard the James at Portsmouth till she came to Erith. Henry Wheatley, purser of the James, demanded whether Capt Weddell had brought a note of goods brought home for private trade and by whom conveyed out of the ship since her arrival in the West Country, confessed that he had not perfected same, which protraction gave cause to suspect his honest proceedings. Suit of Robert Young, who came home factor in the James, for part of his wages; his carriage in the Indies had occasioned many complaints, and he now brought home great quantity of goods contrary to his bond; but seemed to make light of the accusation, and being willing that his goods should be brought into the house, desired that the objections should be delivered him in writing, to which he would make particular answer and submit himself to their censure; ordered that the letters be searched out from which the Auditors were to collect the complaints, and that he be paid 100l. on account of wages for his present occasions. Divers Delinquents ready to express their acceptation of the favour granted by the General Court; resolved that a preamble be drawn by the Company's secretary, and to be perused by Mr. Governor before it be offered to Delinquents to subscribe. Information of the great decay of the dock at Deptford, occasioned by the late high tides and careless leaving open the flood gates, and the undermining of the foundation of the dwelling-house; Mr. Steevens refused to continue as tenant unless both were repaired, and forasmuch as Lord Warwick and Sir Ferdinando Gorges, to whom the dock had been lent for building their ship, and who ought to repair, same being ruined through the negligence of their servants, utterly denied to be at any charge therein, a committee is intreated to survey the decays and give orders to Steevens for their repair, and to inquire whether that ship was designed for the Red Sea, as reported. Relation by Mr. Leatt that himself and Mr. Milward had attended Lords Dorset and Conway, who positively ordered the Company to allow the Persian merchant's son 10l. weekly for his diet, and gave them a note of his other demands to consider and report to their Lordships. The Court of opinion that they are exorbitant, and, remembering that they were made possessors of the merchant's goods by order of a full board, thought fit to acquaint their Lordships of this new order of Lords Dorset and Conway before the Company disbursed any money. Upon this resolution Mr. Governor and a Committee attended Lord Dorset, who prevented Mr. Governor [going to the Council table] by taking first notice that what his Lordship and Lord Conway had done was by virtue of a reference from the King, that the 10l. weekly was to be allowed, not for diet only, but for all manner of charges, which was thought but reasonable, and further that no advance should be made to him beforehand; Mr. Governor answered that he held it but a reasonable competency for his maintenance (though no question it is much more than his father ever spent in Persia) and therefore the Company would readily pay it. His other allowances Lord Dorset seemed to leave wholly to the Company, only his Lordship made two requests in the merchant's sons behalf; that the Company would carefully keep him from any violence offered by the Ambassador or his servants, and that as he was not like to make any profit of merchandise he had brought over to a good value without the Company's help, that they would take order that the moneys coming from the silk he claimed might be bestowed in fine clothes, as he might direct, and not in ryals of 8; to which Mr. Governor answered that the Company could not absolutely undertake his safety and preservation but will endeavour their best to preserve him from danger or violence, having commanded that whenever his occasions invite him to come to Crosby House to let him in at the back gate, so as he shall not need to come into the street or near the house of the Ambassador; that the Company would assist him in buying any commodities he desired at as good rates as for themselves, so as they may be secured and warranted by order from the Board, for by the will of his father the greatest part of the moneys made of his silk were to be transported in ryalls of 8 to Persia, and but a small proportion in cloth, and his Lordship undertook to procure such an order. Mr. Mun moved, that though they had resolved to abandon the Persian trade, it would be good advantage to send 100 or 200 cloths to Gombroon, by this fleet, for last year Armenians came to the waterside in great numbers expecting cloth, and both then and now had brought great quantities of gold to traffic. Persons appointed to weigh and deliver out pepper. Motion whether to continue their old custom of New Year's gifts; some of opinion that it would produce more good to the Company not to give at all this year, others to lessen the number and value of presents, but the question was concluded affirmatively by erection of hands, and a list made. Complaint of Mr. Langton that his warrant for pepper was denied for an alleged debt which he pretended to have paid to the Company. Report of Mr. Deputy of his having attended the Commissioners for the business of Algiers, who pressed the Company to pay in their part, to whom he answered that they were very ready to make payment after the rate of 64,000l. but not 70,000l. Sir John Worsnam declared that perceiving now how the business stood, the Commissioners would return their certificate to the Lords; ordered that Mr. Cappur look up all papers concerning this business. Information of Samuel Wheeler that the cable and anchor let slip by the Jonas in the Downs, was taken up by the ship Peter and Andrew, Capt. Porter commander, and were to he sold privately; letter to be forthwith sent to John Yonge to demand them; gratuity of 5s. to Wheeler for his pains. 10 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk. IX. 288–297.]
Petitions to the East India Company of Persons who solicit Employment, Increase of Wages or Payment of Wages duo to their Relatives in the Company's Service, &c.
Date.Name of petitioner.Subject of petition.Reference.
1626Court Min. Bk.
Jan. 5James MartinEstates of his deceased country men in the company's service to which he is executor.VIII. 212
" "Nicholas pinsonWages of Wm. Taylor, deceased" 214
" 274
" 11John BaptistWages" 215
" "John HunterWages" 216
" 13Edward RuddleEmployment as surgeon" 217
" "Geroge TurnerRenewed Employment as surgeon" "
" "Thomas CorneRemuneration for riding on messages." 218
" "John LamprySatisfaction for resigning lease" "
" 15Richard GodfreyWages of his son Thomas" "
" "Mary, widow of James TronghtonHer Husband's estate" 219
" 224
" 242
" 18John FletcherWages" 221
" "Thomas MooreAssistance" 224
" "Marry, widow of Emanuel ButtaMoney deposited by him at Surat" "
" 20Thomas Sanderson107 ryals of eight" 226
" "William ClarkeGratification" "
" "Richard PotterWages" 227
" "Elizabeth, wife of Richard BixPart of her husband's wages" "
" 240
" 23Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Bar tholomew Goodall277l. entered in the purser's books" 230
" 24Captain MortonCabin plate" 232
" "Francis BrowneRe-employment as cook" "
" "John CarterAllowance for past service" 233
" "Margaret NewtonA legacy from Cooke's estate" "
" "Thomas FletcherWages, stayed by Mrs. Bolt" "
" "Mrs. EnvasPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Randal GleesonEstate of Thos. Hood, deceased" "
" "Dorothy, wife of Raphe LaneMoneys due to her husband" "
" "Margaret MassyRaphe and Isabel Harrison's estate" "
" "John Allen (shipwright)His servant's wages" 234
" 24Abraham EvansHis son's wages" "
" "Elizabeth YongeWages of John Bucket" "
" "Ann TurnerEstate of John Bird, deceased" "
" "Joan, wife of Robt. FrancesPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Richard VannerWages" "
" "Ann NicholsonEstate of Thos. Corbett, deceased" "
" "Paul JohnsonCharitable relief" 235
1626Court Min. Bk.
Jan. 24John JamesWages paid to an imposter, passing as his wife.VIII. 235
" "Alice BramptonPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Joyce ToppingPart of her brother-in-law's wages" "
" "Elizabeth, widow of Wm. ThronePart of her servant,s wages." "
" "Jane HarlingA debt from peter Barrow" "
" "Constance GriffinPart of her son Robt day's wages." "
" "Richard ShepherdWages" "
" "Mrs. MillsPart of her son William,s wages" "
" "Augustine BarnettHis servant's wages" 236
" "Richard MountfordSame" "
" "Christopher ArnoldSame" "
" "Arnold PickeringNot stated" "
" "John Tanner (bricklayer)Employment" "
" "Thos. VeeringTo dwell in Deptford yard" "
" 25BrowneLeave to sell calicoes in town" 239
" "Ann, wife of Lawrence FisherTo permit her husband to return in the exchange" 240
" 27Richard RobertsWages" 243
" "Giles JamesRe-delivery of goods" "
" "ChristmasEstate of his brother George" 244
" 271
" "Alexander RobertsEmployment as factor" 244
" "Grace, sister of Wm. ParksHer brother's estate" 245
" "Alice AdamsonWages of son-in-law, deceased" "
" "John BailyImprest money" "
" "Mary Scarfe, sister of John GurdenWages of her brother, deceased" 246
" 30Randal Gesson [Jesson]15l. alleged to be due" 248
" "William TowersonEstate of his deceased brother Gabriel." 249
" 251
" "ColeHis brother's wages" 249
" "Oliver AyliffeNot stated" 250
Feb. 1Sara Wright, daughter of capt. Nich. DowntonLegacy to son, since deceased" 251
" 256
" 259
" 265
" 275
" 277
" "Seth FarmerEmployment" 252
" "Richard AllnuttGratification" 253
" "William BarkerEstate of brother, deceased, in Persia." "
" 256
" 3Mary, wife of Thos. ByamPart of her husband's wages" 255
" "Joseph Bottoone (an Indian)His debt to Gertrude Bradbury to be paid out of wages." "
" "John RookeEstate of George Barker, deceased." 256
" "Captain MortonLoan of 100l." "
" 8William Ball and Bernard Turney.Estate of George Ball, deceased" 259
" "Francis and Henry GroveRepayment of money for wrecked pepper." "
" "Captain MoretonMaintenance of Joseph, an Indian boy." 261
" 13Wm. Stephenson (a carpenter)Servant's wages" 266
" "Wm. Kilmare and Hugh BennettTo register their servants" "
" 15Wm. PeaseEmployment as factor" 269
" 17Susan GodsonHer late husband's adventure in the company stock." 278
" "Mrs. SymondsonWages of her servant, deceased" 274
" 20Son of John DodWages of his father, deceased" 277
" 286
" 22Captain HallDelivery of his goods" 283
1626Court Min. Bk.
Feb. 22John LampryHis dispute with the CourtVIII. 283
" 24John ClarkeEmployment as factor" 286
" "Magdalen Haile (widow)Relief" 287
" "Edward CorbettHis brother's estate" "
" "Anthony LowndesWages" 288
" "Elizabeth GangPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Alice BantamPart of her brother-in-law's wages to support his child." "
" 27Thos. RastellArrears of wages" 291
" "Executors of John Alexander, deceasedRemainder of his estate" "
" 28Oliver StraukeWages and gratification" 294
Mar. 1Executors of Brockenden, deceasedSettlement of his account" "
" "Robert HutchinsonWages" 295
" 323
" 3Justice LongeEstate of his brother, deceased" 298
" "Richard AndrewsRepayment of poundage" 299
" "Edward CharleyA debt" 300
" 321
" "John ChapmanPart of his brother's wages" 300
" 6John BakerEmployment as factor" "
" "Lewis WilliamsEmployment as minister at lagundy" 301
" 8John AntillEmployment as factor" 303
" "William SymmsEstate of Robert wynn, deceased" 304
" "Francis HollgateEmployment" 305
" "Davies (late master of the Little Richard).Wages" "
" "Richard SteeleGratuity to set him forth" 306
" 15[John] Powell and others, porters at Dover.Allowance for diet and pains" 313
" "Edward HeynesRemission of freight upon goods" 315
" "Frances, wife of Capt. John WeddellPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Captain HallWages and re delivery of goods" "
" "Clifton, the company's bakerPayment for bread and biscuit of the Exchange." 316
" "John PurifeyIncrease of wages if term of service prolonged." "
" "Executors of Thos. BrockendenSettlement of account" "
" "Edward Wilson, surgeon of the starWages of [John] Rowe and Daniel White, master and purser." 318
" 342
" 17Henry FosdickEmployment" 319
" "William PriceEmployment" 320
" "Francis TylerEstate of William wilton, deceased" 321
" "Ann NicholsonA debt from estate of Thos. Corbett, deceased." "
" "William ThomasA debt from estate of William Shapley" "
" "John KingEmployment" "
" "George PlummerWages of servant, John Wilson" 322
" "William HodirneWages of servant, George Butcher" "
" 20Thos. Wedmore and Stephen GoadImprest of wages" "
" 22John SallusWages of John Rowe" 327
" 24John Grant and John SallusPayment of wages detained by john Rowe." 331
" "Randal JessonWages, &c." 332
" 334
" 354
" 28George BakerEmployment as under factor" 333
" 349
" 31Uriah CollinsCharitable relief" "
1626.Court Mm. Bk.
Mar.31(John) Barker (factor)Part of his wages to be paid to his wife.VIII. 350
Apr.3Hen. Boyer, Mat. Markillery, Hen. Brokeman, Robt. White, Joseph Lovett, and John Leland.Imprest of wages" "
" 5[Wtd.] Burt. factorGratuity for expenses" 351
" 8George Basker, factor10l. imprest" 359
" 15Joan, wife of Richard StampierHer husband's wages" 368
" 19John DogginsRelease of pepper seized at custom-house." "
" "John BrightWages of brother, deceases" 369
" "Elizabeth CadwellPart of her servant's wages" "
" "Captain HallSettlement of business and arrears of wages." "
" 376
" 21Elizabeth LinseyEstate of her brother, William Carter." 374
" 24John LamprierRemission of fine" 383
" 28Executors of BrookendenAn ending of their business and delivery of calicoes." 384
May.3— HockettAllowance for services" 392
" "— HalstedA diamond belonging to his brother." 394
" 3Oliver StrankyWages" 397
" "Charles AslabyPayment of wages" 400
" "John FletcherMoneye due" 401
" 479
" 10Elizabeth HolliwellEstate of her son Gilbert" 408
" 416
" "— JonesResotution of pepper" 411
" 12Thomas and Susan StrenhankeWages of Edward Synims" 413
" "Alice ShortingHer husband's wages" "
" "Jame, wife of Baptist NorrisPart of her husband's wages" 414
" "John DennisHis servant's wages" "
" "Elizebeth, wife of John BurleyPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Ann, wife of Rice QuickPart of Wm. Samford's wages for maintenance of his motherless child." 416
" 15Anthony Lownd, master mate of the RubyWages and money-due" 417
" 448
" 462
" "John ClarkeWages of John Stokes, deceased" 419
" "Daniel White, purser of the StarWages" "
" 16Robert Wallys and William Peter, guardians of children of Thos. Aldworth.20l. heretofore allowed for education and maintenance of said children." 422
" "— MundenMoney due from Carter, purser of the Globe." 423
" "— Steevens ship's carpenterPayment of salary" "
" 17Alice AtkinsonPart of wages of Christopher Alkinsen, her brother-in-law" 436
" "Ann, wife of John GibsonPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Elizabeth, wife of Richard Nutting.Same" 437
" "Joan Grant, sister and executrix of Rowland Jones.Balance of his estate" "
" "James Hopkinson, for Lydia, wife of Abraham Mitchell.Part of Mitcheli's wages and that no more be paid to Thomas Backnam." "
" "Jane Cobb, widowPart of her servant John Shipboy's wages." 438
" "James Beversham, master of the Lion.Wages" "
1626.Court Mm. Bk.
May. 17Edward Swingleton for Wm. Bushell.Wages of John Miles, Bushell's servant.VIII. 438
" "Wm. Mynors.Money disbursed" "
" "John Powell (one of the six from Amboyna).Gratification for services at Dover" 439
" "Susan WilliamsRestoration by widow of Peter Pett of wages of William Martyn, late Pett's servant." "
" "John CawkynWm. Taylor's Wages" "
" "Josiah Wood alias SladeWages of her servant David Godfrey." "
" "Elizabeth, wife of John Armstrong.Part of her husband's wages" 440
" "Thomas MarshForfeited security out of wages of Thos. Brand, who ran away." "
" "William ParkerRecompense for damage to his hoy." "
" "Nicholas Gerrard, surety for — Hallsey.Time to pay remainder of debt" "
" "John MaccalleWages of Hutchin Groate" 441
" 19— SpiteMoneys due to [Wm.] Hoare, factor at Surat." 445
" 22Andrew Evans, master of the Scout.Gratification" 447
" "Robt. HutchinsonWages" 448
" "Ann Turner, executrix to John Bird.Moneys due to Bird" "
" 24Gabriel LudlowPart of Geo. Willoughby's wages" 455
" "John Parks, for Richard WesleySatisfaction for 1,500 ryals" 457
" 489
" 26Margaret Wilson, formerly the wife of Silvanus Man.Her servant's wages" 462
" "Anthony LowndWages" "
June 5Edmund GravesAllowance as porter" 470
" "Edward Morgan, a brewerPayment for beer" 471
" 7Henry Jaques and his wifePart of the wages of their son James." 473
" "Thomas Tiggins, beadleGratification" "
" "Patience, wife of Samuel WhitePart of her husband's wages" "
" "Ann, sister of Constantine, Woodroffe.Part of her brother's wages" "
" "Ann Robinson, widowPart of wages of Edward Hurst for maintenance of his motherless children." "
" "Thomas CorneGratification" 474
" 481
" "Francis FutterInterest on wages" 474
" 487
" "John Locke, shipwrightWages of his servant Davy Thomson." 474
" "Mary, wife of Moses BommerPart of her husband's wages" 475
" 16Oliver ScottenHis bond for Thos. Garrett" 486
" "John HarrisAccount and payment of moneys due." 487
" "Jane Munson, widowPart of wages of brother-in-law, Anthony Delibere." "
" "Penelope Godwin, widowCharity" "
" 19John LamprierAbout surrender of his right to ground near Blackwall yard." 488
" 21Sir Charles CornwallisRemainder of John Browne's estate." 489
" "[Edw.] SoudamoreExpenses in the matter of Brooks" 491
" 26Richard IngramIncrease of salary" 500
" "Mary, wife of John WrightPart of her husband's wages" "
1626.Court Mm. Bk.
July 7Katherime wife of Robt. SealerHer husband's wagesIX. 9
" "Wife of Anthony LowndsSame" "
" 19Dorothy BradbentPart of her son Samuel Parsay's wages." 44
" 21Sara Cross, widowWages of her servant Tho. Cooke" 50
" "Mary, wife of Ant. HobbsWages if her husband" "
" "Anne StirryPart of wages of the servants of James Browne, deceased, to maintain his children." "
" 21Edward Launce and Duodate Pincheon.Employment" 52
" "Henry RobinsonWages of one Lowdy" 53
" "Jaue NorrisPart of Walter Shawe's wages" "
" "Sara CrossePart of her servant Thomas Cooke's wages." "
" "Mary TownshendLegacy of 20l. from Lewis Jukes" "
" "Elizabeth, widow of Lawrence Peeterson.Part if her husband's wages" "
" "Thomas PaynePart of Launcelot Bonne's wages" 54
" "Ellen DavisonThomas Williams' wages" "
Aug. 4Margaret, wife of George Brewin, factor.Her husband's wages" 61
" 18Margaret Russell, widowPart of her servant Edward Whittle's wages." 84
" "Joan, wife of Robert FrancisPart of her husband's wages" "
" 25Thomas ReynoldsPart of wages of Robert Johnson, principal faetor at Jambi, deceased." 93
" "Eilzabeth, widow of Humphrey Crant.Her Husband's estate." "
Sept. 1William BedoPart of the wages of Richard Bacon for his wife and children." 97
" 8Jasper HookerPart of John Dammerell's wages towards maintenance of his children." 105
" "Lettice, wife, of Macharl Younge. boatswain of the Dolphin.Her husband's wages" "
" "Thomas HarkwellThe estate of his brother Robert Hackwell, master of the Refor mation." "
" 13William ParramorePart of William Mitchell's wages towards maintenance of his child." 106
" "William BatesPart of Daniel Wise's wages for maintenance of his two children." "
" "Elizabeth, wife of Edward Twells, mate in the SwallowOne month's pay extraordinary" 108
" "Ellen, wife of Robert Coppell, mate in the Lion.Part of her husband's wages" 109
" "Elizabeth, wife of John KendrickSame" "
" "John HooperPart of Urian Peeters' wages, for his wife Alcuritt Peeters." "
" "Katherine Jacob, widowPart of her son George Jacob's wages." "
" 20Margaret, widow of John BoyacePart of her husband's wages" 116
" "Elizabeth, widow of Peter Munton.Same" "
" "Mary, wife of George KirbySame" "
" "Mary, wife of Thomas MillsSame" "
" "Christian WellwoodPart of her son George Well wood's wages." "
" "Anne MassyPart of her husband's wages" "
1626.Court Mm. Bk.
Sept. 22Constance PittmanPart of her son James' wagesIX. 119
" "Jane AveryPart of her son John's wages" "
" "Robert HollandPart of his brother Tristan's wages." "
oct. 4Mary JaquesParty of her son James' wages" 130
" "Rebecca WoodSame" "
" 6John JonesEmployment" 131
" 7Jane, mother of Abel Price who suffered at Amboyna.Charity" 138
" 18George MyersEmployment" 148
" "William BassettSame" "
" "John ChestertonA legacy bequeathed by Leonard Smelt, brother and executor of John Smelt, deceased." 149
" "Wife of John ChestertonPart of the wages of her servant John Vittle." "
" 27John Cranbrooke, on behalf of Chas. Twyner.Part of Twyner's wages" 166
" 31SkinnerEmployment" 167
Nov. 3Thotoas Harris, factorPayment of a debt from Elmer, master of the Reformation, to his wife." 173
" "Emannel FinchEstate of Roger White, deceased" "
" 10Richard PredysEmployment as factor" 176
" "Robert WoaderSame" 177
" 20John Brathaite and Edward Austen.Pepper belonging to them" 191
" "Jane, wife of Thomas BeekinsalcPart of her husband's wages" "
" 22Capt. ChristianThe wages (about 50l. or 60l.) of a black slave, deceased, taken out of a Portugal junk and entered in the Company's service as his servant." 195
" "William HolcomePart of the wages of John Davies (his wife's late husband), &c." 196
" 24— JohnsonEmployment as factor" 204
" "— BustfeildSame" "
" "Thomas IngramSame" "
" "Bdward GoldwinnSame" "
" 27Edward MatthewsWages of his apprentice, William Knightley." 206
" 29Alice, wife of John BaynesPart of her husband's wages" 211
" "Sara LynagerBenevolence." "
" "Mary ClaySame" "
" "Ellen, wife of John Chesterton and George Pettus.Estate of John Smelt, deceased" "
" "George PettusSatisfaction for extra service" 212
" "John MachamEstate of Edward Harris, deceased." "
Dec. 1John BrattellEmployment" 216
" "Joan, wife of Christopher HarrisPart of her husband's wages" 217
" "Katherine Bugle, widowA debt from John Conyers" "
" "Sarah, wife of Henry PickasPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Edward Yeow, boatswainIncrease of wages" "
" "Elizabeth, widow of John StockallHer husband's estate" "
" "Elizabeth WilliamsA debt from John Elliott" 218
" "Simon CampionHis goods in the Jonas" 222
" "John HamEmployment as factor" "
" 2Margaret, widow of Tho. TabCharity" 225
" "Ellen, widow of Henry BurdallSame" 226
" "Aeron Ellis, quarter-masterRecompense for loss of two joints of his right hand" "
" "Elizabeth, wife of Hugh peircePart of her husband's wages" "
" 6Thomas AlberieEmployment as lapidary" 238
1626.Court Mm. Bk.
Dec. 6Margery PurfettBenevolenceIX. 238
" "Elizabeth HellenSame" "
" "Phillis BoosSame" "
" "Joan HowellSame" "
" "Martha MillerOne month's pay extraordinary of her husband's wages." 239
" "Mary Mills, widowHer husband's wages" "
" "Ellen Coppin, widowSame" "
" "Elizabeth Kendricke, widowSame" "
" "Marie Thompson, widowSame" "
" "Hannah Kent, widowSame" "
" "Isabel Mountaine, widowSame" "
" "Alice SloperPart of her son John's wages" "
" 7Mary, wife of Joseph Hopkinson, factor.Part of her husband's wages" 240
" 8Jasper Hooper, carpenterWages of his servant, Nathaniel Hallford." 243
" 11John Kerford, sailorHis wages" 246
" "[Robt.] HutchinsonSame" 248
" "Alice ManneringPart of her son John's wages" 250
" "Ursula, widow of John HillsCharitable benevolence" "
" "Elizabeth, widow of John Simonds.Charity, her husband having died from a fall in unlading the Charles." "
" 13Capt. Giles HawkeridgeEmployment" 256
" "Thomas HoltonTo be bound apprentice to the Company." "
" 15Roger SanfordEmployment as factor" 260
" 18Crispine BlackdenSame" 265
" 19James JohnsonHis wages" 268
" "William WagerRelief for hurt in the Mary" 269
" "John GadburySame in the Star" "
" 20Jane, wife of Randall JessonA hogshead of pepper" 280
" "Anthony BramptonPart of Tho. Steven's wages for his mother." 281
" "SamePart of Hen. Brough's wages for his wife." "
" "Mary, widow of Richard Sparrow hawke.Her husband's wages" "
" 22John BoarerWages of his servant Christopher Rest." 286
" "John WebbGratuity" "
" "Gabriel DaviesHis wages" 287
" "Matthew CawkerPart of Roger Saunder's wages" "
" "Anthony BrowneHis wages" "
" "Joan HarrisPart of her husband's wages" "
" "Margaret, wife of George Dickenson.Same" "
Names of Persons admitted and sworn Free Brethren of the East India Company.
Date.Free Brethren.To whom bound.By fine or otherwise.Reference.
1626.Court Min. Bk. VIII.
Feb. 22William ClarkSir Thomas SmytheBy service283
Mar. 3Thomas BradleyFrancis ChapmanService and 10s. to poor box300
" 8John BragdonThomas KeightleyService and 10s. to poor box.303
May 8Jacob GerardFine of 30l. and 10s. to poor box.404
" 10John ThatcherFine of 20l. and 10s. to poor box.410
" 24Samuel CustFine of 15l. and 10s. to poor box.457
Court Min. Bk. IX.
July 7John PowellAdmitted gratis10
"12James GossonBy patrimony23
Aug. 18Humphrey BrowneJohn FowkeBy service and 40s. to poor box.83
Oct. 13Bartholomew NokesBy grace and 3l. to poor box.146
" "Matthew MettcalfeVincent AiscoughBy service and 10s. to poor box."
Dec. 20Richard, son of Treasurer Bateman.By patrimony278
" "Joseph KeebleBy service 5l. to poor box."
Transfers of Adventures in the East India Company.
DateFromToAmount.Name of Stock.Reference.
1626£Court Min. Bk. VIII.
Jan. 3William SpurstoweHumphrey Atkins600Second joint stock211
" 5Executors of Thos. Wade, deceasedAlderman Ralph Freeman.600Not stated212
" "Executors of Francis West, deceased.Daniel Harvey2,600Not stated213
" 30Timothy StephensRichard Edwards600Not stated248
" "Estate of Henry Robinson, deceasedRobert Robinson, executor1,200Not stated"
Feb. 10Richard AndrewsRichard Edwards2,000Second joint stock262
" "SameJohn Langham400Same"
" "Edmond PyeDaniel Harvey1,500Same"
" 17Theophilus CopeSamuel Armitage300Same273
" 24John MachellRichard Edwards2,000Same287
Mar. 10Elizabeth, widow of Christopher Newport.Thomas Crathorne400Same310
1626£Court Min. Bk. VIII.
Mar. 20Creditors of George Dimscombe.Jaques Oyles2,000Second joint stock323
" 31Jaques OylesJacob Herevyn1,000Same349
May 8Wm., Each of Devcushire, by Thos. Hobbs.Jacob Gerrand4,000Same404
" 10SameAlderman John Hodges6,000Same409
" 12Robert KayJohn Thatcher800Same414
" 22Edward BaleJohn Fooke800Same447
" "Hugh MerrettJohn Cooke1,000Same"
" "SameGeorge Clarke£62 10s.Same448
" "Executrix of Benjamin Buxton.John Fooke200Same"
" "SameThomas Smethwike100Same"
" 24Richard BurrellSamuel Cust500Same457
June 5Nicholas CorsellisRobert Bateman1,600Same470
Court Min. Bk. IX.
July 7[? Richard] Welden, deceased.John Powell50Same10
" 12Robert, son of Richard Gosson.James Gosson1,000Same23
" 24The executrix of Ralph Bushy, deceased.Edward Warner2,800Same51
Aug. 18Thomas WottonThomas Ivatt600Same80
" "Richard LeaverSir Morris Abbott, Kt.600Same84
" "SameSir John Wolstenholme, Kt.£543 15s.Same"
" "SameHenry Garway£543 15sSame"
" "SameAbraham Jacob£543 15sSame"
" 25Jaques OylesThomas Ivatt1,000Same93
Sept. 6Thomas SmethwikeJohn Connon£183 6s. 8d.Same98
"."William Williamson HoostThomas Ivatt1,000Same"
" "SameIsaac Van Payne800Same"
" 20Thomas Brethers, deceasedSir Wm. Russell1,000Same115
" 27Executors of Henry Tymberley, deceased.Abraham Jacob1,000Same120
" "William Williamson Hoost.Arthur Sheire1,000Same121
" "SameIsaac Van Payne1,000Same"
Oct. 6Isaac PenningtonJaques Oyles2,000Same131
" 20William Williamson Hoost.Bartholomew Nokes2,000Same155
Dec. 13Mrs. Leaver, widowJaques Oyles800Same254
" "The Executor of James AscoughJacob Herwin, merchant stranger.£1,387 10s.Same"
" 19Mary, widow of Alderman Westrow.John BarkerThe ninth part of her husband's adventure.268
" 29Sir John SmithThomas Styles3,175Second joint stock288
" "SameAnthony Abdi3,175Same"